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Best Way to Create Instant Website for Free

Now it’s time designing your website with your own hands,

Create an instant website for free of cost because our Pro Website builder comes with easy drag and drop options which allows you to design business class web page within 10 minutes.

Hundreds of website building platform available on the internet, but most of them have restrictions on pages, features, services, support, and uptime.

Companies demand compensation to unlock those limitations.

Create Instant Website for Free with GoogieHost Website Builder

But, not everyone is after the money and subscriptions, and our company started with the vision to help people as we can in our power.

Create instant Website for free
GoogieHost Free Website Builder

We do not have such restrictions, and we have eliminated our costs and profits to give you free services.

We are providing a free website builder to our users, and you can use it to build a custom website or edit an existing template.

Choose Responsive Templates

We have a collection of world-class website templates to give you satisfaction, login to your control panel and select Website Builder.

Now you will get over 100 professional, responsive designs to choose from. Select the design according to your choice launch the editing panel.

Each year, we update our list, and we add new templates to our platform that are easy edit and customise.

If you are a beginner and want to build a website out of a template, then you have to spend playing around with options.

Once you spend enough time, then you learn the options and functions in no time.

The templates added to the platform are responsive, and we test them before you get it in your dashboard.

We eliminate the process of selection and making sure that you get the best out of the templates.

Design with easy building tools

Once you are done with selecting a preferred template from the menu, then you will be redirected to the Dashboard, where you will find all options.

In the Dashboard, you will have every option you need to get a website up and to run.

You will find options like Create a post, Edit the column, Upload photos, Media, Videos, and more.

You can give a personal touch to column and row to make your website look more appealing and not copy, and paste job.

You can edit every column and row to explain the story by writing on your own.

Now could create a custom form to collect data from your visitors with simple form builder.

You don’t need any special programming knowledge, or even it’s worked perfectly for school students.

As we have suggested that you don’t need the knowledge of coding and programming to get the site up with the matter of hours.

If you spend time on the options and functions, then you will master them in no time, and you don’t have to spend hours figuring out.

Create Instant Website for Free | Integrate your website with SEO tools

Our website building tool comes with all necessary SEO tools to rank your website in Google, Yahoo, Bing correctly.

As we already stated that you are getting all the access to your website files.

It means that you are free to integrate your web page with any third-party tools without any issues.

We know that many companies advertise that their hosting accounts and domains help you rank on Google or any other search engines, but that is not entirely true.

Our accounts have all the necessary tools, and we have eliminated things that Google hates, Create Instant Website for Free.

We have designed tools and templates in such a way that doesn’t violate Google ranking criteria.

Our hosting account and templates won’t become the reason for rankings going down.

You will have full control over the changes you make, and you can relax and experiment with your ideas.

Free and Affordable domains:

If you are a student or not able to purchase a premium domain name for your website,

then there is always an option to choose free short domain names to get started. We have 3 extensions to choose from,, and

We cannot give you premium domains like .com and others because it cost us a lot of money that we cannot afford to put, so do not blame us, Create Instant Website for Free.

But, if you are a student or someone who wants to practice, then you can use free extensions.

We also offer premium domains, and we have put discounts on every domain extension you purchase to take the burden off your shoulders, Create Instant Website for Free.

Unlimited Pages are allowed:

Create an instant website with unlimited pages because we do not have any restrictions on pages like other online website builders.

You get complete access to the options and functions without any restrictions, and we will never advertise or force to pay a few bucks to continue.

We are the leading company for creating a free website and host a free website in a very short period.

We achieve about 200,000 satisfied clients around the globe,

and our customer supports always ready to resolve your queries to provide you with 100% satisfaction at GoogieHost.

Also, you can: Create a professional website with WordPress

Create an instant website for Free with your own domain name

Create Instant Website for FreeIf you are planning to create a website for a business, then you can use your custom domain name for the business.

You can add a custom domain purchased from Godaddy or us and other providers to the hosting account.

Create an instant website
Create an instant website for Free

You don’t have to worry about the configuration because we will help you through all of it via customer care service or email support.


Create Instant Website for Free: We are aware that there are many services out there, who offer you similar features,

but they might have limitations, and they try to compensate themselves in several ways.

But we do not have any hidden charges and shady method to compensate ourselves.

We are aiming to become the #1 hosting provider in the world, and we are happy to help the users as much as we can.

Let us know your ideas in the comment section below.

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