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About Link Price Calculator

Want to check the worth of your links? Well, introducing to you a free-of-cost tool that will help you get the exact value you should be charging or get paid for your backlinks, which has been one of the most demanding tools in the market, especially in the last few years.

Hence, we come up with this Link price calculator tool which you can use without even paying a single penny! No worries about whether it will give the right details or not. We have built this with the right set of algorithms to analyse your link’s optimisation quality and provide you with the appropriate values.

About Link Price Calculator.

Our link price calculator tools analyse your link’s quality and popularity to compute how much valuable it is on the internet, plus whether it is even powerful enough to sell in the market.

And one more interesting aspect about it is that you can also check to determine whether a particular is restricted in a certain area while buying for your marketing purposes. Sounds cool!! Right? Its features are more amazing, which we have discussed in further sections.

Why use a Link Price Calculator?

Suppose a scenario in which you are rushed behind more traffic or popularity. Sound achievable!! Yeah, but it will require high-level marketing with a good investment to advertise or promote your website on more platforms.

Those who have been in the field of SEO will immediately plan to get more backlinks that will help their website to get more traffic. And it is quite a simple strategy! Everyone is pretty aware of it. But here comes the question how will you find out the true worth of that particular backlink you buying? That is where you can use our link price calculator tool.

Features of Link Price Calculator.

Here in this section, we have mentioned some of its key features that will help you understand the complete picture of its functioning, relevance and power.

Quality verification:You can easily get the exact value of a particular link and analyse the its quality to ensure that you are not wasting your valuable money on worthless backlinks.

Helpful in SEO: Better quality backlinks are very important, especially when the rankings are concerned, but our link price calculator can also help you in that by providing you with precise information about a link’s quality.

Gain quality traffic:

Now, what does quality traffic mean? Simple, when you have quality backlinks, you will able to attract more relevant traffic that will stay and read your content carefully, which is directly increase audience retention.

Built authority:When you will gain quality traffic which stays longer on your content, then automatically, it will improve your website’s authority because the search engine will realize that your content is valuable enough to satisfy the queries of the users. here you can also find free word cloud generator for Visual word effects.

How to Use a Link Price Calculator By GoogieHost?

While creating the tools, we were especially focused on making it as much user-friendly as possible so that even beginners could easily use that to verify the quality of their links.

You can easily use our tool to calculate the price of your links by following the steps mentioned below: 

  1. Copy the link which you want to verify >

  2. Visit to the GoogieHost website

  3. Search for Links price calculator tool. 

  4. Click on it. 

  5. Paste the URL or backlink. 

  6. Get the value of that particular link. 


What is a link price calculator?

A link price calculator is a simple tool that helps you get a particular link's exact value or worth before using it for more promotional purposes. In addition, it also provides you with the facility to gain a quality audience for your website. 

How important are backlinks for SEO?

Backlinks play really important role in SEO by attracting more traffic to your website or a particular post. Its sole purpose is to improve your website's authority to get a better ranking in the search results.

What are toxic backlinks?

Those backlinks which are irrelevant to your website’s niche and can be labelled as spam by the search engine are considered toxic backlinks. These can cause reverse effects of SEO by downgrading your ranking in the search results.

Do backlinks still work 2023?


Backlinks are still important for a website to get better rankings in the search results, and it will never lose their importance because it creates an indirect source of traffic from a different platform.