7 Best WordPress Hosting in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 2024– (In depth Tests)

Do you want to create a website that draws in Bulgarian users? Want to interact with Bulgarian guests?

Do you want to make a lot of money online but lack the technical know-how to start your business online and create a website from the ground up? 

If so, then Blindly Go for the top hosting providers in Bulgaria, whose description is discussed in detail below.

But first, let’s take a moment to introduce WordPress to our new readers who may not be familiar with it. Top 3 Best WordPress Hosting in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 2024

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What is WordPress Hosting in Bulgaria?

WordPress Hosting Bulgaria is a type of WordPress hosting service that is provided by Web hosting providers having Data Centers in Bulgaria or in any European Country. 

This type of Web hosting service are specifically designed to meet the web-related needs (RAM/ Storage/ Bandwidth/ Plugins) of WordPress websites and supply the resources required to create and host a WordPress Website.

Now, what is WordPress? So, WordPress is an Application Software used in creating websites like blogs, portfolios, Design applications or student websites without the requirement of any coding skills. 

WordPress is specifically designed for creating websites, helping those who do not know about coding and website development.

7 Best WordPress Hosting in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 [current_date format='Y']– (In depth Tests)

WordPress hosting is tailored in such a way that it provides a friendly hosting environment for WordPress-powered websites, offering various features and optimizations to increase performance, security, and ease of use.

Have no time to read the entire article? Do not worry, as we are going to List you The Top 3 Bulgarian WordPress Hosting in 2024, enabling you to use them to host your WordPress website instantly:

We’ll also include a list of the Top 3 Bulgarian WordPress hosting companies that you can choose from to get flawless WordPress hosting services for your website. 

➡️ ScalaHosting: offers web servers backed by Turbo Technology for faster website loading, with robust security mechanisms like Advanced DDoS Protection and Free SSL for all the Domains.

➡️ LiquidWeb: Get Fully Managed WordPress hosting services with round-the-clock customer support services via LiveChat and Ticket system, Free Instant Staging, and an efficient Price to Performance Ratio.

➡️ UltaHost: Offers IP Whitelisting, BitNinja Security, Imunify360, and Free SSLs for all your Domain, LiteSpeed web servers, and SSD Storage Technology for faster website loading speed, and Free CloudFlare CDN as well.

So, without any further delays, let’s get started.

The 7 Best WordPress Hosting in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 June,2024

Craving to know more WordPress Hosting providers in Bulgaria? 

Here, we have explained in detail the #7 Best Bulgarian WordPress Hosting providers that not only have data centers in Bulgaria or other European countries but also offer outstanding WordPress hosting features with the First being ScalaHosting, which offers Fully 

Managed WordPress hosting services, occupying the first place in the list below:

⏰ TL;DR:

1. ScalaHostingOverall “Fast” WordPress Hosting Solutions
2. LiquidwebOverall Managed WordPress Hosting
3. UltaHost Overall “Cheapest” WordPress Hosting Solutions Bulgaria
4. Impreza Powerful WordPress Cloud Hosting
5. NS1 . bg Best Secure & Managed WP Hosting
6. Superhosting. bgBest Managed WordPress Hosting
7. Webcare360 Fastest WordPress Hosting in Bulgaria

1. ScalaHosting – Overall “Fast” WordPress Hosting Solutions

Starting from $2.95, Scalahosting offers Seamless WordPress hosting services backed by the latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology + Free Website Migration and Standard Website security to secure the WordPress website from malicious online threats.

Free SSLs + Unlimited email accounts + Unlimited DataBase & Daily Offsite Backups along with a One-click WordPRess installer is what you get along with WordPress Hosting services from ScalaHosting.

Excited to know the in-depth features offered by ScalaHosting? We’ll be happy to invite you to read the key features one can get with it.



Look at the following features that WordPRess hosting services from ScalaHosting have to offer: 

🔶 Keep your website secure with Imunify360, a free SSL certificate, Regular Virus Scans, and a web application firewall(WAF).

🔶 Minimum 10 GB SSD NVMe Hard Drives that offer a breakthrough performance of your website thereby reducing the Page Loading time.

🔶 Regarding Scalability, ScalaHosting is one of the WordPress providers as a user can Scale the Resources easily as per the need of his website.

🔶 WordPRess servers are fully managed to let you only focus on the growth of your website.

🔶 24/7 Customer services ensure quick issue resolutions, thereby providing an appealing WordPRess hosting environment.

🔶 Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology provides you with Faster storage, ensuring a rapid response time to your websites.

🔶 User-friendly cPanel also makes WordPRess hosting easy for users without technical knowledge about configuring the website.

Plans and Price

ScalaHosting offers the above incredible WordPress hosting features at the following Prices:

ScalaHosting WordPress

2. LiquidWeb – Overall Managed WordPress Hosting

Users targeting audience from Bulgaria, wanting Fully Managed WordPress Hosting for automatic server optimization, software updates along with cutting edge security and 24/7 WordPress Expert for assistance? 

Blindly Go for LiquidWeb WordPress hosting, as it is one of the Best WordPress hosting providers for users handling clients’ websites.

Plans of LiquidWeb are also Scalable, letting the users Upgrade the resources of their hosting services as and when required.


Key Features 

Craving to Choose LiquidWeb WordPress web hosting services? Then Don’t Forget to Go through the key takeaways mentioned below:

🔶 Free Smooth and Easy Website Migrations lets the users transfer the website from the old hosting provider to LiquidWeb.

🔶 Image Compressions, Object caching, and global content delivery increases the performance of the websites.

🔶 Automatic Plugin Updates enable the users to focus more on the growth of the website + Free SSLs helps to establish private connections with your clients.

🔶 ProActive Monitoring, Advanced DDoS, FireWall, and Malware Protection offers a secure hosting environment to the clients’ websites.

🔶 24/7 Support services via Live Chat and Ticketing are provided by WordPress Experts to the users having issues in server configurations and many more. 

🔶 Free Instant Staging helps the users to test the changes and updates before implementing on the real Site.

🔶 Free Daily Backups helps users to instantly restore the Data of the website as and when required.

Plans and Pricing

The Plans and Pricing policy of the WordPress Hosting for users offered by LiquidWeb are tabled as under:

Liquidweb WP Plans

3. UltaHost – Overall “Cheapest” WordPress Hosting Solutions Bulgaria

Next on the list is UltaHost, which provides data servers with LiteSpeed Technology for Faster website hosting and, at the same time cheap WordPress hosting services in Bulgaria as well.

It offers optimum flexibility, Unlimited Bandwidth, and greater performance at an unbeatable price. 

Craving to know more details about UltaHost, Check out the specifications that UltaHost provides to its customers wanting to get their websites hosted in Bulgaria or other European countries.

ultahost ABout


Desiring to learn more specifications about the web hosting services offered by Ultahost WordPress Hosting in Bulgaria? Then read the following points provided as under:

🔶 LiteSpeed Technology for Faster Page Loading speed + Free cPanel License and Unlimited Bandwidth ensuring an extremely fast and readily accessible WordPress hosting site.

🔶 Stating just at $2.30 per month, get a minimum of 1 Domain + 10K Visitors & upto 30 GB SSD NVMe Storage for faster loading of your website at initial stages. 

🔶 Get Free Website Migrations to get your website transferred from any other hosting provider to UltaHost, and Free BackUp plans help to restore the data of your website round the clock.

🔶 Get your Domain registered Instantly + all basic products required for server management within no time.

🔶 Get Free SSLs for all your Domains, IP Whitelisting, BitNinja security, Dedicated FireWall and XML-RPC DDoS Protection to secure your website from online threats.

🔶 Get Free CloudFlare CDN, ensuring the visitors of your website can access your website without any delay in website page loading time.

🔶 24/7 Support services via LiveChat and Ticketing services enable the web hosting services users to get their server-related issues resolved.

Plans and Pricing 

The heartwarming web hosting plans and affordable prices by UltaHost are as follows:

UltaHost WP Plans

4. Impreza – Powerful WordPress Cloud Hosting

Looking for WordPRess Hosting services that run on industry-leading amazing SSD storage technology + cPanel for easy configuration of your WordPress shared server offering an easy to configure WordPRess Hosting ground? 

Then Impreza will be the Perfect choice for your WordPress hosting service for your website, where you can also get an incredible feature of CloudFlare protected Namservers, WAP(Web Application FireWall Protection), thereby protecting the sensitive data of your website. 

Impreza About

Furthermore, it also provides a newbie-friendly hosting environment by offering 30 Days money back Guarantee + 24/7 Support services by WordPress experts as well.


Want to learn about the specifics of Impreza WordPRess Hosting Services? Go through the points listed below:

🔶 Minimum 100 GB SSD NVMe Hard Drives that offer a breakthrough performance of your website thereby reducing the Page Loading time.

🔶 Creating Manual Real-time Time Snapshots with ease + Weekly backups ensures the safety of Data and can be retrieved whenever required.

🔶 One Click installation feature for your WordPress website offers a seamless hosting environment to users without technical knowledge.

🔶 Web FireWall Application, Wanguard DDoS Protection, and Free SSLs provide a secure hosting experience.

🔶 Scalable, allowing you to scale the WordPRess server resources as needed due to the increased demand for the website.

🔶 The free cPanel and one-click setup provides a user-friendly hosting environment with Impreza.

🔶 24/7 Real-time Monitoring of your servers is offered by Impreza in order to supervise the security of your website.

Plans and price

Impreza offers the above incredible WordPress hosting features at the following Prices:

Impreza WP Plans

5. NS1.bg – Best Secure & Managed WP Hosting

NS1.bg, with webServers providing LiteSpeed for websites, offers high-performing Managed WordPress hosting services. 

Known for its OpenLiteSpeed, High Processor CPU, Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology, and a lot more, NS1.bg provides Fully managed WordPress hosting for users having Zero knowledge about server management, providing them with easy-to-use sPanel.


Excited to know the in-depth features offered by NS1.bg? We’ll be happy to invite you to read the key features one can get with it.


Wanting to know more features about NS1.bg WordPress Hosting Services? Have a look at the following: 

🔶 Easy to use sPanel, Managed Server Security to Protect your Data, Managed Hardware and network for newbies having no idea about WordPress website hosting.

🔶 Enjoy increased speed and uncompromised performance of your website with Faster OpenLiteSpeed Technology.

🔶 Get the Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology that provides a faster read/write speed for your websites.

🔶Free LetsEncrypt SSLs for all your Domains are offered by NS1.bg to establish a private connection between the website and the visitors.

🔶 To help you keep your WordPress website secure from malicious online attacks, NS1.bg has built-in Advanced SSoS Protection Software.

🔶 Offer a zero Downtime, which in turn will improve the accessibility of your website at all times and get Top-notch security for your website as well.

🔶 24/7 Customer services via LiveChat and Ticketing ensure quick issue resolutions, providing an appealing WordPress hosting environment.

Plans and price

NS1.bg offers the above incredible Managed WordPress hosting features at the following Prices:

NS1.bg WP Plans

6. SuperHosting.bg – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Get Rock Solid Security, Free SSLs to all your Domains, and Free DDoS and Malware Security with SuperHosting.bg WordPress Hosting services. 

SuperHosting.bg also offers an easy-to-use Dashboard + One-click WordPress Installer and an amazing Application Monitoring tool to effortlessly handle the online store.


Furthermore, quick and responsive Customer support services ensure instant resolutions of any technical issue arising when getting hosting services for your online store.


Desiring to know more about the WordPress hosting services offered by SuperHosting.bg? Look at the list below:

🔶 Keep the financial Data of your customers safe and secure with RockSolid Security technology backed by CloudFlare DDoS and Malware Protection.

🔶 Free Rapid SSLs for all your Domains + Free WP Plugins offers you seamless wordPress customizations to suit the requirement of your store.

🔶 24/7 support services to the users via LiveChat and Ticket support to resolve any technical issue arising due to difficult configuration.

🔶 Get Fast Content Delivery by Enabling Edge Caching with no extra configuration, or Plugin required to do so.

🔶 Data Centers in 4 major Continents provide multiple choices for users to choose data servers close to the website visitors to observe the lowest Latency.

🔶 Application Performance Monitoring Tool to visualize website issues and take care of them quickly.

🔶 Website Resources are automatically allocated to each site container using Site Container Technology.

Plans and Prices

The Plans and Prices offered by SuperHosting.bg for the WordPress hosting services are tabled as follows:

SuperHosting.bg WP Plans

7. Webcare360 – Fastest WordPress Hosting in Bulgaria

Get DMCA-ignored servers Offshore WordPress Hosting for newbies having no technical knowledge is what you’ll get in Webcare360. 

Moreover, you get High-speed hosting so that your customers always enjoy a smooth surfing experience that is delivered by Webcare360, powered by seamless scalable web resources.


Along with the high-speed hosting, users get CloudFlare CDN for faster Page loading and 100+ One Click WP plugin Installations with the web hosting services of Webcare360 in Bulgaria.


Want to know more features about the WordPress hosting offered by Webcare360? Here is the list of some main specifics:

🔶One Click Staging Site enables you to make Risk-free changes without impacting the user’s activities on the live website.

🔶 Painless Free Migration of your Website from another hosting provider to Webcare without any hindrance.

🔶 Get Easy AutoScaling to adjust your hosting resources and keep your website accessible and responsive at all times.

🔶 Webcare360 provides WP Sale-Boosting Premium Plugins to customize your Website as per the requirements.

🔶 Unlimited Access given to your website ensures 24/7 control and monitoring of your website by many admins.

🔶 Free SSLs for all your Domains ensure that the connection between the visitors and your website is encrypted and safe from online threats.

🔶 24/7 customer support services via LiveChat and Ticketing are provided by the expert team of webcare360 for users having technical issues.

Plans and Pricing 

The Plans and prices of WordPress Hosting services offered by Webcare360 are given as follows:

Webcare360 WP Plans

How to Choose WordPress Hosting Services in Bulgaria?

Choosing the right WordPress hosting in Bulgaria is a very important decision to make as it impacts the performance and security of your clients’ websites.

Below are the key factors that one should keep in mind when selecting the best WordPress hosting solutions:

  • Firstly, make sure that the Data Centers of the WordPress hosting provider is located in Bulgaria or any of the European Countries (especially in Czech/ the Netherlands/ London/ Germany).
  • Secondly, select a hosting provider that allows you to scale your resources (in other words, upgrade your resources) as per the requirements of the website.
  • Pick a WordPress hosting provider that offers SSD technology storage for faster Loading time and responsive websites along with Zero Downtime for 24/7 website accessibility.
  • Want Automatic Backups, updates, and security management? Then, Pick a Managed WordPress hosting Provider. If you can manage the handling of your website on your own, then you can Go for an Unmanaged WordPress Hosting Provider.
  • Choose a Premium WordPress hosting provider that offers a staging environment, allowing you to test changes or updates of the website before bringing them live.
  • Select the WordPress hosting company that has a good reputative hosting background among the potential customers. (Do not forget to read the WordPress hosting providers Review articles and Pricing policy before choosing).  

If the factors stated above are followed well, then you can get yourself a smooth, fast, and highly secure WordPress hosting provider in Bulgaria. 

FAQs- Best WordPress hosting in Bulgaria June,2024

How to look for WordPress hosting in Bulgaria?

In order to look for WordPress hosting services in Bulgaria, follow the instructions given below:

  • Review the features and User FeedBack of the web hosting service providers mentioned here in this article.
  • Go to the official website of the web hosting provider that has data centers in Bulgaria.
  • Click the WordPress hosting Tab > Choose the appropriate plan as per the requirement of the website.

Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade my hosting plan?

Yes! The WordPress hosting service provider in Bulgaria, like ScalaHosting, offers Highly Scalable Plans. You can easily upgrade and downgrade the web resources of your WordPress Hosting services. 

Is customer support available in Bulgaria?

Yes, Customer Support services are available to the users opting for WordPress hosting services in Bulgaria, Round-the-clock via Live Chat and Ticket Support system. 

Apart from Bulgarian, The customer support expert team offers the support services in English and other European Languages as well.

Do local Bulgaria servers provide an SEO advantage?

Absolutely yes! The Data server location in Bulgaria helps the users to get a heavy influx of traffic from Bulgaria or any other nearby countries offering Zero latency and minimum Downtime to the visitors of the website.

The lowest Latency also offers an SEO advantage to the WordPress website and ensures the Best Rank in the search Engines.

Conclusion- Best WordPress Hosting Bulgaria June,2024

By now, we have successfully been able to decode the top 7 Best WordPress hosting in Bulgaria that not only offer TopNotch Security technology and seamless storage infrastructure but also offer premium managed WordPress plugins + user-friendly interface and quick money-back guarantee, giving newbies a very easy to handle hosting atmosphere for the website.

RankCompanyGoogieHost Review RatingStarting PriceVisit Site
1ScalaHosting4.7$2.95/moVisit Now
2LiquidWeb4.1$21/moVisit Now
3UltaHost4.8$2.90/moVisit Now
4Impreza4.1$7/moVisit Now
5NS1.bg3.9$6.45/moVisit Now
6SuperHosting.bg3.9€4/moVisit Now
7Webcare3604.1€4.49/moVisit Now

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