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About Whois Checker

Being in the field of SEO, we have always been searching for powerful tools to increase our website domain authority and get a better ranking in the search results. But finding a tool that meets our all requirements is literally like finding a needle in a haystack.

Hence, we decided to make our own tool that can be capable of fetching all the important information related to a domain in just a few clicks!! And come up with this Whois Checker tool, which you can also enjoy at no cost!! 

About GoogieHost Whois Checker

So before telling you about the benefits of Whois Checker tool let’s have some quick glance about its importance and functioning to help you understand the complete picture.

We created this tool after doing a deep research to ensure that its algorithms must be fast and provide you as precise data about a domain as possible. But how this tool can be helpful for your website’s SEO?

Well, it allows you to get complete information about a domain such as owner’s details, registration date, domain registrar, expiry date and much more. Still is it really relevant to SEO?


Suppose a scenario where you are looking to buy a backlink for your website in order to attract more traffic or increase your ranking in SERP, in that case you will have ensure that you get quality backlinks which is only possible when you will have complete information related to that domain’s quality.

And Whois Checker will play a vital in gathering information related to the website’s domain quality which you seeking for the backlink.

Benefits of Whois Checker.

Hopefully now you have got a better understanding about its importance. So let’s just quickly jump on its benefits which are as follows:

  1. Collect details related to the domain owner 

  2. Domain registrar 

  3. Name of the server 

  4. Expiration date 

  5. Status or quality of the domain 

  6. Domain authority 

  7. Geographic location 

  8. Name of the administrator 

  9. Registration date 

How can I use the GoogieHost WHOIS Checker tool?

Here in this section we have mentioned the steps though which you can easily use and enjoy our; you just need to follow the steps as it is!! 

  1. Copy the domain or the complete website address 

  2. Visit to the GoogieHost website.

  3. Find the Whois checker tools 

  4. Paste the URL you have copied from the website. 

And that’s all, you will get the complete information related that particular in just a couple of seconds!!


Is GoogieHost WHOIS Checker tool safe?


While building this we were focused on three targets which were faster speed, accuracy and secure algorithm design. Hence there no need to be worried about its safety. It will not make you regret it later!!

Does GoogieHost WHOIS Checker tool is free?


We do not charge you even a single buck for using it and additional charges neither. So just feel free to use it.

Can I check the bulk domain name in GoogieHost Whois Checker?


As we explained you above the it has been designed for maximum accuracy so that you can check as much domains as you want without any restrictions or interruptions.