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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker tool will help you determine the authority of a domain in the market. The old the domain is, the more power and authority it may have in the market. 

So, for all those bloggers who want to check or acquire a hold of the market and the search engines must use an old domain. We are here for you to provide a tool to check the age of a domain. And to know the age of the domain, when it was first established and all.

What is domain age in SEO?

Search Engines recognise the old domain names and pick them up to be ranked fast than the new ones. Because they are already trusted by the search engines and they are known to them. This is how it may help you in SEO.

How do I find out how old a domain is?

To find out how old a domain is, the best way to know it is through WhoIs Domain:

  1. Go to WhoIs website 

  2. Enter the domain that you want to check. Like we entered ours.



            3.After searching, you will get all the details about when the domain was registered, Registrant and

              Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and Raw WhoIs Data.



How to check the domain age of a website?

To check the domain age of the website and actually when the administrator started working on it, you can check that out in Archive:

  1. Visit Archive 

  2. Enter the URL for which you want to search 



        3.Press “Enter” and start looking for every instance when the work was started on the website and the

          whole proceedings on the website over the years. You can see it all here by adjusting the time panel. 



How to use the Best domain age checker tool?


Now, how to use GoogieHost’s best domain age checker? It’s the easiest of all:

  1. Visit’s tool section 

  2. Go to Domain Age Checker 

  3. Enter the URL


        4.Click on “Get Domain Age” and get the results at the bottom! It was that easy!