9 Best Docker VPS Hosting Providers in June, 2024– (Top Ranked)

Hearing about Docker, Do you think that the word Docker comes from Docks, where the big Shipment baggages are loaded and unloaded to and from the ship? 

You tried answering that well, and that too in a really funny way. However, you are nowhere near. 😂

For the sake of Urgency among our Readers, Docker VPS hosting services are Nex-Gen website Hosting services that allow a Web Developer to run his projects (multiple applications) on any server without any interruption Using Containerization Technology. 

Here, in this article, we will make all efforts to explain to you in detail What Docker and Docker VPS Hosting actually is, How Docker Hosting is Different from the Traditional way of Hosting services, The Top Best Docker VPS hosting picks, its features and Pricing schemes as well.

Make sure you Read each and every corner of the Article and not missing even a single word to understand Docker hosting properly. So, Let’s Get Started 👍

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What are Docker VPS Hosting Servers?

We have decoded the word Docker in a very easy language. So, first of all, let’s just understand what Docker is?. 

Docker is a setup that uses a Containerization (container-providing platform) tool to create containers. These containers contain the applications or the websites you want to run smoothly, with all their codes, libraries, and other dependencies.

What do these Containers actually do?

The Containers, created by Docker Hosting services, enable the applications to run smoothly on any server. Containers contain all the factors (Supported Software) that are needed to run a particular application.

What are Docker VPS Hosting Servers?

Docker VPS Hosting services, in a nutshell, refer to a Modern form of Website/ Application Hosting service in which the Hosting providers offer all the Scalable Infrastructure to meet the fluctuating Docker Container needs. (like RAM/ CPU/ OS)

Wow! A new form of website Hosting! It’s Great! But Who can reap benefit from this Modern form of Hosting services? 

Web Developers or Application Developers, working on different multiple Projects can Go for Docker VPS Hosting services.

The 9 Best Docker VPS Hosting Providers in June, 2024

Below are the Top 9 Best Docker VPS Hosting Providers 2024 that offer Docker Hosting Servers to easily manage the containers and further allow you to focus more on Application Deployment. The hosting providers listed below have seamless Scalable infrastructure to meet the Docker needs.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. DIgitalOcean Overall Managed VPS Hosting Provider
2. Kamatera – Fast, Secure, and Flexible Docker VPS Solutions
3. ScalaHosting Overall Best Docker VPS Hosting
4. A2Hosting – Overall 20* Faster SSD Hosting Server Singapore
5. Liquidweb Best Docker VPS Hosting Provider
6. Vultr Most Popular Docker VPS Hosting
7. Contabo Fast & Flexible Cloud VPS Instances
8. Linode Affordable Docker VPS Hosting Solutions
9. Google Cloud Best Cloud VPS Hosting
10. Stachpath Cloud Computing Web Solution Provider

1. Digitalocean – Overall Managed VPS Hosting Provider

DigitalOcean, established in 2012, is a cloud-computing company that offers web-related solutions like web hosting solutions, Docker Hosting, and Managed Kubernetes that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of Web Developers, SMBs, etc.

DigitalOcean Docker Hosting involves a container registry, automatic updates, and a lot more features.

Moreover, Digital Ocean also offers a managed Kubernetes service that lets you deploy and maintain the containers that provide an isolated environment to the applications you need to run on servers.

DigitalOcean About

Key Features

The key features of Docker VPS hosting services that DigitalOcean offers to web developers are stated as follows:

🔶 Incredible Security: DigitalOcean offers Advanced DDoS Protection, Free SSLs for your websites, and other Container-based security as well. 

🔶 Add Block Storage and Load Balancers: Enables to distribute the workloads and store the data in the form of packets in order to offer a seamless performance of the website.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Get Round-the-clock support services via LiveChat and Ticketing support that ensures troubleshooting issues at times of emergency.

🔶 Fully Managed Docker Services: The Docker hosting is Fully managed helping those having Zero knowledge about Containerization and its management. 

Plans and Pricing

DigitalOcean Docker Plans

2. Kamatera – Fast, Secure, and Flexible Docker VPS Solutions

Kamatera, an enterprise-level Cloud Computing company, offers Docker Hosting, Virtual Private Cloud, and other web-related products.

Docker is an OS-level Virtualization that is used to run Software Packages called Containers. Get a minimum of 1 core CPU and Ubuntu Server OS to run the containers, thereby seamlessly letting the visitors surf the website.

Kamatera also offers a Price Calculator that allows users to Buy and Deploy only those features that are required and needed to run the containers.

Kamatera About

Key Features

The Features that Kamatera’s Docker services, offer its users are given as under:

🔶 Price Calculator & Hourly Billing: Kamatera offers an amazing Price Calculator that enables users to pick those features that are required the most with Hourly payments.

🔶 Load Balancers and Block Storage: Kamatera’s Cloud Load Balancers and Block Storage offers seamless Distribution techniques to spread workload equally.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: At times when users suffer technical issues, Kamatera offers a Live Human Chat and Ticket system to troubleshoot various issues.

🔶 Highly Scalable: Kamatera offers high and flexible plans to Host containers whereby a user can easily upgrade and downgrade the resources.

Plans and Pricing

Kamatera VPS Plans

3. ScalaHosting – Overall Best Docker VPS Hosting

ScalaHosting offers an incredible way of Deploying Docker on the VPS servers. Docker is a Technology that enables Web Developers to install multiple applications on thousands of servers and Virtual machines.

ScalaHosting allows the users to deploy the Dockers on the Physical servers and Virtual machines running Linux, MacOS, or Windows.

Scalahosting lets web developers host multiple applications on the same VPS, and at the same time, the Apps and their dependencies are isolated from each other.


Key Features

The key features offered by Docker Hosting services of ScalaHosting are provided as under:

🔶 Containers provide Better App Security: ScalaHosting helps to isolate apps into different containers, with Docker Mechanism offering security to all apps from online hackers. 

🔶 Simplified BackUps: ScalaHosting lets the developer turn the Docker container into an image that enables to have a backup of the applications.

🔶 Multiple OS to run Docker: ScalaHosting offers multiple Operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS in Linux, and Windows, to run the applications in various containers.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: ScalaHosting offers round-the-clock support services via the LiveExpert option to help those use who have No knowledge about containers.

Plans and Pricing

ScalaHosting VPS Plans

4. A2Hosting – Overall 20* Faster SSD Hosting Server Singapore

A2Hosting, is one of the Best Docker VPS Hosting service providers that offer Blazing-fast, High Speed, and Reliable Docker Hosting solutions. A2Hosting hosts the Docker containers in the SwiftServer platform, which ensures the web developer gets the best performance possible.

The dockers enable the developers to build and run applications in containers that are highly secured with A2Hosting Top Notch security mechanisms.

Moreover, A2Hosting web servers let you run various PHP applications with different versions and with their different dependencies as well.

A2hosting VPS Hosting

Key Features

The key features offered by A2Hosting’s Docker hosting services to Web Developers are provided as under:

🔶 Allow Multiple versions of PHP: A2Hosting allows Developers to install multiple versions of PHP along with their Dependencies in the container.

🔶 Ultra-Reliable web servers: The web servers of A2Hosting are fast and Reliable, ensuring the highest web page loading speed.

🔶 Get 99.90% Guaranteed Uptime: To guarantee round-the-clock availability of the websites or applications online, A2Hosting offers 99.90% committed Uptime.

🔶 Round-the-Clock Support Services: The Support Services offered by A2Hosting is Customer-satisfying, helping the users to sort out web-related issues.

Plans and Pricing

A2hosting Docker VPS Plans

5. LiquidWeb – Best Docker VPS Hosting Provider

LiquidWeb, one of the Best Docker VPS hosting providers, allows Developers to run applications in container isolation while using the same operating system.

Along with Containers created by Docker being Lightweight, it is also highly scalable and properly secured to prevent any sort of online attack. Liquid Web offers a very easy way to install Docker on the VPS hosting Plans.

Furthermore, LiquidWeb offers Container management services that enable a newbie user to focus only on the growth of the application.


Key Features

The key specifications offered by the VPS hosting services, in which Docker can easily be installed, of LiquidWeb, are as follows:

🔶 Highly Scalable Plans: The LiquidWeb plans are highly scalable, letting the users upgrade and downgrade the web resources as per the number of applications.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Get your issues troubleshoot, with LiquidWeb’s Round the clock support services via LiveChat and Ticketing system.

🔶 Flexible Pricing: Prices and Plans offered by LiquidWeb are flexible, allowing the users to choose the features that are only required to host the containers.

🔶 Fully managed Containers: LiquidWeb ensures that the Containers are Fully managed, letting the developers focus on the growth of the applications.

Plans and Pricing

Liquidweb VPS Plans

6. Vultr – Most Popular Docker VPS Hosting

Vultr is a web hosting and cloud computing company that offers a One-Click Docker Application that lets the developers install DockerCE to provide a platform to run the containers.

Vultr’s One Click Dockers comes with both CentOS and Ubuntu Operating systems. It is pre-configured and has a top-notch security mechanism to protect the content of the containers from online threats.

Vultr also comes with regular DockerApplication Update letting the developers only take care of the performance of the application.

Vultr About

Key Features

Vultr’s Docker Hosting services come with the following features, we advise you to give it a read:

🔶 One Click Docker Application Installer: One click Docker installer enables the developers to install DockerCE to run various Containers.

🔶 Incredible Infrastructure: The web servers of Vultr offer top-notch security technology protecting the content of the container at all times.

🔶 Highly Scalable plans: Vultr’s Docker plans are scalable, and one can easily upgrade and downgrade the features of the plans as and when required.

🔶 Round the Clock support services: The support services offered by Vultr are provided at all times via LiveChat and the Ticketing System.

Plans and Pricing

Vultr VPS Plans

7. Contabo – Fast & Flexible Cloud VPS Instances

Contabo, with 99.996% Guaranteed Uptime and Global Availability, offers Docker Hosting services to web developers and Application Developers, enabling them to develop the same environment for the applications in containers in order to make them run on any server.

With Contabo, the docker web hosting improves your workflow to consistently deliver your application.

Moreover, Contabo’s Round the clock Customer support services are not only helpful at times of Emergency but also help the users to configure the docker services.


Key Features

The various key features that Contabo’s Docker Hosting offered its Web developers are been provided as under:

🔶 Highest Uptime: For all the time application availability online, Contabo offers the highest Guaranteed 99.996% Uptime.

🔶 Incredible Security Services: Advanced DDoS Protection and other security measures keep the isolated environment of the containers Free from all the issues.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Customer support services are offered round the clock in order to help the newbies with container-related issues.

🔶 Easy Docker installations: with Contabo, get easy Docker installation, letting the Developer pay great attention to the upbringing of the application.

Plans and Pricing

Contabo VPS Hosting Plans

8. Linode –  Affordable Docker VPS Hosting Solutions

Linode is a Cloud Computing Company that offers all kinds of Web-related products to run the website online 24/7.

Along with that, it also offers Docker hosting, which helps to create containers to provide an isolated environment for the web applications with their dependencies, and Kubernetes to manage the containers in order to protect and maintain the content inside the containers.


Linode also offers a Marketplace section that enables the developers to Install Docker by simply logging into the cloud manager.

Key Features

The features that Linode’s Docker hosting services offer the developers are given under as follows:

🔶 Zero Price Transparency: Developers need to contact the Sales team to know the Pricing and various Docker hosting plans.

🔶 Install Docker via Linode MartketPlace: Linode’s MarketPlace allows the users to deploy Docker on a cloud Instance using a cloud Manager.

🔶 24/7 Customer Support Services: Get Round-the-clock Support Services from the Docker hosting experts, enabling new users to handle configuration.

🔶 Highly Scalable Plans: The Docker plans are highly scalable, and Linode allows the users to Increase or decrease the resources required to host containers.

Plans and Pricing

Linode Docker VPS Plans

9. Google Cloud – Best Cloud VPS Hosting

GoogleCloud, a Google-based platform that offers cloud computing and website hosting services, provides Software containers to enable developers to run the applications on multiple Linux or Windows servers.

Google Containers lets the applications run with fewer dependencies on servers. 

Moreover, the Google Cloud Computing platform also offers Google Kubernetes Engine to simplify the cluster management be not letting you worry about the container management.

Google Cloud About

Key Features

The features offered by Google Cloud Computing Docker services are listed as under:

🔶 Container management mechanism: Google offers a Container management mechanism (Kubernetes) in order to let the developers focus on the growth of the applications.

🔶 Free Trial services: Google allows Free Trials on Docker Hosting services to let the users to use and know the basic features of Containerization before actually using it.

🔶 24/7 Support Services: Google cloud offers round-the-clock support services to users having zero technical knowledge via LiveChat and Ticketing system.

🔶 Instant Deployment of Containers: The containers having isolated environments of the applications are deployed within a matter of minutes with Google cloud services.

Plans and Pricing

Google Cloud Plans

10. Stachpath – Cloud Computing Web Solution Provider

StackPath, a cloud computing web solution provider, offers Container hosting services that provide GPU-accelerated workloads, low latency application servers, and seamless multi-cloud support to enable developers to run multiple applications on different servers.

StackPath even offers features to manage multiple containers to let the user focus only on the performance of the application.

Furthermore, Stackpath offers round-the-clock Support services and an incredible opportunity to enjoy a Demo of the docker hosting services.


Key Features

The features of the Stackpath’s Docker Hosting services provided to the developers are given as under:

🔶 Bandwidth Optimization: StackPath offers 100% fully Optimized Bandwidth to the developers enabling them to run apps on any server.

🔶 Free Demo: StackPath offers free Demo services to users who have Zero idea about containers and docker services.

🔶 24/7 Support services: Get Round clock support services that help newbie users to sort out the issues within a master of minutes.

🔶 Ultra-low latency: To ensure Quick loading speed and all-time availability of the applications, StackPath offers Ultra-Low latency.

Plans and Pricing

Stachpath Plans

How to Choose the Right and Best Docker Hosting Provider?

Choosing the Right And Best Docker Hosting provider will require you to take the following key factors into consideration.

  • Firstly, Look for a Hosting provider that offers Container management tools like Kubernetes. It helps to Deploy, Scale, and Maintain the containers created by Docker.
  • Make sure the Docker hosting provider offers a UserFriendly Interface, which makes it easy to manage and deploy Docker Containers.
  • Pick the Hosting provider that offers enough web resources (RAM/ CPU/ Storage) that suit your application requirements.
  • Go for those Docker hosting providers that offer secure Container Isolation and other forms of Security services. 
  • Select the one that offers an Incredible Infrastructure that includes Load Balancers, Monitoring Tools, and a Regular Backup for easy Container management. 
  • Always take the geographical location into consideration, as the local Docker hosting providers can help you get the Lowest Latency for the visitors of the application.

What is the main difference between Docker Hosting and other hosting providers?

Docker HostingOther Web Hosting Services
Websites are packaged along with their dependencies into ContainersDependencies and other factors to keep the website running need to be configured manually.
Containers provide an Isolated environment for websites, making it easier to deploy and manage them.Applications with Traditional hosting rely on the server’s configuration 
Containers have fewer resources Servers have a higher amount of resources.

FAQS – Best Docker VPS Hosting

What is the best hosting server for Docker?

DigitalOcean, Kamatera, and ScalaHosting, to mention a few, are the Top Best Docker Server hosting services available due to their Fully Managed and Highly Scalable plans, heavy security arrangements to secure the container-isolated environment, and their affordability as well.

What is the best OS for Docker hosting?

The choice for the Best OS for Docker depends on various factors like Use Cases, Compatibility of OS with the Docker version, security features, and a lot more stuff.

However, Go for,

a) Ubuntu Server, which is mostly used for hosting Docker Containers, and 

b) Windows Server, which is used to host Windows-based Containers.

Which is better, Docker or Kubernetes?

Both of them are important to Run Applications Smoothly using Docker Hosting services.

Docker- is a tool that creates various containers in which the applications and their dependencies are put and secured well, enabling the web developer to run it on any server. Whereas,

Kubernetes- refers to the Management of different Containers (Orchestrating Containers) to ensure your applications are running Round the Clock. It allows to scale containers Up and down, ensuring 100%availability, and distribution of Workloads for seamless Running of applications.

What is the difference between Docker and VPS?

Docker Hosting Services : (1) Uses Containerization Technology to create Different Containers in order to make an isolated environment for applications and their dependencies. (2) OS-Level Virtualization

VPS Hosting Services: (1) Uses KVM Technology (Virtualization) to build a private virtual server on a single server that further allows to enjoy dedicated web resources on each virtual server. (2) Hardware-Level Virtualization

Conclusion – Best Docker VPS Hosting

With advances in the field of Website Hosting, Docker is an extremely powerful solution for a web developer. The Containerization Technology offered by Docker Hosting is Highly reliable and offers the developers a very Scalable environment that they require to make and configure their applications for the best performance and security.

Further in this article, we have mentioned the Top Best Docker Hosting services that may help you as a developer to Get the Best to run your Applications smoothly over any server.


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