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NordVPN Review 2021: Is it Really Good or Not?

Based out of Panama, the NordVPN service provider is among the top-rated Virtual Private Network across the whole world.

In comparison to some of the other VPN service provider you can find across the internet,

you will find that the NordVPN is slightly more expensive but with the number of features and functions available with the VPN, it is all worth it.

You can click here to check more about the NordVPN.

What is VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN provides with a pseudo-path to route all your internet traffic while you are surfing the internet.

With an active VPN, your actual location and IP Address won’t be visible to any website or person tracking your movement over the internet.

NordVPN Review 2021: Is it Really Good or Not?
NordVPN Review

They will be redirected to an intermediate IP Address in a faraway location on a remote server instead of your original IP Address.

Why do you need a Virtual Private Network?

As explained above, a Virtual Private Network ensures that at no point in time, your real IP Address is visible to anyone across the internet.

This helps to protect your data and identity online. Nobody is able to see which websites you visit.

Additionally, VPNs provide you with a way to access web content which might not be geologically available at your location or might be made inaccessible to the general public in case of schools, universities, office, etc.

What is NordVPN?

Currently available in the market, NordVPN provides you with a way to hide your online details.


NordVPN is available in the market for the past 10 years and has established its network in over 60 different locations across the globe with over 1000 remote server locations.

Most of the big countries across the world have multiple remote servers such as the United States which houses over 300 servers of their own.

All these remote servers are designed specifically to cater to a specific VPN feature.

How is NordVPN useful?

NordVPN has its server set up all across the globe which means that if we are connected to their network we can easily use it to connect to any of those 1000+ different remote servers.

Their windows application is very easy-to-use and provides you with multiple options to adjust your internet settings.

You don’t require being a fully-trained individual to make use of their services as people with very limited knowledge about how to use NordVPN can also use it to their advantage.

In order to use the application, just launch the app, select the country on the world map which has a server-based out of it and you will be connected to a random server from that country depending upon your needs.

Alternatively, you can also use the list options to select the server location depending upon your needs.

NordVPN Review | Plans and Pricing

I am always impressed by NordVPN discounts, and they run different campaigns on long-term plans.

The best VPN for Torrenting sounds too good to be true, and it does a giveaway the fear of security.

You can subscribe to the Two-year plan for $3.71 per month, and it is not a deal-breaker after all.

NordVPN review 2021
NordVPN Review Plans and Pricing

The one-month plan charges $11.95 to the customer, which is quite expensive.

By paying $6.99 per month, you can subscribe to a one-year plan.

The two-years of plan charges $3.71 per month to the customers, and it does not impact the bank account.

None of the accounts limits the features and functions whatsoever.

NordVPN Pros

We are going, beginning with, the PROS and do not stop reading until the CONS are covered.

Nothing is perfect in this world, and NordVPN is no exception.

Strong Features & Add-Ons

The management running NordVPN knows the worth of OpenVPN, which gives a path to freedom for the people.


A popular software that connects to Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Consumer VPN, and Private VPN.

Double Data Protection

The DDP is nothing a secondary VPN and enabling it makes two VPN running in the background.

The cheapest way to increase the security level and NordVPN calls it an extra layer of protection.

Strict No Logging Policy

Every web browser record surfing history and servers records loggings to keep a tab on the user data.

Government officials, Hackers, and Data stealers seek for such information.

NordVPN vowed to “NOT” record logs whatsoever. In short, no one can tell who is surfing right now, and what surfed a few hours ago.

Works Great for Torrenting and Netflix USA

Torrents are illegal to browse and download content from it. The Government considers operating a Torrent site and consuming content from it equally guilty.

Millions of trackers installed on Torrent sites to track the whereabouts of the visitors, and it can create a problem for you.

Dark Web creators are trying to reach millions of people machines to spread the virus, malware, adware, and all sorts of online threats.

A VPN creates an identity mask for the visitors, and the Torrent virus can never reach the real visitor.

The official administration team constantly protects Netflix USA servers. The company blocked VPN servers to access the USA-based content of Netflix, and they don’t seem to enjoy VPN Company.

Almost 99% of VPN’s fail to gain control over the Netflix VPN ban restriction. NordVPN servers work smoothly on Netflix USA.

Users can watch Netflix USA content without issues and glitches.

NordVPN Speed is Stable and Well Above Average

The Virtual Private Network is servers physically located in a country, and the connectors have required good download and upload speed.

No one can deny that distance does impact the Up and Down speeds.

NordVPN did not subscribe to the highest internet packages to ensure consistent Up and Down speeds.

VPN’s have a bad reputation for bad network speeds, and no one can deny it because distance does play a huge factor in it.

Let’s assume that the subscriber has 1 GBPS connection, and then they will get 20% of download and upload speed from the network.

Let’s face it together folks; you won’t above 20 MBPS download and upload speed from it. Make sure the internet connection at home offers good bandwidth.

No IP or DNS Leaks Found

The servers run on an operating system, and the IP address & DNS leaks drawbacks are not available.

Third-party intervention is a common breaching practice implemented by the privacy invaders, hackers, and others.

DNS Leak is out of the question as the company has fixed the issues to keep the third-party users out of the way.

Knowledgeable Customer Support via Live Chat

NordVPN does not let the customer wander for assistance from the third-party support team.

The in-house “LIVE CHAT” trained by the professionals to maintain consistency.

The customer support team backed by the professionals and the well-trained executives can resolve the issue sooner.

Of course, they have a newbie’s on the team, who might take a bit of time to pick up the pace, but they can resolve the issue.

A floor team leader is always available to assist the customers in advanced configuration.

Company Not Transparent Enough

NordVPN free trial is an eye-catching factor to test out the features.

But, does it worth it?

The company does not seem to provide a transparent policy.

You can take NordVPN Android, PC version, Mac version, and others.

The policies seem to lack transparency, and it can prove dreadful in many ways to the users.

After all, the customer is aiming to remain anonymous to the country regime, Government, Secret service, Army, and others.

There is a NordVPN chrome extension in the market as well, but does it protect the customer’s identity from Google Inc?

Google developed Chrome to collect data of the users, and it increases traffic as well.

Refund can Take 30 days

Millions of people invest in NordVPN plans because they have 30-days refundable policy.

However, it takes the company to transfer the funds within 30-days of the period.

Yes, customers have to wait for other 30-days to receive the money, and they do not mention it.

No one knows the exact reason, but we can come up with two possible reasons.

  1. Monthly accounting process. The company does accounting once in a month.
  2. A payment gateway is another issue, and moving of currency does cost a certain amount of fee. The 30-days waiting might eliminate that service cost.

Overall, NordVPN should not take a loss in providing the services.

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