Best Rust Server Hosting in 2023 – Top #9 [Reviewed]

With the gaming world reaching heights, Seeking a reliable structure for your multiplayer game has become the need of the hour. If you are an avid gamer looking forward to creating your own gaming community then you have landed exactly on the right page.

In this article, we’ll be discussing descriptively the top 9 Rust server hosting providers enabling you to choose the best from among them depending upon your requirement and your budget.

So before we start any further with the creamy description of all the Hosting providers providing Rust servers, let’s first make an effort to know what Rust actually is 👍

  • Best Overall
    ApexMineCraftHosting coupon logo

    • ApexMinecraft Hosting is a company that provides cheap rust server hosting services. The Rust server hosting environment simple and smooth for gamers. 
  • Best For Beginners
    ScalaCube coupon logo

    • It is specializes in providing game server hosting servicesBuy a server now and get 50% OFF! One-click & Instant setup. See the full list of available servers!
  • Most features

    • Its providing good-quality game servers. Upgrade your Rust gaming endeavors with premium server hosting solutions from HostHavoc.

What actually is Rust and a Rust Server?

Rust is a popular multiplayer survival game, where the players are placed in a harsh environment and the main aim of the players is to survive by enduring all hardships and thrive in a world filled with wild animals, vegetation, adverse environmental challenges, and other players as well.

The game encourages players to gather resources, set up bases, design weapons, hunt for food, and form tribes or engage in conflicts with other players.

Adverse environments, harsh weather conditions, ferocious wildlife, and brutal enemies add to the challenge thereby making it interesting for users to play the game. 

Best Rust server Hosting

Now to play this amazing game you require a stable and reliable internet connection, robust storage space, and essential graphics settings which is practically impossible for a single user to afford.

To this comes Rust servers, a dedicated server resource to ensure smooth gameplay and optimal performance. By utilizing a Rust server hosting, you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable server, nice infrastructure, and tech support when required thereby allowing you to focus on the game rather than the server management. 

Top 9 Rust Server Hosting Providers in 2023

Just like there is a gamut of fish out there in the waters but only a few of them are edible. Similarly, there are great Rust Server hosting providers out at large today. However only one suits your needs.

Here, we have discussed the Top 9 Rust server hosting providers based on factors such as reliability, customer support services, and pricing. Let’s start off with ApexMineCraft Hosting:

1. ApexMinecraftHosting – Most Experienced Game Hosting

ApexMinecraft Hosting is a company that provides cheap rust server hosting services. So what makes it more demanding!! It comes with a wide range of features that not only leave the greater tasks involving technical configurations with them but also make the Rust server hosting environment simple and smooth for gamers. 

Furthermore, they even provide different hosting plans to accommodate various server sizes and player capacities, with the initial plan of a 2GB basic server for $7.49 only.

Ultra-low latency and powerful cPanel make it popular among gamers as well.

ApexHosting About

Let’s read further to know more about its attractive features in detail.


The specifics provided by ApexMinecraftHosting Company are shown below:

🔶 Advanced Anti-DoS: The server includes strong DDoS protection, sheltering your server from potential threats online that can disturb the flow of your game thereby compromising security.

🔶 Efficient Backups: Apex Minecraft Hosting automatically performs regular backups of your server data, ensuring that you can easily restore your game in case of an issue.

🔶 Easy server arrangement: Offers user-friendly cPanel that eases the steps to set up and control Rust Server.

🔶 Multiple server locations: They have server locations in various regions, allowing you to choose the one nearest to you to experience the lowest latency and high performance.

🔶 Knowledgeable guidance: Provides customer support from experienced technicians who are well-informed in Rust Server management. 

Pros & Cons

The advantages of using Apex Minecraft Hosting are listed as under:


  • User-friendly control panel with integrated videos for guidance.
  • Easy to order and gets activated within 5 minutes.
  • Amazingly fast Hardware without downtime.
  • Includes a free subdomain name.
  • Customer care staff provide multilingual assistance 24/7.


  • Does not provide Phone support.

Plans & Price

The various plans offered and their related price are stated as under.

ApexMinecraftHosting rust server plans

2. Scalacube – World’s Leading Game Server Hosting

Now let’s read about Scalacube, a hosting platform that specializes in providing game server hosting services. It offers a wide range of features that gamers designed to enhance the gaming experience for individuals.

It is a reliable choice for game server hosting, providing ease of use and a wide range of games as well.

Incredible 24/7 customer care service processes the issue swiftly, making it more useful for you when it comes to Rust server hosting. 

scalacube about

So is Scalacube the best Rust server hosting provider for you? Before you make any such decision, just give a sneak peek at its vibrant features to know more about it in detail.


Here are the features provided by Scalacube Company are shown below:

🔶 99.99% uptime: With Scalacube, users can experience less downtime ensuring unbeatable reliability.

🔶 Total DDoS Protection: Provides DDoS protection for all hosted game servers. This shield ensures that your servers remain secure and available for uninterrupted gameplay.

🔶 Automated Backups: Scalacube offers backups to secure your data by default enabling you to restore your game in case of sudden failures.

🔶 24/7 customer services: It provides reliable customer support service via live chat, ticket support, and email.

🔶 Multiple Server Location: Scalacube offers server hosting in various locations worldwide. So you can choose a server location nearest to your target viewers.

Pros & Cons

The advantages that you’ll receive when using Scalacube are:


  • Offers Free Sub Domains to users.
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Provides extensive customization options for game servers.


  • The response might not always be immediate

Plans & Price

ScalaCube rust server plans

3. HostHavoc – Overall Best Rust Server Hosting

HostHavoc is a reliable Rust server hosting provider that is well-versed in game server hosting.

They offer a wide range of services that are made as per the requirements of the player, including dedicated servers, voice servers, and web hosting as well. 

With HavocHost, you can be assured of high performance, low latency, and excellent customer support. Let’s scroll down further to read the specifications provided by HostHavoc:

hosthavoc about


Here are the features provided by HostHavoc Company are shown below:

🔶 10 global server locations: HostHavoc has multiple server locations providing diverse options to the players to choose the rust server nearest to them ensuring high performance of the game.

🔶 Free Advanced DDoS Protection: HostHavoc offers Free Advanced DDoS protection from Cloudflare to secure your servers from online threats that potentially disrupt gameplay thereby compromising server performance.

🔶 Full FTP Access: HostHavoc provides FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and a file manager giving you access to upload, manage and transfer files to your game server easily.

🔶 Efficient customer support: offers dedicated customer support to ensure that any issue or concerns you run into are addressed by the support team via live chat and support ticket option. 

🔶 User-friend cPanel: managing and controlling your game server is made smooth with user-friendly cPanel provided by HavocHost.

Pros & cons

The merits of using HostHavoc Hosting services are as follows:


  • Offers high-performance servers enabling your game to run smoothly.
  • Well-informed and responsive customer support service.
  • Allows you to choose the nearest Rust server enabling faster load times.


  • The servers are available at a higher cost

Plans & Price

The cost of Rust Hosting depends upon the number of slots you order, starting from $0.53 per slot if you order 30 slots, Cost decreases when more slots are ordered.

Hosthavoc rust server plans

4. BisectHosting – Unlimited Slot Rust Server Hosting

Bisect Hosting is a game hosting provider that offers a wide range of game servers, one being Rust servers, that are specifically structured for the gaming world.

They specialize in providing good-quality game servers. With its user-friendly cPanel and other amazing features, bisect hosting provides an easy configuration to beginners and experienced users enabling them to manage their Rust servers effortlessly.

Have a look!! Upon the features of BisectHosting to know it better.

bisect hosting About


The specifics provided by BisectHosting Company are shown below:

🔶 Instant setup of the game server after ordering: The activation of the rust server is processed soon after the order enabling uninterrupted gameplay.

🔶 24/7/365 server support: The customer care team of Bisect Hosting offers assistance via live chat and ticket support.

🔶 DDoS protection: To safeguard the Rust servers from malicious attacks, Bisect Hosting offers Advanced DDoS protection to secure the hosting environment for the players. 

🔶 Multiple server locations: 20+ Rust servers all across the globe enable the players to choose the server closest to them to experience the best latency. 

🔶 Easy to manage cPanel: Bisect Hosting offers a user-friendly cPanel that makes it easy to manage the game servers. It provides a smooth experience even to those who are new to hosting game servers.

🔶 Daily backups: Bisecthosting servers include seven days of daily backups for free of cost.

Pros & cons


  • Provides a user-friendly cPanel by making server setup easy.
  • The support team is extremely responsive in nature
  • Allows you to choose the location that provides the best latency.
  • Allows you to scale your server according to your high demands.


  • It may not be cost-effective for games.

Plans & Price

The wide range of plans starting from 80 GB Ram for $15.98 per month, with its related prices, are given as under:

BisectHosting rust server plans

5. GTX Gaming – Most Dynamic Gaming Servers 

Now let’s see what’s the GTX Gaming hosting company specialty. That makes it popular among gamers.

So, When it comes to GTX gaming hosting, you can expect a range of features that are specifically structured to meet the needs of gamers and the gaming community. You get high-performance servers for smoother gameplay. 

Considering the facts above, GTX Gaming has a different fan base among gamers owing to its vibrant features.

Let’s have a look at its wide range of features listed as under:

GTXGaming about


The specifics provided by GTX Gaming Company are shown below:

🔶 High-performance Rust servers– structured to meet the needs of the players while playing the game. This further ensures that your game servers can handle the demands of multiplayer gaming.

🔶 DDoS protection: All the data centers of GTX gaming have an enterprise level of DDoS protection.

🔶 Support service accessible 24/7: tech support is a crucial aspect of GTX gaming Hosting. 

🔶 Switch game servers on your say: you can even change the game servers whensoever you need with the help of easy user interface provided by GTX Gaming.

🔶 Easy configuration: As discussed above, the user-friendly interface enables Pro gamers to enjoy gaming with high-performing servers, focusing less on the complex configuration involved in setting the servers.

Pros & cons


  • A wide range of payment options is available via credit cards and cryptocurrencies. 
  • Advanced level DDoS protection from online threats
  • Support service available 24/7


  • No Free hosting services are offered to the new users.

Plans & Price

GTX Gaming Rust server Plans

6. ServerBlend- Five Star Rust server hosting 

ServerBlend, as a point of discussion, is a reputable game server hosting company that specializes in providing reliable and high-performance Rust Server hosting solutions.

Additionally, they offer a comprehensive selection of game servers for Minecraft, Ark and more as well. These game servers, especially rust servers are optimized to deliver the best gaming experience, with minimal latency and nice performance.

Wait! We have more. Below are the specifications provided by ServerBlend to the potential gamers of Rust.

ServerBlend about


The features of Rust server hosting services offered by ServerBlend are as given:

🔶 24/7 customer support: ServerBlend commits itself to offer clients after-sales service in case they face a grave issue when managing Rust servers.

🔶 Free daily offsite backups: Saves all files for free which you can get restored by contacting the customer support team. The daily backup is included in the cost of your game server hosting services.

🔶 Low Ping: offers high-quality network to ensure you get the lowest ping and the best gaming experience.

🔶 Latest Technologies: Rust servers are provided on Intel Xeon Processor with fast ECC RAM and SSD NVMe storage with RAID ensuring the best performance and reliability of your Rust server.

🔶 DDoS Protection: ServerBlend provides DDoS Protection to shield your Rust servers from malicious attacks online.

🔶 TcAdmin cPanel: Use a custom version of TcAdmin cPanel to easily configure your Rust server. 

So out of the features mentioned, to acknowledge which one can prove advantageous and disadvantageous for you, keep scrolling further!

Pros and cons 

The points that can be advantageous and disadvantages for you are as follows:


  • 7-Day MoneyBack Guarantee.
  • Minimal latency with 99.99% guaranteed uptime.
  • Fast and effective customer support service
  • Anti-DDoS for creating a safe and secure gaming environment.


  • Costing may be higher as compared to other gaming server providers.

If you plan to purchase the hosting services for your Rust servers from ServerBlend, let’s have a look at its price in detail.

Plans and pricing 

The Rust server hosting schemes and their prices are stated as under:

ServerBlend rust server

7. LOW.MS- Overall Rust server Hosting services 

LOW.MS, founded in 2016, is a game server hosting provider that gives high-quality game server hosting.

Rust server hosting in accordance with this post, offering a smooth and lag-free experience when you play Rust. It not only provides NVMe SSD technology for efficient storage management but also an effective Anti-DDoS shield to protect your server as well.

With so many things to discuss, let’s make a move forward to read the utilities provided by LOW.MS

LOW.MS about


The key features that LOW.MS provides to its potential customers as follows:

🔶 Free server migration: Migrate your existing Rust server from an old game server hosting provider for absolutely no charge at all.

🔶 One click installation: LOW.MS provides quick installation of Oxide/UMod/ in just a single click 

🔶 Cloud backup system: Enables easy and free backup plans included in the paid schemes to restore all the important data. 

🔶 10 GB RAM by default: for smoother and more efficient performance of your Rust servers, LOW.MS provides 10 GB RAM by default in all the plans.

🔶 NVMe SSD storage: To ensure greater storage capacity, NVMe technology is built thereby enhancing the Rust server performance as well.

🔶 DDoS Protection: 10 Gbps of DDoS protection is provided in all servers minimizing the interruptions in your gaming.

Now let’s have a look at what features can prove fruitful for you and which ones are not.

Pros and cons

The features that may prove merit to you are as follows:


  • 24/ instant customer support 
  • Multiple server locations to enable you to choose the nearest one.
  • Instant setup of Rust server on payment.
  • 5 Days Money back guarantee


  • Does not provide Phone support.

Plans and pricing 

The cost incurred to purchase Rust server hosting services from LOW.MS depends upon the number of slots you purchase the hosting for. Like 50 slots are available @ $11.58 with $0.23 per slot and so on.

Once you reach the official website of LOW.MS you can simply adjust the number of slots required by dragging the option provided below, to know the exact price to be paid for Rust server hosting.

Best Rust Server Hosting in [current_date format='Y'] - Top #9 [Reviewed]

8. Nitrous Networks- Dedicated Game and voice server hosting

Nitrous Network is a reliable game hosting solution with a wide selection of many games like Ark, Rust, Minecraft, and many more.

It provides robust infrastructure, user-friendly GamePanel, and responsive customers as well. Whether you are a solo gamer or game developer, Nitrous Network offers you the resources and expertise to meet your affordable game hosting needs.

With that being said, let’s go through more about the creamy features provided by NitrousNetwork.

Nitrous Networks


So, the key features provided by Nitrous Network are as follows:

🔶 NVMe SSD storage: Latest storage technology ensures high performance of servers with instant data storage to provide a cool gaming environment.

🔶 DDoS Protection: Advanced DDoS Protection ensures the prevention of Rust servers from malicious attacks thereby shielding them from online threats.

🔶 Instant Setup: Prompt setup and easy installation with just a single click enhances the quality of gameplay.

🔶 Easy management with full FTP access: Full FTP access is provided by Nitrous Network to all your Rust servers.

🔶 Consistent customer support service: They also provide 24/7 undeterred customer care service to the users to enable them to enjoy uninterrupted gaming utilities. 

🔶 Multiple payment options: payment can be rendered via PayPal + All Debit and Credit Cards + Bitcoins as well.

Pros and cons

The merits and demerit you will be enjoying with Nitrous Network are:


  • Free MySQL 
  • 24/7 customer support to the potential users 
  • Multiple server locations enable you to pick the nearest one.


  • No money-back offer was provided by them.

Plans and pricing

The plans offered by the Nitrous Network team for Rust server hosting are as follows:

Nitrous Networks rust server

9. Pingperfect- World’s leading Rust server provider

When it comes to Rust Gaming Server having low latency and lag-free for the best gaming experience, PingPerfect fits perfectly.

It utilizes high-quality hardware and network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance. They often deploy top-notch processors, solid hard drives(SSD), and powerful network connections to deliver minimal downtime.

Sounds interesting, right? If still you want more of the details to be discussed, just sit back and keep scrolling your screen further to know some top features of PingPerfect.

Pingperfect about


The key main features of hosting Rust servers from PingPerfect are as follows:

🔶 Instant server setup: right after your Game server hosting purchase, get a quick installation of your rust servers.

🔶 Money back guarantee: Provides money back guarantee if in case due to malfunction of the services you decide to cancel the hosting order.

🔶 Multiple server locations: lets you pick the nearest data center to enable you to enjoy the best server performance with a minimum lag.

🔶 Full backup system: provides weekly backup plans included in the services that are purchased by you to ensure restoration of your data.

🔶 DDoS Protection: to protect your Rust server from malicious attacks and various other online threats, PingPerfect provides Anti-DDoS to prevent any such attacks.

🔶 Ease-to-use Game Panel: Simple configuration and easy GamePanel interface for noob users to settle the settings of the servers accordingly.

Let’s look into the advantages that you may enjoy using PingPerfect hosting services.

Pros and cons 

The merits and demerits that you will surely enjoy when using Rust server hosting services from PingPerfect are as follows:


  • 24/7 customer services are offered to users at times when facing tech-related issues.
  • An easy user interface to make your configuration swift
  • Multiple billing options to provide ease to the users while purchasing services.
  • Free migration of Rust servers from the old service provider


  • Ticket support is not instantly responsive.

Plans and pricing

The plans and its related costs offered by PingPerfect are been stated as under:

Pingperfect Rust server Plans

After reading about all the best Rust server hosting companies, users might have a question in mind about which one to choose since all of them prove to be the best in the market. So to this, we have mentioned 6 basic factors that one needs to keep in mind before choosing Rust server hosting services from the above companies.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Rust Server Hosting

Here are listed 6 fundamental factors one needs to consider before choosing a Rust server hosting provider for using hosting services.

  • Low latency, lag-free experience: Players should choose the hosting provider that allows users to pick the game server nearest to them by providing multiple server locations. Thereby reducing latency and enhancing the gameplay experience.
  • 24/7 support service: Any game server hosting company should provide a consistent customer-expert connection, to ensure the issue is redressed on time.
  • Affordable cost: Cost affordability is a paramount factor before choosing the best game server hosting company.  
  • Easy Management: The functionalities involved in configuring cPanel should be easy to use so that more focus can be put on the gameplay.
  • Anti DDoS protection: Advanced level DDoS protection wall(if Possible then for free) is a compulsory requirement while hosting any game server to ensure tight security against malicious attacks by hackers online.
  • The Nearness of Server Location: choose the Hosting service provider that has multiple data centers across the globe giving you the opportunity to choose the nearest server thereby delivering the highest performance.

Let’s solve the basic queries that most gamers have while using Rust servers.

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FAQs: Best Rust Server Hosting

Is it free to host a Rust server?

Yes! With Axenthost, you can get hosting services from Rust servers for free. But if you require premium plans to enjoy better performance while playing Rust, you are to buy the premium services with a payment of a small amount.

Can you play Rust offline?

Rust in multiplayer mode doesn’t have an offline option, but if you switch on to single-player mode you can play offline by setting up your own server.

How do I join a Rust server by IP?

If you’re purchasing a Rust server, you’ll have to find your IP in your server hosting service plan.

Let’s say you know the IP, follow the steps below to join the Rust server:

  • Go to Rust.
  • Press F1 to open the Rust console.
  • Type the command client.connect <IP:port>, replacing IP with the server’s IP address and port with its connection port. 
  • Press Enter.

How do I host a private Rust server?

You can get your private Rust servers hosted from among the top 5 Rust hosting services providers mentioned, to enjoy uninterrupted and high performance.

Is ScalaCube really free?

Free single-player servers can be tested on the paid plans of Scalacube giving you an idea of the functionalities and performance you might enjoy. 

Why host a Rust server?

Getting your Rust servers hosted by a game hosting provider is important as it enables you to customize the functions and retain full control over your server.


So, now you know the leading five Rust server hosting services that you as a player may utilize to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. When choosing the right one for you, keep certain Qualities like efficiency, privacy, and uptime in mind. Furthermore, consider your pocket too before you make a choice for an affordable Rust server hosting service.

Lastly, you can pick the best Rust server hosting provider for getting your server hosted from among the ones provided above, after going through each and every Rust server hosting company one thing is clear all of them have noob-friendly features enabling even the beginners to handle the configuration involved in the server.

The text and the pics used in this article are meant to educate you about the basic features of the Top 9 Rust server hosting companies. If you believe that you, ve been addressed well with the specifications of all the Rust server hosting companies, please feel free to hit valuable comments to help us motivate you.

Top #9 Best Rust Server Hosting in 2023 (Quick Recap)

NameSlotsDDoS ProtectionMoneyBack GuaranteeStarting PriceLink
ApexMineCraftHostingFree Addon7 day$14.99/moTry Now 
ScalaCubeFree Addon7 day$24.00/moTry Now 
HostHavoc400Free Addon3 Day $16.00/moTry Now 
BisectHostingFree Addon3 Day $15.98/moTry Now 
GTX Gaming300 Enterprise DDoS1 Day$24.00/moTry Now 
ServerBlend50-∞Free7 day$16.00/moTry Now
LOW.MS50 slotsFree Addon5 day$11.58/moTry Now
Nitrous Network 200 slotsFree Addon7 day$20.35/moTry Now
PingPerfect50 slotsFree Addon2 day$19.80/moTry Now

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