9 Best SSD VPS Hosting Provider in 2023 – [Reviewed]

Moving towards a better world with the latest technology, SSD drives are the new form of traditional HDD drives. SSD drives have made working easier and calmer. 

With a better speed to retain customers on your website to share files in no time, all of this and a lot more comes with SSD, making it a choice of millions of users nowadays. Because your website using HDD will operate slower than SSD, it’s an obvious choice! 

A great working environment with no potential clients to lose assures the website’s success. Further, learn more about SSD drives and the web hosting providers offering VPS hosting services.

What is SSD VPS Hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is when the user is assigned a part of private space over the server with premium resources to host their website with ease, speed, and privacy. 

And when a VPS Hosting provider offers SSD drives with their hosting services, it is called SSD VPS Hosting. Hence, it’s time to know some renowned Best SSD VPS Hostings in the market!

What is SSD  VPS

Too busy for the full read? Here’s the BEST SSD VPS Hosting for 2023.

Kamatera – Kamatera is one of the market’s most trusted and reliable service providers. Along with its affordable plans, you can also have 30-day free trial to get an exact idea about their features.

InterServer – Based on its 23 years of experience in the market, Interserver has built custom plans to provide suitable services to all customers, making it the top pick among all technology enthusiasts.

YouStable – In a market where every service provider was selling hosting services at high costs, YouStable entered the market with its astonishingly affordable plans.

9 Best SSD VPS Hosting (Updated 2023)

Here are some companies providing SSD VPS hosting with feature-filled and affordable plans:

1. Kamatera- Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial 

With amazing features like instant setup, affordable pricing, Cutting-edge solution, and continuous innovation, Kamatera has become one of the most trusted VPS hosting service providers in the market. 

Established in 1995, it has been more than 25 years of reliable services and trust that Kamatera has built among its customers to make itself stand apart from the competition. 

Kamatera provides you with amazing facilities to grow yourself with a fast pace, it also allows you to instantly join their services through a 30-Days free trial

Kamatera About


Here in this section, we have listed the best features that make Kamatera different from the other service providers in the market.

Fast SSD Drives : with a commitment to using the latest hardware technology, Kamatera blazing fast resources like the fast SSD drive for storage.

Maximum Uptime Guarantee : to provide you with better performance and availability of your website on the internet, it lets you enjoy a 99.95% uptime guarantee, which is really fantastic!

High-Performance Servers : If we dig out the reason behind their blazing fast speed, they will out to be the high-servers and best-in-class data centers. They build their data centers at the best location possible.

Some which include
* United States
* Isreal
* Europe
* Canada
* Asia

📌 We will recommend you to read Kamatera reviews to understand everything about its services in detail. 

 Plans And Price

Price RAM Disk space Bandwidth 
$4/Month1 GB RAM 20 GB SSD 1TB 
$8/month2 GB RAM 30 GB SSD 1TB 
$12/Month3 GB RAM 40 GB SSD1TB 

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2. Liquid Web – Unrivalled Hosting Performance

A hosting provider entirely dedicated to web and cloud experts, Liquid Web.

Liquid Web’s products, services, and support are created especially for aimed websites, shops, and applications. With 250+ skilled administrators, engineers, and technicians who are committed to making your life easier so you can concentrate on the task you love and are empowered to do so rather than worrying about the website working. 

Liquidweb About


The features offered by Liquid Web :

InterWorx offers unlimited sites : Get comprehensive server control and unified hosting management for all your servers and websites with Liquid Web.

Plesk and cPanel : With system-level control that includes automated upgrades, maintenance and other determining factors, one can enjoy any of those control panels with managed VPS hosting.

Cloudflare : Utilises a global server network to control load and boost performance on your VPS by using the perfect and suitable CDN.

Built-in Firewall : With firewalls serving as the first line of protection to shield your managed VPS hosting from dangerous internet traffic, you can ensure business security.

Standard Defense Against DDoS Attacks : Get real-time monitoring to control traffic and protect your managed VPS hosting and website from unplanned attacks.

Role Access : Take complete control of your managed server environment by gaining root-level access to your VPS hosting.

Easily Scalable : With a minimum downtime on your server, upgrade or downgrade your managed VPS service as per your website’s needs.

📌 You can go through LiquidWeb review to understand the complete picture of their service’s quality. 

Plans And Price

The table of plans and pricing offered by Liquid Web’s SSD VPS Hosting:

2 vCPU Cores4 vCPU Cores8 vCPU Cores8 vCPU Cores
40 GB SSD Storage100 GB SSD Storage150 GB SSD Storage200 GB SSD Storage
10 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth

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3. InterServer- Get Started with At $0.01 For First Month

Interserver was established in 1999 to provide best-in-class servers in the market. With time, Interserver has grown at a remarkable speed, thanks to its amazing features and cutting-edge technology. 

In terms of SSD VPS hosting, Interserver has been one of the top preferences among technology enthusiasts due its commitment to consistent innovation and quality services. 

Interserver About


In this section, we have discussed some of their best features which will help you to get an exact idea about the services.

Full Control : To access your assigned server efficiently, Interserver lets you fully control your server.

Lightening Fast Loading Speed : Interserver lets you enjoy blazing fast speed and performance by using the best-in-class hardware technology.

Dedicated Resources : Just sit and relax! Your website runs without interruption or downtime on the internet, all thanks to the dedicated resources you are getting with their services.

Top-Notch Security : With features like full DDoS protection, firewall, full malware and malicious script protection, Intersrver makes your website strong enough to run over the internet without being hacked or forceful stoppage.

Since we know exactly their features let’s quick jump on their plans and prices.

📌 You can also check out Interserver review to ensure yourself making a wise decision. 

Plans And Price

$6.00 /Month$12.00/Month$18.00/Month$24.00/Month

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4. YouStable – Best VPS Customer Support 

In the hosting business since 2015, YouStable, a company set up in India, is one of the best and most affordable web hosting providers and has been topping the charts ever since. 

They provide full root access with options to choose operating systems, control panels, and a lot more. To look further into their feature-filled plans, let’s explore the features offered by them in their VPS Hosting

YouStable About


Features offered by YouStable:

DDoS Protection : With the best DDoS Protected VPS Servers in the market, you can proactively defend your website from unknown and unknown attacks. 

Supercharged NVMe SSD Drives : NVMe Drives offer better storage and quick access. Improve the speed of your website with these super-fast SSD drives. 

SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt : Ensure your website’s credibility and protect your customers’ data. 

Free Migration : YouStable offers free migration from another web hosting provider to its Virtual Private Servers, which have an intuitive control interface and other features. 

Superior Control Panel : Various control panels, including cPanel, DirectAdmin, and others, are accessible to provide a better user experience.

24/7 Assistance : Calling a dedicated support team is all it takes. Contact YouStable’s customer service by phone, live chat, ticket, or email.

📌 We have tested its server’s quality with results in the YouStable review. Consider reading it carefully to understand whether it will suit your website or not. 

Plans And Price

Here is the table of the plans and pricing offered by YouStable’s SSD VPS Hosting:

vStart vProvPopular vElite vStable 
1v CPU 2v CPU 4v CPU 4v CPU6v CPU
Bandwidth750 GBBandwidth1.5 TBBandwidth1.75 TBBandwidth2 TBBandwidth2.5 TB

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5. A2 Hosting – 20x Faster with a 99.9% Uptime

Founded in 2003, A2Hosting started with VPS hosting, leading to managed VPS hosting launch, then going International and introducing NVMe SSD-driven hosting to get bare metal dedicated servers on board. 

They provide everything that a customer may be looking for. 

A2 Hosting has been the number one choice of search engines and users and has won various renowned awards to get there. Still maintaining consistency, A2 Hosting is doing wonders in the field of web hosting!

A2 Hosting About


The features of A2 Hosting:

The features of A2 Hosting:

20X faster Turbo : Better SEO rankings, fewer bounce rates, and higher conversion rates result from the turbo boost. 

Solutions for SSD VPS Hosting : Utilize solid-state drives for optimum performance.

Creator Friendly : They offer the most advanced technology that are used by the most widely used development tools.

Uptime Commitment of 99.9% : A2 Hosting is the host you can depend on with ultra-reliable servers!

Free Account Migration : A2 Hosting can move your site to A2 Hosting for free in most cases and types of hostings. 

📌 Checkout A2Hosting review to understand everything about its service’s in detail!! 

Plans And Price

Here are the table of the plans and pricing of A2 Hosting’s SSD VPS Hosting:

Lift 4 Lift 8Lift 16Mach 8
150GB SSD storage 250GB SSD storage 450GB SSD storage150GB NVMe SSD
2 TB Bandwidth 3TB Bandwidth 4TB Bandwidth 2TB Bandwidth 

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6. Bluehost – Best WordPress SSD VPS Hosting

One of the top providers of web hosting services is Bluehost. Since BlueHost’s establishment in 2003, they have consistently come up with fresh ideas for enabling people to utilise the online platform fully. 

Based in Orem, Utah, they offer complete tools to millions of users worldwide so that anyone, whether a beginner or an expert, can use the internet and succeed with their business. 

Bluehost Hosting


The features of BlueHost :

Unlimited hosting for domains and websites : Give yourself complete access to everything on the server and manage the server environment as per your needs by the VPS.

Dedicated Power : Every plan includes enough RAM, storage and other factors to fulfil the agenda. The server is only for the user to access and no one else. 

Easy and Simple to use Dashboard : One simple-to-use VPS panel contains all the tools you need to manage your websites, track performance, and more.

Unlimited Bandwidth : Your VPS websites can receive as much traffic as they like, provided that it adheres to BlueHost’s Acceptable Use Policy.

365-day VPS Support : Any question you may have, they must have already answered it through their knowledge base or the FAQs. They have a team of professionals eager to help you at all times. Their customer support is quite remarkable. 

Solid-state drives (SSD) : Virtual private servers with high-performance SSD hard drives for blazingly fast performance are provided by BlueHost to work a smooth and fast website.

📌 But we will recommend you to read the BlueHost review to understand whether it will be a wise decision for your website or not. 

Plans And Price

The screenshot of plans and pricing offered by BlueHost’s SSD VPS Hosting:

2 Cores2 Cores4 Cores
30 GB SSD Storage60 GB SSD Storage120 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Bandwidth2 TB Bandwidth3 TB Bandwidth

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 7. Vultr – Try Vultr for Free with $50 Credit

Vultr offers scalable, high-performance storage to your instance for far more flexible space management. 

High availability, redundancy, and SSD backing are all features of this hosting company, with a  lot more in the box for its users. They specialise in providing VPS hosting and all the hosting environment surrounding it. 

Vultr About


The features of Vultr :

Control with API : You will only have to pay for the services you use on an hourly basis. You can easily spin up and down with the API integration provided by Vultr.

Scalable and Adaptable : You may easily increase or decrease the amount of storage you need by adding or removing items, and you only pay for what you use.

Decentralized Design : Redundant architecture provides high-IO performance, which safeguards your data.

Accelerated performance from SSD : High-speed NVMe enterprise SSDs support Vultr Block Storage, providing your instance with high-performance data.

📌 We have analysed their services in detail here in this Vultr review!! 

Plans And Price

Vultr gives you a chance to customize your plan according to your needs and requirements. You will just have to pay for the services you are using. Here’s what Vultr’s SSD VPS Hosting’s price adjusting panel looks like :

$ 12 /mo$ 50 /mo$ 26 /mo$ 96 /mo
Processor 1 CoreProcessor 2 CoreProcessor 1 CoreProcessor 4 Core
Storage 25GBStorage 80GBStorage 50GBStorage 160GB
Bandwidth 1TBBandwidth 4TBBandwidth 2TBBandwidth 5T

🔔 Vultr Offer May, 2023 – For Limited Time Offer Vultr Offer $50 Credit free Credit for New user OnlyTake advantage of this offer now and save more on your Vultr Server subscription.

8. VPSServer – SSD Drive 10x Faster Performance

Switch to VPS hosting for lightning-fast speed. Because all of your data and files are kept in one location, the majority of VPS hosts continue to employ antiquated RAID systems, which are slow and less secure. 

It uses shared hosting with 3-way storage. This means that your data, software, business and software applications, and resources are permanently stored on three servers for maximum stability. They are safeguarding the security of your data.

A global VPS hosting service is always close to your ideal location as they have 15+ sites with powerful servers and 24/7 professional customer service, also with a free trial to start with it!

VPSServer About


The features of the VPS Server:

Replication of VPS : Your VPS is stored by them using 3-way storage. Using this technique, your VPS can be kept in parallel on three distinct servers.

Industry-Leading Performance : Intel E5 Processors, dependable and quick, power our servers. Additional to that, their network has a 40Gbit connection.

Reliable Structure : Exemplary switches and servers. You can manage your VPS with a few easy clicks with the integration of admin programmes and storage. Physical harm won’t ever affect your virtual private server.

Various Templates : VPS Server’s template library and plans offer a selection of Linux OS and Windows templates. You can quickly construct a VPS by using your preferred template.

DDoS Protected : Both incoming and outgoing DDOS attacks are immediately detected by VPS Server’s sophisticated networks.

Networking in private : Secure and private networking within the same datacenter. Your active VPSs can be connected to the same network at any time.

📌 We have analysed their services in detail here in this VPSServer review!! 

Plans And Price

The basic plans and pricing of VPS Server’s SSD VPS Hosting:

1 Core Processor8 Core Processor4 Core Processor
20 GB SSD Disk160 GB SSD Disk80 GB SSD Disk
500 GB Transfer4 TB Transfer2 TB Transfer

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9. GreenGeeks – Green SSD VPS Hosting

The management team at GreenGeeks has more than 40 years of combined expertise, offering reliable, inexpensive website hosting. Only the greatest server hardware, the most stable network providers, and the most recent software accessible anywhere on the internet will be used in connection with your account. 

With their green hosting, they replace 3 times the energy your website will use with wind power credits. Your GreenGeeks account will boost your website and have a positive energy footprint on the environment.

GreenGeeks About


Features offered by GreenGeeks:

SSD Drives : The files for your website are kept on lightning-fast SSD storage arrays.

Measureless Data Transfer : No restrictions on how much bandwidth you can utilise.

Unlimited Domain Hosting (Pro & Premium) : You can use one account to host as many websites as you like. Visitors won’t be able to tell the difference!

Free Drag and Drop Creator : Using their drag and drop website builder, you can easily construct a website without having any technical knowledge.

Free Migration : Free of charge, GreenGeeks’ team of site migration experts will move your website from its current server.

Softaculous and cPanel : With cPanel, you can easily manage your website and email, and Softaculous lets you install over 250 scripts with a single click!

30-day money-back promise : They will return your money if you’re not entirely satisfied with the services. 

📌 Want to know more about it? Checkout GreenGeeks review!! 

Plans And Price

Here’s the table of the plans and pricing offered by GreenGeeks SSD VPS hosting :

1 vCPU4 vCPU6 vCPU
50 GB SSD Disk Space75 GB SSD Disk Space150 GB SSD Disk Space
10 TB Transfer10 TB Transfer10 TB Transfer

Things to Keep In Mind Before Choosing SSD VPS Hosting

What key points should you consider before buying the hosting provider or services? We’ll tell you what those things are:

✅ Check whether it’s managed or unmanaged vps server. If you are techy and can manage the technicalities of the hosting process, you can go for unmanaged, but if you want to focus only on your business and nothing else, you can go with unmanaged. 

✅ Check whether the virtualisation technology is up to the mark. 

Scalability is one of the most important factors because you never know when you’ll need to increase or decrease resources as per the traffic on your website. 

Control Panel should be user-friendly once you’ve heard of it and know you can handle it. There should be a choice of control panels given with the services. 

Root Access makes sure that you have access to all the data and other components of the hosting to get your hands on them whenever needed.
✅ The operating system is yet another factor that you need to determine. Working with Linux, Windows, or any other OS is your choice to pick. 

Customer Support! If you do not want to get stuck in the middle or lose any potential clients, ensure that your website faces any problem, your provider’s customer support is there to fix it immediately. 

✅ And last but not least, SSD or NVMe SSD drives, for super fast speed and working of your website!

Advantages and Disadvantages Of SSD VPS Hosting

Looking at the disadvantages is as important as looking at the advantages of a product. You should know where your product overpowers and where it lacks. So let’s know the pros and cons of SSD VPS hosting:

  • Advantages:
  • No latency: The main benefit is that SSDs are far faster than HDDs.
  • Greater access speed with the increased data flow.
  • Data security helps you safeguard your data and the valuables of the website.
  • High Stability
  • Disadvantages:
  • A little more expensive than the traditional drives. 
  • An HDD will show indicators of impending failure, while an SSD won’t. If something is going to fail, it does. There is no opportunity for you to take preventative measures.

FAQs – Best SSD VPS Hosting

Is SSD VPS Hosting Beneficial For Business?

SSD VPS provides super fast-loading websites with a great environment to host your website in. To manage a lot of traffic at an affordable pricing of hosting, SSD VPS hosting is one of the best options one can choose to get ahead in their business. 

Can you get an SSD VPS Hosting for free?

You may get free trials for the VPS server but not free of cost. Its maintenance and the resources used while providing it don’t allow it to be very affordable or given out for free. 

Companies like VPS servers provide free trials of VPS hosting to start with!

Which is the Best SSD VPS Hosting Provider?

After our analysation and testing of all the companies in the market, we came across these 7 best SSD VPS hosting providers but then again, when it comes to choosing the best from the lot, we can say that Kamatera, A2Hosting and YouStable are the best and most affordable hosting providers when it comes to SSD VPS. 

Conclusion – Best SSD VPS Hosting

Talking about SSD VPS Hosting, it is one of the best servers and featured hosting that one should move ahead with if they are willing to work at affordable prices but with dedicated services. 

For the ones who like privacy and want high-speed websites, this hosting is particularly meant for them! We hope you gained all the knowledge about SSD VPS Hosting and the companies providing the best in the market. 

So, choose a company according to your needs and get ahead with time! Hey, Do you still have any questions about anything in relation to SSD VPS Hosting, feel free to ask them right away! 


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