7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Provider In  2022

Managed services help you to focus on your business and to, uplift your website, and go in accordance with the latest trends.

You need not worry about your website’s working or any other thing in that matter. 

WordPress has been one of the most known and used Content Management systems with an easy-to-use interface and a lot of options to choose from while designing your website. To get that website over the internet, you’ll be needing a hosting provider. 

So, if you are ready to get your website live and focus on just its growth and updates, your business will need full management of your WordPress website by the hosting provider, hence can say the Best Managed WordPress Hosting.

Yet, choosing the best and perfect to your requirements hosting provider is difficult. But we are going to make that easy for you!

We have hand-picked some of the Best Managed WordPress hosting providers for our readers so that they do not have to wander around in search of them. Give this article a read to get a better outlook.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is when the provider monitors all the technical workings of your website, from web hosting to ensure smooth running and many other technicalities so that the website owner can only focus on their business without worrying about how the website will run live 24*7. 

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Also, using the best and most user-friendly CMS of all time: WordPress imparts the user to have various layout and theme options with other features so that the user can easily draw their wishful website.

Later, it’s the hosting provider’s responsibility to host the website on the internet, provide proper support, and ensure it is up and running. This is called Managed WordPress Hosting.

Short on Time? Here Are the Best Managed WordPress Hosting in  December, 2022

WPX Hosting: Specialising in WordPress, WPX Hosting has WordPress experts who ensure that they respond to the users within 30-seconds and solve their problems in no time. It’s an exceptionally great feature that they offer!

BlueHost: Partnered with WordPress.org, BlueHost provides each level of hostings for beginners and professionals. When it comes to WordPress, BlueHost automatically becomes the user’s first choice. 

A2 Hosting: They provide enhanced features for users and customers. Offering managed services, all of them are A2 optimized, containing jetpack features!

7 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Here we have picked the top Best Managed WordPress hosting providers in the market:

1. WPX Hosting- World’s Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

Since 2013, WPX has been working to provide the best hosting experience and an assigned knowledgeable team for all WPX users.

wpx Hosting About

They have their CDN for all of their clients, a Superfast SSD server, and a lot of power to handle heavy traffic. 

WPX ensures jargon-free simplicity in both user admin panels for easy, free, and instructed functionality for the users.

This and all of your problems will be resolved with the 30-second average support response time assured by WPX, and that too 24*7!

Price and Plans

WPX offers reasonable plans with various features that a user usually wants and should be there in a Managed WordPress Hosting plan :

PlanStorageWebsiteData TransferPrice
Business10 GBUp to 5 Websites100 GB Bandwidth$20.83/mo
Professional20 GBUp to 15 Websites200 GB Bandwidth$41.58/mo
Elite40 GBUp to 35 Websites∞GB Bandwidth$83.25/mo

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Features that make WPX top the charts when it comes to providing Best Managed WordPress Hosting :

🔶 1-Click WordPress Installs
🔶 Datacenter Locations In USA, UK, and Australia
🔶 Unlimited Site Migrations To WPX
🔶 High-Speed Custom CDN with 26 Global Edge Locations
🔶 Superfast SSD Storage
🔶 Staging Area
🔶 28 Days Automatic Backups
🔶 Unlimited SSL Certificates
🔶 DDoS Protection

2. BlueHost – Fast, Secure WordPress Web Hosting

Not only for the ones who have experience in web hosting but also for the novices who do not have knowledge about it, they can easily work with BlueHost and host innovative websites with ease. 

Bluehost Hosting

Over 10 years of Partnership with WordPress, the in-house team of BlueHost has dedicated WordPress experts to offer the best customer support in times of need and questions.

BlueHost claims to know WordPress better than any hosting provider in the market.

Price and Plans

Bluehost provides the best features in these plans. They are WordPress Hosting experts

PlanStorageWebSiteData TransferPrice
BuildUnlimited Web StorageUnlimited WebsitesNo Traffic Limits$19.95/mo
GrowUnlimited Web StorageUnlimited WebsitesNo Traffic Limits$29.95/mo
ScaleUnlimited Web StorageUnlimited WebsitesNo Traffic Limits$49.95/mo

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Features that’ll prove how they are best in providing Best Managed WordPress Hosting and also their strong partnership with them :

🔶 Unlimited Websites
🔶 Unlimited Domains
🔶 Unlimited Web Storage
🔶 Unlimited Subdomains
🔶 Instant WordPress Install
🔶 Staging Environment
🔶 CDN Enabled
🔶 Spam Protection
🔶 No Traffic Limits
🔶 Free SSL
🔶 WP Auto-Updates
🔶 SSD Disk Space

3. A2Hosting – Fastest WordPress Web Hosting Services

Taking your WordPress websites to another level, A2 Hosting has optimized plans for WordPress on their turbo platforms for increased performance and speed.

A2 Hosting About

They ensure that the plans are secured and features that protect the users. Secondly, it’s easy and simple to use with theme and plugin management and the benefits of a managed server.

Lastly, it’s stable, ensuring a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24*7 customer support, available for its users round the clock. 

Price and Plans

A2 Hosting offers Shared WordPress web hosting and Best Managed WordPress Hosting. You can choose as per your requirements. As of now, here’s a screenshot attached of the Managed WordPress Hosting by A2 Hosting:

PlanStorageWebSiteData TransferPrice
Run50 GB NVMe SSD1 WordPress WebsitesUnlimited $11.99/mo
Jump250 GB NVMe SSD5 WordPress WebsitesUnlimited $18.99/mo
FlyUnlimited NVMe SSDUnlimited WordPressWebsitesUnlimited $28.99/mo
SellUnlimited NVMe SSDUnlimited WordPressWebsitesUnlimited $41.99/mo

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Features that make A2 Hosting exceptional :

🔶 Free Malware Scans on a daily basis
🔶 Protection from even a brute force attack
🔶 Automated Spam Filtering
🔶 Free SSL Certificate 
🔶 Auto-Setup
🔶 Up To 20X Faster
🔶 A2 Optimized Plugin
🔶 Global Servers

4. YouStable – Flexible & Affordable WordPress Hosting Provider

YouStable About

 YouStable started working with an aim to Provide web hosting services at such a price that even though a person needs this service but does not have the budget, even that person will be able to afford the packages they offer.

With 20X better WordPress site performance, impenetrable security, and special customizations, YouStable offers you to spice up your website seconds after installing YouStable’s WordPress Hosting.

Price and Plans

You’ll look into the prices and see for yourself how affordable they are:

PlanStorageWebSiteData TransferPrice
DAStart5 GB NVMe SSD1 Websites50 GB Bandwidth$1.20/mo
DAProfessional50 GB NVMe SSD10 Websites250 GB Bandwidth$1.80/mo
DAElite100 GB NVMe SSDUnlimited Websites500 GB Bandwidth$2.60/mo

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Features make or break a company. And what YouStable offers indeed makes them :

🔶 Instant WordPress Setup
🔶LiteSpeed Enterprise Servers
🔶Auto WordPress Updates
🔶Automated Daily Backups
🔶Free SSL Certificate
🔶Top-quality support

5. Hostinger – Optimized For Fast Site Speed

With the determination to solve its customers’ problems, impart innovations, and work efficiently to meet its commitments, Hostinger works on the mission to launch your website online and let your business grow daily. 

hostinger About

They have an easy-to-use, powerful WordPress optimized control panel, making work easy and efficient. And they stay assured, but still, if any customer does not like their services, Hostinger with confidence offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Price and Plans

Compromised prices, uncompromised options, and features:

PlanStorageWebSiteData TransferPrice
Single WordPress50 GB SSD1 Website100 GB Bandwidth$1.99/mo
WordPress Starter100 GB SSD100 WebsiteUnlimited Bandwidth$2.99/mo
Business WordPress200 GB SSD100 WebsiteUnlimited Bandwidth$3.99/mo
WordPress Pro200 GB SSD300 WebsiteUnlimited Bandwidth$11.59/mo

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Hostinger’s undeniably great and innovative features :

🔶 Superfast Speed in performance
🔶Top-notch Security 
🔶24/7 customer support 
🔶Optimized Technology
🔶WordPress Staging Tool
🔶Automatic WordPress Updates
🔶1-Click WordPress Installer
🔶Automated Backups

6. GreenGeeks – Fast, Secure and Eco-Friendly Hosting

A leader in Green Hosting, the GreenGeeks team, has over 40 years of experience in providing the most affordable and best web hosting services.

GreenGeeks About

We grow through experience, and so have GreenGeeks as they have learned and provide the best quality network connection with the most up-to-date software packages on the internet. 

14 years in business, serving over 55,000 customers worldwide, GreenGeeks offers complete solutions, satisfaction, and the best breed of server hardware. 

Price and Plans

The prices offered by GreenGeeks are genuine according to the features they are providing with them:

PlanStorageWebSiteData TransferPrice
Lite50GB Web SpaceOne WebsitesUnmetered Transfer$2.95/mo
ProUnlimited Web SpaceUnlimited WebsitesUnmetered Transfer$4.95/mo
PremiumUnlimited Web SpaceUnlimited WebsitesUnmetered Transfer$8.95/mo

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


GreenGeeks Managed WordPress Hosting unique features :

🔶 1 click WordPress Installations 
🔶 WordPress Acceleration
🔶Automatic Updates
🔶On-Demand WordPress Backups
🔶Free SSL Certificates
🔶24/7 Support
🔶Domain Name or Transfer
🔶Free WordPress Migration
🔶Quick Launch WordPress

7. Kinsta – Premium Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Kinsta About

Founded in 2013, Kinsta promises to provide the best WordPress hosting platform globally. With 34 data centers worldwide, Kinsta has become local to almost every region globally because of its data center spread. 

Believing in diversity, Kinsta is one of the most growing and renowned WordPress Hosting platforms of all time. 

Price and Plans

Kinsta’s reasonable pricing for Managed WordPress Hosting:

PlanStorageWebSiteMonthly VisitsPrice
Build10 GB SSD Storage1 Websites25,000$35.00/mo
Grow20 GB SSD Storage2 Websites50,000$70.00/mo
Scale30 GB SSD Storage5 Websites100,000$115.00/mo

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


You can see the features on the plan chart, but how is Kinsta uniquely different?

🔶30-day money-back guarantee
🔶 24/7 expert support
🔶 Manual backup points
🔶 Automatic daily backups
🔶 Self-healing technology
🔶 Hack and malware removal
🔶 SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee
🔶 Fast and secure sites
🔶 Enterprise-level Cloudflare integration
🔶 Free one-click SSL certificate
🔶 34 global data center locations
🔶 White-labeled cache plugin
🔶 Staging areas

Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting is when the hosting provider manages the server and makes sure that your website is up and running at all times with all the technicalities and headaches of the provider. 

Whereas, Unmanaged WordPress Hosting is when the user has to manage the technicalities of taking your website online and keeping your server up to date and secure. 

Managed WordPress Hosting is made for you if you want to focus on your website, do not want to invest time in technicalities, or do not have much technical knowledge.

Why We Should Choose Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

Here are some legit reasons for you to choose Managed WordPress Hosting with optimized speed:

  • Premium Support 
  • Optimized for High and Fast Performance 
  • Strategically Located Data Centers
  • Automatic Backups 
  • Developer-friendly
  • One-Click Staging Environments
  • Top-notch security is provided 
  • Built With keeping Scalability in Mind

After listing these reasons, we guess there’s nothing more we will have to say about how great Managed WordPress Hosting is.

FAQs – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Q1. What is the difference between managed and shared WordPress hosting?

Shared hosting is a hosting plan in which your website shares resources with other websites on the same server. There is nothing private in it. 

Whereas Managed WordPress hosting is a collection of extra services and performance enhancements that lie on top of standard hosting.

Q2. What are the benefits of managed WordPress hosting?

The benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting are listed below:

  • High Availability and Uptime
  • Regular Updates and upgradations 
  • Expert Technical Support
  • Highly scalable 
  • Global Reach 
  • Developer-friendly tools 
  • Data Retention and Recovery

Q3. Should I buy Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes, if you want some amazing services, premium support, and all the website technicalities managed by the hosting provider so that you can focus only on your website and how to grow your business. Also, you laid your hands on CMS like WordPress. Then yes, Managed WordPress Hosting is made for you.

Conclusion – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

We analyzed these service providers according to their offered features, but only after testing them, especially the performance, speed, and uptime. After all these tests performed on many providers offering Managed WordPress Hosting, we came up with this list that we know will give fruitful results. 

We hope this article turns out to be knowledgeable for you. Looking after the ease with which a managed WordPress Hosting service provider runs a WordPress website successfully, we made this choice. Thanks for your time. 

Also, feel free to ask us anything you’d like. We’ll be more than delighted to answer your creative questions. 

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