Best VPS Hosting in India 2023– Top #9 [Reviewed]

Having a private server is excellent but quite heavy on the pockets. So why don’t you settle in the middle and get a Virtual Private Server(VPS)? Since you are here, you already know what a VPS is and are looking for the best one in the market. 

Do not worry; you are at the right place. In this article, we will be looking at the best VPS hosting in India. We will start with the basics and understand what is VPS hosting in India and who should use it. Further, we will get to business and provide you with a list of the best VPS hosting in India. 

You will get a brief of each hosting in this article, starting from its description, key features and how much it would cost. So let us get started. 

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What is VPS Hosting India, and Who is it for?

A Virtual Private Server is an isolated environment within a server. Unlike shared hosting, you do not share the space and resources with anyone else on the cloud and pray that the resources do not get used up by the others on the cloud. 

Also, unlike a dedicated server, you do not own the entire physical server but get complete access and dedicated resources. A VPS is something in between a dedicated and shared server. 

Here, you get an isolated environment within the server where you have a certain amount of all the resources reserved for you.

However, you do not own the cloud or the entire server. Simply put, a physical server is divided into separate VPS, each having complete access to its VPS environment and reserved resources. 

Best VPS Hosting in India

When we say VPS hosting in India, we mean a VPS located in India. Using VPS hosting in India is most beneficial for those businesses and website owners whose visitors and customers reside in India. 

Why is that so? As your customers reside in India, and so does your VPS, the connections will be faster, keeping your visitors engaged and your website at the top of Google ranking. 

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9 Best VPS Hosting in India 2023

Now that you know what a VPS is and what we mean by VPS hosting in India, we are ready to proceed with the article. Let us now get down to business and discuss the best VPS hosting in India. 

1. YouStable – Overall Best VPS Hosting in India

The first VPS hosting in India on this list is YouStable. We have listed YouStable at the top of this list due to its affordability and features. The best thing about YouStable VPS hosting is that it provides managed VPS hosting. 

Since the hosting service providers will manage your VPS server, you will have enough time to work on other important tasks while your websites are well-managed and succeeding. This platform has server locations in the US, Netherlands and India, so you will have a fast website that consistently ranks high on search engines.

YouStable About

To keep you assured, it also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. YouStable delivers plenty of benefits; check them out in the key features section. 

Key Features 

Let us now look at the critical features of YouStable. 

🔶 Managed VPS Hosting: The best feature of YouStable VPS hosting is that it allows for managed hosting. This means the hosting platform will manage your website while you work on your business. 

🔶 Root Access: With YouStable VPS hosting, you get root access, which means you have complete control over your VPS server and can access and manage it easily. 

🔶 Multiple Control Panel Options: One of the most used and preferred control panels in cPanel, and therefore, it is provided with YouStable hosting plans. Also, you get other options of control panels such as DirectAdmin and more to suit your skills.

Plans and Pricing VPS (India)

Let us now look at the plans and pricing of YouStable VPS plans. 

Plan NameMemoryCPUSTORAGEBandwidth Price 
vStart4 GB 1 Core50 GB NVMe SSD750 GB₹979/month
vPro6 GB 2 Core100 GB NVMe SSD1.5 TB₹2,469/month
vPopular8 GB  4 Core120 GB NVMe SSD1.75 TB₹2,469/month
vElite12 GB 4 Core150 GB NVMe SSD2.0 TB₹2,979/month
vStable16 GB 6 Core200 GB NVMe SSD2.5 TB₹3,999/month

You can make the payments through your VISA, MasterCard, RuPay, NetBanking, Maestro, and also through online payment options such as Google Pay, PayTM, PayPal and American Express. 

2. Bluehost – Overall Best Affordable

If you have researched VPS hosting in India, you must have come across BlueHost India. Its well-established hosting platform has spread its services to India in the past few years. 

BlueHost offers managed and unmanaged vps hosting services built on SSD storage, which means they are incredibly secure and flexible. Here, a greater emphasis is given to the security of your data with various features such as password locks.

Bluehost Hosting

Also, along with all the features we will discuss further, BlueHost India provides a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you test the platform yourself.

Key Features 

We will now look at the key features of BlueHost India

🔶 Add-on Managed Hosting Services: BlueHost offers unmanaged hosting services, but you can also opt for managed hosting services, as it will make your hosting experience much more straightforward. 

🔶 Multi-server Management: If you want more than one server to work with your websites, add another server to your plan. These servers can also be shared or dedicated; you can manage them all from one place. 

🔶 Free SSL Certificates and SiteLock: As we mentioned earlier, BlueHost is hell-bent on keeping your data safe. Therefore, it offers various security features, including free SSL certificates to ensure secure connections and SiteLock for privacy. 

Plans and Pricing VPS (India)

Here are the plans and pricing of BlueHost India VPS hosting plans. 

Plan NameMemoryCPUSTORAGEBandwidth Price 
Standard2 GB 2 Core30 GB SSD Storage1 TB Bandwidth₹1,649/month
Enhanced4 GB 2 Core60 GB SSD Storage2 TB Bandwidth₹2,099/month
Ultimate8 GB  4 Core120 GB SSD Storage3 TB Bandwidth₹3,499/month
Managed VPSCustomisable plan

You can choose to use a credit card or PayPal account to purchase and renew their services.  

3. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial

The following hosting service is a well-reputed platform for its affordability and services. Kamatera hosting offers many types of hosting; VPS hosting is one.

Also, the benefit of Kamatera Hosting lies in its customisation plans. 

This platform offers you plans based on your needs. Simply put, you can manually create your plan per your requirements and not let anything go to waste, be it resources or money. 

Kamatera About

Key Features

Here are a few critical features of Kamatera Hosting. 

🔶 Customisable Plans: Kamatera Hosting offers you the benefit of customisation, where you can create your plan per your needs and later update them as your customers grow. 

🔶 Scalability: As your business grows, you should know how your website is doing. This also helps in understanding what strategies are working and what is not. Therefore with Kamatera Hosting, you are offered unlimited scalability. 

🔶 Server Set-up in Minutes: Most hosting platforms take hours to set up your hosting server. That is not the case with Kamatera Hosting. This platform sets up your server within minutes.

Plans and Pricing VPS (India)

The simple plans start at about ₹331.89 and go up to ₹995 per month; however, these plans only include the most straightforward features. The customisable plans will cost as per the features you choose. You can make payment through credit/debit cards. 

4. Hostinger – Best for choice

Hostinger India is again a well-known hosting platform. Hostinger is famous for its affordable hosting plans, which do not lack any features. This platform offers you complete privacy and control over your VPS server. 

Racing with the technology, Hostinger India uses tools such as Artificial Intelligence to offer you the best security. One such example is AI Powered Firewall. This platform makes it much easier for you to manage your website through its easy-to-use control panel services. 

hostinger about

You get full root access to your server with complete flexibility and protection. Were you talking about server locations? They have it all over the world, including India. So don’t worry about the speed of your website; Hostinger has got it covered. 

Key Features

Let us now look at a few critical features of Hostinger India. 

🔶 Flexibility: With Hostinger India, you get complete control of your VPS server. This means you have full access to the resources you can decide whom to delegate the resources to. 

🔶 Scalability: Through Hostinger, you can scale the growth of your website, see if you need any more resources and just upgrade your plan. You do not have to change your plan and risk a downtime situation. 

🔶 Backups: As we mentioned earlier, security is essential for Hostinger. Therefore, it offers automatic and manual backup services through which you can restore your websites in an instant.

Plans and Pricing VPS (India)

This plan from Hostinger India would cost: 

Plan NameMemoryCPUSTORAGEBandwidth Price 
KVM14 GB 1 vCPU Core50 GB NVMe Disk space1 TB Bandwidth₹499.00 /month
KVM28 GB 2 vCPU Core100 GB NVMe Disk space2 TB Bandwidth₹699.00 /month
KVM416 GB  4 vCPU Core200 GB NVMe Disk space4 TB Bandwidth₹999.00 /month
KVM832 GB8 vCPU Core400 GB NVMe Disk space8 TB Bandwidth₹1,829.00 /month 

You can pay through your VISA, MasterCard, RuPay, NetBanking, Diners Club International  and also through online payment options such as Google Pay, PayTM, PayPal and American Express. They also accept cryptocurrency. 

5. HostArmada – Affordable VPS Hosting Soluction India

If you are looking for the most affordable hosting which is easy to manage, you must try HostArmada. This platform offers a lot of features for free and also contributes to managing your VPS server. 

You can focus on more important tasks, and HostArmada will make sure your website is doing well online. With an excellent uptime guarantee, HostArmada offers free services such as SSL certificates, free backups, etc. 

Hostarmada ABout

The prices at HostArmada seem high if you are working on a small website, but it is affordable for big growing businesses. If you need time to decide, you can take advantage of the 7-day money-back guarantee period offered by HostArmada. 

Key Features

These are a few critical features of HostArmada. 

🔶 Managed Hosting: HostArmada understands that you have a business to focus on and might only sometimes have the time and skills to handle your website manually. Therefore, it offers managed hosting services which will help you manage your websites easily. 

🔶 cPanel: To make it even easier to manage, HostArmada offers cPanel, which is known to be one of the most simple and easiest control panels to work with. 

🔶 Free Backups: To keep your data safe through anything, HostArmada offers free daily backups, which will keep your data intact even in any data loss. 

Plans and Pricing VPS (India)

You can buy a hosting plan from HostArmada in USD, which will be converted into your local currency per the exchange rate. 

Plan NameMemoryCPUSTORAGEBandwidth Price 
Web Shuttle2 GB 1 Core50 GB SSD Storage2 TB Bandwidth₹3,498.07/month
Web Voyager4 GB 2 Core80 GB SSD Storage4 TB Bandwidth₹4,134.53/month
Web Raider8 GB  4 Core160 GB SSD Storage5 TB Bandwidth₹5,407.45/month
Site Carrier16 GB   6 Core320 GB SSD Storage8 TB Bandwidth₹8,589.77/month

You can pay through PayPal, and Credit Card. 

6. UltaHost – Best Money-back gaurantee

UltaHost is suitable for all website owners. Whether you have a small online business or a considerable selling customer count, UltaHost is ideal for all. This platform offers quite affordable deals suitable for small and big online businesses. 

The hosting platform offers one of the best VPS hosting in India, starting at quite a small price. Here, you get plenty of features to ensure your data is safe and your business is always accessible to your customers. 

ultahost ABout

UltaHost makes every effort to give an excellent environment to grow, including free migration, staging environment, backups and much more. 

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Key Features

We will now look at a few critical features of UltaHost which make it so favourable. 

🔶 Multiple Control Panels: With UltaHost, you are offered a variety of choices regarding control panels. You can choose any you want and are comfortable with, and the charges will depend on your choice of the control panel. 

🔶 Scalable DDR5 RAM: As we mentioned earlier, UltaHost is suitable for all types of businesses. If your business is small now and there is room for growth, UltaHost will quickly scale it and help you upgrade your plan with added resources. 

🔶 Unlimited Bandwidth: Nothing can come your way to success, and neither will UltaHost. To help your website deal with greater and greater traffic and never slow down, UltaHost offers unlimited bandwidth. 

Plans and Pricing VPS [Hestia & CyberPanel – Free Panels]

Plan NameMemoryCPUSTORAGEBandwidth Price 
VPS BASIC1 GB 1 CPU Core30 GB NVMe SSDUnlimited Bandwidth₹454.64/month
VPS BUSINESS2GB 2 CPU Core50 GB NVMe SSDUnlimited Bandwidth₹785.28/month
VPS PROFESSIONAL4 GB  3 CPU Core75 GB NVMe SSDUnlimited Bandwidth₹1,363.91/month
VPS ENTERPRISE6 GB  4 CPU Core100 GB NVMe SSDUnlimited Bandwidth₹1,777.22/month

7. ScalaHosting – Best for resources on all tiers

Doesn’t the name say it all? ScalaHosting is excellent for those whose online businesses are growing and want to stay updated on any growth or loss.

This platform offers one of the cheapest VPS hosting in India. 

With ScalaHosting, you gain access to managed VPS hosting in India. This means you can save time by investing much time into your website. ScalaHosting will easily manage your website. 


Other than managing your website, ScalaHosting also ensures your website is doing well on the internet through SEO checks and much more. The best part is there is no time limit to the money-back guarantee ScalaHosting offers. 

Key Features 

A few key features of ScalaHosting are: 

🔶 Managed Hosting: To make your work easier, ScalaHosting offers managed hosting services that ask for less and less time and manage the website for you. 

🔶 Improved SEO Ranking: ScalaHosting manages your website, ensures it has excellent SEO optimisation, and is doing well with search engines. 

🔶 Daily Remote Backup: Backups are essential to any hosting plan as they ensure you do not lose any data at any cost. To make it even safer, ScalaHosting performs backups off-site, which means even if your server gets wiped out, it will still not affect your data. 

🔶 Work with Collaborators: ScalaHosting is excellent for working with team members and collaborators. This platform offers proper and required access to each team member and collaborator so that your privacy is not compromised and the work is done well. 

Plans and Pricing VPS (India)

ScalaHosting offers four managed VPS hosting plans: 

Plan NameMemoryCPUSTORAGEBandwidth Price 
Build #14 GB 2 CPU Cores50 GB NVMe SSDUNMETERED Bandwidth₹2,475.71/month
Build #28 GB 4 CPU Cores100 GB NVMe SSDUNMETERED Bandwidth₹5,286.20month
Build #316 GB  8 CPU Cores150 GB NVMe SSDUNMETERED Bandwidth₹10,080.57/month
Build #424 GB  12 CPU Cores200 GB NVMe SSDUNMETERED Bandwidth₹14,874.94/month

You can pay through credit/debit card, PayPal and bank transfer. 

8. CloudWays – Best for Scaling Businesses

Cloudways is another popular hosting platform which has been around for a long time and has spread its services across the globe. It also offers VPS hosting in India. There are plenty of benefits to using Cloudways hosting. 

One of the reasons why we recommend Cloudways hosting for your platform is because it offers hosting services from other big hosting platforms such as DigitalOcean, AWS and Google Cloud

Since another party offers its hosting services, you get the benefits from Cloudways and the hosting providing party.

cloudways about

Also, the speed is excellent due to the large number of data centres and server locations. The only issue with Cloudways is the short 3-day trial period, which must be sufficient to test all its features. 

Key Features

Let us count some of the key features of Cloudways now. 

🔶 Unlimited Application Installation: To make your hosting experience easier, installing applications can help immensely. Therefore, Cloudways offers unlimited application installation. 

🔶 Staging Environment: If you are a few website owners, you might fear your website not turning out well when it goes up on the internet. But don’t worry; with Cloudways hosting, you get a staging environment to test your website. 

🔶 Free SSL Installations: To keep your websites’ connections always safe, Cloudways offers free SSL certificates to ensure your data and website are always safe on the internet. 

🔶 1-Click Server Cloning: If you are worried that you have to build another website right from the beginning, even when it only requires a few changes from the original website, you are in luck. Cloudways offers 1-cluck server cloning, which makes your tasks a work of seconds. 

Plans and Pricing VPS [DigitalOcean]

Cloudways offers hosting from three different hosting providers; here are the digitalOcean price ranges. 

Plan NameMemoryCPUSTORAGEBandwidth Price 
Plan 11 GB 1 Core25 GB 1 TB ₹1,157.26/month
Plan 22 GB 1 Core50 GB 2 TB ₹2,314.52/month
Plan 34 GB  2 Core80 GB 4 TB₹4,463.72/month
Plan 48 GB  4 Core160 GB 5 TB₹8,183.49/month

You can make the payment through credit cards. 

9. A2Hosting – Best for Transparency

We are now at the final hosting on this list of best VPS hosting in India. A2Hosting offers managed and unmanaged hosting plans. If you are skilled at hosting your website, you can opt for the unmanaged version, which is quite affordable. 

However, if you need to learn more about hosting, you can always opt for the managed website. The downside to managed hosting is that it costs much more than unmanaged hosting. 

Even if you choose unmanaged hosting, A2Hosting makes every effort to smooth your hosting experience through an easy-to-use control panel, SSL certificates, easy site transfer, and more. 

A2 Hosting About

Key Features 

Let us now take a look at the critical features of A2Hosting. 

🔶 Managed and Unmanaged Hosting: You have the option to choose from managed and unmanaged hosting services. Managed hosting will require less time and effort, but it could be hefty in your pockets. 

🔶 cPanel: As mentioned earlier, A2Hosting makes every effort to make your hosting experience easier. Therefore, it offers cPanel, which is known to be one of the most simple control panels for hosting. 

🔶 Up to 20x Faster Turbo: To help your website rank better on the search engines, you are provided with about 20 times faster Turbo speed. 

Plans and Pricing VPS (India)

The price range for managed hosting on A2Hosting is as follows: 

Plan NameMemoryCPUSTORAGEBandwidth Price 
Lift 44 GB 2 Core150 GB SSD Storage2 TB Transfer₹3,306.47/month
Lift 88 GB 6 Core250 GB SSD Storage3 TB Transfer₹4,545.56/month
Lift 88 GB  2 Core150 GB SSD Storage2 TB Transfer₹4,958.86/month
Lift 1616 GB  6 Core250 GB SSD Storage3 TB Transfer₹7438.71/month

You can make payments through PayPal, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, etc. 

Benefits of Choosing VPS Hosting Plans in Indian Data Location

There are plenty of reasons and benefits for choosing VPS hosting in India; here are a few: 


If you have your website’s visitors and customers in India, you should choose a VPS hosting plan in India as the server is closer to the visitor; therefore, the website is faster, which means greater visitor engagement and higher Google ranking. 

Customer Support

Everyone needs customer support, and language and timings could become problematic if your server is offshore. Since your VPS server is in India, customer support will seem more efficient as there will be no language or time barriers. 

Payment Processes

You might have already experienced exchange rate issues while working with websites from foreign countries. Having a VPS server in India can save you from that hassle, as India uses the same currency and payment methods. Also, in India, it is quite easy to make payments in local currency and through locally used methods such as UPI, BHIM, GooglePay, PayTM, etc. 


Having a data centre location in India makes it way more scalable based on the population. Also, the growth is significant which might require more resources, and scaling your growth can help you greatly. 

FAQs – Best VPS Hosting in India

Why upgrade from Shared hosting to a VPS?

Shared Hosting could be a nightmare if you do not have cooperative neighbours. There is always a fear of running out of resources on the cloud, which will not be the case with VPS hosting as the resources will be reserved for you, and no one else can access them. 

What Is a Managed VPS Server, an alternative to Unmanaged VPS?

Yes, a managed server is an alternative to an unmanaged server. In a managed server, you do not have to take care of every detail about the server, as the hosting service providers make sure that your website and servers are running well. 

Which is the Best Indian VPS Hosting Server?

We have listed the best VPS hosting in India. However, our recommendations are YouStable, CloudWays, BlueHost India and Kamatera. 

Should I start with Shared hosting or go straight to a VPS?

The decision will depend on your needs. However, we suggest you start with shared hosting, which is way cheaper and can help you create your online business. 

What is the cost of VPS hosting in India?

The cost of VPS servers in India depends on your chosen hosting services provider. Also, the prices differ based on managed and unmanaged services. Managed hosting services cost higher than unmanaged services. 

What VPS Location is Best in India?

Due to their geographical placements, the best VPS locations in India are Mumbai, Delhi, Indore and Bangalore. 

Conclusion – Best VPS Hosting in India

There you go; now you have the list of the best VPS hosting in India. These hosts are not just the best but also the cheapest VPS hostings in India. We started by introducing you to the concept of VPS hosting and how it differs from other hostings. 

Further, we discussed the best VPS hostings in India, their key features and pricing details. These prices may differ due to frequent sales and changes in the hosting plan rates. Therefore, ensure you take complete advantage of the customer support offered by the hosting platform and go down to every detail before making a decision.

Name PriceMoney back guaranteeStorageFind Here
YouStable₹979/mo30-Day MoneyBack guarantee50 GBVisit Here
Bluehost₹1,649/mo30-Day MoneyBack guarantee30 GB Visit Here
Kamatera ₹331.89/mo30-Days Money-Back Guarantee20 GB Visit Here
Hostinger₹499/mo30-Day MoneyBack guarantee50 GBVisit Here
HostArmada₹3,498.07/mo45-Days MoneyBack guarantee50 GBVisit Here
UltaHost₹454.64/mo30 day MoneyBack guarantee30 GBVisit Here
ScalaHosting₹2,475.71/mo30 day MoneyBack guaranteeUNMETEREDVisit Here
Cloudways₹1,157.60/moNA25 GBVisit Here
A2Hosting₹3,306.47/moHassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee150 GBVisit Here

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