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    Superior Performance

    The hosting account which we are offering for Wordpress is superior compared to other companies. Our team is working on Wordpress for a long time, and we have optimised it for Wordpress only. You get super fast loading speed and experience will be top notch. We constantly work on improving the hosting server for Wordpress, thus giving you a superior experience.

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    Automatic Upgrades

    Wordpress releases the latest version once in every few months, and you don’t need to worry about the updates because our servers adjust to the new changes. We again work on the servers to ensure that new features are compatible with the packages. We update the core updates from the Wordpress automatically, so you
    are protected.

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    Advanced Caching

    Wordpress hosting is designed especially for Wordpress running sites. We kept non-programmers in mind and added an advanced inbuilt feature where the website will load faster than normal sites. You no longer need to get into an advanced
    configuration to speed up
    your site.

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    One-click Installation

    We have the tool which allows you to install the Wordpress CMS in one-click. By entering your email address, username, and password, you can install Wordpress with just one-click. You don’t need to go through MySQL database to get your site online. Our control panel helps you manage all Wordpress installations in one place so that you can build your website immediately.

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    24/7 WordPress Support

    GoogieHost is an Indian based company who strive to give you the highest quality of support to the users. We have added a fully-trained team who are ready to take on the technical to basic issues. Our team is working on Wordpress sites for a very long time, so our experts know forward and backward of the PHP script based Wordpress very well.

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    No Advertisements

    Many free Wordpress hosting accounts come with the advertisements as part of their monetisation, but Googiehost does not support it. We do not run any advertisements in the control panel or on the WordPress website itself. Our company policy is all about freedom and quality; we do not serve our users with advertisements.

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    Faster than competitors

    You can calculate the number of free WordPress hosting offering similar packages, but we have the fastest running servers that rival the competitor's services. Our servers specifically designed for Wordpress sites, so you get the best speed, stability, and security which many free companies fail to provide.

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    No Failed Promises

    Many free hosting companies provide free Wordpress hosting, but they delete the sites without any consent. We have a strict policy against the spam, illegal websites, content and more, but we do not let the users know about it. We make shut down the site, but we do not delete the account permanently, so you can correct your mistakes. Many other free hosting companies delete your website without your consent and they don’t even revert back to you.


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