Best WordPress Hosting India 2023– Top #9 [Reviewed]

Do you have an idea about starting a business and are looking for the best location to begin with? In today’s world, the internet is the best place for you to do any business as on the internet, people from around the world can take a look at your products. 

Also, the easiest way to start a business online would be to build and host a WordPress website. Why WordPress? As it is the easiest CMS to work with. Since you also have to host a WordPress website to run your business successfully, we are here with the best WordPress hosting India 2023. 

But first, we will look at what WordPress hosting in India is, and how it differs from other hosting plans. Further, we may look at the best WordPress hosting providers. 

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What is WordPress Hosting in India?

When we talk about WordPress hosting in India, what do we mean? A WordPress hosting plan in India means the server will be hosted in India. Choosing a hosting plan in India is most suitable for website owners in India, and whose customers reside in India, so the website will be at the fastest pace. 

As the name suggests, WordPress hosting is built specifically to host a WordPress website. Why do you need a WordPress hosting plan? Most hosting platforms create hosting plans suitable for all types of websites, but having some features built explicitly for WordPress can make your work much more manageable. 

Best WordPress Hosting India

A control panel or dashboard with options that will work perfectly with your WordPress handling would feel so great, wouldn’t it? Therefore, having a WordPress hosting plan can save you a lot of time and energy. 

9 Best WordPress Hosting India 2023 

Let us now get down to business, and look at some of the best WordPress hosting providers in India 2023. 

⏰  TL;DR:

1. YouStable – Allover Best WordPress Hosting India
2. Hostinger – Trusted Managed WordPress Hosting Providers
3. Bluehost – Fully managed WordPress Hosting Environment
4. A2Hosting – Fastest WordPress Web Hosting Services
5. UltaHost – Cheapest WordPress Hosting India
6. HostArmada – Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services
7. Chemicloud – Fast and Secure WordPress Hosting Providers
8. HostGator – Best Optimized WordPress Hosting
9. FastComet – Managed Hosting Solutions

1. YouStable – Allover Best WordPress Hosting India

YouStable is an Indian hosting company that has been around since 2015 and has become India’s most popular hosting provider. YouStable is an affordable and reliable choice for users at all levels. You will require little skill to manage a thriving website on YouStable. 

This platform is suitable for users at all levels. Whether you are a new website owner or have a well-established business, YouStable can help you all. With a robust security system and great speed, this platform has many other features which will make your hosting experience a lot easier. 

YouStable About

Key Features

Let us look at a few features offered by YouStable. 

🔶 Free Drag and Drop Sitebuilder: As we said, YouStable is suitable for all users at all levels. If you are new to running business online, you can start with building a website on YouStable through its drag-and-drop site builder which requires no coding skills. 

🔶 SSL Certificate: SSL certificates are essential for the security of your data; therefore, they are included in all the plans offered by YouStable. 

🔶 Softaculous Installer: Installing an application into your WordPress hosting can help you to a great extent. Therefore, to help you, YouStable offers Softaculous, which will help you install applications with just a click.

Plans and Pricing

The plans at YouStable cost: 

Type RAMStorageBandwidthPrice
DAStart512MB RAM50 GB NVMe SSDUnmetered Bandwidth₹49/month
DAProfessional1GB RAM100 GB NVMe SSDUnmetered Bandwidth₹139/month
DAElite4GB RAM200 GB NVMe SSDUnmetered Bandwidth₹199/month

2. Hostinger – Trusted Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Next up on this list of the cheapest WordPress hosting is Hostinger India, a famous hosting company around the globe. This platform provides plenty of hosting plans at an affordable price, including a WordPress hosting plan. 

With Hostinger, your hosting experience can be the smoothest ever. How? This platform offers managed WordPress hosting, so you might not have to lift a finger to run a successful website. There are plenty of other features we need to look into. 

hostinger about

Key Features

These are the critical features offered by Hostinger. 

🔶 Free CDN: Speed is an important aspect to keep your website always on the top of Google ranking; therefore, Hostinger provides free CDN on most of its plans. 

🔶 Free SSL Certificates:You can stay assured that your website is making secure connections online, as Hostinger offers free SSL certificates on all of its WordPress hosting plans. 

🔶 WordPress AI Tools: As technology is growing, we must, too. Therefore, with Hostinger, you get AI tools on most plans. 

Plans and Pricing

These are the hosting plans offered by Hostinger: 

Type StorageBandwidthWebsitesPrice
Premium100 GB SSD StorageUnmetered Bandwidth100 Websites₹149/month
Business200 GB NVMe StorageUnmetered Bandwidth100 Websites₹269 /month
Cloud Startup200 GB NVMe StorageUnmetered Bandwidth300 Websites₹699/month

3. BlueHost – Fully managed WordPress Hosting Environment

We are here with one of the best hosting and WordPress hosting you will ever find. This web hosting platform has been in the business for a while and has been providing its services in India. 

Here, you can find affordable hosting plans with much to offer. From free SSL certificates to WordPress-specific tools, BlueHost has it all. This platform also provides tools to make your hosting experience much more manageable. 

Bluehost Hosting

Key Features

These are a few features offered by BlueHost India. 

🔶 Automatic Malware Scan: BlueHost takes no chances with the security of your data, and therefore, one of its features is Automatic Malware Scan, which will ensure all your data is always secure. 

🔶 Staging Site: To avoid any mistakes, always check twice, and BlueHost allows you to do that with the feature called staging environment included with most of its plans.

🔶 Yoast SEO: BlueHost provides you with the best, always. That is why, with most of the WordPress hosting plans offered by BlueHost, you also get access to Yoast SEO services to get your website to the top.  

Plans and Pricing

These are the WordPress hosting plans offered by BlueHost India. 

Type StorageBandwidthWebsitesPrice
BASIC50 GB SSD StorageUnmetered Bandwidth1 Websites₹169/month
PLUSUnmetered SSD StorageUnmetered BandwidthUnlimited Websites₹279/month
CHOICE PLUSUnmetered SSD StorageUnmetered BandwidthUnlimited Websites₹279/month
ONLINE STORE100 GB SSD StorageUnmetered BandwidthUnlimited Websites₹599/month

4. A2Hosting – Fastest WordPress Web Hosting Services

Now, we have yet another unique hosting platform where you can buy a managed, unmanaged, or even a shared WordPress hosting plan. Isn’t that so great? 

A2Hosting is famous for its speed and security, which you can access at a pretty affordable price. This platform ensures your capacity to excel is never limited and, therefore, provides many resources. 

A2 Hosting About

Key Features

These are a few features offered by A2Hosting. 

🔶 Free Site Migration: If you are working hard, it will be moving your website. Do not worry; it will not be, as this platform will help you do it for free. 

🔶 Managed Hosting: You can choose a managed WordPress hosting service, which means you will have plenty of time to work on your business as A2Hosting will manage your website. 

🔶 Easy Staging/Cloning: Staging or cloning can be a great way of avoiding any mistakes before you upload your website or when you want to create a similar website to save time and resources. Therefore, A2Hosting provides an Easy Staging/Cloning feature to help you have the smoothest experience. 

Plans and Pricing

These are the plans offered by A2Hosting. 

Type RAMStorageBandwidthWebsitesPrice
Run 4GB Memory (RAM)50GB NVMe StorageUnmetered Bandwidth1 Websites$11.99/month
Jump 4GB Memory (RAM)250GB NVMe StorageUnmetered Bandwidth5 Websites$18.99/month
Fly 8GB Memory (RAM)Unlimited NVMe StorageUnmetered BandwidthUnlimited Websites$28.99/month
Sell 16GB Memory (RAM)Unlimited NVMe StorageUnmetered BandwidthUnlimited Websites$41.99/month

5. UltaHost – Cheapest WordPress Hosting India

UltaHost could be one of the most affordable hosting platforms. You might think that many other hostings offer WordPress hosting for similar prices. However, this platform is cheaper than WordPress hosting as this platform provides managed WordPress hosting at a small cost. 

This platform makes the best effort to help you grow to the best extent by offering some resources such as unlimited bandwidth and free backups. You can also expect great speed and caching services.  

ultahost ABout

Key Features

These are some of the features offered by UltaHost. 

🔶 Unlimited Application Installation: One way to make your WordPress hosting experience more manageable is to install applications. Therefore, UltaHost offers unlimited application installations.

🔶 WordPress Staging Tool: WordPress staging tool is an impressive tool offered by UltaHost, which can be used to test the website before you upload it for your customers to view. 

🔶 Free SSL Certificate(s): Security is an important aspect; therefore, UltaHost provides several layers of security, including SSL certificates, to ensure secure connections for free. 

Plans and Pricing

A few plans offered by UltaHost are: 

Type Storage Visits MonthlyBandwidthWebsitesPrice
Ulta WordPress30 GB NVMe SSD~10000 Visits MonthlyUnlimited Bandwidth1 Websites$2.90/month
WordPress Starter100 GB NVMe SSD~25000 Visits MonthlyUnlimited Bandwidth100 Websites$4.90/month
Business WordPres100 GB NVMe SSD~100000 Visits MonthlyUnlimited Bandwidth100 Websites$7.50/month
VPS WordPress100 GB NVMe SSD~300000 Visits MonthlyUnlimited Bandwidth300 Websites$27.50/month

6. HostArmada – Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services

Presenting to you another managed WordPress hosting in India 2023. HostArmada is a well-reputed hosting platform that offers plenty of hosting services, including cost-effective managed WordPress hosting

With lots of tools, free services and 99.9% uptime, HostArmada is a high-speed and reliable hosting provider. Apart from being a managed hosting provider, this platform also provides cron jobs, which are highly useful. 

Hostarmada ABout

Key Features

🔶 Cron Jobs: As mentioned earlier, HostArmada offers Cron Jobs, which means you take an off from repeating the same tasks and let HostArmada take care of it. 

🔶 cPanel: cPanel is a popular control panel used by many due to its ease of use. Therefore, to make your experience smooth, HostArmada offers cPanel with its WordPress hosting plans. 

🔶 Hacked Website Restore: Security is something we always look for, don’t we? What do we do when our website gets hacked? We don’t know about other hosting, but with HostArmada, you can quickly restore your hacked website and experience no data loss. 

Plans and Pricing

A WordPress hosting plan from HostArmada will cost you the following: 

Type RAMCPUStoragePrice
Start Dock2 GB RAM2 Cores CPU15 GB SSD Storage$2.49/month
Web Warp4 GB RAM4 Cores CPU30 GB SSD Storage$4.11/month
Speed Reaper6 GB RAM6 Cores CPU40 GB SSD Storage$4.94/month

7. Chemicloud – Fast and Secure WordPress Hosting Providers

To ensure the best speed, always choose the data centre nearest to you and, in this case, India. The best thing about Chemicloud is that you can find a server location in Mumbai, meaning your websites will now see great speed. 

Along with a server location in India, Chemicloud ensures great speed by providing tools such as LiteSpeed. Speed is not the only benefit of using Chemicloud; security and staging tools can also be found with Chemicloud WordPress hosting

chemicloud about

Key Features

🔶 Free Cloudflare CDN: As we assured you, ChemiCloud offers excellent speed, and to ensure even better speed, you will be provided with a free Cloudflare CDN. 

🔶 24/7 WordPress Assistance: ChemiCloud offers a simple dashboard to work with. However, if you have any other difficulty managing your WordPress website, you are provided with 24/7 WordPress Assistance. 

🔶 One-Click WordPress Staging: Uploading your website and finding out weeks later that your website has some glitch the whole time and you have been losing the website could be devastating. Therefore, ChemiCloud offers a staging tool with most of its plans to avoid mistakes. 

Plans and Pricing

These are a few plans offered by ChemiCloud. 

Type BandwidthStorageWebsitesPrice
WordPress StarterUnlimited Bandwidth20 GB NVMe Storage1 Websites$2.99/month
WordPress ProUnlimited Bandwidth30 GB NVMe StorageUnlimited Websites$4.79/month
WordPress TurboUnlimited Bandwidth40 GB NVMe StorageUnlimited Websites$5.99/month

8. HostGator India – Best Optimized WordPress Hosting

If you have already looked into some of India’s best WordPress hosting providers in 2023, you must have heard of Hostgator India. Many hosting providers have preferred this platform for years for many reasons. 

This platform offers hosting plans for website owners at all levels with multiple plans to offer. It is highly optimised for WordPress websites with tools like one-click WordPress instals and more. 

Hostgator About

Key Features

Let us look at a few features offered by HostGator. 

🔶 Free Website Migration: Do not worry about how you can migrate your website from another hosting to HostGator. Do not worry; this platform offers free website migration on all their hosting plans. 

🔶 Free SiteLock Fix: To ensure greater security, Hostgator offers Free SiteLock Fix, which will make sure no one else touches your data other than you. 

🔶 Simple Control Panel: Hostgator offers you a simple control panel through which you can easily manage your website, scale your resources, and more. 

Plans and Pricing

These are the plans offered by HostGator. 

Type BackupsVisitsSitePrice
Starter Plan1 GB backups100k visits per month1 Site$5.95/month
Standard Plan2 GB backups200k visits per month2 Site$7.95/month
Business Plan3 GB backups500k visits per month3 Site$9.95/month

9. Fastcomet – Managed Hosting Solutions

Fastcomet, as the name suggests, offers fast hosting services and plenty of other WordPress-optimised features. This platform provides various WordPress tools to make your hosting experience much more manageable. 

Starting from SSL certificates and Softaculous to the WordPress toolkit, Fastcomet has it all. The best part is that the hosting plans are much cheaper than you would expect for something that offers so much for such a small cost. 

fastcomet Image

Key Features

Let us now discuss the key features offered by Fastcomet. 

🔶 Softaculous: With the help of Softaculous, offered by Fostcomet, you can install many applications with a single click. 

🔶 WordPress Toolkit: The WordPress toolkit might seem like something small, but it isn’t. It includes various essential WordPress tools such as staging environment, password protection, WordPress management, and more. 

🔶 SiteBuilder: Embedded into the Getting Started Kit, site builder is a valuable tool to help you create a fully functioning website through a simple drag-and-drop method.

Plans and Pricing

These are the best WordPress hosting plans by Fastcomet. 

Type DatabaseStorageWebsitePrice
FastCloud BasicUnlimited Database15GB SSD SpaceSingle Website$2.49/month
FastCloud PlusUnlimited Database25GB SSD SpaceUnlimited Websites$3.29/month
FastCloud ExtraUnlimited Database35GB SSD SpaceUnlimited Websites$4.39/month

Major Factor in Choosing the Best and Affordable WordPress Hosting in India 

WordPress hosting is an effective way to make your hosting experience the smoothest. However, looking for a few features before choosing the best and most affordable WordPress hosting in India will make your life much easier. 


Many hosting platforms offer WordPress toolkits. However, check for tools offered; the more the tools, the better, mainly if they correspond with today’s technology.

Money-back Guarantee

In case, it does not seem suitable, you must check for a money-back guarantee to avoid losing your money.  

WordPress Optimised Tools

If your WordPress hosting does not offer WordPress-optimised tools, you might have lost your money as WordPress-optimised tools are essential to work with this platform as WordPress requires particular tools.

Data Centre Location

Before you choose WordPress hosting in India, make sure you find a data centre in India to ensure the best support services and speed.

FAQs – Best WordPress Hosting India

Which is the Best and Affordable WordPress hosting in India?

All of the WordPress hostings included in this list are affordable. However, we suggest you try YouStable, as it provides one of the most extensive features at an affordable price.

Does YouStable support UPI?

Yes, as YouStable is an Indian company, it is easy to pay for YouStable through UPI.

Which are the best web hosting providers in India?

The best web hosting in India would depend on your needs. However, we suggest YouStable and Hostinger as some of the best web hostings in India. YouStable is highly affordable for the services it offers and Hostinger is a trusted brand which provides great security and speed at a good price. 

Do I Need cPanel for WordPress?

cPanel is one of the best control panels, and it would be suitable to use with WordPress, especially if you are a newbie. cPanel offers an user-friendly interface which makes it easy to work with. However, many other control panels are also reliable such as Cyberpanel, DirectAdmin and more.  

Can I Change the WordPress Plan later?

Many hosting platforms offer to update or change your WordPress plans depending on your needs.

Do these WordPress hosts offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, most of the WordPress hosting providers in this article offer a money-back guarantee. However, the duration can differ. For example, a few hosting providers offer a three days guarantee and a few also go for 60 days. 

Conclusion- Best WordPress Hosting India

These were the best WordPress hosting India 2023. Many of these hosting providers are Indian and, therefore, are more suitable for the Indian crowd due to the location and the mode of payment.

To give you a better insight, we have described the main features offered by the platforms. Also, to help you further, you may go through the list of features you must look for before you buy a hosting plan.

Plenty of affordable WordPress hostings, and the best ones are on our list. So go through them and find your perfect match.


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