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IvacyVPN Review 2021: #1 Choice for NetFlix {LifeTime Plan}

IvacyVPN Review 2021: Have you ever thought of accessing the content unavailable in your country from a different country by logging on to a different server? This is possible! 

You can easily access any content/website that is usually not accessible from your location. 

VPN connections can help you access the websites from other countries with ease, but you may have to compromise on security and privacy.

However, with the services of Ivacy VPN, you can enjoy the security, privacy, speed, and internet freedom. 

So here is our IvacyVPN review that can help you make an educated buying decision. 

Ivacy VPN is a private and unique service that comes with wonderful benefits like anonymous torrents, high VPN network speed, security from hackers, unblocked streaming, and unlimited content

With Ivacy, you can access any website from various countries and will remain undetected by ISP and Government.

With the use of a VPN, the internet will not be the same for you anymore as you will get top-quality services.

In this IvacyVPN rating, we will tell you why Ivacy is the perfect choice for Netflix. 

IvacyVPN Review 2021


There are several plans available for buying Ivacy VPN:

  • One-month plan: One month package may be a bit expensive but it can be canceled at any time in case you are not satisfied. The refund period, in this case, is only 7 days. 
  • One-year plan: This is a better option as it brings down the monthly cost to a great extent and you can save about 66%. 
  • 2-year plan: This is a fantastic plan for two years as it will help you save a lot of money, which will amount up to 77%. 
  • 5-year plan: Ivacy VPN five year plan is the best bet as it costs very less as compared to other packages and helps you save up to 87%. 
Buy Vpn To Stay Secure Online

The payment can be made using a Credit card, PayPal, BitPay, or WebMoney from anywhere in the world. 

Ivacy trials for free:

IvacyVPN provides its clients with an opportunity to try the service free of cost and the trial lasts for 3 days. The trial starts as soon as you create the Ivacy account. 


  • Ultimate Security– Ivacy provides military level security encryption of 256-bit along with numerous protocols like OpenVPN, IPSEC, TCP, IKeV, UD, and L2TP. 
  • No Browsing Logs– With Ivacy, you will get a kill-switch feature that blocks the internet access, when the connection with the server is not available. Ivacy only tracks attempts to log on to servers and emails and does not store logs. 
  • Multiple Locations: There are more than 275 servers located in 100 locations across 50 countries and they offer more than 12,000 IP addresses. 
  • Multiple Connections: It gives you the liberty of connecting five devices at the same time and supports various types of operating systems and devices. 
  • Fast Speed: Ivacy VPN supports several video streamings like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and the speed is enough to stream videos seamlessly. 
  • Unmetered Bandwidth: Ivacy allows the use of torrent networks on dedicated P2P servers and they also provide dedicated servers for Kodi. There is no bandwidth limit, so you can watch streaming videos without restrictions. 
  • Quality Support: Ivacy provides 24-hour user support to its customers and their customer support is quick and efficient. 
  • Affordable: At present Ivacy is more affordable as they have revised their pricing policy. They also provide their clients with a 7-days money-back guarantee so in case you are not satisfied with the services, you can get a refund. 
  • Easy Access: Ivacy is easy to download and use and the service is suitable for both beginners and experienced users. 
  • Servers: Ivacy VPN has 1000 servers in more than 100 locations and your proximity to the server affects your internet speed, so if you are looking for fast VPN speeds then you must connect to the servers close to you. 
  • Internet connections: Ivacy VPN offers perks like Kill switch, tunnelling, Netflix, Torrenting, and IP addresses and they work on various types of internet connections, whether Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, or 3G from any mobile data carrier. 

Can I use Netflix with Ivacy VPN?

One of the most popular reasons why people opt for a VPN is to watch Netflix.

Ivacy VPN app lets you watch Netflix with ease and you can watch different versions of Netflix with the help of Ivacy. 

Ivacy VPN is the number one choice for Netflix viewers as you can unblock Netflix easily with this service.

Ivacy gives you access to more than 5400 TV shows and movies that might not be available on your geographical location. 

Access Foreign Content Globally

American Netflix catalog has a wide range of content and with Ivacy, you can get access to American Netflix.

Ivacy provides custom-built Netflix VPN along with unlimited bandwidth, high speed, and complete anonymity. 

It is the first choice for Netflix as Ivacy VPN helps you stream videos online from any country with great ease.

Sometimes, you may have to use the manual configuration to connect, but instructions are available in the knowledge base. 

How does Ivacy VPN work?

Ivacy VPN works in numerous ways and it supports almost all platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

They also support other services like Linux, Blackberry, Kodi, Smart TVs, and OpenElec routers. 

ivacy VPN Supported Devices

Here is how the application works for Windows and Android: 

  1. Windows

We downloaded the app in Windows and noticed that it is convenient and has an attractive and easy to use interface.

With this VPN service, you have to log in to your account, unlike other services. 

The side menu is displayed in forms of icons and they give access to the connections mode, account management, and settings.

When you open the settings section, there are two tabs namely general settings and connection settings. 

This app is completely secure and you can use it with great ease.

The security can be increased using the Redial Automatically feature, which keeps you connected to the desired VPN server as soon as the device is turned on. 

  1. Android

We next installed the IvacyVPN Android app and found that the navigation menu was intuitive and easy to use.

There are three tabs in the main menu: Purposes, Locations, and Smart Connect. Using the side menu, you can activate the multi-port and split tunnelling feature and can select a protocol. 

There is a Purpose section in the app and from there you can choose from Streaming, Downloading, Unblocking, and Secure.

You can connect to the VPN using an easy tap and can choose the locations tab to select the country. 

Testing IvacyVPN Review

We can understand that there are numerous questions running in your mind like- is Ivacy VPN fast, or will it leak my IP address?

So let’s solve the puzzle and have a look at the tests we performed. 

Speed Test:

When you choose a VPN, you have to understand that the speed of your internet will decrease as the extra protection by VPN security protocols come at a price.

We tested Ivacy VPN on the IKEv2 protocol in Windows.

The speed of Ivacy VPN depends on several factors like the location, time of the day, internet service provider, and VPN service provider.

We tested Ivacy VPN in the USA and the download speed was decreased by 58% in Windows and to a whopping 71% in Mac,

but the internet stayed fast enough to watch Netflix USA without buffering, so we would suggest using Ivacy VPN. 

ivacy VPN Speed Test

Ivacy VPN upload speed test:

We then tested the difference in upload speeds with and without the VPN and Ivacy VPN performed better on

Mac with a decrease of about 5% as compared to Windows computer with a decrease of 29%. 

Ivacy VPN Ping test:

We finally tested the ping or latency in milliseconds and in this category, Mac performed better as compared to Windows.

But even though Ivacy slowed down my computer, the internet speed was still fast enough to stream Netflix or other video streaming platforms online. 

DNS Leak Test:

DNS Leak Tests are quite important to perform as a device may either use the VPN tunnel but connect to a third-party server or it might send DNS traffic outside the VPN’s tunnel.

However, Ivacy VPN offers DNS leak Protection as they have an option in the settings known as IP/DNS leak protection. 

We tested and noticed that our IP address was undetectable from our connection so our real IP address was not leaked. This means that Ivacy VPN cleared the DNS leak tests. 

WebRTC leak test:

If you are planning to use your VPN with a browser like Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Opera, then WebRTC may leak your IP address.

WebRTC is a collection of standardized technologies that help web browsers communicate directly with each other.

They allow for faster speed in live streaming, video chat, and file transfers. However, the IP address is shared when two devices are communicating,

so websites can detect your private IP address. After testing, we found that Ivacy VPN protected our IP address from WebRTC leaks. 

IvacyVPN Review

iVacy Customer Support:

Ivacy VPN customer support is easily available through email and chatting and your issues and queries will be resolved quickly.

They reply promptly and solve the problems quickly. 


In case the software does not work properly due to some reason, you can ask for a refund within 7 to 30 days.

However, you need to request a refund within 30 days, which will be valid only if the subscription is for more than a month. 

ivacy offers

If you violate the service rules, then your account will be blocked and you cannot request a refund.

In case you have paid for the subscription using bitcoins, then you cannot ask for a refund. 

Earlier there was one more policy for cancellation, which has been removed now,

and it was that once you have used more than 30 GB of data or have connected to Ivacy VPN for more than 30 times, then you cannot request for the refund. 

Security and privacy

Before writing the Ivacy VPN review 2021 we also checked the security provided by Ivacy VPN and found that it is amazing as they keep no logs and allow P2P and torrents.

There is an internet kill switch that terminates all the online activities and you get 256-bit encryption protection. 

Ivacy VPN protocols:

Ivacy VPN uses 5 types of protocols, which are OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP, to provide the clients with a secure network and a robust firewall. 

Tunneling offered by Ivacy:

Ivacy VPN offers split tunneling on Windows and Android and this is a feature that creates two tunnels: one connected directly to your ISP and one encrypted by VPN.

It helps you choose the type of traffic you want to be encrypted as it will also lower the bandwidth.

Final words

So here was our Ivacy VPN lifetime review and with Ivacy, the user will get access to restricted content and it is a reliable VPN that surpasses geographical restrictions of different types. 

Ivacy clients can enjoy watching Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, etc. and can even read the latest news. 

Once you start using Ivacy, it will be impossible to stop using it as you will get great benefits at affordable prices.

We hope that this Ivacy VPN lifetime subscription review will help you choose the best plan as per your requirement so that you can access websites from different countries with ease. 

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