Best VPS Hosting in Germany 🇩🇪- In-Depth Tests (May, 2024)

Are you looking for the best hosting plan for your website? We understand dedicated hostings are too pricey and shared hostings are not as safe, and VPS is the best solution when looking for the best security and affordability.

However, there are myriad options available on the internet for VPS hosting providers. But which is the best VPS hosting in Germany? Let us find out. Before that, let us understand what VPS hosting is in Germany.

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What is VPS Hosting in Germany?

A VPS hosting in Germany means a VPS hosting server in Germany. Choosing a server location is most suitable for users whose clients reside in Germany, as the server will be closer to them.

The closer the server is to your clients, the faster your website will be and the lower the bounce rate of your website.

With a faster website speed, visitors will favour it more, which could become future buyers and Google and would rank you on top of the SERP ranking.

best VPS hosting in germany

Let us now understand what VPS hosting is. As we mentioned earlier, dedicated hosting is highly expensive, and shared hosting does not seem as convenient to work with and is not as safe with noisy neighbours.

While a dedicated server provides you with an entire server dedicated to you, a Virtual Private Server or VPS gives you a share of the server like a shared hosting. However, though the server is shared, you still do not share any resources with your neighbours, which remain reserved for you.

Hence, VPS hosting is a reasonable choice if you are looking for affordability, speed, privacy and more for your website.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best VPS Hosting in Germany May, 2024

🔶 Kamatera: Kamatera is one of the best VPS hosting providers that offers enterprise-scale services in the market. Just Start your 30 Days Kamatera Free Trail Now. ! No Hidden Fees. 24 Hour Support. Don’t miss out!

🔶 UltaHost: UltaHost offers quite affordable deals suitable for small and big online businesses. It offers Up to 40% off on yearly plans, and using the coupon code “GoogieHost,” you will get a 5% Extra Discount on the Yearly and triannual Plans.

🔶 ScalaHosting: ScalaHosting is currently offering upto 36% OFFGet an Extra 10% OFF happy Coupon code “GOOGIEHOST“. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your ScalaHosting Cloud VPS Server subscription.

9 Best VPS Hosting in Germany in May, 2024

Let us now get down to business and look at some of the best VPS hosting in Germany, starting with Kamatera hosting

⏰  TL;DR:

1. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial
2. UltaHost Overall VPS Hosting Provider
3. ScalaHostingOverall Best And Reliable
4. A2Hosting Affordable VPS Hosting Services
5. FastcometFully Managed PHP VPS Hosting
6. CloudWays Best for Scaling Businesses
7. Contabo Fast & Flexible Cloud VPS Instances
8. LiquidWeb Best For VPS Hosting
9. Vultr Fast SSD VPS Cloud Servers

1. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial

Whether you have started a business recently and are creating a new website or want to host a vast business’s official website, you can do both at Kamatera, as here you are responsible for creating a plan that suits you.

You are provided with complete flexibility of plans at Kamatera.

There are many other features to complement the flexibility of the plans, such as unlimited scalability to let you know what you need for your growing business. 

Kamatera About


Here are the features of Kamatera VPS hosting plans. 

🔶 Scalability: To provide an insight into your website’s growth and if the plan needs to be upgraded or downgraded, Kamatera provides a scalability feature which will let you know about any requirement of your website so that you do not waste money or restrict the success of your website. 

🔶 Flexibility: You can host any size of the website at Kamatera as here you are the one who builds the plan, and you can choose the exact features you want for your VPS server and only pay for what you desire. 

🔶 Daily Backups: As we said, you can choose what you want, and one of those things is a regular backup. With the daily backups at Kamatera, you can keep a copy of your everyday work without losing any data. 

Plans and Price 

The standard plans at Kamatera hosting cost about $4 to $6 a month. However, the cost of the plan you create will depend on what features and quantity you choose. 

2. UltaHost – Overall VPS Hosting Provider

You can find everything you want for your website at UltaHost. This platform is the best addition to managing your website at an affordable price while ensuring that your websites always run fast and never have a security threat.

Here, your website can be successfully managed by UltaHost’s features, such as staging environment, team management and more.

UltaHost can be something great for your team to work with to get your website on the top of the SERP ranking.

ultahost ABout


Here is what you get with UltaHost VPS hosting plans. 

🔶 Managed Hosting: Managing your website will not be a hefty task for you anymore as you can now sit back and relax while UltaHost takes to the steering wheel. This platform provides you with a managed hosting plan, which will ensure you have enough time to focus on your business while ensuring that the organisation’s experts manage your website well.

🔶 Staging Environment: Often, crazy things happen when website owners upload a not-yet-ready website because they do not know something is wrong. This will never occur to you, though UltaHost provides a staging environment where you can check for any glitches in your websites and instantly fix them before they go out to the public. 

🔶 Custom VPS servers: Need more flexibility with your hosting plans? No problem. At UltaHost, you can easily customise a VPS server based on your specific needs to save money and effort on something you do not require.

Plans and Price 

The cost of VPS hosting with each control panel ranges between: 

  • Hestia & CyberPanel – Free Panels: $5.50/month – $21.50/month
  • Plesk: $15.50/month – $31.50/month
  • cPanel: $24.50/month – $40.50/month

3. ScalaHosting – Overall Best And Reliable

If you are looking for a VPS hosting in Germany suitable for your WordPress website, then you have reached the destination. ScalaHosting is an excellent platform to work with all your website hostings, especially when hosting a WordPress website.

With ScalaHosting, you can quickly scale your server, upgrade or downgrade easily, and have the best hosting experience, no matter how skilled you are at hosting.

As with ScalaHosting’s managed hosting plans, you will not be asked to do much technical work, and all will be managed.



These are the features that come with ScalaHosting. 

🔶 WordPress Staging and Cloning: As we said, ScalaHosting is a great place to host your WordPress website, as it makes your hosting experience a lot easier. Here, you can stage your WordPress website to check for any mistakes and also clone it with a click whenever you want. 

🔶 Cron Jobs: Your workload of managing your website and doing repetitive tasks will be reduced a lot with ScalaHosting as here you are provided with the cron job features, which can do all the repetitive tasks for you and save you time. 

🔶 Multiple Control Panel: ScalaHosting provides a variety of control panels, such as cPanel and a home-built SPanel, which can work well with the hosting, and you may choose what suits you.

Plans and Price 

ScalaHosting offers the following VPS Germany hosting plans. 

  • Build #1: $29.95 /month
  • Build #2: $63.95 /month
  • Build #3: $121.95 /month
  • Build #4: $179.95 /month

4. A2Hosting – Affordable VPS Hosting Services

At A2Hosting, you do not have to be a hosting expert, as this platform ensures that your website is doing fantastic with its managed hosting services at affordable prices.

Here, your websites will run a lot faster, which will ensure that your websites also rank on top of the Google SERP ranking.

Also, you are provided many options with various aspects of hosting, such as the OS for your hosting plan. Through the many features offered by A2Hosting, your hosting experience will become much smoother.

A2 Hosting About


Let us take a look at the features offered by A2Hosting. 

🔶 Free & Easy Site Transfer: If you are worried about transferring your website from your older hosting provider to A2Hosting, don’t worry. With this platform, you are provided with free and easy site transfer, ensuring no data is lost. 

🔶 SSL Certificate: While A2Hosting ensures that your websites run ultra-fast, it also ensures that all the connections your website makes are secure and offers SSL certificates with its VPS plans. 

🔶 Flexibility: A2Hosting provides several standard hosting plans but ensures you have the freedom to choose many configurations of your hosting plan and have the best hosting experience.

Plans and Price 

Here are the plans offered by A2Hosting. 

  • Managed Hosting: $2.99/month – $89.99/month
  • Unmanaged Hosting: $39.99/month – $99.99/month

5. FastComet – Fully Managed PHP VPS Hosting

FastComet is the best thing you could get for your website. This platform has an all-in-one solution for your website with plenty of tools to reduce your workload and spare you time and energy to work on your website.

Do you have a WordPress website? If the answer is yes, then you have hit the jackpot with FastComet, as this platform, along with many other features, also provides a WordPress kit which includes everything you need to create and manage a WordPress website.

fastcomet Image


Here’s what FastComet has to offer with its VPS hosting in Germany. 

🔶 WordPress Toolkit: As we said, if you have a WordPress website, you have hit the jackpot with FastComet. The WordPress toolkit provided with each VPS hosting plan includes features like staging and cloning areas, management tools and more. 

🔶 Softaculous: You can now install plenty of applications without following a lengthy process like FastComet, as this platform provides Softaculous, which helps you install applications with just a click. 

🔶 Unlimited Websites: With cPanel and WHM, you can easily host unlimited websites and domains through a single hosting plan at FastComet. cPanel helps you manage all your accounts easily without raising any confusion.

Plans and Price 

Let us take a look at the plans offered by FastComet. 

  • Cloud 1: $46.16/month
  • Cloud 2: $53.86/month
  • Cloud 3: $69.26/month
  • Cloud 4: $107.76/month

6. Cloudways – Best for Scaling Businesses

Cloudways is a unique hosting platform. Why, you ask? At Cloudways, you can choose from three well-established hosting service providers, DigitalOcean, AWS and Google, who are known to be some of the best in the industry.

Also, you can access the benefits of the hosting provider you chose and the advantages of Cloudways simultaneously.

With various features like SSL certificates and a staging environment, your websites will stay safe and easier to manage.

cloudways about


Here are the features offered by Cloudways. 

🔶 Staging Environment: Ensure that the best of your website goes on the internet by testing it on the staging environment provided by Cloudways. Here, you can check how your website would look online and make the changes if required.

🔶 Real-time Monitoring: No doubt Cloudways takes care of your day in every way possible. While all the security features are provided, Cloudways also offers real-time server monitoring so that no physical damage is done to your server and no loss of information occurs. 

🔶 Auto- Healing: Any damage to your website will never go unnoticed, as Cloudways provides an auto-healing feature. An auto-healing part works like Wolverine; if it detects any damage, it starts working on it and repairs it before any significant damage can occur. 

Plans and Price 

The price range of hostings offered by various providers are: 

  • DigitalOcean: $14/month – $99/month
  • AWS: $39.56/month – $285.21/month
  • Google Cloud: $37.45/month – $241.62/month

7. Contabo – Fast & Flexible Cloud VPS Instances

Get the best of Germany and German technology at Contabo. This platform ensures the best hosting experience for its customers by providing the fastest technology and other features to reduce the work on your end.

With a standard plan by Contabo, you can choose your choice of operating systems control panels more efficiently, which will suit your skill set and ease of use.

Also, Contabo ensures the best privacy with a private network you can create with each of the VPS plans offered by Contabo. 



Let us take a look at the features of Contabo VPS hosting plans in Germany. 

🔶 Contabo Control Panel: Any other control panel would be great, but imagine using a control panel created specifically for the hosting platform and suits all the different settings. This is possible with Contabo as this platform offers a home-built Contabo control panel to suit your hosting requirements better. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: While you get the best ease of use, you may also stay assured with Contabo about your data’s security. Here, your information will never be threatened by DDoS attacks, as Contabo will remain ready with a DDoS protection suite included with its VPS hosting plans. 

🔶 Backups with Snapshots: If you make some changes in your server and website, but it does not go well, and you want to go back to the older version, you can quickly restore the snapshot from before the execution at Contabo, as this platform offers snapshots and backups with its VPS hosting plans.

Plans and Price 

Let us take a look at the VPS plans offered by Contabo. 

  • Cloud VPS: $4.49/month – $40.49/month
  • Cloud VDS: $57.99/month – $194.99/month
  • Storage VPS: $8.49/month – $40.49/month

8. LiquidWeb – Best For VPS Hosting

LiquidWeb is a simple yet efficient hosting platform. Once you host a website on LiquidWeb, you will not have to worry about working hours and days to manage your server while your business does not get your attention, as that will not happen here. How?

LiquidWeb provides a managed hosting plan that is fully managed, and you will not have to raise a finger to manage your server and relax and focus on your business.

This platform will provide the best security and speed for your website while ensuring you receive the best support whenever needed.



These are the features offered by LiquidWeb. 

🔶 Easy Scalability: Know precisely what you need for your website by scaling the usage of resources. Once you do that, you can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan based on your website’s requirements so that no money gets wasted. 

🔶 CloudFlare CDN: As we said, LiquidWeb provides the best speed for your website through various means. One such method it uses is providing CloudFlare CDN, which is known to fasten your website and eventually increase the Google SERP ranking of your website. 

🔶 Multiple Control Panels: All people have different choices regarding control panels, and LiquidWeb understands that. Therefore, this platform provides you with a choice between Plesk and cPanel, two of the best in the industry.

Plans and Price 

These are the VPS hosting plans offered by LiquidWeb. 

  • ESSENTIAL: $20/month
  • ADVANCED: $30/month
  • PROFESSIONAL: $40/month
  • ELITE: $50/month

9. Vultr – Fast SSD VPS Cloud Servers

Vultr is a popular hosting platform that provides plenty of services that ensure that all your data is kept safe at all times through the servers it offers.

They are also very popular for their excellent customer support, all thanks to their highly trained team of dedicated experts.

Here, you can perform most of your hostings efficiently as Vultr provides features such as a one-click install to reduce your burden.

Vultr About


Let us take a look at the features offered by Vultr. 

🔶 SSD Storage: With the SSD storage provided by Vultr, you can stay relaxed about the security and speed of your websites, as AAD storage is a lot safer than HDD storage and runs much faster to provide the best conditions for your websites to grow. 

🔶 One-click Install: Many lengthy tasks can be reduced to a simple click with Vultr as you are offered the one-click install feature, which ensures that you do not spend hours and lots of energy to perform a simple task. 

Plans and Price 

These are the hosting plans offered by Vultr. 

  • 1 vCPU: $30 / month
  • 2 vCPU: $60 / month
  • 4 vCPU: $120 / month

Why Should I Choose VPS Hosting in Germany Specifically?

A VPS hosting provides you the best of both worlds: dedicated and shared hosting. However, why should you choose a VPS hosting in Germany specifically? Well, there are a few reasons for that.

The main reason why you should choose a VPS hosting in Germany is the residence of your current and target client. If your clients reside in Germany, you must select a German server location as it will be closer to your clients and provide better speed.

Also, European hostings are known to provide greater security, and we suggest you choose German hosting for that, too.

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FAQs – Best VPS Hosting in Germany

Is there any Free VPS Trial In Germany?

Many hosting platforms provide a free trial period for their VPS hosting plans. The trial period can be as short as 3 days to even 45 days.

Which is the cheapest VPS in Germany?

Kamatera hosting is the cheapest hosting as the standard plans are pretty affordable and you get to choose what you want, so you can only pay for that.

Which company offers the best VPS hosting?

All the hosting service providers above provide excellent VPS hosting services, but our top picks are Kamatera, UltaHost and ScalaHosting.

How can I choose VPS hosting in Germany?

If you want a VPS server in Germany, you can choose a German location while buying a plan or ask customer support to do it for you.

Can I Upgrade my German VPS Server Later?

Yes, many hosting platforms offer an upgrade on their plans if you feel the current plan needs to be revised for your growing website.

Is German-based web hosting suitable for enterprise Websites?

Yes, you can host your enterprise website in a German location if your clients reside in the same country.

What do people think about German VPS Hosting companies?

Many users consider German VPS hosting companies significant as Germany is famous for the best quality of hardware, which would ensure the security of your data.

Conclusion – Best VPS Hosting in Germany

You may now proceed to find the best match for your website, as you now have the list of the best VPS hosting in Germany 2024. All the platforms listed above provide affordable hosting plans, so you do not need to worry about budget.

Please remember why you need VPS hosting and why you should buy one in Germany. Once you are clear with that, you are ready to provide your website with the best hosting service provider.

Name PriceMoney back guaranteeStorageFind Here
Kamatera$4.00 / mo30-Day MoneyBack guarantee20 GBVisit Here
UltaHost$5.50 / mo30 day MoneyBack guarantee30 GB Visit Here
ScalaHosting$61.95 / mo30-Days Money-Back GuaranteeUNMETEREDVisit Here
A2Hosting$2.99 / moHassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee20 GBVisit Here
Fastcomet$46.16 / mo45-Days Money-Back Guarantee50 GBVisit Here
Cloudways$14.00 / moNA25 GBVisit Here
Contabo$4.49 / moNA35 GBVisit Here
LiquidWeb$20.00 / mo30-Days Money-Back Guarantee40 GBVisit Here
Vultr$2.50 /moNA10GBVisit Here

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