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How to setup Minecraft Gaming Server

Millions of players are looking for a Minecraft gaming server in the search bar. Minecraft is a popular PC game all-over the world and it took the gaming community to another level. The game doesn’t look modern at all and the retro feel did not impress players at first. However, the game took over the community within a few months as the game is not a hardware hungry program. Minecraft gaming server is a Java-based game that runs on Core i3 3rd Gen with 4 GB RAM and Intel HD 4000 integrated Graphics Card.

What is Minecraft Gaming Server?

The concept of the game might take a few moments to understand, but the dedicated server for a game seems a bit intense. The official developers added default Minecraft online servers for the players in the platform. We are not talking about the default servers available in the search bar. We are talking about Minecraft Private Server created by a player or a third-party community.

Counter-strike Global Offensive and Counter-strike 1.6 offers custom gaming servers controlled and operated by a third-party player or a community. The same fashion applied to the Minecraft server hosting, so we can create a customized servers of the choice.

The owner of the Minecraft Private server has full-control over it, and anything goes it. The administrator of the server can run Minecraft server on Linux without issues. A custom Minecraft gaming server administrators can select different maps and start playing the game.

The administrators or the players can invite the friends on the server using an IP address. Friends and opponents can join the same team over and over again, so there won’t be a random team & opponents. Every gamer can enjoy Minecraft with selected opponents to increase the level of excitement.

#1 – Make a Minecraft server on Windows

Anyone can make a Minecraft server using a VPS hosting and run through the Windows environment. There are millions of people that require guidance if they have not set-up a server in a while. We are going to guide step-by-step on how anyone can set-up a Minecraft gaming server in a few clicks.

I have already mentioned that Minecraft is a Java-based game. Yes, the Windows consumers have to install Java software from the official site. The requirement of Java version must match with Minecraft official requirement list available on the site.

Minecraft Gaming Server

Step 1: You can download the .JAR file from the official site to set-up the server.

minecraft gaming server

Step 2: Extract the contents in the .JAR using an extractor program such as Winrar.

minecraft gaming server

Step 3: Every user has to accept the EULA terms and conditions to prevent from copyright breaches and privacy breaches. Since the entire procedure based on coding and programming, you have to edit the text file and change eula=false to eula=true. You can find a file under the name “EULA.TXT” and start editing it with Windows text editor.

Step 4: Click on Windows key + S and type command prompt. Now type the below code below, and hit enter to begin. Make sure that Minecraft folder is in desktop and the folder name should be “Minecraftserver.”

minecraft gaming server

CODE: “cd Desktop/MinecraftServer

Step 5: The Windows command prompt will launch a dedicated window, and it appears similar to the snapshot below.

minecraft gaming server

You might encounter errors, while you host your own Minecraft server. You can reach out the Minecraft forums for error reporting and solving the problems.

#2 – Make a Minecraft server on your Mac

Non-programmers do not understand that Mac or Mac OS X is a complete different environment. Comparing Mac OS X and Windows may seem identical at the first glance, but it is a entirely different script. Regardless of the facts, the official developers allow the users to install Minecraft server on an Mac OS X.

Step 1: We have already mentioned that Minecraft gaming servers require Java program to run. Download Apple compatible Java program from Apple website source and install it on macOS.

minecraft gaming server

Step 2: Again, download the .JAR file from the official site of Minecraft online server page.

minecraft gaming server

Step 3: Create a new TextEdit and save the given codes in it.


cd “$(dirname “$0″)”

exec java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

Save the given code in the empty new and save it as “startmc.command.”

Step 4: Open the terminal in MacBook or Mac PC and make sure the user has administrator rights.

Enter the following code in the terminal “cd Desktop/MinecraftServer” and hit enter.

Step 5: Grant permission by entering “chmod a+x startmc.command” and hit enter. In case, if you are an administrator, then the probability that it won’t ask for permission.

Step 6: I assume that you are ready to roll, so double-click “startmc.command” to start the set-up process.

The set-up doesn’t seem to entertain at the beginning because errors can occur at any time. However, do not pay attention to the errors because it is a normal activity during the configuration.

#3 – Make a Minecraft server on your Linux

Minecraft server on Linux is a good idea because the environment is an open-source project. Linux OS is a combination of third-party developers and official developers coming in together to create Minecraft server on Linux. Linux based Minecraft Private Server isn’t an average Joe playing ground because it consists of more combination of efforts. Our Linux method is compatible with Ubuntu, Mint Linux, Lubuntu, Kubuntu, and other Ubuntu-based operating systems.

Step 1: First, we have to install Java in Linux and open terminal from the menu. I have listed the number of codes that users have to enter.

  1. ssh [email protected]
  2. java –version
  3. sudo apt-get update
  4. sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk
  5. sudo apt-get install default-jdk
  6. sudo apt-get install screen

Give a bit of time to host your own Minecraft server and the method will work on Minecraft Server on Ubuntu. In a few moments, Screen and Java installed on Linux PC.

Step 2: The Linux users have to create a fresh Minecraft VPS server to avoid messed up directories.

Enter “mkdir Minecraft” in the terminal.  

Step 3: It’s time to move the files into the newly created directory.

Enter “cd Minecraft” in the terminal.

Step 4: WGET is an important aspect of the entire set-up, so install it by entering “sudo apt-get install wget” in the terminal.

Step 5: Fortunately, Linux based OS are blessed with easier installation repositories.

Enter “wget -O minecraft_server.jar” in the terminal.

Step 6: The Minecraft server installed on Linux based OS successfully and run the server with the following codes.

Enter “java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui” in the terminal.

The keys and values have changed on the latest edition of the Minecraft gaming server. Connect to the community to find out more about the latest changes.


Creating a Minecraft gaming server is not a major problem, but it can cause a lot of errors for a newbie. Setting up a server might cause complications at the beginning, but a few minutes of practice can eliminate the complications.

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