Best Free Web Hosting Provider 2022 – Reliable and Secured

Web hosting is an important ingredient to get your site up and running 365 days a year, so compare the best free web hosting providers is essential here because it helps you save a lot of money.

Hosting accounts do come at a fair price to high price; there is no argument here.

In case, if you are planning to run a business website, then unlimited free web hosting packages are available online, but if you are into a serious web publishing business, then avoid free hosting.

Compare Best Free Web Hosting Providers

Now, what makes free unlimited web hosting a better choice for your business? Now there is too many free website hosting provider online, but only a few of them have what it takes to provide you with quality of service.

Assume you want to use WordPress as CMS for your site, then you need a free WordPress hosting package to get your website online.

1. Compare

The best way to identify the quality of the hosting service is by comparing and reading reviews from trusted sources.

Overall years, when we used many free hosting websites, disappointment became a common factor. Please Compare Best Free Web Hosting Providers below-

2. UnlimitedFreeHost

You should always target free hosting no ads because some of the hosting companies prefer to display advertisements on the website you have created.

Unfortunately, many hosting websites offer you free web hosting with cPanel, but none of them have unlimited disk space offers, and you cannot blame the company because they are already giving you everything for free.

However, it is the limit of a certain company, but there are also many companies that give you free unlimited web hosting because they are much bigger in infrastructure or they have better monetization plans.

If you are looking for free unlimited web hosting, then you need to look at the UnlimitedFreeHost, who are currently allowing the free users to take the full-advantage package.

Pro Free Host

Pro Free Host is another unlimited free web hosting site that offers a wide range of services, but the attraction is their free web hosting, which comes with several features like PHP hosting, WordPress hosting, and more.

About Pro Free Host

The company has added free hosting services because they want to grow their user base and popularity among the community. They don’t even have premium services, which could be the primary reason behind their success, and it is a free web hosting India.

The company aims to provide unlimited space and bandwidth with a free website builder that helps you organize your website smooth and elegant.


About Ohosti

One of the reasons why you should go for the Ohosti because it offers unlimited free web hosting, free PHP hosting, unlimited bandwidth, an unlimited email database, unlimited cPanel accounts, and more.

Remember, Ohosti does not have dedicated customer care for the users because they cannot put their money on a free plan, which will rip the company off within a month or so, so you cannot expect any support from the team.

The most interesting part, which we have liked about it is the free domain hosting. You can get a free domain name, and the TLDs are.TK /.ML /.GA /.COM / ,and .NET. Isn’t that amazing?

The Ohosti claims that they have 99.9% uptime, which is one of the major factors why you should go with this hosting site.

The reason behind our suggestion is because free web hosting with cPanel usually have drawbacks like uptime, which is worse than you can imagine.

Many cheap hosting companies have downtime in every ten minutes, which we have faced years back.


About Noadshosting

Unlike other free WordPress hosting sites, Noadshosting does not offer an unlimited package, but the storage offered is still good (20GB.)

The company selling point is free hosting no ads, which was a major issue with many companies, but not anymore, so we don’t see much of a difference in it.

However, they have decent uptime, which makes it an ideal package for free users. Since the company does not force you to add display advertisements on your site; you are secured.

They also offer a free domain name, but there is a catch to it!

As you know that no company can afford to offer free domain names because it does cost them money, so the No ads hosting holds a competition, which you can participate via the official Facebook page. A monthly random draft will be taken, so if you are a lucky winner, then you will get a free domain name.

Note: This type of Hosting company is not reliable.


You can compare best free web hosting, then come to the final decision. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.


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