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The new world is now the internet, and you ought to stick to it, and so does your business. Without sticking with the technological advancements, your business might not show its potential. All you have to do is start a website.

Developing a website might require you to be an expert or might cost you money to hire a professional. But all of this does not have to be complicated. After you build your site, you need to put it up on the internet to make it available to your customers.

As a beginner or an expert, we assume that most of you would turn to WordPress for your website. Wouldn’t you want a hosting compatible with WordPress, which would make your website experience even more accessible? 

You got lucky because we found some fine hosting service providers that could help you save your money and energy on building a website and running it. The hosting we suggest is Hostinger. 

Let us now go further in this Hostinger review to know why and how it will help you. The hosting we suggest is Hostinger. 

About Hostinger 

 🚀 SpeedFrom Singapore Server 1.52 to 2.05 sec
⏰ Uptime100% uptime in the past 365 days, which is excellent
🌎 Data CenterUSA, Netherlands, Singapore, India, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Brazil
👩🏻‍💻 SupportVia Email, Ticket, Call Support, and Knowledge Base
🔰 SecurityImunify360, BitNinja and an in-House Firewall
💳 Payment MethodBitcoin, Visa, Discover, PayPal
♻️ Refund Policy30-days full refund*
💰PricingStarting from $2.99/m
Hostinger Overview

Being founded in 2011, Hostinger has a long enough experience to provide you with numerous web hosting services with the best quality possible. With a vision to make life easier for developers and their customers, it provides services to thousands of businesses across 150 countries. 

Hostinger provides you with all you need to host a website: speed, security, constant customer support, etc. It aims to create the next-gen WordPress-optimised web hosting platform

Hostinger Review

Its self-developed control panel, hPanel, it has complete control over all settings and passes it on to you as an alternative to cPanel. This also helped Hostinger gain immense growth in the past couple of years. 

This platform lets you create your custom plans by suggesting features per your use or requirements. 

To assess the claims made by Hostinger about its services, we have formed this review with thorough testing and analysis. Let us dig deeper into this Hostinger review to learn more. 

Read on for the full Speed test and Analysis report of this Hostinger Review and see if Hostinger is the right host for you or not.

Speed Test and Analysis for Hostinger 

While choosing a hosting service provider, you must make sure that it has the potential to offer your customers the best speed. This is because the search engine prioritizes faster loading websites, and it ranks your websites on top based on SEO and speed

To ensure that Hostinger satisfies your website speed requirements, we performed specific tests on different parameters, and those results are discussed below: 

Hostinger User Interface

We know that not all of us are techies and do not have the required knowledge to build and run a website. In such situations, hosting, which does most of our work by itself and provides an easy-to-use interface, is a boon. 

To check whether the interface provided by Hostinger is user-friendly or not, we went through its systems ourselves. To use its complete interface, you must first have an account. Only then will you have access to all of the features. 

The website we hosted on Hostinger is provided with this interface in the picture below. All its facilities are displayed on the top to choose from. 

Hostinger review Interface

The details of your website and plans are displayed on a bar on the left. 

It categorizes items and then presents them to you to save the confusion. If you are still confused, you have the search bar on the top right to go through.

Hostinger Speed Test

As we discussed earlier, speed is crucial when it comes to websites. The longer your customers wait on your website, the faster they lose interest. Your website must have an optimum speed to rank higher as search engines favour faster websites. 

To provide you with authentic information about this platform, we performed tests to check its speed on GTmetrix. It is a reliable website that can calculate the performance of your website. 

You need to go to GTmetrix’s official website, type out your URL and wait for it to calculate your website score. 

We tested our website hosted on Hostinger on GTmetrix. And here is what we found. 

Hostinger Review Speed Test

GTmetrix, as you can see, has rated our website A. The overall performance is rated 100%. The ‘Structure’ category rates the structure of the website and how well it is designed to perform. Since our website is hosted on Hostinger, it has a score of 100%, it is built pretty well. 

LCP and TBT show the website’s time to load the largest content and run the scripts. The score on our website has it far below average, so the speed is excellent. The last category, CLS, is suggested to be less than 1 second, but on our website, it is 0.

So, we can understand through the test results that Hostinger is faster than most of the hostings in case of speed. Let us see if it stands like this on other grounds. 

Hostinger Uptime Test 

An efficient uptime is crucial when you aim to run a business at all day hours and ensure its growth. At any minute when your business is not available to your customers, you lose them.

Hostinger review Uptime Test 

Hostinger ensures that you do not lose any of your potential customers by providing a 99.9% uptime. We checked whether this claim was correct on our website hosted on Hostinger several times a day and recorded it. 

The results showed that it gave about 100% of uptime. In fact, we hardly experienced any downtime during the course of our experiment.

Hostinger Load Handling

As you build your website, you keep adding new features and good-quality content. The more content you add, the more bandwidth your website will need. In turn, it will put more and more load on your site overall including the traffic as well as the content. 

As you know, good quality comes in a big size. So, it must be capable of handling that amount of load and still maintain its speed. 

Hostinger Review Load Handling

Hostinger offers load handling support, as we see in the GTmetrix result. Our website is well developed and has plenty of good quality content, yet it has a great loading speed since being hosted on Hostinger. 

Security Analysis 

As you keep your money safe from people who might take it away from you, you must also care for your content, as your data might also experience attacks. These attacks could be viruses, DDoS and more.

Hostinger ensures that your website does not experience such attacks by offering SSL certificates to make secure connections, Cloudflare CDN, and DDoS protection. All of these work together to keep your data safe from attacks. 

Customer Support

It is excellent and less stressful when we know that we have someone who will always have our back and give us all the support we need. The same goes with hostings. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will face a situation when you are stuck with an issue. This might not always have to be during the working hours. 

Customer Support

Hostinger has an expert customer support team to offer you technical assistance at any hour of the day. The customer support team is available to you 24/7 a year. So do not worry if it is 3:00 am or 4:00 pm or any other hour of the day; just drop a mail to the Customer Success Team. 

Hostinger Server Response Time

We are back to speed again, and why not? Speed is one of the most crucial factors that determine the success of your website. A customer must not be kept waiting for your website to load; this can cause a loss of interest. 

Hostinger Server Response Time

As suggested by Google Core Web Fundamentals, a website must not exceed 200ms of response time, and exceeding 300ms could be dangerous and could cause a loss in business. The ideal time is suggested to be around 100ms.

We tested the server response time of Hostinger and recorded it for an extended period. The results were pretty impressive. 

The graph always stayed nearer to 0ms. So we can say through this Hostinger review that this platform maintains an excellent speed of your website as it claims. 

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Hostinger Data Centers Location 

Hostinger has several Data centers located on most continents. So make sure you choose the closest one to most of your customers.

Hostinger Data Centers Location 
  • The USA
  • The Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Lithuania
  • The United Kingdom
  • Brazil

What Type of Web Hosting Does Hostinger offer

The list of hostings provided by Hostinger is pretty lengthy. If we discussed it, we would have to go on and on and on. So let us mention most of them and discuss a few.

Let us discuss a few of the hostings mentioned above. 

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Web Hostings – [ 80% OFF ]

Web hosting by Hostinger is designed for small and medium websites. It has three plans under it. These three plans provide you with free SSL certificates, a refund policy, WordPress acceleration, managed hostings, and more. 

Hostinger Web Hostings

These are just a few things in common among the three plans. These plans can cost you anywhere from $1.99 to $4.99 per month. 

VPS Plans – [ 61% OFF ]

You can compare and select out of the many VPS plans that Hostinger Offers.

Hostinger VPS Plans

Starting at $3.49/month as its basic plan, there are many plans they offer and have curated according to the customer demands, going up to $77.99/month as its most advanced plan.

Cloud Hosting – [ 70% OFF ]

Cloud Hosting by Hostinger is designed for large-scale projects, including features on bigger scales. It is designed for businesses on all levels, be it a start-up, professional, or enterprise; these are the three plans. 

hostinger cloud hosting

They let you host 300 websites, free domains, Cloudflare CDN, and more. It may cost you $9.99 to $29.99 per month. 

WordPress Hosting [ 80% Off ]

This hosting is an optimized solution for WordPress hosting. Hostinger knows that millions of people favour WordPress for their websites, and therefore it makes it easier for you to handle your WordPress website. 

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting’s four plans are for beginners, personal websites, small businesses, and small and medium businesses, and they have features designed keeping WordPress in mind. The plans cost about $1.99 to $11.59 per month. 

Apart from the standard plans of Hostinger, you can create your plans as per your needs. Hostinger will also act as a helping hand here by suggesting features to you as per your use. 


A domain name is the address of your website. Your customers would search for your website through the domain name or the service you provide. So it is crucial to opt for a domain name that resonates with your product. 

Hostinger Domain

Hostinger is a popular provider of hostings, but apart from that, it also offers several domain-related services. Such as

  • Domain registration
  • Domain transfer
  • WHOIS lookup

In this Hostinger Review, we will discuss the first two. 

Register Domain 

As we discussed earlier, Hostinger helps you register your domain names. To register a domain name, you must go to its official website, click on the ‘Domain’ option on the top bar and choose ‘Domain checker’.

Here you will be able to check if the domain you want is available, and if it is, you can quickly get it registered with a small price that differs from domain to domain.

Hostinger will also provide you with suggestions on creating a perfect domain name, so do not worry; you will be guided throughout the process. 

Transfer Domain 

So you do not like your current domain? No problem. Hostinger has got your back here as well. It helps you transfer your domain as quickly as possible. To register your domain, you choose ‘domain checker’; this time, click on ‘domain transfer’.

Hostinger Review Transfer Domain

You can quickly get your domain transferred to Hostinger within a few minutes. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel and provides you with tips on performing a successful domain transfer. 

Key Features of Hostinger Hosting 

We have looked at many of the services that Hostinger provides, by now. It’s time for us to look at its key features in this Hostinger Review. 

Key Features of Hostinger Hosting 

Free Migration

After spending a considerable amount of time on a particular hosting service provider, you might wish to change to something that is more affordable and offers a lot more features. Moreover, certain hosting providers have hefty renewal fees and it is just not feasible for everyone to continue with it anymore.

But do not worry, you don’t have to stay stuck in such a situation. With Hostinger, you can quickly get your website migrated for free from any other hosting to this platform without wasting time.


Losing your content can be devastating as it is your work of hours, months, or years. A loss in your content due to some malfunction or mistake could also affect you financially. In such situations, having a backup will help you get through.

To ensure that you had access to your data even when you lost it due to some unfortunate circumstances, Hostinger performs scheduled backups. It performs daily backups with many plans to keep every small unit of your data safe. 

Litespeed WordPress Module

Hostinger provides you with the best WordPress services by designing its plans to be compatible with WordPress. It offers you Litespeed servers and tools that are optimized for WordPress. These are called custom-built advanced WordPress optimization tools. 

This platform has plans designed to work with WordPress, so feel free to try them with your WordPress websites. 

Control Panel – hPanel

It can be difficult to work with hostings when you are a starter and have merely any knowledge of it. An easy-to-use interface and control panel could be the most significant help in such situations. 

Control Panel - hPanel

To help you work efficiently without any experience, Hostinger has developed its control panel hPanel.

So that the control panel is built to suit the hosting and your website. The hPanel is localized in 17 languages, so you do not worry about language barriers. 


Please do not keep your data open for people to access and then damage it. With Hostinger, you get the most out of the security system with CloudLinux and LVE containerized environment, complete DDoS protection, automated website backups, auto-updates, and self-built WAF.

With these tools in hand, your data is far from any threats that could cause you any content or financial damage. 

Hostinger Refund Policy 

So we discussed the situation earlier where you found that the hosting service you bought was not fulfilling your hosting needs and then migrated to Hostinger. But did you get your money back? You did not get your money’s worth, so by any chance, did they return your money? We do not expect most of them to do it, at least not after a month of purchasing, but Hostinger does. 

Hostinger Review Refund Policy 

Yes, Hostinger provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can choose a plan, use it for a few days, and if you do not like it, you can always get your money back within 30 days of purchasing. Although this refund policy has some terms and conditions applied

Pros & Cons – Hostinger Review

Now let us list the pros and cons we encountered while forming this Hostinger Review. 


  • Free SSL Certificates.
  • Free migrations.
  • Refund policy.
  • Domain transfer and registration.
  • Daily and weekly backups.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Self-developed control panel. 


  • Daily backups are not provided with all plans.
  • Does not suit mobile phones. 
  • No availability of dedicated hosting. 

Why Should You Choose Hostinger for your Website?

We have reached the near end of this Hostinger review, and by now, you must have encountered plenty of reasons you should choose it for your website. Let us tell you a few reasons that we found convincing. 

Hostinger has been around for a long time and has a lot of hosting experience to resolve any of your queries with its 24/7 customer support. It offers plenty of hosting services.

Besides, it also provides domain-related tasks. So it can be considered an all-in-one platform for your website. The best part is that it helps you build your website, so we recommend it for your website. 

FAQs: Hostinger Review

Who owns Hostinger?

Hostinger is an employee-owned Web hosting provider.  It was established in 2004 with the original name Hosting Media. The key people behind the company are Arnas Stuopelis (CEO) Balys Christian (CTO), and Domantas Berzhansky (CFO).

Is Hostinger safe and legit?

Yes, it is entirely safe and legal. It follows all legal requirements and also helps you stay aware of your legal rights and remedies. All of their policies including cookie policy, privacy policy, and abuse handling policy are clearly followed and stated. You can read all their legal terms on their website. 

How many visitors can Hostinger handle?

It can handle high traffic with ease. This could be because they have a large number of data centers and servers. With thousands of requests, it can still maintain the loading speed of less than a second. This could be because of the data centers, PHP speed boost, SSD storage, Litespeed WP module, Cloudflare CDN, etc. 

How Is Hostinger So Cheap?

Because it has many data centers and servers. And its goal is to reach everyone’s requirements. It offers many services that could cost plenty for free, which makes Hostinger plans even cheaper. 

Who Should Buy Hostinger?

People at all levels can buy Hostinger. If you are a beginner, start with the most basic plan and move forward. Shared hosting could be the best at the beginning because it is cheaper and handles some quantity of requests pretty well, further you can move ahead with other plans as your website grows. 

Does Hostinger provide CDN with its web hosting?

Yes, it provides Cloudflare CDN, so you can expect the fastest delivery of your content on your website. This is one of the reasons for its fast speed service since the connection is strong through long distances. 

Where is the Base company located for Hostinger?

It is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Florianópolis, and Brazil. You must make sure that you choose the one that is closest to the majority of your customers to ensure faster and smoother connection and service. 

What is the uptime guarantee of Hostinger?

It offers 99.9% uptime, and that ensures that you will not lose any customers throughout the day. Having near to 100% uptime is crucial as your customers could want to visit your website any time of the day and being unavailable could cause you a loss of customers. 

Which is the Best Hostinger Plan and Server?

It depends upon your requirements. But as a beginner, the standard or the basic plan would be best. Hostinger provides several plans that are specified by the purpose it would suit, so make sure you check the one that you want and if it does satisfy your list of requirements, buy it. 

How to Order Hosting from Hostinger? 

You must first make an account on Hostinger and then quickly place an order for a plan. The account setup is pretty easy and can be done quickly.

The interface provided by Hostinger is user-friendly, once you buy a plan it will clearly display it on your dashboard. 

How long does it take to activate my Hostinger account?

It takes about 5 minutes to set up your account. And starts working right away. Since Hostinger provides about 99.9% uptime, it does not waste any time in setting up your account and gets running within minutes. 

Hostinger vs. Chemicloud, which is better and why?

It depends on your hosting requirements. If the services offered by Hostinger suit your requirements then it could be the best one for you. It has numerous plans specifically for particular purposes, so that is a plus point with Hostinger. 

Conclusion: Hostinger Review 

Hostinger, as we saw till now, is an employee-owned hosting service provider that has been in business since 2011. It provides its services worldwide to about 29 million users daily. It has seven data centers spread across the globe and several servers. 

It provides many hosting plans that differ in purpose, features, and prices. It offers free SSL certificates, Cloudflare CDN, DDoS protection, and more to ensure the security of your data and SSD to ensure the speed and a lot more things that can leave you in awe!

So after reading this Hostinger Review, what are your views on it?

Before walking up to that store a mile away, you would first look for that shirt on the internet. It is more likely that an online website will provide the product to you without walking or driving to the store. Your customers will choose to do the same since they like you to seek comfort and ease of doing things. 

The new world is now the internet, and you ought to stick to it, and so does your business. Without sticking with the technological advancements, your business might not show its potential. All you have to do is start a website.

Developing a website might require you to be an expert or might cost you money to hire a professional. But all of this does not have to be complicated. After you build your site, you need to put it up on the internet to make it available to your customers.

As a beginner or an expert, we assume that most of you would turn to WordPress for your website. Wouldn’t you want a hosting compatible with WordPress, which would make your website experience even more accessible? 

You got lucky because we found some fine hosting service providers that could help you save your money and energy on building a website and running it. The hosting we suggest is Hostinger. 

Let us now go further in this Hostinger review to know why and how it will help you. The hosting we suggest is Hostinger. 

Mamta is a writer, blogger and hosting geek. She loves to explore and test the many hosting companies that are in the industry. When she’s not testing web hosts, she is found researching new companies or exploring new marketing trends while working on developing new skills.

27 User Reviews on

Hostinger Review

  1. Muito ruim o suporte e o serviço

    Usei por mais de um ano a hosting e tive o pior do atendimento e suporte desta empresa. A velocidade do meu serviço foi péssimamente executada. Por várias vezes entrei em contato com o suporte e não obtive resposta ou mesmo quando obtinha era vago e sem responder de fato meus questionamentos. Os pontos positivos foi poder usar e configurar sem dificuldade, tudo é intuitivo e muito prático, mas se precisar de ajuda, quem te atende não sabe lidar com pessoas, essa foi a minha experiência e por este motivo nunca mais renovei.

  2. Fast and Affordable

    Amazing and fast hosting. I’m using hostinger hosting for last 3 years and I’m very satisfied from their services. I would also like to mention their support as every time they helped me to figure out my queries in a timely manner.

  3. Amazing

    Excellent experience, dedicated customer care, and satisfaction. I must recommend it to other friends. Amazing experience, dedicated customer care, and satisfaction. I must recommend it to other friends.

  4. Hostinger

    Hostinger is a well-rounded, SMB-friendly web host that features high-quality customer service and uptime. However, you must look elsewhere for powerful, dedicated servers.

  5. superb hosting

    Hostinger is superb hosting when it comes to service, support, price and speed. It is a very good hosting service provider and one of the top in India !!!

  6. Best Services

    Hostinger is best hosting service providers in terms of service and support. Really happy with it and always recommend to others for hosting apps on it.

  7. Best Hosting on the Internet

    I’ve used other hosting sites that claim to be the best but you guys don’t just “talk the talk” you actually deliver on your promises. Keep up the great work you do.

  8. I used a while back its meh

    Compared to my friends who are using other hosts, its “Meh” others are cheaper and offer a bit more free stuff, In my opinion i would use hostinger for its reliability and features, NOTE: I HAVE NOT USED SUPPORT BUT OTHERS SAY ITS GOOD, Please check other reviews to check the support ratings.

  9. competitively priced

    It’s is competitively priced in the market but lacks some premium features and more options

  10. Best Hosting Platform

    I have been using Hostinger for my assignments and persona stutts for 2 years and I am very happy to be given the space to rate them, trust me, as an IT expert, this is one of the tools I use to make my works in web development very easier and faster, I recommend all developers to get their hands wet with Hostinger for a better change, it’s user friendly too.

  11. superb hosting

    Hostinger is superb hosting when it comes to service, support, price and speed. It is a very good hosting service provider and one of the top in India !!!

  12. Great Experience

    It was a wonderful experience, I really loved the way and easiness available here. Really user friendly. Keep up the good work. I always look forward to have such websites on board.

  13. best Hosting site

    Without a doubt that Hostinger is the best hosting provider in the whole IT world for me.

  14. My experience about hostinger

    Well hostinger was my first hosting service provider.
    That time I was beginner , I started at 2017 , it was new experience for but but after one year I got much more experience and then I found hostinger really helpful and a service provider with quality.

    Their are some points i like about hostinger are :-

    1. Very easy to setup.
    2. Good user experience
    3. Good up time for hosting
    4. Very affordable price according to me.
    5. Best for beginners

    According to me you must try hoatinger for your hosting purpose, currently, I have purchased another domain from hosting which was lowest from all the other providers.

    In one word hostinger provide quality of service and trust .

  15. excellent perfomence

    excellent performance

  16. Es un hosting decente

    Dentro de lo que cabe es aceptable, pero necesita mejorar sus precios

  17. Most reliable

    I find hostinger the most reliable and worth hosting platform.

  18. Good Hosting Company

    I use hostinger is easy to use and have a good customers support

  19. Lowest price in the market

    I was searching for a web host which provides web hosting in budget and also provides us a custom control panel as I was fed up with traditional cPanels

  20. Great Hosting

    Great Hosting Service provider with a quality service for an affordable price. Although the support team is at time unresponsive, overall the features provided is good.

  21. easy to use

    its easy to use but now showing lag in opening

  22. PRO

    In 1 word it provides excellent as a beginner I was able to host website in few mins. Excellent customer service.

  23. Hostinger is a very good & trusted site.

    They offer very cheap plans starting from 3 dollars a month! What I like that they DON’T use cPanel for management, and there is no limit for uploading files, so I could upload my code without the 10mb limit in some hosting companies! Also, they have a one click WordPress installer so that is a VERY important feature for me, so I can ease my WordPress install instead of just uploading the files manually! Thank you Hostinger! 😀😇 💜
    Price: 5/5

  24. Hostinger Review

    hm. i do,t know where to start but as I have used it myself I bought their web hosting plan hosting was fast so delays I was able to get my site online fast. Had Some Problems and contacted their support was not that fast but my problem was solved had some issues with the FTP account. but overall it was good.

  25. Excellent Uptime

    In our testing over a two-week period, Hostinger proved itself a reliable web hosting service. In fact, our test site didn’t go down once during the 14-day observation period. The company guarantees a 99.9% server uptime rate, so, you should be able to count on Hostinger to keep your website online

  26. untrustworthy

    There are constantly different people involved in a single case/ticket replying with pre-written answers to keep you in the loop. Meanwhile, your problem is not solved and you are stuck in the wheel to explain the case to the next operator.

  27. Hostinger Subscriber Review

    I just recently signed up for the hosting and domain service with Hostinger and from my experiences with other Hosting companies, Hostinger has the most user-friendly sign-up experience with great customer support if you are stuck in any point of the sign up process.
    I can definitely recommend Hostinger to anyone looking for a Hosting company they can rely on


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