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Best Dedicated Server Provider: InterServer

4.5+ Ratings

InterServer web hosting provider offers best services with all its hosting options. But if you are in need of a dedicated server, then InterServer can be seen as the topmost choice.

They offer Remote KVM options, managed server solution, high uptime guarantee, daily monitoring, and robust infrastructure to host your website securely on their dedicated servers.

Along with these amazing features you get a choice of Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and Gentoo. You can also choose from the best control panels like cPanel & WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin that will help you manage your hosting from one place.

InterServer Tech Specs:

Best Overall VPS Hosting: Kamatera

4.5+ Ratings

Kamatera is without a doubt one of the best web hosting providers and mostly known for their affordable VPS hosting plans. They offer a  wide variety of options with their Virtual Servers.

Kamatera offers the most scalable and flexible hosting solutions with well developed infrastructure and servers that provide 99.9% uptime guarantee and high website loading speed.

With 13+ data centres around the world, Kamatera allows you to host your website in a server location of your choice.

It is the right choice for those who are planning on scaling their business to a higher level and expecting growth in real time traffic on their website.

So, if you own an eCommerce or a professional website Kamatera is the most recommended option. 

Kamatera Tech Specs:

Best Offshore DMCA Ignored Hosting: QloudHost

QloudHost Color Logo png
4.5+ Ratings

Famously known for being the Best DMCA ignored Hosting Provider, QloudHost offers reliable & highly scalable Offshore VPS Hosting services with incredible KVM technology.

QloudHost even allows you to customise the Offshore server performance, install the OS of your choice and manage web files as required.

Get high-performing web resources like RAM, NVMe SSD Storage, Intel Core & AMD Processors, a Free Control Panel for managing the websites, a minimum 1TB Bandwidth to ensure smoother network connectivity and Advanced DDoS protection making websites immune to cyberattacks

Moreover, QloudHost’s Data Centers are located in the Netherlands, ensuring that the data is 100% protected under the Dutch Law. This adds another layer of safety to your website’s data.

At times of technical issues, QloudHost offers an Expert LiveChat support option to resolve any server-related doubts, ensuring uninterrupted Offshore hosting. 

AbeloHost Tech Specs:


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What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting in simple terms means allocating a space for your website on a server to save your data. This allows you to publish and keep your data online for anyone with internet access to view your website and the information you have published from anywhere in the world and on any device that supports the internet. 

Providers that offer web hosting solutions, offer various combinations of resources (RAM, Storage, CPU, Bandwidth and much more) that will help you run a website smoothly.

What is a Virtual private Server?

Through the process of virtualization a dedicated server is divided to offer dedicated resources to multiple users on the same server. In non-technical terms, VPS offers the benefits of a dedicated server on a shared server. 

However, the number of users allocated on a VPS are limited unlike on shared hosting, and the work of one user does not impact the other user’s website.  

What is a Dedicated Server?

As the name suggests, a dedicated server is a complete server on rent that is offered to the users to host their website. Generally used by organisations and big companies to host their data in order to ensure maximum security of their information. 

A dedicated server offers the highest level of resource allocation to the users to host their websites. 

What is Bandwidth?

The rate of maximum amount of information transferred over the internet in a given amount of time is bandwidth. 

It can be measured in bits, bytes, megabytes or gigabytes. The more the bandwidth, the more is the rate of data transmission.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain name is the identity of your site. Like every person is identified by a name, your website is also identified by a unique name called Domain Name.

Domain names can never be same, they may sound similar but they will always be spelled differently. 

What is Disk Space?

Also referred to as disk capacity or disk storage, Disk Space signifies the maximum amount of data that can be stored on the disk. The amount of disk space that you require depends on the kind of website you are hosting.

If your website has a large amount of media and content, then you would require larger disk space, whereas if you have a blog that you don’t update regularly, or a static site that does not contain a large amount of media or content, you can make do with lesser disk space. 

What is softaculous?

Softaculous is an app installer that helps you install various scripts like WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS with one-click. You don’t have to go through a long process of uploading scripts and then installing them. 

It is an essential feature that you must look at when considering buying hosting.

What are the best web hosting companies?

The best web hosting companies are those that offer features customized as per the requirement of a user’s website within an affordable budget and good customer service. However, the definition of a good host varies from person to person depending on what they need. As options, you can choose from A2hosting, Interserver, Kamatera, Bluehost, YouStable, and Chemicloud.

Disclaimer: GoogieHost Blog is an unbiased hosting review platform that offers honest opinions about the various hosts. These reviews are written solely after completing a rigorous quality check of the hosting services based on some pre-defined benchmarks important for satisfactory user experience. Also, we do not allow spam and bot submission of reviews on our blog to ensure the credibility of the platform.