6 Best Anonymous VPS Hosting Provider in 2024 – [Reviewed]

Anonymity is a concept where you start working on the web being anonymous or have all your information stored in really privately. As there’s always something for which you want to remain anonymous and do not want your information to be revealed. 

Like there may be some sites that you may roll out but want no data on it that can trace you back or know any private information, and this is where Anonymous VPS Hosting comes into play. 

How is that done and which companies provide you with the same is what you’ll get in this article. So, are you ready to explore the best Anonymous VPS Hosting providers with us? 

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What is Anonymous VPS Hosting?

Anonymous VPS Hosting is when you get your website hosted with a virtual private server, and any information about the hosting company and the owner of a website is kept private, and you pay for your services in cryptocurrencies

So, owning a private space over a server where you need not share your resources and yet stay private for your own reasons is what Anonymous VPS Hosting is. 

What is Anonymous VPS Hosting?

Short on time? Here Are the Best Anonymous VPS in May, 2024

UltaHost: They offer a flexible content policy, anonymous protection and quality technology with their services. They value the data of your privacy and are affordable alongside.

QloudHost: If you are looking for the best anonymous VPS hosting then QloudHost will be an ideal option for you, all thanks to the feature equipped in their servers to ensure optimum performance and security for your website.

Shinjiru: Working in the field of Offshore hosting since 2000, one thing Shinjiru knows well is to hide personal information, conceal your identity and take proper measures to make sure about it. They accept payments in cryptocurrencies to maintain private integrity.

6 Best Anonymous VPS Hosting Providers

Now, if you are willing to host with a private identity, anonymous hosting will help you host it without being located. 

So, here are some of those providers which will help you in getting what you’re looking for:

1. QloudHost – Best Anonymous VPS Hosting Solution

Introducing to you one of the best anonymous VPS hosting providers in the market which offers you services with full privacy and anonymity assurance. Its servers are built in the best offshore locations to help you bypass all the biassed country-specific restrictions. 

Moreover, QloudHost minimises your identity visibility on the internet so that you can enjoy full anonymity along with strong security. But how does security play an important role in anonymous VPS hosting

Well, obviously, because anonymous servers are more prone to hacking!! But no worries, QloudHost has equipped top-notch security features to their security to ensure impenetrable security for your website. 

QloudHost Hosting


Now let’s discuss some of its key features to understand the performance you will get to experience with its services. We will recommend you read this section carefully to understand everything in detail. 

🔶 100% DMCA ignored servers: QloudHost has built its servers in the Netherlands, especially popular for allowing its users to enjoy untraceable footprints on the internet. Moreover, the Netherlands also allows you to post any content on your website as per your wish!! Without any restrictions. 

🔶 Top-notch security: To ensure that your privacy is completely protected against all types of cyber attacks, QloudHost has equipped top-notch security features such as full DDoS protections, a strong firewall, and much more!! 

🔶 Full content flexibility: One of the most interesting aspects of QloudHost is that you can post any content on your website without any restriction or facing arbitrary actions, all thanks to their DMCA-ignored policies!! 

🔶 Excellent customer support: QloudHost has accumulated a strong team of highly trained technical experts to ensure that your technical issues can be instantly fixed and you can enjoy a smooth and private online presence. 

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Why Choose

As far as we have researched about QloudHost, its feature seems to be the most attractive aspect because it provides really amazing security, performance, and uptime to their customers. 
For example, it uses the latest SSD equipped so that you can experience blazing-fast performance for your website. 

2. UltaHost- Affordable Anonymous Hosting Solutions

UltaHost is a web hosting provider that offers a range of services from shared hosting to dedicated servers. They provide reliable and secure hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes.

With UltaHost, customers can choose from various plans and prices to suit their individual needs.

ultahost ABout

They also offer Anonymous VPS Hosting, which helps keep customers’ data safe and secure. UltaHost provides an affordable solution for businesses looking for reliable web hosting services.

Key Features

Let’s list the features of UltaHost Anonymous Hosting:

🔶 Scalability: Easily upgrade or reduce your VPS plan based on the changing requirements.

🔶 User-Friendly: Easy-to-use control panel for managing your VPS.

🔶 Backup Service: Automatic backups assist ensure your data is secure.

🔶 Security: Modern security features like firewalls and encryption help keep your data secure.

🔶 A dedicated IP: You can get a unique IP address for your VPS to keep your data secure and safe.

🔶 Offshore Data Centers: 8 offshore data centers are dedicated to providing safe and reliable hosting for your application or website.

🔔 UltaHost Offer May, 2024For a limited time, you can get UltaHost Anonymous VPS Hosting for up to 40% Off! Don’t miss out!

Why Choose

There are many reasons for us to mention:

UltaHost provide anonymous VPS hosting with numerous advantages, making it an excellent option for hosting websites as well as other services onlineIt provides reliable and secure hosting, with a focus on keeping user data safe and anonymous.

The servers are also preconfigured, so you don’t have to worry about setting them up yourself. In addition, UltaHost offers reasonable pricing for its services. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to browse and utilize.

3. Shinjiru — Best Overall DMCA Hosting for Speed, Security, and Reliability

Shinjiru was founded in 2000. They have been providing offshore hosting since the start and is a company that is ISO9001:2008 accredited

They have 8 data centres around the world, so you will surely get an offshore server that is not too far from where you are located. Ready to serve 24/7, Shinjiru has the best offshore services and has been known for them since the start!

shinjiru About

Key Features

Let’s list the features of Shijiru Offshore Hosting :

🔶 Offshore Data Centers: 8 offshore data centres are committed to providing you with security, privacy, and anonymity.

🔶 Robust Hardware: For all of your hosting needs, use enterprise-grade components from well-known manufacturers like DELL, CISCO, and INTEL.

🔶 All-time Support: Experienced guidance 365 days a year, Shinjiru ensures no disruptions to your business.

🔶 Fastest Network: They offer 100Gbps Anti-DDOS Protection along with high-speed bandwidth.

🔶 Domain Registrar With Certification: They safeguard and defend your identity and provide the strongest defence for your domain.

🔶 Security of Identity: In order to preserve customers’ privacy and identities, Shinjiru minimises their visibility in public.

🔶 Unbreakable Protection: Products and services guarantee that you are never exposed and open to attack.

🔶 Anonymous Payments: Pay with a form of anonymity, like bitcoin or Ethereum. There are more payment methods they offer.

🔔 Shinjiru Offer May, 2024For a limited time, you can get a Shinjiru DMCA Server for up to 30% Off! Don’t miss out!

Why Choose

There are many reasons for us to mention; if you’re asking why Shinjiru? 

Shinjiru is spread worldwide with its 8 data centers, so you’ll always get the server near to you no matter where you are, which is not what you get under an offshore easily. 

Also, the services like free migration and then the website’s complete checking plus the uninterrupted uptimes make them top the list being one of the best offshore VPS hosting providers in the market. Also, their prices are affordable!

4. NameCheap – Flexible With affordable Anonymous Hosting

NameCheap has been working on providing domain names of various types to all users globally since 2000. It offers anonymous domain names with hostings alongside accepting payment in bitcoin. 

Overall, you won’t find a different section of Anonymous VPS Hosting in Namecheap, but you will find that they provide an anonymous domain name that comes with the server that you may like, here, VPS. All of this automatically makes sure that the hosting is anonymous and you remain hidden as well as your website. 

They have been working hard since decades to build a name so high by providing the best of services.

namecheap About

Key Features

Here are NameCheap’s Anonymous Domain VPS Hosting features :

🔶 Security and Privacy: At Namecheap, your website’s security and privacy are their top priorities, and they always support people’s online rights.

🔶 Go Online: Increase your company’s success with superior products and services that won’t break the bank. They simply offer anything and everything that improves your online experience.

🔶 Consumer Assistance: A support team known for being among the most knowledgable, amiable, and professional in the industry is responsible for looking after you. 24/7, real people are there to help you with any problem.

🔶 Defend Yourself Against Fraud and Identity Theft: Your contact information won’t appear in the public Whois database.

🔶 With Each New Registration or Transfer, Free For Life: Because anonymity is something they value highly at Namecheap, this service is free.

🔶 Prevent Spam From Piling Up in Your Inbox: No contact information means no spam emails.

🔔 NamerCheap Offer, May, 2024 You can get a NameCheap Flexible With affordable Anonymous Server for up to 30% Off! Don’t miss out!

Why Choose

What if you get free Whois protection and private domain registration? It’ll surely be a yes, right? 

With this and the value, Namecheap gives to users’ rights, working with anonymity makes them their foremost choice! 

5. AbeloHost — Fully Customizable Security and Privacy Settings

Known as Offshore SSD VPS Hosting Pros, AbeloHost’s Anonymous VPS Hosting is built for optimal performance. 

AbeloHost provides offshore virtual servers using SSD discs. These plans are referred to as “Pro” since they will drastically speed up your website, giving it the polished appearance it needs. 

Your website will be able to withstand huge loads and sophisticated activities thanks to its powerful CPU. Applications and legal bots work perfectly on the Offshore SSD VPS Pro. It utilises KVM virtualization and offers a guaranteed 100 Mbps.

abelohost about

Key Features

Let’s look into AbeloHost’s Offshore SSD VPS Hosting Pro’s features:

🔶 Quick Setup : All SSD virtual servers at AbeloHost are preconfigured automatically, enabling account holders to use their SSD VPS right away after purchase.

🔶 24/7 Monitoring : Your SSD VPS hosting is continuously watched, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A team of technicians continuously inspects the infrastructure of AbeloHost.

🔶 Full Root Access on SSD VPS : Each client of an offshore VPS is granted complete root access to their SSD virtual servers.

🔶 SSD VPS with Assured 99.9% Uptime : Their network’s overall uptime surpasses 99,9%. To keep this % constant, a lot of work is spent on technological component renewal and monitoring.

🔶 Daily Backups : We advise you to sign up for their daily backup service, which starts at just €5.00, to ensure that you don’t lose any of your data. Your offshore VPS is more protected as a result of this.

🔔 AbeloHost Offer, May, 2024AbeloHost doesn’t usually have deals or discounts (it’s already so affordable), but you can get a 30 Day Free trial right now!

Why Choose

AbeloHost doesn’t only offer the fastest SSD drives for a better-performing website and gives the best VPS services while you stay totally anonymous. 

They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you need not worry about getting your money stuck. You can always try their services and continue only if you are satisfied. 

6. Impreza- Solid DMCA Server With a Multiple Data Center

A decentralized company based in Seychelles, Impreza has been operating since 2015, with its professionals present worldwide. It focuses on users’ privacy with the aim and freedom to reach the largest number of clients. 

They are continuously partnering with big giants to provide even better and uninterrupted Anonymous VPS Hosting to their users.

6 Best Anonymous VPS Hosting Provider in [current_date format='Y'] - [Reviewed]


Few but worthy features of ImprezaHost :

🔶 Bitcoin Payments: Send Bitcoin to them with the precise amount you wish to be paid in order to make secure and anonymous payments.

🔶 Start With One Email: To submit server information, payment information, and support requests, they simply require a single email address.

🔶 They Won’t Inquire: You are free to use your server whatever you choose; they won’t monitor anything, and they’ll always guarantee complete privacy for your data.

🔔 Impreza Offer, May, 2024: Impreza doesn’t usually have deals or discounts! So I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get Up to 35% off your Impreza HostingDiscount automatically applied (no code required)

Why Choose

They are the only offshore hosting provider with strong commercial ties to non-offshore nations.

They take your privacy very seriously and have zero customer data leaks, thanks to the fact that they automatically encrypt all hard discs on servers we control.

They outperform all other businesses in terms of average yearly growth at 50% and are currently working with 5 other companies to provide services to thousands of consumers daily. So, why not choose Impreza?

7. Bitlaunch- Buy Anonymous VPS with Bitcoin

BitLanuch is one of the most famously and efficient working anonymous hosting providers. It is because they do not work alone but have super VPS giants like DigitalOceans, Vultr and Linode working with it. 

Its services are quite promising, and they also provide a free trial once you contact their customer support and ask for it. That’s how confident they are in their services and have been maintaining the anonymity and trust of their partner companies and the users who work with them. 

6 Best Anonymous VPS Hosting Provider in [current_date format='Y'] - [Reviewed]

Key Features

Some of BitLaunch’s features speak for themselves :

One-Click Apps: They are provided for privacy, such as OpenVPN, WireGuard, Shadowsocks R, LAMP/LEMP, WordPress, and many others, and can be instantly and automatically set up.

🔶Advanced DDoS Defense: Industry-leading, stateful, high-capacity DDoS attack defense is offered by BitLaunch, available on all BitLaunch servers.

🔶 Windows and Linux OS: They have a broad selection of operating systems, including Windows desktop, server, and Linux. Start anything, from the newest version of Ubuntu to a Windows RDP for Bitcoin.

🔔 Bitlaunch Offer, May, 2024: Bitlaunch doesn’t usually have deals or discounts! So I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get 30 Day’s Free trial!

BitLaunch is already working with the best VPS providers in the market, like DigitalOcean and more. They also offer free trials, so you’re sure about them before taking up their services. 

Also, they are quite human-friendly and ready to help their customers at any point in time. They are also quite developer-friendly by managing servers on their own and even paying for crypto transactions programmatically. 

These are some of the many reasons why you should go with BitLaunch’s Anonymous VPS Hosting

Things to Look for when Choosing an Anonymous VPS Hosting

We have listed some important features that your Anonymous VPS Hosting provider and their services must have:

  • Fast and Easy Registration

The registration and set-up process should be fast and ongoing. Privacy should remain as the top-most priority, and the details should be limited. They should not ask for any personal information and set up your server in no time without having to give it much heed. 

It should be a hassle-free process. 

  • Server Uptime

Ensure the company you choose has 99.95% or more uptime and guarantee it. Why is this important?

If you want the smooth working of your website and it’s live 24/7 so that you do not lose any potential clients, this is necessary. 

  • Domain Privacy

Domain provided by your hosting provider must be anonymous. Your domain should be anonymous enough not to be tracked by anyone. 

It’s the basic and the most important part of your website, which leads a person to know the website hosting provider and owner. So, for the domain to be private, you should ensure that your provider is offering domain privacy for sure! 

  • Payment Method

Cryptocurrency payments are the easiest and safest method to pay your hosting provider for their services. They are non-traceable and ensure no credit/debit card or any kind of details are left over for anyone to track you down. 

So, make sure you pay in bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other way of a cryptocurrency payment. 

  • Customer Support

The topmost priority of your web hosting services must be customer support. It should be available 24*7 for the whole year and can be connected through chat, call, email, tickets, or some more methods. 

If you get stuck at any point in time with your services that you are not able to solve, customer service should be available to get it solved for you so that you can continue your work without interruptions. 

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FAQs – Best Anonymous VPS Hosting

 Is anonymous hosting reliable?

Anonymous hosting is reliable, yes. The capacity to maintain an anonymous online identity has no bearing on the provider’s dependability. It just comes with the feature of anonymity.

 Why get Anonymous VPS Hosting?

Suppose you want a server that can handle a good amount of traffic and want to surface a website where you also want your information to be private, and you pay for it in crypto. In that case, Anonymous VPS hosting will help you fulfill all those criteria and more. 

 Which is better, Shinjiru or NameCheap?

Shinjiru and NameCheap both of them are equally good. Shinjiru’s anonymous VPS Hosting is accredited and marked by the best officials. Also, its anonymous services are accompanied by offshore hostings. 

And if you want anonymous hosting alone, you must go with NameCheap. You can compare them for yourself, as we have defined them in detail above. 

Conclusion – Best Anonymous VPS Hosting

So, what do you think? Will you be able to trust these providers to host your website with keeping your personal information? 

Because we can, and we did prefer some of these for our websites! That is the one thing we’ll suggest, and also, do keep in mind the things we told you before choosing the right Anonymous VPS Hosting provider for yourself! Choose wisely, as per your requirements. 

Are you ready to rock the market with your business and stay private at the same time?


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