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About Server Status Checker

Being a blogger or a business owner you might be already aware about how important it is to constantly monitor the status of your server to ensure that it is working properly without facing any downtime.

But the question is how will you monitor its status? Well, no need to be worried about it because we have come up with free of cost server status checker tool that you can use in just a few clicks!!

What is Server Status?

Server status codes helps you to get information related to your servers status such as it proper functioning, modification and much more. In simple words, it indicates you about whether a HTTP request has successfully made to the server or not.

Various status codes

Here are some most commonly occurred server status codes mentioned below

200 status code: it means that, Yes, the request has been successfully completed. 

301 status code: it means that the request has been moved to the new location or server. 

302 status code: it means that the your request has been temporarily redirected. 

307 status code: it is temporary redirect but to the same URL. 

400 status code: when the request to the server is invalid. 

401 status code: when an unauthorised access has been made to the server. 

403 status code: when the request has been forbidden and no content paint will be released. 

404 status code: it means that the request is valid but the address has not been found. 

410 status code: quite similar to 404 it tells you that the URL actually doesn’t exist. 

500 status code: it occurs when the server is not properly working or there is some internal errors.

What is Server Status Checker Tools?

Server status checker tools provides you the facility to check the status or functioning of the server where your websites are hosted. In simple words, with a servers status checker tools you can easily find out that your servers are working properly or not. 

But how is it helpful? Simple, the better your server’s status will be, the maximum availability of your website will be for your users or customer. That’s why you must constantly monitor that your the server containing your website be up without facing any downtime.

How to use GoogieHost’s Server Status Checker?

Here’s simple steps through you can easily use our server status checker tool without any errors and in just your few clicks!!

  1. Copy the entire domain name of which you want to find out the information.

  2. Visit to the GoogieHost website.

  3. Search for server status checker tool at the search bar. 

  4. Paste the domain name of the website you have copied.

And that’s all your will get the complete information related to your server’s status.

Features of GoogieHost’s Server Status Checker?

In this section we have mentioned some of its key features that will help you to get the complete idea about its use and importance.

  1. Easy to use

  2. Free of cost 

  3. Fast and quick 

  4. Maximum accuracy

  5. Strong security

Why is it needed?

Suppose a scenario where you have hosted your website through a hosting service provider which has assured you for 99.99% uptime but your website does not fit compatible on the servers causing continuous errors and latencies in your website’s loading speed.

In that case you can easily use our server status checker tool to monitor the servers and make sure that if there is any problem related to it you can immediately claim you refund and quite the services of that service provider.

How is it helpful in SEO?

See!! It really simple to understand because better SERP ranking entirely depends upon the availability of your website on the internet. 

But How? Well that is because the maximum your website will be available for your user the maximum users or traffic your website will get which will increase your ranking in search results. 

And SEO is all about get better ranking on the search results!! 


How do I fix server down?

The best way you can try to fix your server status is by immediately contacting to their team of experts because it will require some good level of technical knowledge.

Is Server Status Checker tool is safe ?


We have built are server status checker tool with special focus on the security that’s why its algorithms are designed to ensure that there is no misinformation or data leaks happens.


Can I check my website status in bulk?


It algorithms are strong enough to work with as much URLs as you want it to verify. In addition, we have tried make it very lightweight to make it more faster and quick .

Final Words

While ending we like to inform your that before buying web hosting service provider you must ensure that you are getting money back guarantee along with it so that you can cancel it if you are not comfortable with it.

And to help you we have provided you this tool completely free of cost!!

If you have any query or doubts related to our tools then you can immediately contact with us on the ticket. We will try to respond you as soon as possible.