NordVPN Review: What Makes it the Most Reliable VPN Provider

Based out of Panama, the NordVPN service provider is among the top rated Virtual Private Network across the whole world. In comparison to some of the other VPN service provider you can find across the internet, you will find that the NordVPN is slightly more expensive but with the number of features and functions available with the VPN, it is all worth it. You can click here to check more about the NordVPN.

What do you mean by a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network or a VPN provides with a pseudo-path to route all your internet traffic while you are surfing the internet. With an active VPN, your actual location and IP Address won’t be visible to any website or person tracking your movement over the internet. They will be redirected to an intermediate IP Address in a faraway location on a remote server instead of your original IP Address.

Why do you need a Virtual Private Network?

As explained above, a Virtual Private Network ensures that at no point in time, your real IP Address is visible to anyone across the internet. This helps to protect your data and identity online. Nobody is able to see which websites you visit. Additionally, VPNs provide you with a way to access web content which might not be geologically available at your location or might be made inaccessible to the general public in case of schools, universities, office, etc.

What is Nord VPN

What is NordVPN?

Currently available in the market, NordVPN provides you with a way to hide your online details. NordVPN is available in the market for the past 10 years and has established their network in over 60 different locations across the globe with over 1000 remote server locations. Most of the big countries across the world have multiple remote servers such as the United States which houses over 300 servers of their own. All these remote servers are designed specifically to cater to a specific VPN feature.

What is VPN

How is NordVPN useful?

NordVPN has its server setup all across the globe which means that if we are connected to their network we can easily use it to connect to any of those 1000+ different remote servers. Their windows application is very easy-to-use and provides you with multiple options to adjust your internet settings. You don’t require being a fully-trained individual to make use of their services as people with very limited knowledge about how to use NordVPN can also use it to their advantage.

In order to use the application, just launch the app, select the country on the world map which has a server based out of it and you will be connected to a random server from that country depending upon your needs. Alternatively, you can also use the list options to select the server location depending upon your needs.

What are the various features of NordVPN?

NordVPN has known to its customers for the plethora of features that it provides to all the customers in their family. Some of these highly rated features include the following:

Automatic Kill Switch

One of the most highly rated features of the NordVPN is the automatic kill switch functionality. The Automatic Kill Switch feature instantly cuts off your internet and device application if there is a break in the VPN connection. This feature ensures that if you accidentally break your VPN connection, then none of your original data or location is visible to anyone over the internet.

Dedicated IP Address

NordVPN also provides you with the option to purchase a specific IP Address from a remote server location for yourself. Usually, people connecting to a VPN will get random IP Addresses each time they connect to the network, however, NordVPN provides you with the option to get a dedicated IP Address all to yourself so you don’t get random IP Address every time.

No Logs Policy

One feature that users have liked about NordVPN is the No-logs policy from the organization. The organization has always maintained that none of the data from the user will be ever stored on their end of the network except their usernames and email addresses.

Access to Geographical Restricted Content

NordVPN allows you to access web content which might be banned or restricted from your location. By changing to a server on any other remote location, you are gain access to websites which are not accessible on your regular network.

Double VPN Protection

Recently, NordVPN has introduced an advanced feature which allows you to make use of their Double VPN protection to protect your identity online. In this feature, you real IP Address will be hidden from a secondary IP Address from a remote location which will be routed via another primary IP Address of another location. This double routing minimizes any chance of people spying on you.

Unlimited P2P Networks

The usual complaint from users about VPNs is that these Networks provide very less bandwidth for sharing of data between P2P networks. However, NordVPN allows you to share unrestricted amount of data with your friends and allows you to set up as many P2P networks as you want.

NordVPN Pricing

Currently, you can select from any of the three different packages plans to buy from NordVPN. These packages include a monthly pack, a half-yearly pack and a yearly pack. All the features that we talked about above are available on all these plans. Besides these features, you will also get mobile applications for your Android and iOS mobile devices to protect them and a 24*7 dedicated customer service for as low as $5.75 per month. Additionally, NordVPN allows you to terminate your subscription whenever you want without charging an extra fee.

NordVPN Pricing

The Bottom Line

NordVPN is one of the highest rated VPN service providers across the world and is used by millions of people to protect their identity online. The price of the NordVPN might be slightly higher than its competitors but for the features they provide, it is all worth buying their packages.

NordVPN Review
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