9 Best VPS Hosting Netherlands🇳🇱2024 – (In Depth Test)

Privacy is paramount to keep your data and online businesses safe. However, buying a dedicated server can be pricey. What is the option you have to keep your data safe and also not go too harsh on your pockets? VPS hosting. 

We assume you are looking for VPS hosting already and are specific about the location. Don’t worry; in this article, we will be looking at the best VPS hosting Netherlands. We may start with understanding VPS hosting and then move on to the list of the best VPS hosting in Netherlands. 

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What is VPS Hosting in the Netherlands?

VPS hosting is a flexible and powerful solution for businesses and individuals seeking reliable web hosting. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) operate within a shared server environment, but function as independent virtual machines. 

This gives users more control and customization. This hosting option offers optimal performance, security and scalability. It is ideal for websites that have varying traffic or resource requirements.

VPS hosting in Netherlands combines the robust digital infrastructure of the country with the benefits that virtualization offers. 

What is Best VPS Hosting Netherlands?

Users can enjoy a seamless online experience while enjoying the advantages of dedicated servers without the costs. If you are looking to create a responsive and efficient online presence, then VPS hosting is the best option for you.

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🔶 YouStable: In youstable, you can easily control your website and make changes effortlessly with scalable VPS servers built with the latest technologies that enable you to experience high performance.

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9 Best VPS Hosting Netherlands Providers in 2024

We have given you a run-through of VPS hosting and what would make it the best. Let us now get down to business and look at the 9 best VPS hosting providers in the Netherlands in 2024. 

⏰  TL;DR:

1. QloudHostOverall Best Netherlands VPS Hosting
2. YouStableOverall Best VPS Hosting in Netherlands
3. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial
4. TMDHostingOverall Best Affordabale
5. UltaHost – Best Money-back gaurantee
6. ScalaHosting – Best for resources on all tiers
7. LiquidWebBest For Small and Growing Businesses
8. CloudWays Best for Scaling Businesses
9. Vultr Fast SSD VPS Cloud Servers

1. QloudHost- Overall Best Netherlands VPS Hosting

One of the issues with hosting a site is that it is always possible to get shut down by the authorities for some other reason. However, it will be okay with QloudHost as this platform offers DMCA Ignored hosting

This platform offers offshore, DMCA-ignored hosting, so your website will not be shut down for meagre reasons. QloudHost offers offshore hosting, and the server you buy will be hosted in the Netherlands, where DMCA is just a piece of paper.

QloudHost Hosting

Key Features

Let us take a look at the key features of QloudHost. 

🔶 Offshore & DMCA Ignored: The benefit of using QloudHost hosting services is that this platform offers offshore hosting, which means the servers are in another country and are DMCA ignored, which saves your website from getting shut down. 

🔶 No Fixed Contracts: If you ever feel unhappy with the services offered by QloudHost, you do not have to wait until your plan duration ends; you can cancel the plan anytime you want. 

🔶 Free Managed Migration: Worried that you liked QloudHost, how do you migrate your website to QloudHost? Ni problem, this platform offers managed migration services for free. 

Pricing and Plans 

QloudHost offers four VPS hosting plans in the Netherlands: 

  • VPS ENTRY: $18.99/month
  • VPS VALUE: $46.99/month
  • VPS BUSINESS: $55.99/month
  • VPS ENTERPRISE: $79.99/month

Why Choosing QloudHost Netherlands VPS

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose QloudHost Netherlands VPS. This platform offers offshore hosting, which means you are not tied to the strict rules of your country. Also, the DMCA is wholly ignored in the Netherlands, making QloudHost more suitable for hosting websites. 

3. YouStable- Overall Best VPS Hosting in Netherlands

The following hosting platform is excellent for those looking for web hosting services at a great price. YouStable is an Indian hosting company that has been offering excellent services to users across the globe. 

You do not have to be tech-savvy to make the best of your YouSyable hosting plan, as this platform offers managed hosting services. This means you do not have to do most of the work on your website hosting. There are plenty of other features that come with YouStable; let us take a look at them further.

YouStable About

Key Features

These are a few of the crucial features of YouStable. 

🔶 Free Migration: You can easily migrate your website from any other platform to YouStable for free. 

🔶 Monitoring & Alerts: YouStable constantly keeps a check on your VPS server and ensures that there are no threats to your security. However, if it recognises any danger, it alerts you directly through your mailbox. 

🔶Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates: To secure your connections on the internet, YouStable offers Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to save your website from threats. 

Pricing and Plans 

The VPS hosting in the Netherlands costs: 

  • vStart: $12.31/month
  • vPro: $31.37/month
  • vPopular: $31.06/mo
  • vElite: $37.47/mo
  • vStable: $50.30/mo

Why Choosing YouStable Netherlands VPS

As you know by now, the Netherlands completely ignores the DMCA, and now, with YouStable, you can access the best speed and services at highly affordable prices. 

3. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial

First up on our list of the best and cheapest VPS hosting in the Netherlands is Kamatera Hosting. This platform is excellent for those who are low on budget or want to save money on the resources they do not wish to. 

With Kamatera, you can create a custom plan to suit your needs and pay based on selected features and quantity.

It helps you significantly in scaling your website and keeping your data safe.

Kamatera About

Key Features

These are a few critical features of Kamatera hosting. 

🔶 Scalability: With Kamatera hosting, you can quickly scale your website’s growth or any downfall. This will help you understand your strategy’s strengths and weaknesses and if you need to upgrade your plan. 

🔶 Customised Plan: Kamatera encourages you to create a custom plan that will only have the desired features at the quantity you wish so that your money and resources do not go to waste. 

🔶 Managed Hosting Add-on: If you do not have the skills and the time to manage your website, you can opt for the managed hosting services and let Kamatera, the experts, take care of your website. 

Pricing and Plans 

The Kamatera hosting plans are entirely customisable. However, the most basic plan will cost about $4/month. You can add other resources and opt for billing based on month or hour. 

Why Choosing Kamatera Netherlands VPS

You may choose Kamatera hosting in the Netherlands due to its location. As it sits between Asia and the U.S., you can easily cover customers in Asia, Europe, the U.S., and other regions. Also, a data centre in Europe ensures great security. Kamatera Hosting provides excellent services in the Netherlands with great speed. 

4. TMDHosting- Overall Best Affordabale

This hosting platform might seem a little rough on your pockets, but let us tell you, it is entirely worth spending that much money. TMD Hosting is best suited for business websites and applications that serve many customers. 

We have TMD hosting on this list of best and cheapest VPS hosting in the Netherlands because, though it seems a little pricey, it is still great for the benefits it provides, such as managed hosting, a simple interface, and more.

TMD Hosting About

Key Features

Here’s a list of a few features of TMD hosting. 

🔶Fully Managed Hosting: With TMD Hosting, you do not have to lift a finger, and your website will run successfully. TMD Hosting offers fully managed hosting services. 

🔶 Free CloudFlare CDN: To keep your website on top of the Google ranking, TMD Hosting offers free CloudFlare CDN, which enhances your website’s chances to run up the ranking ladder due to its incredible speed. 

🔶 Multiple Layers of Security: TMD Hosting ensures that your data is always safe through multiple layers of protection such as SSL certificates, Firewalls, BitNinja Server Security, and more. 

🔶 Reliable Knowledge Base: You can ace hosting with TMD Hosting, as it offers various text and video tutorials to help you understand how the platform works and how to make the best of it. 

Pricing and Plans 

Here are the plans offered by TMD Hosting. 

  • Starter: $89.99/month
  • The Original: $134.99/month
  • Smart: $197.99/month
  • Super Powerful: $269.99/month

Why Choosing TMDHosting Netherlands VPS

As mentioned earlier, TMD Hosting offers great features on all its plans. It may seem pricey, but not much compared to the features offered. Also, the hosting services provided by TMD Hosting in the Netherlands are excellent. Due to the ignorance of DMCA and its location, it is highly preferred by many users. 

5. UltaHost – Best Money-back gaurantee

We just found you the most affordable hosting services. UltaHost offers VPS hosting in the Netherlands just for a few dollars. This platform has plenty of plans to try and multiple options for VPS hosting. 

With various features to make your hosting experience more fulfilling, such as a staging environment, you also get the option to choose between multiple control panels to suit your needs and skill set. 

ultahost ABout

This platform may be affordable, but that does not mean it cannot handle your massive load of visitors; various features are added explicitly to the VPS hosting plans to suit your growing businesses.

Key Features

Here are a few critical features of UltaHost. 

🔶 Multiple Control Panels: Whether you like cPanel, CyberPanel, Plesk or Hestia, UltaHost offers the option to choose any of these per your liking and requirements. However, the cost will depend on the control panel; they do not cost the same. 

🔶 Unlimited Bandwidth: As we said, UltaHost is entirely suitable for growing businesses and, therefore, does not become an obstacle in the way of your success. With UltaHost, you have no limit on bandwidth; your website can quickly handle as much traffic as it gets. 

🔶Staging Environment: Suppose you want to see how your website would look to your visitors without putting it up online. In that case, you can use the staging environment feature offered by UltaHost, the cheapest VPS hosting in the Netherlands. 

Pricing and Plans 

The cost of VPS hosting with each control panel ranges between: 

  • Hestia & CyberPanel – Free Panels: $5.50/month – $21.50/month
  • Plesk: $15.50/month – $31.50/month
  • cPanel: $24.50/month – $40.50/month

Why Choosing UltaHost Netherlands VPS

With a data centre location right in the Netherlands, you can expect excellent hosting services, support and speed. Therefore, you have many reasons to choose UltaHost VPS hosting in the Netherlands. 

6. ScalaHosting – Best for resources on all tiers

ScalaHosting is one of the most simple hosting platforms that we found. It offers a wide variety of hosting plans, and they are great. The VPS hosting provided by ScalaHosting is affordable for a managed hosting plan. 

With speed and security being the speciality of ScalaHosting, this platform provides plenty of other features to keep your website and businesses running on top. Also, ScalaHosting is excellent for saving money as you only pay for what you use. 


Packed with new and valuable tools, ScalaHosting is the best VPS hosting at such a great price. We will further discuss the various features of ScalaHosting.

Key Features

Let us look at the few key features of ScalaHosting. 

🔶Off-site Backups: ScalaHosting takes the security of your data seriously and offers features that will keep your data safe even if something happens to your server. How? It performs off-site backups, which are kept secure from the actual server.

🔶 Unmetered Bandwidth: With ScalaHosting, you can grow as much as you want without worrying about how much your hosting provider will charge for your growth. Why? ScalaHosting offers unmetered bandwidth, meaning you will not be charged for any bandwidth used.

🔶 SPanel: ScalaHosting has a home-built control panel explicitly built for the platform, making your hosting experience way more straightforward.  

Pricing and Plans 

ScalaHosting offers the following VPS Netherland hosting plans. 

  • Build #1: $29.95 /month
  • Build #2: $63.95 /month
  • Build #3: $121.95 /month
  • Build #4: $179.95 /month

Why Choosing ScalaHosting Netherlands VPS

ScalaHosting Netherlands VPS hosting can be chosen due to its affordability and the simplicity of its usage. This platform suits businesses on all levels and beginners at website hosting. 

7. LiquidWeb – Best For Small and Growing Businesses

LiquidWeb is a unique hosting platform with many features you might not have seen in most hosting platforms, such as the Interworx control panel. LiquidWeb offers many hosting services on one platform. 

Here, you can find many features specifically added for the best security of your data and the best speed for your website. We will discuss the other features of this platform further in the article.


Key Features

Let us now look at the critical features of LiquidWeb. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: As mentioned earlier, LiquidWeb offers plenty of features to provide the best security. Therefore, it also gives DDoS Protection to protect your data from DDoS attacks. 

🔶 Suitable Hosting Plans: To suit your hosting requirements, LiquidWeb offers to help you create a suitable hosting plan by combining the perfect ratios of memory and CPU. 

🔶 CloudFlare CDN: To keep your website on top, great speed is also necessary. Therefore, LiquidWeb offers CloudFlare CDN, which will significantly boost your website’s speed. 

🔶 Scalability: With LiquidWeb, you can scale your website and upgrade or downgrade your plan without experiencing much downtime. 

Pricing and Plans 

These are the plans offered by LiquidWeb. 

  • Essential: $20/month
  • Advanced: $30/month
  • Professional: $40/month
  • Elite: $50/month

Why Choosing LiquidWeb Netherlands VPS

You can choose LiquidWeb Netherlands VPS for a few reasons, such as the affordability of the hosting platform and the variety of features it offers. Also, it guarantees 100% uptime, so you will not lose a single client. 

8. CloudWays – Best for Scaling Businesses

Cloudways is the perfect platform to save money on the features you do not want. This platform offers quite simple services with simple Web hosting plans. Whatever plan you want, you can buy the plan that seems the best for you. 

It sounds pretty obvious. However, we mentioned those things above, as with Cloudways, you can buy hosting plans from various popular hosting service providers such as DigitalOcean, AWS and Google cloud. 

cloudways about

Each of them provides essential services along with some extra touches. Here, you can enjoy the benefits provided by Cloudways and the hosting providers and have incredible speed due to the more significant number of data centres.

Key Features

Let us look at the key features of Cloudways. 

🔶 Auto-Healing: At times, your websites could crash due to reasons like excess traffic. However, you do not have to worry about that as Cloudways offers auto-healing managed cloud server hosting, which takes care of itself. 

🔶 Free SSL Installation: To keep your website connections safe, Cloudways offers free 1-click SSL certificate installation to keep your data safe. 

🔶 Application & Server Cloning: Cloudways can make your hosting way more manageable by providing cloning tools that can clone your server and applications with a single click.

🔶 Staging Area: You can test your website before it is on the internet using the staging area provided by Cloudways to avoid making any mistakes. 

Pricing and Plans 

The price range of hostings offered by various providers are: 

  • DigitalOcean: $14/month – $99/month
  • AWS: $39.56/month – $285.21/month
  • Google Cloud: $37.45/month – $241.62/month

Why Choosing Cloudways Netherlands VPS

A simple reason to choose Cloudways Netherlands VPS is the services it offers from various other popular hosting service providers. You can select your chosen provider and get double benefits on each plan. 

9. Vultr- Fast SSD VPS Cloud Servers

The final suggestion on this list of best VPS hosting in the Netherlands is Vultr. If you have done some research, you must have heard of Vultr. It is a famous brand that has existed for a long time. 

Vultr has various hosting plans and many data centres, making its speed faster and preferable for your websites. Let us now look at a few features offered by Vultr.

Vultr About

Key Features

Let us list out a few critical features of Vultr. 

🔶 SSD Storage: SSD storage provided by Vultr is highly suitable for fast and secure data storage to keep your websites fast and secure. 

🔶 One-Click Application Install: You can make your hosting experience more manageable by using various applications that you can install with just one click on Vultr.  

Pricing and Plans 

These are the hosting plans offered by Vultr. 

  • 1 vCPU: $30 / month
  • 2 vCPU: $60 / month
  • 4 vCPU: $120 / month

Why Choosing Vultr Netherlands VPS

Vultr is a well-established hosting platform and is good in its field. You can expect significant speed and even better security with Vultr. Therefore, Vultr is an excellent choice for VPS hosting in the Netherlands. 

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Advantages of VPS Hosting for Businesses in the Netherlands

As we have gone through plenty of reasons throughout the article on how it is beneficial for businesses to host their website using VPS hosting in the Netherlands, we may repeat those reasons and give you a brief. 

Great Speed

The location of the Netherlands is excellent for speed across the globe, and therefore, your websites have a greater chance of ranking higher on any search engine. 

DMCA Ignored

The DMCA is problematic for website owners. Due to DMCA rules, many websites get shut down for minor reasons. However, plenty of countries, such as the Netherlands, ignore the DMCA entirely, keeping your website up on the internet. 


Due to the placement of the server in the Netherlands, your data is highly secure due to European laws. Therefore, you do not have to worry a bit about your websites. 

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FAQs- Best VPS Hosting Netherlands

Why choose VPS Hosting in the Netherlands?

Hostings in the Netherlands are DMCA Ignored and provide incredible speed and security. 

Which company offers the best VPS hosting in Netherlands?

We suggest you use QloudHost, & Kamatera

What resources should I look for in a VPS plan? 

We suggest you look for security, speed and affordability in VPS hosting. 

Do I need technical expertise to manage a VPS?

No, if you choose a managed hosting plan, you will not have to possess technical skills; the hosting platform will manage your website. 

How is VPS Hosting different from Shared Hosting? 

In a shared hosting setup, you share a server with several others without reserved resources. Your resources could be used up by someone else. Also, your websites could run faster if the server gets too congested or overloaded. 

However, in a VPS hosting, you own a predetermined part of the server, and several resources are reserved for you, and no one else can use them. 

Can I upgrade my VPS plan as my needs grow?

Yes, many hosting services offer customisable plans where you can selectively add resources. Also, you can upgrade your plans as per your needs.  

What about data backup and security? 

Security is critical while hosting a platform, and backup is also a part of a security plan. Backups can save your data from getting lost due to attacks or other damage. An off-site backup is even better. 

Is there a money-back guarantee for VPS Hosting services?

Yes, most VPS hosting platforms offer money-back guarantees that can be as short as 3 days and go up to 45 days.

Conclusion – Best VPS Hosting Netherlands

Let us summarise the article on the best VPS hosting in Netherlands. In this article, we began by understanding what VPS hosting is and what qualities make it the best. Further, we learned about the 9 best VPS hosting in Netherlands

We reviewed each hosting provider and listed their features and why you should choose them. We assure you that most hosting providers on this list are highly affordable, and you must give them a chance. 

Web HostingStarting PriceUptimeFind Here
QloudHost$18.99/month99.99%Visit Here
YouStable$12.31/mo99.9% Visit Here
Kamatera$4/mo99.95%Visit Here
TMDHosting$89.99/mo99.9%Visit Here
UltaHost$5.50/mo99.9%Visit Here
ScalaHosting$29.95 /mo99.9%Visit Here
LiquidWeb$20/mo100%Visit Here
CloudWays$14/mo99.9%Visit Here
Vultr$30/mo100% Visit Here

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