5 Best Cloud VPS Hostings Provider in 2023 – [Reviewed]

When looking for a web hosting service provider, most of us don’t try to look at the specifics and different features offered with the multitude of plans available.

As the competition among hosting services is increasing, it is imperative to decide on your web hosting service after checking different providers before selecting one.

This article will discuss some of the best VPS Hosting servers. Here we will discuss its features and the pros and cons of buying a plan from them. And you decide if it is the best one for you or not. 

But before we get to the juicy details, here’s a quick look at the Best Cloud VPS Hostings Provider in 2023:

RankProviders Refund PolicySupportVisit
1Kamatera30 DaysCall, Live Chat, Tickets, and EmailFind Here
2InterServer30 DaysVia Email, Instant Live Chat, Ticket Support, Facebook ChatFind Here
3CloudwaysFree TrialCall Support, Live Chat, and EmailFind Here
4Fastcomet45-DaysVia Email, Instant Live Chat, Ticket, and call supportFind Here
5VultrNot AvailableTickets, and EmailFind Here

What Is Cloud VPS Hosting?

Cloud VPS Hosting can be considered a better version of shared hosting and shares characteristics with dedicated hosting.

In cloud VPS hosting, virtualized server resources are provided to end users over the internet via a cloud hosting provider.

While every VPS shares the same hypervisor and hardware, each has its operating system, applications, and a reserved share of its resources.

Best Cloud VPS Hostings

5 Best Cloud VPS Hostings Providers

Now let’s quickly dive into our list through which we will explain to you the 5 Best Cloud VPS hosting providers you can choose to host your website and scale it to the next level.

Hence without any further delay, we will start our list with the following

1. Kamatera- Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial 

Kamatera Hosting has been in the hosting industry for the past two decades, providing its hosting service worldwide.

It is part of an international IT-based service provider. The network offered by this hosting platform has good connectivity through its 13 data centers.

Kamatera Cloud VPS HOsting


Let us now take a look at the key features of Kamatera hosting.

🔶Instant Scaling & Flexibility: When you buy a plan, ensure you only pay for what you want and do not waste any money. Therefore with Kamatera hosting, you get the benefit of scalability and flexibility so that you only pay for what you buy. 

🔶Backups & Monitoring: To get the best security for your data is to secure your business as it is what runs your business. Therefore you must look for features that secure your data and recover it if something bad happens. Kamatera hosting offers regular data monitoring and backups in case you lose any of it. 

🔶Server Setup In Minutes: If you hate wasting your time, Kamatera could be your best platform. With this hosting platform, you get your servers set up within minutes as soon as you complete your payment process.

Kamatera Best Cloud VPS Hostings Plans 

The VPS hosting plan offered by Kamatera Hosting offers services for businesses that need raw computing power and maximum versatility.

With this hosting platform through VPS, you get the facilities of dedicated servers. The plans are scalable, and you only pay for what you want. 


Price RAM Disk space Bandwidth 
$4/Month1 GB RAM 20 GB SSD 1TB 
$8/month2 GB RAM 30 GB SSD 1TB 
$12/Month3 GB RAM 40 GB SSD1TB 

Pros and Cons 

The pros and cons of the VPS hosting offer by Kamatera include:


  • 13 global data centers 
  • Scalable and flexible
  • 30-day trial period
  • Reliable Customer Support


  • It will help if you are a little experienced

2. InterServer- Get Started with At $1 For 3 Month

Founded in 1999, InterServer has provided its services worldwide through its multiple data centers, allowing excellent website speed.

This web hosting platform is an all-in-one solution to most of your hosting requirements.

Interserver About


Let us look at the key features of InterServer as we continue this list of best cloud VPS hosting.

🔶 Ultra-Fast Speed: With InterServer, you can stay relaxed so that your website will never get ditched for a faster website, as this hosting provides the best speed for your website. InterServer never oversells its servers, so the speed never slows down.

🔶 Renewal Rates: You might fear the expiry date of your hosting plan as the renewal rates are often higher than what you bought it for. But with InterServer, the affordability is constant, and you are not charged majorly. 

🔶 SitePad Website Builder: Whether you haven’t started building a website or already have, InterServer can help you in both scenarios. With a ready website, you can host it here, and if you do not have a website, you can build it with the SitePad website builder that InterServer offers with its plans.

Interserver Best Cloud VPS Hostings Plans 

InterServer offers five types of cloud VPS hosting plans: Windows VPS, VPS Home, WordPress VPS, Webuzo VPS, and Storage.

Here you get features such as access to your Windows desktop from anywhere and on any device.

Also, you get enhanced security, speed, and scalability features. 


PlanCoreRAMData TransferPrice
1st Plan1 CPU2048MB2 TB$6.00/mo
2nd Plan2 CPU4096MB4TB$12.00/mo
3rd Plan3 CPU6144MB6TB$18.00/mo

📌 Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Pros and Cons

Let us now list the pros and cons of InterServer hosting plans.


  • Scalability
  • Phenomenal speed
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Fewer data centres
  • Might not support big projects

3. Cloudways – Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Platform

Cloudways has been in business for about a decade since being founded in 2011.

This hosting platform has a partnership with some of the biggest companies, such as Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean, etc.

Also, the services are easy to understand, and you get the benefit of unmatched support, speed, and security. 

cloudways cloud VPS hosting


Let us now list out the key features of Cloudways.

🔶 Free SSL Certificates: While making connections on the internet to ensure no information breach, Cloudways provides free SSL certificates to ensure complete encryption. In this manner, all the data stored on your website are secured and protected.

🔶 Block Storage: You must wish that your website and then your customers grow, which brings along the need for space and, when not provided, can lead to slower load speed. Therefore Cloudways helps you scale your storage needs and add in whenever required, never letting your websites slow down. 

🔶 Regular Backups: Whatever you do, you always have a backup plan; the same applies to your data as you cannot afford to lose it and rebuild everything from scratch. With Cloudways, you get the benefit of regular backups and can also demand when you want one.  

Cloudways Best Cloud VPS Hostings Plans And Pricing

Cloudways provides a 3-day trial for its users after which pricing depends on the data centre. You can select between DigitalOcean, AWS, VULTR, Linode and Google Cloud data centres.

PlanCoreRAMData TransferPrice
1st Plan1 CPU1 GB1TB$12.00/mo
2nd Plan1 CPU2 GB2TB$26.00/mo
3rd Plan2 CPU4 GB4TB$50.00/mo
4rd Plan4 CPU8 GB5TB$96.00/mo

📌 Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Pros and Cons 

Now we will look at the pros and cons of Cloudways.


  • Managed hosting plans
  • Numerous data centres
  • Partners with trustable hosting companies


  • No refund available

4. Fastcomet – Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS Hosting

Fastcomet has been in the hosting industry since 2013 and has grown its services to become one of the best cloud VPS hosting service providers worldwide.

This hosting platform has about 11 data centres that offer fast and smooth connectivity.

Also, the plans here will help you build and grow successfully in your online business.

fastcomet Image


Let us now look at the features of Fastcomet in this list of the best cloud VPS hosting service providers. 

🔶 SiteBuilder: As you know not, everyone is a coding expert and is capable of building an efficient website. However, you do have to be an expert with Fastcomet, as this hosting platform offers you a drag-and-drop website builder known as SiteBuilder. 

🔶 cPanel Control Panel: If you are looking for ease of use, you must consider using cPanel. This control panel is one of the best and is preferred by many worldwide. Therefore to provide you with the best user experience Fastcomet offers you cPanel with its hosting plans. 

🔶 Free Managed Migrations: Migrating your website has never been easier as Fastcomet introduces you to managed website migrations. But what about the costs? There is no cost. Fastcomet offers to migrate your website with complete assistance for free. 

Fastcomet Cloud VPS Hosting Plans 

Fastcomet offers you four plans of cloud VPS hosting whose features differ in quantity. Also, with these plans, you get access to tools such as Softaculous, free site setup, free SSH access, and more. 

PlanCoreRAMData TransferPrice
Cloud 1Single 2.50GHz Core2 GB ECC RAM2 TB Bandwidth$59.95 /mo
Cloud 22 x 2.50GHz Cores4 GB ECC RAM4 TB Bandwidth$69.95/mo
Cloud 34 x 2.50GHz Cores8 GB ECC RAM5 TB Bandwidth$89.95/mo
Cloud 46 x 2.50GHz Cores16 GB ECC RAM8 TB Bandwidth$139.95/mo

📌 Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Pros and Cons 

Now comes the pros and cons of Fastcomet hosting.


  • Numerous data centres
  • Free managed migrations
  • Free domain transfer


  • You might have to buy bigger plans to access all tools

5. Vultr – Try Vultr for Free with $50 Credit

Vultr, compared to many hostings in this list of best cloud VPS hosting, is newer to the hosting market, founded in 2014, yet has become one of the best in its field.

This hosting platform has an extensive network of data centres worldwide that ensure a fast speed for your websites.

Also, the plans offered by this platform are well-equipped to run your websites successfully.

Vultr Cloud VPS Hosting


We may now take a look at the features of Vultr.

🔶 1-Click Installations: If you want to make your hosting work easier, the best way to do so would be to install applications. Do you worry about the process it involves? You do not have to with Vultr; here, you can install numerous applications with just a click. 

🔶 Custom Control Panel: Having a custom control panel makes your work so much easier, just as Vultr does, as it offers you a powerful control panel that will help you easily work through your hosting journey.

🔶 DDoS Protection: To keep your data safe from any third-party intruders, you must take sufficient safety measures. One of the best ways to keep your data safe is to use DDoS protection, which is why it is included in the hosting plans offered by Vultr.


For Vultr, the price depends on the type of VPS you have opted for. Its pricing plans differ on the type of server and range from $6/month to $3840/month.

PlanCoreRAMData TransferPrice
1st Plan1 vCPU1 GB2 TB Bandwidth$6.00 /mo
2nd Plan1 vCPU2 GB3 TB Bandwidth$12.00/mo
3rd Plan2 vCPU2 GB4 TB Bandwidth$18.00/mo
4rd Plans2 vCPU4 GB5 TB Bandwidth$24.00/mo

Vultr has a variety of plans based on server efficiency, storage optimization, memory optimization, CPU optimization and much more. 

📌 Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

Pros and Cons 

Let us now list out the pros and cons of Vultr. 


  • Numerous server locations
  • Custom control panel


  • Average customer support
  • Cheaper options available

How Do You Choose the Right Cloud VPS Hosting Provider?

There are many factors by which the right cloud VPS service provider can choose but here in this section, we have mentioned some common aspects that can help to choose the perfect option for you and here they are as follows: 

🔶 Cost: DespIte Cloud servers are generally more costly than regular servers but it does not you can avail of them on a budget. Do good research and analyse the prices of all the service providers you find. You can also choose the above-mentioned list since each and every service provider has been mentioned after deep research.

🔶 Backup: To ensure that your website is safe in all situations you must verify that you are getting daily backup options so that you can restore back your data if any misfortune happens.

🔶 Security: You must verify that the plans you have chosen are equipped with top-notch security features such as firewalls, DDoS protection, malware protections etc to ensure your website is safe against as many cyber threats as possible.

🔶 Unrestricted resources: Many services include their plans with unrestricted resources to ensure you get optimum performance. Hence before buying any plans must check that it includes unrestricted resources.

FAQs – Best Cloud VPS Hostings

Are virtual private servers secure?


Virtual private servers are far more secure than regular servers, all thanks to their powerful security features such as dedicated firewalls and malware protections etc.

Which Cloud VPS hosting provider is the best value for money?

If you are looking for the best VPS hosting providers that come with both quality and affordability then we will suggest going either with Interserver or Kamatera because of their powerful servers plus unrestricted resources. 

Will I need a lot of technical knowledge to use virtual private servers?

Actually, its answers depend upon which services you choose. For example, VPS services are of two types: Managed VPS hosting and Unmanaged VPS hosting.

If you are a beginner then unmanaged service will not be the right pick for you because it requires high technical skill to manage. 

Does Kamatera offer VPS hosting with root access?


Kamatera provides root access with their services to ensure that you get full flexibility to choose your resources and the other custom options. 

Conclusion – Best Cloud VPS Hostings

Now we must end this long list of some of the best cloud VPS hostings service providers. Here we saw some of the leading hosting service providers, what took them to that level, and whether it is worth the hype and money.

To know which hosting platform is the best for you, you might want to test it. Many of these hosting platforms offer a refund policy to try it out yourself and make sure you make the right decision as your business depends on it. 

There are a variety of Cloud VPS hosting companies including CloudMinister. CloudMinister also offers a variety of low-cost plans. If you’d like to try another Web hosting service, I recommend you check out HostArmada Review, Cloudways Review, WPX Hosting Review, Chemicloud Review and Liquidweb Review.

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