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WPX Hosting Review

The world is facing numerous changes with new technologies and developments. The ever-evolving technology has now forced people to go online, making it a digital world. When it comes to finding a business or a product online, you name it, and you have it with just one search. This is where SEOs and WordPress and its web hosting systems come in place.

Developing a power-packed website is no joke, and just like any art form, it requires talents and skills that are polished over the years with the right type of knowledge and practice. An online website is the epitome of a business’s impactful virtual image in front of the customer globally, attracting a massive customer base.

If the website is not promising and makes it monotonous for the reader to look at the content provided, it causes a lack of a loyal customer base, thus decreasing customer traffic. WordPress, therefore, makes this process easier and hassle-free since it is one of the most influential and recognized platforms for website creation.

If you are a novice in this field and looking for the perfect platform that provides you with affordable, hassle-free, and good support and assistance, you are at the ideal place. Terry Kyle, in 2013 came up with an outstanding and fastest web hosting platform, WPX Hosting, delivering the quickest and incomparable speed in the market after being frustrated by the issues in the digital web world.

Let us learn more about this cloud storage platform in this WPX Hosting Review.

About WPX Hosting 

 🚀 SpeedFrom London ( UK ) Server 0.5 to 1.2 sec
⏰ Uptime99.95% uptime in the past 365 days, which is excellent
👩🏻‍💻 SupportPhone, Live Chat, Tickets, and Email
💳 Payment MethodCredit and PayPal
♻️ Refund Policy30-days full refund
💰PricingStarting from $20.83/mo
🌎 Data CenterAlexandria, Sydney, London (UK), Chicago in the United States, named Chicago’s Lakeside Datacenter
WPX Hosting Overview

With a massive experience and practice in online business in 1998, frustrated Terry Kyle, the CEO of WPX Hosting, came up with creating his web hosting platform to overcome the difficulties he faced earlier. With three main objectives of speed, simplicity, and customer support, WPX hosting came into force in 2013. 

Lack of flexibility and 24/7 support with slower performing software catered to creating this platform with numerous benefits to make web hosting easier and uncomplicated with fewer challenges. WPX uses its own customized Content Delivery Network, abbreviated as CDN, for all its customers, providing high speed and toplight performance. 

With brand new SSD servers capable of performing their best under pressure and traffic load. The SSD servers, PHP 7. x, CDN, and optimized caching make up for its best-in-class performance that is not just claimed by the company but also justified by numerous tests conducted individually. 

About WPX Hosting Review

The customer support aspect is designed to provide 24/7 live chat by experienced agents with a WordPress background, answering all your queries in 30 seconds. This short response time allows easy problem-solving and does not frustrate the customer, ensuring customer loyalty and a more extensive client base. 

The last aspect of the simple and easy-to-use hosting software is that it has two functions: efficient support and a user-friendly query-solving process. The other is the custom-built tutorial-driven user admin panel that guarantees the software and dashboard’s fast, uncomplicated and straightforward operation. 

It is one of the very few independent web hosting companies in the market today. If you are new to web hosting and WordPress and are learning about web hosting tools, then WPX hosting is one of the best options to consider before finalizing your decision. If you need a detailed analysis of WPX Hosting, then you are at the perfect place! Let us dive into what this speedy and straightforward platform has to offer. 

Speed Test and Analysis for WPX Hosting 

Is WPX hosting the fastest independent web hosting platform globally? Let’s find out if it fits its claims staying true to its words of speed, service, and security being its building blocks. We have a detailed review of WPX hosting, considering numerous parameters and attributes for your ease and assistance.

WPX Hosting User Interface 

WPX comes with a tailor-made control panel to provide a fast and responsive experience to the customer, with all functions just a click away. At the time of logging in, it automatically shows you your account status and any invoice or notification that might require your urgent attention. 

WPX Hosting User Interface 

This is the dashboard that consists of all your information, including your and the details of the website, along with the WordPress hosting plan specifying your domain. The main dashboard comes in handy to complete the following set of tasks efficiently and effectively:

  • Easy and uncomplicated navigation through the functions of the control panel. 
  • Purchasing the various hosting plans along with domain names. 
  • Getting help from the technical support team via the live chat feature and managing the support tickets. 
  • It also allows you to review and pay your pending invoices to protect you from the risk of unsubscription. 

It comes with a certified SSL certificate proving its genuine nature and free malware detection and removal for your convenience without compromising your safety. 

WPX Hosting Speed Test

A high-speed accelerated website often possesses numerous benefits: higher search engine rankings with guaranteed lower bounce rates, higher visitors or page views, and maximum conversion rates benefiting the website since it reaches a more extensive audience base. 

Matthew Woodward conducted the most recent and relevant independent WordPress hosting using the GTMetrix and Pingdom across all locations. WPX hosting undoubtedly secured first place with incredible and fast-speed results. 

WPX Hosting Speed Test

These testing tools are among the most popular and recommended to monitor and test a website’s speed and performance. So for our satisfaction, we conducted a test via the GTMetrix and Pingdom to verify the results it boasts. It comes with an A-graded performance through the GTMetrix with 100% performance, 98% structure, and 0.5 seconds LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), making it one of the most efficient platforms. 

On Pingdom, the website load time was about 331ms with a webpage size of 700.6 KB, making it an exceptional performer. The last test we conducted was on Google Page Insights, which, just like its name, is a google tool showing speed test results for both mobile and desktop with an overall page speed of 78 on your mobile and 95 on your desktop, delivering a more than satisfactory performance. 

WPX Hosting Uptime Test 

WPX is one of the exceptional web hosting platforms providing independent web hosting delivering guaranteed speed and uptime with certified checks and monitoring. With claims of a guaranteed 99.95% uptime and to verify the claims, we conducted a few tests on a few popular and recognized tools available. 

With UptimeRobot, is a leading uptime monitoring service with numerous monitors within a 5-minute check. Justifying its words with 100% accuracy tests via this tool comes with 100% uptime over 30 days with no downtime recorded. This proves that this web hosting software is doing its best outstanding job in this field. 

WPX Hosting Server Response Time

WPX Hosting is not just a website that claims to be the fastest but comes with the quickest response rate with free site speed optimization included in your package. We came up with numerous tests to determine if it fits the claim or if is it yet another false attribute to lure the audience with inaccurate and irrelevant commitments. 

WPX has a fast TTFB with an average response time of 82ms, whereas no other host could reach even closer to 100 except for CynderHost at the second position with 97ms. The WPX hosting has yet another feather in its cap, exhibiting the topmost and the best peak response time percentage delivering the fastest and easiest experience to its customers. 

WPX Hosting Security Analysis 

WPX takes complete care of the safety and security of its customers, ensuring the best and over-the-edge performance with its malware removal. Going digital has become not a choice but a necessity. Only a handful of web hosting platforms offer free malware detection and removal facilities with immediate action. 

This hosting provider is undoubtedly one such skilled host. Malware removal and detection require experience and expertise to carry out a safe removal without harming the website. This is where WPX hosting comes into the picture. The skill and expertise of experienced employees and software allow free malware detection and removal. 

The malware removal is free for all servers and customers, benefiting your pocket. Many large web hosting platforms or malware removers charge you a massive amount to perform regular and secure cleanup of your website. Diving into its benefits further, WPX hosting allows you easy and free migration of your website and unlimited SSL certificates free of cost, making it the top-class superior host in the market. 

WPX Hosting Customer Support

Customer support is one of the building blocks for any business, offline or online. When it comes to online services and WPX hosting, the primary foundation was kept based on maximum and quality support provided to the customer. With hassle-free 24/7 customer support availability, WPX hosting offers a 30-second average support response time. They guarantee the customer’s query to be answered within 30 seconds. 

To know how valid this claim is, we conducted a primary support check via its live chat feature on its website since there is no provision for emails, tickets, or calling facilities. They believe in real-time support and problem-solving, thus depending on their practical live chat function. 

WPX Hosting Customer Support

Since this area is their primary focus, they respond as quickly as possible. Our tests certify that the average reply time was about 25-26 seconds, proving that they indeed are a trusted site that keeps user concerns as a priority.

With no compromise in the quality of support provided, the support team members are highly skilled and knowledgeable personnel that keep their etiquette in place when assisting your concerns. 

WPX Hosting Data Centers Location 

By 2019 WPX hosting consisted of three data centers globally, offering its varied services in one region and three continents and one of the most popular countries. Its Australian data center is located in

  • Alexandria
  • Sydney
  • London (UK)
  • Chicago in the United States, named Chicago’s Lakeside Datacenter

WPX hosting is not just famous as an independent web hosting platform among individuals. Still, some prominent American companies depend on WPX for hosting their corporate websites, with Equinix, Telx, Advantage Futures, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon on the list. 

WPX Hosting Domains

It is straightforward to buy a domain from WPX Hosting that guarantees power-packed and 100% accurate performance with unmatched speed and response rate. The domain name pricing varies from $14 to $30 per year according to your chosen domain name and package. 

WPX Hosting Domains

Talking about the most common domain names, .com costs $14, .net costs $17, .org costs $16, .zone costs $30, and so on. WPX Hosting allows easy website migration from one domain name to another from third-party domain name creators, making it free of cost for your convenience. To enjoy a free lifetime domain, check out GoogieHost!

Key Features of WPX Hosting Hosting 

WPX hosting is like a master at work. It offers top-class features in an affordable price range, making it one of the best and most unique web hosts for you.  A few of its key features are:

Free Site Speed Optimization and Unlimited Site Transfers

Whenever you feel that your website’s speed is declining and is not working as efficiently as it should, WPX hosting provides you with a complete site analysis by just connecting to its technical team. 

They provide the problem statements, improvements, and suggestions to fix the loopholes. Talking about unlimited site transfers, this feature is also free with your plan and allows you to quickly move your website from one web host to another within 24 hours. 

Free Malware Detection and Security

WPX hosting takes proper care of its customers’ safety and security issues, thus providing you with a free malware detection and removal function at regular intervals protecting you from the risk of website damage. It also offers automatic backups stored on a different web for 28 days catering to the safety of the website and the confidential information about the user. 

Fastest CDN

WPX is one of the most prominent web hosting systems that provide independent web hosting services and comes with customized CDNs for high-speed and effective content delivery. Overall, it offers unparalleled speed with 26 global locations and is entirely free with all the packages it lists. 

24/7 fastest customer support

One of the main building blocks of WPX hosting is its customer support. With a 30-second query answering live chat feature on its website, WPX hosting is one of the best for handling customer demands and issues.

Pricing and Plans – WPX Hosting Review

WPX Hosting, made solely for WordPress Hosting, offers the most advanced and appropriate plans. Here is the image attached from WPX Hosting of its WordPress Hosting plans for you to have a better look.”

WPX Pricing and Plans

📌 If you are looking for the best and cheap pricing plans, then check out Kamatera, Bluehost, Hostinger and HostArmada.

WPX Hosting Refund Policy 

WPX hosting allows a 30-day refund policy from the date of the sign-up for the customer to experience the working conditions of the web hosting platform for a thorough analysis of further usage, providing all the premium features in that period.

However, you are free to refund your money at any time, but there are a few conditions to keep in mind when applying for its 30-day refund policy that applies to monthly and yearly subscribers. 

The conditions include:

  • The service termination should compulsorily be done via your Client area. If you are not sure and unaware of this feature, you are free to contact the support team for further clarification. If the cancellation request is not made within the first 30 days, the platform won’t be able to execute its refund policy. 
  • Suppose you purchased the monthly pack via a set PayPal subscription or your bank credit card and forgot to cancel it. The billing will be done automatically depending on the original subscription plan, either monthly or yearly. 
  • This can cause re-billing or recharging of the same amount, so the critical factor is to cancel the WPX and PayPal subscriptions to avoid unnecessary deductions.

Pros & Cons – WPX Hosting Review

Nothing is utterly perfect, so WPX Hosting, just like other websites and web hosting platforms, comes with its pros and cons, a few of with are explained below.


  • Free malware removal and detection at regular intervals.
  • Free fixing of websites.
  • Fastest and most customized CDN for high-speed. 
  • The WPX hosting provides automatic backups for 28 days stores securely on a separate web. 
  • 24/7 customer support with its 30-second query-answering live chat facility on the website. 
  • Discount coupons are available for a 50% discount on all packages. 
  • It can host multiple websites at once with a 1-click WordPress installation. 
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • One of its significant downsides is its pricing strategy – it is more expensive than the other alternatives in the market. 
  • It lacks the single-site hosting feature. 
  • The WPX hosting software comes with a cPanel for managing sites and uses its internal dashboard instead.

Why Should You Choose WPX Hosting for your Website?

WPX Hosting just does not claim and boasts about its attributes. It comes with the fastest speed and top-notch security. If you are confused about why you should choose WPX hosting for your website, then this is the right platform for you. 

WPX hosting comes with exceptional and extraordinary speed and a guaranteed 99.95% uptime with zero downtime making it the best independent web hosting server. It comes with numerous pros, including regular makeup and malware removal and detection features. 

It performs regular website backups and stores them on a separate web for the best experience and safety. The WPX hosting offers hassle-free operation with its customized high-speed CDN

The platform provides multiple site hosting options and a 24/7 guaranteed live chat customer support system that responds to your queries in less than 30 seconds. With free website migration and discounts on all packages, it is a must-try offer that makes your work easy, assisting you in creating an impactful virtual image in front of the user. 

FAQs: WPX Hosting

Who owns WPX Hosting Technologies

WPX Hosting Technologies does not have a parent company. It has been and still is under the ownership of its founder and CEO, Terry Kyle. They not only imagined but also initiated the idea for the company for the greater good of the digital world.

Is WPX Hosting value for money?

WPX Hosting is worth the price compared to its other alternatives since it is the fastest host available in the market at affordable prices. It comes with numerous high-performance and high-speed benefits, providing maximum security against malware and regular backups for your website’s well-being. It also promises a guaranteed uptime rate above 99.95% with complete accuracy and zero downtime.

Can I backup with all WPX hosting plans?

Backups are the most critical and essential part of any document website. They create automatic backups of the websites hosted daily. The daily backups are stored for about 28 days in a separate server securely to protect and safeguard the website and your information, ensuring user confidentiality.

How much discount can you get on WPX Hosting?

Who doesn’t love discounts, right? If you’re wondering about getting a discount from WPX hosting since web hosting on a small budget becomes a difficult task. They offer you a coupon exclusive for every WPX hosting plan with 50% off. To get this 50% off at the checkout for the first month, you need to type in the following coupon code ‘wpkube’.

Why choose the fastest WordPress Hosting?

The main reason for choosing the fastest WordPress hosting is hidden in the question itself since the fastest hosts provided less response time with 100% guaranteed uptime delivering extraordinary and outstanding speed and attracting a more extensive customer base.

Having your SEO game right for a bigger audience is necessary, and that is what the fastest WordPress hosts aim to provide. WPX provides safety, a speedier web speed, a higher response time with hassle-free and uncomplicated functioning, and 24/7 live support to assist you in every possible way.

Is WPX Hosting SEO Friendly?

To answer this question, yes, WPX hosting is entirely SEO-friendly. They provide you with unlimited SSL certificates and unparalleled speed, making it the fastest and the best individual web hosting platform and highly compatible with Search Engine Optimization.

Do I need hosting, especially for WordPress?

It is crucial to understand which WordPress you are planning to choose when talking about WordPress. WordPress is of two types WordPress.com and WordPress org. WordPress.com comes with a built-in hosting solution, and thus there is no need for a superior WordPress hosting agent to interfere. WordPress.org, however, lacks an in-built host, thus making it necessary for a hosting agency to interfere with the working process in that case.

Where is the Base company located for WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting comes with its base and headquarters at Sofia, Grad Sofia, Bulgaria. Its data centers are located in the most significant countries or cities, namely Chicago, Australia, and London.

What is the Uptime guarantee of WPX Hosting?

WPX believes in providing the best service possible to its customers with zero errors occurring and has maintained this reputation ever since its establishment. It guarantees an Uptime of 99.95%, and various tests have proven this true with 0% downtime.

How long does it take to activate my WPX Hosting account?

With very few chronological steps to follow during account creation, WPX assures minimum time to activate your hosting account. Within 24 hours of account creation, it validates your WPX hosting account, making the web hosting available to you in no time with proper and regular support if required.

WPX Hosting vs Hostinger, which is better and why?

Hostinger and WPX Hosting are two prominent and famous website hosts prevalent in the market. When it comes to comparison, they both exhibit unmatched features and benefits, with guaranteed uptime above 99.95%.

They do differentiate in numerous fields but choosing one between the two would be tricky since they are the masters of their fields. The only parameter that we can consider is the pricing. Since Hostinger is cheaper and less expensive than WPX Hosting, it can be said that the former is better than the latter in terms of its cost.

Conclusion – WPX Hosting Review 

WPX Hosting is an outstanding alternative to web hosting services available in the market. There are just a handful of independent web hosting platforms available, out of which one is WPX Hosting. This platform is the most famous for being the fastest in speed and response rate. 

The founder Terry Kyle initiated its making with the three foundational blocks of safety, simplicity, and quick customer support. The software indeed sits well with its claims and the CEO’s vision. It provides 30-second query-solving customer support where it responds to your question within 30 seconds via its website’s live chat feature. 

It comes with a simple and easy chronological process to develop and publish your WordPress website explicitly to suit all WordPress requirements and be compatible with them. The last foundation is the user’s safety, with free malware detection and removal, ensuring the user’s proper functioning and saving their website from threats of viruses. 

The safety function also comes in handy when talking about backups since it automatically stores all website backups on a separate web, maintaining and ensuring the topmost confidentiality of both the website creator and the content on the website in case of any mishaps. It has a guaranteed uptime of 99.95% with zero downtime and delivers the best possible service. 

Given that it has proved itself to be the fastest and the most efficient WordPress holder and has passed 100% accuracy on all our tests, it is a highly recommended alternative to web hosting, making WPX Hosting the best and the most superior in the industry.

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