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ChemiCloud Review

It is a digital world where websites and web applications have become common. Today, every organization is conducting business using corporate business websites and web applications. When it comes to that, the perfect web hosting solution becomes imperative.

It’s only with the right web hosting solution that you are able to scale your business websites and web applications. As we talk about the same, ChemiCloud can be the perfect platform for your perusal.

It’s a cloud hosting platform that comes with a free domain, supports your website round the clock, and ensures that it’s always uptime.

Additionally, its features, functionalities, speed, security, and every other thing that you look for in a web hosting solution are top-notch.

You can know more about the web hosting solution in this ChemiCloud Review, which covers everything about it, from its speed and uptime guarantee to its features, functionalities, types of hosting, plans, pricing, and more. So, let’s dive into the review without any further ado!

About ChemiCloud Review

 🚀 SpeedFrom Indian Server 1.2 to 2.5sec
⏰ Uptime99.99% uptime in the past 365 days, which is excellent
👩🏻‍💻 SupportVia Email, Instant Live Chat, 24/7/365 Call Support, or ticket systems
🔰 Security Imunify360,  Firewall, Malware, and Rebootless Secure Kernel
💳 Payment MethodCredit and Debit cards, Visa, Paypal, Master Card Etc
♻️ Refund Policy45-Days Full Refund
💰PricingStarting from $4.48/m
🌍 Server LocationsAmerica, Europe, Australia, and Asia.
ChemiCloud Overview

ChemiCloud is an independently owned web hosting company with its headquarters in the USA, and its operations are spread globally.

The company was launched in the year 2016 as a cloud hosting solutions provider, and over the years, it has come a long way as a robust and excellent web hosting solution that runs on cloud technology.

While ChemiCloud is among the lesser-known pool of web hosting solutions providers, it’s one of those that are even better than the ones that are widely known among the masses.

The brilliance and efficiency of the platform are even evident from the fact that it has earned a five-star rating on the web hosting communities and is even awarded as the best hosting solution in the user’s top choice category by HostAdvice.

About ChemiCloud

Moreover, since it’s an independently owned company and believes in keeping the services transparent, the best part of the platform is the customer service and support.

They are available for their users 24/7 and make sure all the queries and problems get solved instantaneously.

Additionally, the platform is constantly growing and coming with regular updates and upgrades to add to its capabilities and come as a better web hosting solution.

In view of all these things, ChemiCloud is indeed a platform to check out if you’re looking for a hosting solution, and this ChemiCloud Hosting Review will serve as a great read.

This ChemiCloud Review evaluates the platform on multiple parameters, all of which are essential when looking for a web hosting solution.

So, let’s move on to the review and see what a wonderful platform it will be to host your business website and web applications.

Speed Test and Analysis for ChemiCloud

One of the most important things to look for in a web hosting solution is its speed. You want your websites, web applications, and their content to load at lightning-fast speed.

That’s possible only when the web hosting solution qualifies for speed tests and analysis.

This makes it essential to review ChemiCloud for its speed, server response time, uptime, and other factors that influence a website’s speed. So, let’s get to it.

ChemiCloud Server Response Time

ChemiCloud is a cloud-based hosting solution that works on high-speed internet servers that are spread worldwide on multiple locations.

Moreover, ChemiCloud is constantly expanding its presence and reach by increasing its data centers and server location.

Given the excellent spread of the servers, it’s easier for the hosting solution to find the fastest route and the server response time is extremely low, less than 2 milliseconds for that matter.

This is true for many different server locations. Every time you run a test for server response time, you get phenomenal results, especially if you choose US locations.

This low server response time is simply the result of Litespeed servers equipped with the ChemiCloud hosting solution.

ChemiCloud Speed Test

The speed of your website plays a key role in keeping your audience and visitors engaged and glued to it. They won’t wait around for your website to load.

They want to see and consume the content on your websites instantaneously. Additionally, the speed of the website plays a key role in search engine optimizations and increasing your core web vitals score.

Given all these factors, a hosting solution must pass speed tests giving out excellent speed and the lowest page load timings in the results. You get that with ChemiCloud.

Chemicloud speed test USA

ChemiCloud is one of the fastest hosting solutions available at your disposal with its support for SSD storage and Cloudflare content delivery network.

Chemicloud speed test mumbai

It gave amazing results on speed tests on GTMetrix, which is one of the most popular and reliable speed checker tools.

Given those scores, you can trust this cloud hosting solution to keep your websites well-optimized for speed and performance.

ChemiCloud Uptime Test

Your website is no good if it remains down. The entire functioning and uptime of your website are dependent on the hosting solution that you use.

So, it should pass the uptime tests, and ChemiCloud is pretty great at it.

The platform guarantees 99.99% uptime at all times and stands by the same. It passes all the uptime tests on different tools, even when you’re checking the website uptime every 30-60 seconds.

The hosting solution ensures that your website is always up and running so that you never lose any prospective clients and customers simply because they were not able to access your website.

However, this isn’t the only best part about the platform. ChemiCloud has always valued its users and customers and understands well that even a minimal downtime on a website can cost businesses hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Given that fact, ChemiCloud refunds its customers the money that makes up for the number of hours that the websites suffered downtime.

This is where the 99.99% uptime guarantee of ChemiCloud makes sense and shows it as a robust, transparent, and excellent platform that cares for its users and customers.

ChemiCloud Load Handling

The real speed and performance delivered by any hosting solution can be best determined by its load-handling capabilities.

Any hosting solution can deliver good speed and performance in normal and favorable conditions. However, what if your website sees a sudden upsurge in traffic?

Do the speed and performance hold up in that case? Well, with ChemiCloud, they surely will!

ChemiCloud Load Handling

ChemiCloud gave excellent results in the load handling tests. Even with too much traffic coming on the website, it’s able to handle the load and keep the server response time as low as possible.

Additionally, the load-handling performance only gets better if you optimize the cache settings.

So, when you have your website hosted on ChemiCloud, you need not worry about sudden web traffic upsurges. Whatever the case, ChemiCloud will handle the loads to the best of its capabilities.

ChemiCloud Cache

The way you manage the cache data on your website has a lot to do with its speed, performance, load handling, and overall core web vitals.

ChemiCloud comes with advanced cache settings with its Litespeed Cache Plugin that helps you better manage your cache data and ensure your website’s excellent performance.

Security Analysis

The security of your website is an important aspect of management. You want to keep your website and its content safe from all kinds of online threats and problems.

So, you need to host it on a secure server that will not only keep your website safe but will also give your visitors and customers the confidence that they are using and surfing a protected website that cares for their privacy and safety.

ChemiCloud is great when it comes to security. On performing a security analysis of ChemiCloud, one can hardly find any loophole.

The platform is equipped with multiple security features that not only keep the websites secure but also pay attention to the privacy of the users and visitors.

The hosting solution provides free SSL certificates with all its plans, thereby adding a layer of security to it.

In addition to SSL certification, it’s equipped with other security features such as two-factor authentication, IP blocking, malware scanner, and more.

With all these features, you can keep your websites protected from any virus or malware attack by hackers and attackers and even ensure that only authenticated users and real persons are visiting your website.

Besides these security features, the hosting solution has some more advanced and unique security features and functionalities.

For instance, ChemiCloud provides Immunify360 Proactive Defense which puts a firewall on your website to actively identify viruses and malware and block the same along with providing protection against DDoS and other attacks.

Additionally, the cloud platform ensures that every website it hosts remains isolated from the others. This way, even when the websites share web hosting, a security breach on one website doesn’t affect the others on the same server.

This is a very important security feature that any shared hosting solution must have.

Furthermore, the solution has excellent monitoring and verification procedures. There is a BoxTrapper feature that ensures only verified, and white-label emails are able to access your website.

This way, you can be assured that you will never be troubled with spam and unwanted emails.

With all of these security features, another bonus is the constant monitoring of your websites and servers by the ChemiCloud team.

This 24/7 monitoring gives further assurance that your website will remain protected and safe from any kind of virus and malware attack, and other online threats.

ChemiCloud Data Centers Location

The more data centers that a cloud hosting solution has, the better. ChemiCloud is constantly focusing on increasing its reach and hold across the world.

Even presently, it has multiple data centers spread around the globe.

  • America
  • Europe
  • Australia, and
  • Asia.

Talking in numerical terms, the platform has a total of eleven data centers spread in different locations on these four continents.

The states or cities where the data centers of the cloud solution are located are-

  • Dallas
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Canada
  • Sydney
  • Mumbai
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • London
  • Bucharest, and
  • Frankfurt.

Given the location of these data centers, the speed and performance in these areas are maximum: however, since they are all prominent locations in the continents, the cloud servers give excellent speed and performance everywhere by having a secure and fast CDN system.

ChemiCloud Customer Support

One of the best things about ChemiCloud, among all others, is its care for the customers. They mention that their customers are their biggest assets.

This puts light on a belief that they think they are what they are because of the support they have received from their customers and want to give it back too.

As such, their customer support is phenomenal.

ChemiCloud Customer Support

You can reach out to the ChemiCloud Support Team in more than one way. Be it texts, calls, emails, live chats, or ticket systems; their support is available in every manner possible.

Additionally, they have a knowledge base with many useful and informative articles and resources that you can check out to find answers to your queries and questions.

Another good thing is that you never have to wait for replies and answers. Their support is available almost instantaneously, given that their services are catered 24/7, and the team makes ensures that the customers don’t keep hanging around with their problems any longer than they need to.

Price and Plans of ChemiCloud Hosting

You can find multiple hosting solutions on ChemiCloud, and each solution has different pricing structures and plans.

So, when it comes to the price and plans of ChemiCloud Hosting, you need to take a deeper dive and look into plans for the particular type of hosting you want.

Price and Plans of ChemiCloud Hosting

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Moreover, if you’re confused about the type of hosting you need, a perusal of all the prices and plans available on the platform can be extremely helpful.

So, let’s have a look at the prices and plans for different kinds of hosting on ChemiCloud, one after the other.

Shared Web Hosting – Up to 65% Off

One of the best and cheapest kinds of web hosting that any business can go for is shared web hosting. ChemiCloud has three different plans for shared hosting-

  • Starter Plan @4.48/month
  • Pro Plan @5.23/month
  • Turbo Plan @6.98/month

These plans are pretty costly when compared to shared hosting plans from other solutions. However, a look at what ChemiCloud has to offer at this price totally makes the cost reasonable and worth the value.

Here in below is a tabular presentation of ChemiCloud Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing along with the features that you get with each plan-

ChemiCloud Shared Web Hosting

In addition to all these features, all the plans provide unlimited bandwidth, subdomains, and parked domains.

Furthermore, domain registration is free, and the hosting comes with a free SSL certificate to keep the website secure.

Also, the speed is never a problem due to the availability of multiple server locations, and all other functions are quick with one-click installations and immediate account activation.

Additionally, the ChemiCloud team is available for 24/7 Support. Moreover, there are a plethora of security features, web performance features, developer features, and email features available in the plans.

Of course, the scope for these additional features is a little less with the Starter plan. Nonetheless, even Starter Plan is good enough to cover all the basic needs and requirements, and as you move on to higher plans, the scope increases.

WordPress Hosting – Up to 65% Off

If you have a WordPress website, then it will be better if you take the WordPress Hosting Plans from ChemiCloud.

The plans are very similar to the Shared Hosting plans as regards pricing and features, except that WordPress Hosting Plans will only support WordPress websites.

Hereinbelow is the pricing of the three WordPress Hosting Plans on ChemiCloud

  • WordPress Starter Plan @4.48/month
  • WordPress Pro Plan @5.23/month
  • WordPress Turbo Plan @6.98/month
ChemiCloud WordPress Hosting Plans

All the features in the plan are the same as described and mentioned in the previous section of Shared Web Hosting Plans.

Reseller Hosting – Up to 25% Off

Reseller hosting plans on ChemiCloud are a great way to provide hosting services to your clients at your end. It’s a good business opportunity that can help you establish your brand and visibility in the niche market.

ChemiCloud has four plan options for Reseller Hosting.

  • Kickstart @ $22.46/month
  • Grow @ $29.96/month
  • Expand @ $41.21/month
  • Established @ $52.46/month

All the plans have more or less the same features and functionalities. You can host unlimited websites with any plan you take. The difference comes in the bandwidth, SSD storage, and cPanel accounts availability.

So, you might want to look into that before you finally decide on a plan.

Here is a short table showing the details about where the differences lie in the four reseller hosting plans on ChemiCloud.

ChemiCloud Review

Except for these differences, you get everything that you need in a perfect hosting solution in all these reseller hosting plans.

Cloud VPS Hosting – Up to 25% Off

If you want to leave the entire hosting management to your hosting provider, then Cloud VPS Hosting is what you must go for.

With the ChemiCloud Cloud VPS Hosting plans, you need not worry about managing your website hosting and performance as ChemiCloud will take care of everything, and you can focus on your other important and strategic tasks.

There are four different plans for Cloud VPS Hosting, and all the plans have the same features and functionalities with differences only in numerical terms as regards bandwidth, storage, etc.

Here in below are the details of the plans along with a tabular presentation showing how they are different as regards some features and functionalities.

  • CVPS 1 @ $59.96/month
  • CVPS 2 @ $89.96/month
  • CVPS 3 @ $146.96/month
  • CVPS 4 @ $269.96/month
ChemiCloud Cloud VPS Hosting

Besides these differences, all plans come with all features and functionalities. So, you can choose based on your needs and requirements for storage, bandwidth, CPU cores, and memory. Budget is also an important consideration, given that the higher plans are pretty costly.

ChemiCloud Domains

In addition to hosting services, ChemiCloud is also a domain name provider. The good part is that when you purchase a 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month subscription for any of ChemiCloud Hosting Plans, you get free domain registration that’s valid for one year.

ChemiCloud Domains

Important Note: Domain name prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Moreover, you need not worry about renewals or any price hikes. ChemiCloud has an auto-renewal feature and the cost for domain renewal are very nominal and affordable.

Register Domain

You can easily register a new domain at a very low cost on ChemiCloud. Moreover, if you get the hosting from ChemiCloud, the domain registration is free of cost and valid for one year.

Transfer Domain

Suppose you’ve taken your domain name from another domain registrar. However, you’re unwilling to continue with it and want to save costs by availing of the benefits of the same renewal costs on ChemiCloud.

Well, it’s all easy as you can transfer a domain from any other domain registrar to ChemiCloud without bearing any extra costs.

The domain transfer cost on ChemiCloud is the same as the cost of new domain registration and renewal. So, by transferring your domain to ChemiCloud, you save a lot on your budget.

Key Features of ChemiCloud Hosting

So far, the ChemiCloud Review on different parameters and tests has come out to be great. However, that’s not where the excellence ends. In addition to providing excellent speed and performance for websites,

there are many more features that you can leverage with ChemiCloud Hosting. Here are the ChemiCloud Reviews of all the key features of the platform.

Daily Backups

ChemiCloud provides daily backups for your websites to ensure that you never lose any content or important business information.

Daily Backups

In any case of data loss, these backups come handy to quickly recover and restore the data and information.

Email Services

When you’re working on a website, email services become important for many reasons. You need to provide an email address to encourage and facilitate inquiries and communication from your visitors and customers.

Additionally, you need to build your email lists and engage in email marketing at some point.

Email Services

ChemiCloud makes all these things easier through its collaboration with the robust and feature-rich email service – MailChannels.

With this collaboration, managing emails for different purposes on your website is extremely easy. Moreover, with the security features, you can be assured of not receiving any kind of spam emails. All your emails will always be white-labeled.

Website Builder

Not only can you host your websites on ChemiCloud, but you can also build them with zero coding and programming requirements using the drag-and-drop website builder of ChemiCloud.

ChemiCloud has a huge collection of web design templates and other tools and widgets that make creating website pages and posts a breeze.

You can simply select the templates and themes and add your website to them to revamp the entire look of the website. Additionally, you can use other tools and widgets to further customize the website based on your specific needs and preferences.

Developer Options

ChemiCloud has many developer options using which you can easily integrate different applications and languages on your website, thus making the entire development and designing process easier and better.

Whether you want to integrate applications, solutions, and platforms like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, etc.. or coding and programming languages like PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, Laravel, etc., and even other applications in these languages, you have options for everything on ChemiCloud.

The best part is all the installations are quick and can be finished in just a single click.

Integrations and Add Ons

ChemiCloud is also great with integrations and other add-on features. You can easily integrate your social media channels and accounts on your website.

Integrations and Add Ons

Moreover, ChemiCloud provides seamless integration with other third-party applications, tools, and software. So, there are hardly any limitations to functionalities on this hosting platform.

Staging Site Creation

A staging site is essential for making changes and enhancements to your website while also ensuring that the live website is not derailed or hampered by any features and functionalities as you try and test the changes.

ChemiCloud makes it possible to create a staging site within minutes, and you can easily carry on your tests and experiments on your site without affecting the live site even the least bit.

Only when you’re satisfied with an enhancement should you put it on a live site, and the ChemiCloud Staging Site Creation feature makes it possible for you to do the same.

Content Delivery Network

A robust and fast content delivery network is essential for high website speed and low page load time. ChemiCloud collaborates with one of the fastest and most feature-rich CDNs in the world – Cloudflare.

ChemiCloud Review

With this, you can be assured that the speed and performance of any website hosted on ChemiCloud as regards the CDN will be phenomenal.

Website Migration

If you have your websites hosted on other platforms, migration to other hosting solutions can cost a lot. However, that’s not the case with ChemiCloud.

ChemiCloud offers free migrations of websites. There are limits to the number of accounts that ChemiCloud will migrate for free. Additionally, there are other terms and conditions.

ChemiCloud offers free migrations for up to 200 accounts if they are cPanel accounts. If you wish to migrate non-cPanel accounts, the free migration limit is up to 10 accounts.

Also, for non-cPanel accounts, the email data can be migrated only through the IMAP transfers tool.

Besides these limitations, the website migration will not include domain name migration. If you wish to migrate your domain name to ChemiCloud, you need to follow a different procedure for the same.

SSD Storage

Having the data and information handy and accessible at all times is extremely important for a smooth, consistent, and uninterrupted flow of operations.

ChemiCloud makes it easier by providing free SSD storage that makes saving and managing files and databases a breeze and ensures that everything is online and thus more accessible.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a feature that you might not find in many hosting solutions. But ChemiCloud offers the same, thereby giving its users and the public at large an opportunity to earn by simply referring the platform to others.

There are different levels and plans in their affiliate program, all with different terms and conditions. You can check out the plans and decide the one you want to be a part of as per your preferences.

ChemiCloud Refund Policy

ChemiCloud has a 45-days Refund Policy. If you’re not satisfied with ChemiCloud and its features after using it for 45 days, you can ask for a refund which will be processed and credited to your account without any questions asked.

However, the refund policy is applicable only to ChemiCloud Hosting Solutions. You cannot ask for refunds in case of domain registrations, migrations, etc.

Pros & Cons – ChemiCloud Review

Every good thing comes with certain downsides too. Here in below is a quick list detailing all the ChemiCloud Pros and Cons.


  • Excellent website speed and performance.
  • Phenomenal load handling capacity.
  • Multiple data centers are spread globally.
  • Free domain name registration and migration for a lifetime.
  • Excellent CDN system with Cloudflare integration.
  • Integration with robust email services to facilitate email handling, management, and marketing.
  • Free website and domain migration.
  • Excellent, advanced, and unique security features and functionalities.
  • Higher access to data and information with SSD storage.
  • Drag and drop builder with multiple templates, themes, and widgets to ease website creation.
  • Staging site creation features to help experiment with features and functionalities of a website while not making any changes to the live website.
  • Multiple developer tools to make the web development and designing process easier.
  • Excellent and round-the-clock customer support.
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Affiliate Programs to help others earn money through referrals.
  • 45-day No Questions Asked Refund Policy.


  • The best plans seem to lock you up for 3 years.
  • The security features and functionalities in lower plans are very limited, which poses a risk to website protection from malware and DDoS attacks.
  • None of the plans offer unlimited SSD storage. So, you always face restrictions and limitations as regards storage.
  • ChemiCloud doesn’t provide temporary domain registration.
  • Shared hosting plans on other cloud hosting solutions are more affordable than the ones on ChemiCloud.

Why Should You Choose ChemiCloud for Your Website?

ChemiCloud is a lesser-known cloud hosting solution. However, it comes with features, functionalities, and advantages that many popular hosting solutions lack.

It has LiteSpeed servers, multiple data centers worldwide, excellent speed and performance, advanced and unique security features, etc.

With all these features, ChemiCloud seems like a promising cloud hosting solution for any business website.

Why Should You Choose ChemiCloud for Your Website

Of course, the best plans are for a longer duration, and if your needs are temporary, then ChemiCloud might not be the best option.

But if you’re looking for a hosting solution that can serve you to the best of its capabilities for a long period of them, then ChemiCloud is surely a good option for consideration.

With that said, there’s hardly any reason that you should not choose the platform. All you need to do now is decide what plan to go for because ChemiCloud can undoubtedly be the perfect hosting solution for any website.

FAQs: ChemiCloud Review

Who owns ChemiCloud Technologies?

ChemiCloud Technologies is a privately-owned company launched by a group of individuals who are passionate about cloud technology.

The privately-owned company is also partnered with many different organizations to extend its features and functionalities and provide the customers with the best of their capabilities.

Where is the base company located for ChemiCloud?

The ChemiCloud headquarters are in Middletown, Delaware, USA, while the operations are spread worldwide with employees in multiple countries and continents and data centers in 11 different locations across four continents.

What is the uptime guarantee of ChemiCloud?

ChemiCloud guarantees a 99.99% uptime for all its websites and even compensates by offering refunds in case the websites go downtime for some technical reasons or problems.

The platform credits the refund for the time for which the website remains downtime to the user account.

Is the lifetime domain really "free" with ChemiCloud?

No! Any hosting service or domain provider will never offer a domain free of cost for a lifetime. The domain registration is free if you get hosting from ChemiCloud, valid for one year.

How to Order Hosting from Chemicloud?

It’s extremely easy and quick to order hosting from ChemiCloud. Here are the steps you can follow to order hosting from ChemiCloud-

  1. Go to the ChemiCloud website pricing plans.
  2. Select the plan that you want to order and click on the “Get Started” button.
  3. Choose your domain name on the next page. If you already have a domain, you can use it. If you don’t have a domain, you can register the same at ChemiCloud.
  4. Once you’ve selected the domain, you’re redirected to a billing page showing the entire summary of your order. On this page, choose the preferred billing cycle, server location, and add-ons you’d like in your hosting plan. You can also use a promo code/referral code/coupon code for a discount.
  5. Once done, click on the “Continue” button on the billing page.
  6. The next page will provide an option to add privacy protection for an extra cost. It’s recommended that you choose the same, even though it’s optional. Click on the “Continue” button after making your choice or otherwise for the privacy protection feature.
  7. You’ll be redirected to the checkout page. Click on the “Checkout” button, choose the payment method, and make the final payment.

That’s it! You shall be subscribed to the selected hosting plan, and you can start using the hosting from the platform.

How long does it take to activate my ChemiCloud account?

ChemiCloud provides you with immediate account activation services. So, it won’t take time to activate your ChemiCloud account. It will be almost instantaneous.

Chemicloud vs. Hostinger, which is better and why?

Both ChemiCloud and Hostinger are great platforms for getting a hosting solution. Both have excellent features and functionalities that can support your end-to-end website hosting needs and requirements.

The difference comes in the case of the value they provide. ChemiCloud has a much higher value as regards its long-term plans. So, if you’re looking for a solution for the long term, ChemiCloud is a great solution.

However, if you’re on a budget and your needs are pretty temporary, Hostinger can be a better option.

Conclusion: ChemiCloud Review

So, that covers almost everything that’s required in the Chemicloud review!

ChemiCloud is an excellent platform for web hosting and even other services such as domain registration and migrations. With your website hosted on ChemiCloud, you have the promise of speed, performance, and security. What more can you ask for in a hosting solution?

I hope that this ChemiCloud Review was helpful and you are able to make your decision about the perfect hosting solution for your business website.

Not so sophisticated, Prahlad is a genius in all-around SEO services and Web Hosting. An aspiring in the field of SEO & Hosting, he is quick in learning new technologies and techniques, he often emphasizes learning small factors to become a big person. "It is easy to learn easy things and then apply those on tough." - Prahlad while digging chips

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ChemiCloud Review

  1. excellent

    very easy to use, customer and admin friendly, great to feature speed good hosting is a nice analysis of speed tests is certified refund policy is also good easy to transfer in a domain

  2. chemicloud is the best

    I host my website with ChemiCloud for more than 1 year and I can say they are probably the best web hosting company in the world. I’ve tried multiple other big companies… but nobody was able to help me like ChemiCloud does every day.

    I’m not a very tech person this is why if you are the same, and look for a hosting company that really supports small business, chose ChemiCloud, you will not regret it.

    ChemiCloud is the best!!!!

    • Hello, Bogdan, thank you for choosing us! We are delighted to have you on board. We hope that you have found the right price for your hosting package.

  3. Good Speed

    I have used this provider for 3 months to host my WordPress blog, the speed of the servers is very good, and support is also okay. So I will recommend this hosting company to all my friends and family! But the prices are a little bit high, so if you are finding a cheap solution then you should go with any other provider, but if you are looking for quality then just use them 🙂


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