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About XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is like the map of your website. There's a map of your country which contains all the cities, tourist places, water bodies and more. 

Likewise, the sitemap contains the names of all the pages, posts and various other pages in a structure for an easy understanding of the bot. It is made for search engine bots to crawl and index those pages publicly over the internet for the users to visit and increase engagement. 

Hence, creating a sitemap that includes all the pages of your website is difficult because you may have thousands of pages and getting it all together will become a tedious task. Hence, GoogieHost introduced the best XML sitemap generator for a hassle-free generation of a sitemap!


What is an XML sitemap generator?

XML Sitemap Generator is a process through which one can generate a sitemap for their website. It comes for free. 

It gives search engine bots an easy way to crawl through all the pages of the website and index them accordingly. It increases engagement and helps the website in SEO optimization. 

Why is XML sitemap so important?

XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress or other platforms is necessary because it makes sure that there’s an easy way to know all the pages of your website by the robots and to get it indexed on the web for a better reach. 

It makes your website SEO optimized and increases the chances of getting on the top rankings.

Is sitemap XML important for SEO?

Yes, a sitemap helps Google find the pages of your website easily, efficiently and quickly, making it SEO-optimized. 

Hence, it’s one of the important factors that need to be fulfilled under SEO. 

How do I create a sitemap for my website using GoogieHost?

Steps to create a sitemap for your website using GoogieHost:

  1. Visit GoogieHost and go under the “Free Online XML Sitemap Generator” tool. 

  2. Fill in the following details:

    1. Your site’s URL or domain name 

    2. Last date of modification on your website 

    3. Frequency on how often you want bots to visit your web pages

    4. Default Priority is mostly set to ‘None’ because it neglects to overload on the server. Robots work at their discretion, not ours. 

    5. Select how many pages you need the robots to crawl on 

Note: If you have unlimited or pages of more than 5000, then it won’t work for XML Sitemap Generator for Unlimited Pages. 

 After completing all these steps, you’ll be presented with a structured form of an XML Sitemap in seconds. 

How to add XML sitemap in WordPress

Let’s discuss the steps to add XML Sitemap in WordPress:

  1. Visit your WordPress Dashboard 

  2. You can use one of these plugins to add your XML Sitemap in WordPress easily:

    1. RankMath 

    2. Yoast SEO

    3. Google Sitemap generator 

  3. We are using rankMatch because it’s easy to use and gives some premium features free as well. 

  4. Under RankMath, click “Sitemap Setting”



5.You’ll be directed towards a page where you can decide on what you want on your sitemap, the categories like posts, pages, attachments, stories, categories and tags. 

You can switch on and off according to your requirements, use only what will benefit your website, and do not direct unnecessary traffic. 

The site links will be created automatically, something like this:



Congratulations! You will successfully add XML SiteMap in WordPress through these steps.