Best FiveM Server Hosting Providers In 2023– Top #7 [Reviewed]

Looking for a place to have a fun gaming time with your pals without restrictions and disturbance? Why not host a server and provide a safe and disruption-free space for yourself and others? 

Since you are here, we assume you have already started to work on this matter and are looking for the best FiveM server hosting. You are at the right place.

In this article, we will understand what a FiveM server is and which is best for you. You will be provided with the 7 best FiveM server hosting providers here. Let us get started. 

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7 Best FiveM Server Hosting Providers in 2023 

As promised, we will look at the 7 best FiveM hosting providers in 2023. We have selected these platforms based on their affordability, safety, speed and many more criteria. Please find the one most suitable for you. 

1. RocketNode – Best “Enterprise-Grade” FiveM Serevr

Let us now move on to the next FiveM server hosting provider. RocketNode provides a specific plan dedicated to FiveM. This platform has a keen eye on your safety and takes every step possible to keep your data safe.

With great scalability and speed, RocketNode is one of the best and cheapest FiveM server hosting providers in 2023. Once you buy a FiveM plan from this platform, you never have to worry about a lag or loss of data. 


Key Features 

Let us look at the critical features of RocketNode. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: As we said earlier, RocketNode takes every step to ensure your data is safe. As one of the steps, this platform has introduced DDoS protection on its FiveM plans. 

🔶 Cloud Backup: Another step towards security. If, in any case, your data is attacked and there has been a loss, you still do not worry, as RocketNode always has a backup ready for you to import. 

🔶 24/7 Support: If you face any issues or have any queries, you can always contact the support team of RocketNode on Discord.

Plans and Pricing 


The cost of the plan will depend on the space you require. The price for the FiveM VPS Server Hosting plan ranges anywhere between $6.50/mo to $62.50/month.

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2. Zap-Hosting – Overall “Best” Fivem Server Hosting

If you have done some research on the best FiveM server hosting, you must have heard of Zap-Hosting one of the top-notch fivem server hosting.

This platform is highly preferred for FiveM hosting as it was made for this mod.

This platform offers hosting services for many games, and one of them is Minecraft. It is highly affordable, so make sure you give it a chance.


Key Features 

These are the key features of ZapHosting. 

🔶 SSD Server: To ensure that your data is kept safe and the server also stays fast. This platform offers you the best of all: an SSD server

🔶 Online Configuration Editor: You will indeed have a smooth experience working with ZapHosting as with this platform, and you can easily change server settings through the Online configuration editor.

🔶 Live Chat Support: If you are having any issues working with ZapHosting, you can always contact the support team; they will be there to help you. 

Plans and Pricing 

ZapHosting FiveM Plans 

The price for the FiveM hosting plan at Zap Hosting starts at $8.57/month. Get an Additional 20% Off on all ZAP_Hosting with Coupon Code “GoogieHost-a-5521”.

3. Cubes – Overall Affordable FiveM Server

Cubes is a platform that can offer you a lot of services, and one of them is FiveM server hosting. This platform offers multiple plans, and all of them are affordable to at least give a try.

The services offered by Cubes are easy to install and super fast. Cubes provides a secure place for your data and full root access so that you know everything happening on your hosting. Also, you can always scale your work and check for the requirements of your server.


Key Features 

These are some of the features offered by Cubes. 

🔶 Scalability: Are you afraid you will run out of resources in the middle of the game and won’t even get to know? Do not worry; Cubes is highly scalable and always keeps you updated on the usage of resources. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: Cubes ensures the security of your data by various means, and one of them is by providing DDoS protection. 

🔶 Quality Hardware: This platform understands the value of your money and offers the best quality hardware, such as Intel Xeon processors with a modern NVMe SSD storage space.

Plans and Pricing 

Cubes FiveM Plans

You can buy a FiveMm plan from Cubes at $5.45/mo to $56.26/mo.

4. HostHavoc – Overall Best Renowned Game Server

The name sounds so powerful. Well, it had to suit the services. HostHavoc is one of the best Server Hosting for Fivem platforms that offers Affordable hosting services for many games. Most plans here support many modpacks seamlessly.

This platform can offer you the best speed and support at a small price. Here, you can find the resources to make the best out of your favourite games and have a smooth and safe time playing them.

hosthavoc about

Key Features 

These are the critical features offered by HostHavoc. 

🔶 Seamless Modpack Support: With HostHavoc, you do not have to worry if this platform can handle the modpack you want to use because it can. 

🔶 Instant Server Activation: You do not have to control your excitement and wait many hours for your server to set up with HostHavoc; that can be done instantly. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: Security is an essential aspect of everything, including your gaming experience. Therefore, HostHavoc offers you DDoS protection to save your data from any DDoS attacks.

Plans and Pricing 

A server plan from HostHavoc will depend on the game you choose. 

5. ApexmineCraft – Overall Highly trained staff for Game Server

First up on this list of FiveM Dedicated Server Hosting is ApexmineCarft. This platform is quite famous for its services, and there are many reasons. Though The platform name suggests that it can only be used for Minecraft, that is untrue. 

This platform can be used for many other games and works perfectly well for all of them. Along with providing the best gaming experience with no disruptions, this platform also offers excellent security. 

ApexHosting About

Key Features 

These are a few features offered by ApexmineCraft. 

🔶 One Click Modpacks: With just one click, you can install any modpack and use it as much as you want. Also, you can upgrade the services of those modpacks as many times as you wish. 

🔶 Instant Setup: Once you buy a plan from ApexmineCraft, you will not have to wait hours for the hosting to set up. This platform offers an instant setup facility. 

🔶 Ultra Low Latency: You do not want your server to lag while you are playing for apparent reasons, and ApexmineCraft understands. Therefore, to ensure the best gaming experience, this platform has set up data centres in various locations to make your gaming experience as smooth as possible.

Plans and Pricing 

The cost of the hosting plan will depend on the game you choose. The prices can go as low as $4.49/month. 

6. ScalaCube – Overall game server starting from just $2/month

The following best and cheapest FiveM server hosting is ScalaCube. This platform offers hosting plans for several games, including Minecraft. Here, you can get access to the best access to modpack support and so much more.

This platform is highly flexible with your needs; if you want to use something other than an already existing modpack, why not make your own and launch it on your launcher? That’s how you can get anything you want at ScalaCube.

scalacube about

Key Features 

Let us look at a few features offered by ScalaCube. 

🔶 Unlimited Slots: Are you worried you will not be able to play with all of your friends as your server does not allow it? Well, you do not have to worry about ScalaCube, as this platform offers unlimited slots for players as per the server hardware. 

🔶 Automated Backups: All your records and creations will be kept safe with ScalaCube at all times as this platform, along with multiple layers of protection, offers automated backups. 

🔶 Full Mod & Plugin Support: ScalaCube is highly supportive of your creations and, therefore, offers full mod and plugin support so that you have the best experience with your favourite game.

Plans and Pricing 

The price of each plan depends on the game and the number of player slots you want. You can start with the free plan provided for Minecraft. 

5. Realms – Overall Top Tier Fivem Servers

Realms is a popular FiveM server hosting platform. This platform offers hosting plans for many games, including GTA. FiveM is most suitable for GTA, so we must try the services Realms provides.

With a fast setup and multiple server locations, this platform will give you the smoothest experience with your favourite game. This platform ensures the security of your data through various layers and keeps your gaming experience most enjoyable. 


Key Features 

These are the critical features offered by Realms. 

🔶 DDoS Protection: Realms will keep your data safe from everything, including DDoS attacks. You are provided DDoS protection here so that nothing can harm your data. 

🔶 Premium Processors: We understand you want the best value for your money, and so does Realms. Therefore, you can access server hardware such as AMD Ryzen 9 3900X to AMD Ryzen 5800X here. 

🔶 Fast Server Set-Up: Realms offers to set up your server as fast as possible to ensure there is no waste of time and you get your hands on what you paid for as fast as possible.

Plans and Pricing 

These are the FiveM plans offered by Realms. 

Realms Plans

The price for the FiveM plan ranges anywhere between $5/mo to $95/month.

What is FiveM Server Hosting?

GTA is a popular game; plenty of people play it daily. The benefit of playing GTA is that you can customise it. But it is only accurate when playing it offline, and the online multiplayer server would not allow it. 

The benefit of customisation is that you can create your own maps, costumes, and more. Unfortunately, you cannot access all those things on a multiplayer server. But there are ways to access them. How? FiveM server hosting. 

Best FiveM Server Hosting

FiveM is a mod client that lets you use customisation on multiplayer game servers. Usually, when you try to use scripts that allow you to access custom objects on the official server, you get blocked. However, with FiveM, you can use such scripts without getting banned. FiveM can be used for many other games such as Minecraft. 

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What Benefits of Using a FiveM Dedicated Server?

In the frantic internet-based gaming world, FiveM stands out as an extremely popular mod framework for the well-known gaming game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). As avid gamers are aware the use of a dedicated FiveM server could make all the difference in the gaming experience. This article will discuss the numerous advantages of having a dedicated FiveM server and the reasons it’s essential for every serious player. Below we have listed the benefits of using Fivem Dedicated Server Hosting-

  • Unparalleled Performance
  • Customization Options
  • Enhanced Security
  • Increased Player Slots
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Reliable Technical Support
  • Server Monetization

FAQ’s – Best FiveM Server Hosting

Is FiveM Server Worth It?

If you are someone who loves to customise your game, then surely a FiveM server will be worth it for you. 

How to Join the FiveM Server?

You can buy a FiveM hosting plan and easily join a FiveM hosting server. 

How Much RAM is Needed for FiveM Server?

The minimum RAM you would need for FiveM in Linux is 4GB.

What is the Best FiveM Dedicated Server?

The best FiveM dedicated server will depend on your needs and everyone’s requirements are different. 

Do you Need a Server to Play FiveM with Friends? 

Yes, when you play a multiplayer game, it is always hosted on a server. 

Best FiveM Server Hosting Recommend By Reddit

Most Reddit users prefer to use Zap Hosting due to its affordability and ease of use. 

Conclusion – Best FiveM Server Hosting

There you go. Now you have a list of 7 best FiveM server hosting platforms. These platforms are highly affordable and support most modpacks. Some of them also offer to support your custom modpack.

We started by understanding a FiveM server hosting and then presented the list to you. We hope you understand the concept and have also chosen the best FiveM server hosting for yourself.


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