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Aman Singh
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On September 22, 2021

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WPX Hosting Reviews 2021 | Is it Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting?

WPX Hosting Reviews 2021: WPX Hosting is one of the best web hosting companies when it comes to SPEED and SUPPORT.

If you are someone who is baffled with your current web hosting company due to their pitiful support,

slow loading speed, and increased server downtime, your best bet is moving to WPX Hosting. 

Also, even if you are a beginner who wants to start up their blogging journey or build an e-commerce platform using WordPress,

WPX hosting is that dominating mass in the web hosting industry that will help you achieve those goals smoothly.

Great Customer Support and Services

Ready to help you at every step to build a perfect B2C relationship

In this WPX hosting review, we will tell you why!

For the purpose of this WPX hosting review, we hosted a website with the company and set our team of experts to monitor and continuously analyze the various performance-based aspects.

Our experts then presented us with a 4S analysis for WPX Hosting review. (We will tell you all about the 4S analysis later in this review).

Now that we have got that sorted and hopefully established our authenticity in front of you, let’s get started with the WPX Hosting review. 

Why choose WPX Hosting Over Other Hosting Providers?

As you all can see there are plenty of web hosting providers available on the market but why choose WPX over other hosting providers?

Why choose WPX Hosting Over Other Hosting Providers?

Also WPX charges around $20, believe me the amount they are charging is worth paying. Why? because the hosting service is very fast also the customer service is something I really wanna appreciate.

WPX offers you multiple features that surprisingly made their hosting hassle free. I think if you need a fast, hassle free and reliable web hosting provider then WPX can be your right choice. Also the minimum amount of $20 is also worth it.

Price and Plans of WPX Hosting

We would just start talking about by price by warning you that WPX Hosting is not cheap, not by a long shot. 

The reason behind these increased prices is that they offer premium services like DDoS protection, WHOIS privacy, Free malware scans, and removal for free.

The prices for the WPX’s plan are a bit higher than your typical hosting companies’ plans.

WPX Hosting offers three types of plans, viz,- Business Plan, Professional Plan, and Elite Plan

Its most basic business plan starts at $20.83 per month, and the most expensive elite plan will cost you a whopping $83.25 every month. We have added their plans and what they entail in the image below.

Domains Provided by WPX Hosting

Other than providing hosting services, WPX Hosting also provides over 50 TLDs to the users, with free WHOIS Privacy for domains. The most inexpensive domain WPX provides is for $6.99.

The .com domain will cost you $10.99 per year, and the most expensive domain is priced at $27.99.

WPX- Exclusive Deals 20% OFF

Register Your Unique Domain name with us and build your online presence now!

Features of WPX Hosting

♾️ Unlimited Site Migrations

Regardless of the number of websites or their size, the site migration is free at WPX Hosting. They provide site migrations 7 days a week and takes almost 24 hours for a successful migration.

 Unlimited Site Migrations

However, they charge around $98+VAT if you want to transfer your pre-established website to a brand new domain, so keep the cost in mind if you are planning to do something like that.

Also, if you are planning to move an ordinary, single WP installation from another hosting company to WPX Hosting, as a Multisite installation, then we regret to tell you that it is not supported by WPX either as a free or a paid migration.

🗺️ Staging Area

With WPX Hosting's Staging Area, you could run a kind of test version of your site to fine-tune themes/templates, plugins, layouts, etc., just the way you like. 

Also, WPX Hosting gives you the option to merge your staging site with your Live site, unlike other WordPress Hosting companies.

You can also take the backup of the live site before merging it with your staging site to avoid conflicts.

🔖 Customized Admin Panel

WPX Hosting won’t provide you with the cPanel, but they have developed their own Admin Panel. 

The Admin Panel is designed to improve the navigation and is a bit technically superior. However, if you are a fan of traditional cPanel, then this might not be for you.

When we personally tried the WPX’s customized hosting panel for this WPX Hosting review, we loved the simplicity and non-complexity of the hosting panel.

It was truly easy to navigate within the WPX hosting’s Admin panel too.

🗃️ Automatic Backups

As we have mentioned before in this WPX Hosting review, WPX Hosting provides free automatic backup options to its users.

The static resources like images, CSS, JS, managed by the WPX cloud, are re-validate every 7-days.

On the other hand, a bit more dynamic resources, which include file types like HTML, XML, PHP, are re-validated every 30 Seconds.

This is one of the best backup facilities any hosting company renders.

💸 30-day money-back

Although WPX Hosting is packed with top features, and the possibilities of a user opting out of their services are slim, the WPX Hosting still provides 30 days money-back guarantee to its new users.

So you can see this as a trial, but we are sure it will match your needs.

🛠️ Free Customized Plugins and Tools

WPX Hosting offers many free tools and plugins to its users. All of them are designed and customized to make it easier and simpler for the users.

Some of the free Plugins and Tools are:

  • WP BotWatch
  • WP NavManager
  • DNS Tracker
  • Hosting Look-Up
  • WHOIS Search Tool
  • Domain Hunting Tool

WPX Hosting Review 2021

Started in 2013 by Terry Kyle and Georgi Petrov, WPX Hosting has created a hype in the web hosting industry due to its presumably above par services. 

In this WPX Hosting review, we will address and verify if the company is actually one of the

fastest hosting providers and whether it offers the best support services in the web hosting industry, through our 4S analysis.

The 4S are the key deciding elements of whether you should go for a hosting company or not.

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Support
  • Server Uptime

Why does the speed of your website matters?

Do you know if your website is fast, you will get better ranks on search engines? And for great speed, it’s better to opt for a fast web hosting provider.

Do you know 47% of readers expect the site to load up within 2 seconds? 

And 40% of users leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

Even a 1-second delay in your site loading time, reduces the conversion rate by 7%?

53% of mobile visits are abandoned if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load?

Now you know how speed is important for your website😂.

As I have mentioned above, it is better to have a fast web hosting provider, although good services are not cheap at all, so WPX hosting is your best bet to rank better on search engines.

They are a fast web hosting provider but I will make you believe this.

Speed Test 

The speed test on WPX hosting went very well, the hosting provider gives an average response time of 24 ms, the minimum was 23ms and the maximum was 38 ms.

Why does the speed of your website matter?

When we tried requesting from multiple locations the response rate was pretty amazing.

  • London: 0.74 seconds
  • San Francisco: 0.46 seconds
  • Sydney: 1.57 seconds

When we conducted the traceroute test for the WPX hosting’s website itself, the maximum response time from datacentres near us is only 282 ms.

On the other hand, we marked 10 ms as the lowest response time, which is quite phenomenal.

However, we also noticed that at a particular destination, the router did not respond to the packets sent within a timeout period. Keep reading to know what can be the reason behind it.  

Great, WPX hosting is fast let’s judge their customer service

Before we jump to the actual performance of WPX Hosting when it comes to speed, let us tell you about why you should give the speed of your web hosting company the utmost importance. 

Why does the speed of your website matters?

Do you know that 47% of users expect sites to load within 2 seconds? 

Do you know that 40% of users leave the website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

Do you know that even 1 Second delay in your site loading time, reduces the conversion rate by 7%?

Do you know that 53% of mobile visits are abandoned if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load?

We assume that you have understood where we are getting at with all these questions. All of the above questions are the facts we picked up from a study about Internet users’ behaviour patterns.

If you have guessed that the speed of your website is directly related to its success, then you are on point. 

To simply put, speed is one of the most crucial factors due to the fact that the traffic on your website is profoundly affected by its loading speed or server response time

This is why we conducted some speed tests for the proper WPX Hosting review.

Speed Test

WPX Hosting claims to be one of the fastest hosting providers.

To verify this fact, we conducted various defining speed tests on the website we hosted with WPX Hosting.

Traceroute test

We started with the fundamental Traceroute test for the WPX Hosting Review. Through the Traceroute test, a path that the signal took as it travelled around the internet to the destination website is displayed. 

Traceroute test  WPX Hosting Review

It also shows the response times that occurred at each stop along the route. 

Long story short- Using a traceroute test, any connection problem or latency connecting to a site can be detected. 

Findings for the Above image

When we conducted the traceroute test for the WPX hosting’s website itself, the maximum response time from datacentres near us is only 282 ms.

On the other hand, we marked 10 ms as the lowest response time, which is quite phenomenal.

However, we also noticed that at a particular destination, the router did not respond to the packets sent within a timeout period. Keep reading to know what can be the reason behind it.  

Finding for the above image

We then tested our own website, the same one which we hosted for this WPX Hosting review.

The result we found when we tried the traceroute test with our website was more or less similar to the official site of WPX Hosting.

The maximum response time was around 300 ms, which was what we expected with the presumably fastest WPX Hosting review.

The minimum response time was recorded at 10 ms, which is remarkably fast. And just like the above results, we also recorded a no response within the timeout period from one of the destinations.

As we have said earlier that there is no doubt that WPX Hosting is phenomenally fast. That brings us to our next question of the WPX Hosting Review.

Pingdom Speed test

After the basic Traceroute test, to track and analyze the load time of our website, using Pingdom’s Page Speed Monitoring tool. We checked the speed from five different locations viz: 

Pingdom Speed test
  • Europe – Germany – Frankfurt
  • Asia – Japan – Tokyo
  • Pacific – Australia – Sydney
  • Europe – United Kingdom – London
  • South America – Brazil – Sao Paulo

Findings for the above image:

What we found through these image results was not something we expected. As you can see, that speed is good but not extraordinarily so. Although the loading speed is still excellent, especially in Europe.

When it comes to speed in South America and Asia, we see a bit decline in the overall loading speed. The speed further falls down in Australia, but then also it is fast, given the number of requests.

Next, in this WPX Hosting review, we will tell you how WPX Hosting is able to provide its users with optimum speed.

What makes WPX Hosting Fast?

WPX Hosting has developed an internal hosting system in such a way that all the technology is either customized or optimized for overall best hosting services

The main reasons for the superior speed include:

 WPX Cloud

While most of the top hosting companies like YouStable, Interserver, etc. offer Cloudflare CDN or StackPath CDN, WPX Hosting has developed its own Content Delivery Network, which is famous by the name WPX Cloud.

WPX Cloud is customized by the hosting company so as to work with maximum efficiency with its server and provide maximum speed. 

Unlike most CDNs, WPX Cloud was custom-built from the ground up by WPX Hosting specifically for high-performance WordPress hosting!

High-speed customized WPX Cloud has a total of 25 end-points spread around the globe, increasing the overall website speed from all over the world.

The best thing about WPX Cloud is that the company keeps adding many accessory features to keep the technology updated and optimized.

What makes it different from other conventional CDN companies is that WPX Hosting continuously tests and tweaks their Cloud CDN for maximum

WordPress performance, which any CDN won’t optimize specifically for hosting companies.

Also, the installation of WPX Cloud entails a one-click, hassle-free process. The static resources like images, CSS, JS, managed by the WPX cloud, are re-validate every 7-days

On the other hand, dynamic resources, which include file types like HTML, XML, PHP, are re-validated every 30 Seconds

From the looks of it, we find this system and WPX Cloud quite efficient when it comes to reducing latency.

Latest PHP Version

PHP regularly undergoes updates and developments. It is essential to keep your PHP version up to date to warrant that your website is as fast and protected as attainable.

WPX Hosting offers the PHP version of 7.1 and onwards (We got the latest information from their support system for WPX Hosting Review).

For the better requests-per-second performance of the websites, the higher and latest PHP version must be preferred by you.

Also, as the PHP version increases, memory usage demands decrease.

Most importantly, the technical support is available with only PHP version 7.2 and higher.

This is why WPX hosting provides higher speed because, as compared to PHP 5.6, the speed of the website can be increased by 150 times.

Yet why is WPX Hosting a bit slow as apparent from the above images?

We think that the main reason behind a bit slower speed is increased Latency. The hosting company currently has three data centers located in- Chicago, London, and Sydney.

The location of the DCs affects the speed of your website substantially. The WPX Hosting initially provided hosting only in the UK and the US.

WPX Hosting centrally uses only Apache on their servers, although users do have the option of manual configuration to set up NGINX instead. 

As a matter of fact, using just Apache is quite an old school and a slower way when there are premium LiteSpeed services available.

But as we told you above, the WPX Hosting makes up for this use of elementary tech by providing its own WPX Cloud with 25 end-points.

This is why the site load speed is way faster than any other hosting company that uses only Apache as its web server software.

Security Analysis

Security provided by WPX Hosting is indeed one of the most appealing factors about this WordPress host. 

It offers a highly secure environment for the users so that they can concentrate on just managing their website.

We have described the major security features of WPX Hosting below.

#1 Free Malware Scans and Removal

The best thing about hosting your website with WPX Hosting is you won't need a $200 Sucuri or Wordfence subscription for added security and malware protection.

The hosting company offers free-of-cost daily system-wide malware scans for all the websites hosted on their servers.

And not only do they scan for malware, but they also remove it daily from their servers, not even notifying or worrying you if your website was affected by malware.

If, unfortunately, your website is hacked, you don’t have to worry at all for technical resolution and assistance. All you need to do is raise a support ticket with WPX Hosting.

Then as soon as possible, WPX Malware Team will individually audit your site and will remove the malware for you.

The best part, they will do it fast and for FREE.

#2 Free Unlimited SSL

Other than malware protection, WPX Hosting also provides free unlimited SSL, although it is no longer compulsory to purchase SSL certificates due to major tech companies’ Let’s Encrypt project.

However, if you have purchased an SSL certificate, WPX Hosting offers the option of free integration. This is why WPX Hosting doesn’t sell SSL certificates.

#3 DDoS Protection

Now, this is the security feature that most of the hosting companies don’t provide, not at least for free.

This is where WPX Hosting wins the title of best Bulletproof security.

In a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS), multiple devices are used to overwhelm a target server with requests and take web applications offline.

To tackle the DDoS attack, WPX Hosting guards your site with Incapsula enterprise-level DDoS protection. 

And while most of the other top web hosting companies generally levy high charges for providing such protection, WPX Hosting offers this for free.

Most of the DDoS protection comes for a whopping price of $299 a month. So a web hosting company providing enterprise-level DDoS protection is a big thing.

#4 WHOIS Privacy

When a domain name is registered, ICANN requires that personal information, including your full name, address, phone number, and email address be provided. 

This information is then made visible to the public via a WHOIS look-up

In fact, it is available to everyone, including marketers, spammers, and even identity thieves.

In short, WHOIS is an Internet service used to look up information about a domain name. 

The WHOIS Privacy is the service that offers a number of important benefits, including reducing spam and unwanted solicitations.

WPX Hosting offers FREE WHOIS Privacy to all its users. While other so-called top hosting companies like GoDaddy charge £3.99/ year for limited domain privacy and £10.99/year for a bit extensive WHOIS privacy.

Moving onwards in this WPX Hosting review, some of the other security features of WPX Hosting includes:

  • Free spam protection
  • Continuously updated Web Application Firewalls
  • Constant cleaning of malicious redirects, backdoors, script injections, and much more. 

Enough said about security; now, we will tell you what makes WPX Hosting unmatched from any other web hosting company.

Support System

If you’re sick of poor customer support service then believe me WPX offers you a quick and responsive customer care service. 

You can get your queries solved by using their chat service and also if you get stuck at a technical part you can raise a ticket, the ticket will be solved within 24 hours.

Support Analysis

Support is yet another decisive factor of whether you will go for a web hosting company or not. 

The better the overall support is, be it technical or general, the more is user satisfaction and ease of use.

Because we are sure, you might have faced numerous site related issues like slow loading times, caching issues, browser issues like plugin malfunctioning, or database connectivity issues.

So fast and quick assistance can make a whole lot of difference in overall user experience. 

That said, WPX Hosting has an excellent and ideal support system. The hosting company provides 24/7/365 support via live chat or by opening a new support ticket. 

For this WPX hosting review, we tried both the methods and found the following results:

Live Chat

Through live chat, our query was addressed under one minute. All the replies were read under 20 seconds, and it took no more than 10 minutes to resolve the inquiry. 

Apart from the general questions, WPX hosting provides technical support too, through live chat. While most of the other web hosting companies request you to open a ticket for technical assistance. 

Almost every type of query, be it technical, non-technical, specific, or general, can be solved through the instant chat support system.

Ticket Support

The average response time on the ticket is around 30 minutes. All the technical queries are dealt with the utmost professionalism and appropriate overall knowledge.

For this WPX Hosting review, we raised a support ticket with the hosting company, and our issue was addressed within 5 minutes. 

In fact, the support executive provided us with a step by step guide to resolve the problem. 

They also offered to resolve the problem for us for free, in case of difficulty. Overall we were seriously impressed with WPX Hosting’s support.

The icing on the cake is another Support feature That is offered by WPX Hosting, keep reading this WPX Hosting Review to know about it.

‘Fixed for you Free’ Guarantee

While most of the top hosting companies will send you just a link to solve any technical difficulties you face with your website, WPX Hosting’s FFY policy will help you in a different way. 

If you encounter technical issues with the general operations of your site, the WPX support team will fix that for you without charging anything.

The ‘fixed for you guarantee’, however, doesn’t cover every possible trouble you face in the online word.

The primary purpose of the FFY Guarantee is to get an OFFLINE website back LIVE as fast as humanly possible.

Usually, this is possible within seconds or possibly a few minutes in more severe cases.

We haven’t discovered many hosting companies that will provide you such support features and that too for free.

Bandwidth support

While many hosting companies disable their user’s account in case of exceeding their bandwidth limits without question, WPX Hosting, however, reviews every individual case.

They do so by reaching out to the user to resolve their exceeded bandwidth limits and to understand the cause of this breach.

Users who continue to exceed their limitations will be hearing from WPX Support Team and will be asked to review their website’s bandwidth consumption.

This may be done either through plugin configuration, compression, caching, enabling a CDN, or alternatively reducing resource-intensive content from your website. 

The WPX Support Team will then advise accordingly on the best procedure to avoid having to suspend your hosting service.

What support WPX Hosting doesn’t provide?

One of the key support types that WPX hosting doesn’t provide is Call Support.

For this WPX Hosting review, we asked a WPX support executive to provide us a contact number for telephonic support, unfortunately, they do not offer this service.

Server Uptime Test

Server Uptime is crucial to measure the reliability of your web hosting company and one of the very first things you should check when going for a hosting company. 

No matter what kind of website you run, it is always for best that your website is never down. 

WPX Hosting claims to have an uptime of 99.95 percent, which, in a sense, is a great figure. And since their servers are kept with the largest data center in the world, you can expect those numbers to be accurate.

For this WPX Hosting review, we used tools like Uptime Robot to check the server uptime. We also monitored the ping response of the website we hosted with WPX Hosting.

We found the following results:

Findings for the above image:

This is the image result of the website we hosted with WPX for this WPX Hosting review. Also, this is the Ping Monitor type we used at Uptime robot.

As it is quite evident from the image above, the average response time was recorded at 1874 ms, although this is a bit slower speed, we understand the reason behind is the image and plugin heavy website. 

Also, the website displays Google Ads, yet another reason for a bit slower speed.

Apart from that, we also recorded a 5 minutes long downtime, making the overall uptime of the website at 99.955% in the past 30 days.

This is yet again is something that matches the standard of WPX Hosting, as we mentioned earlier in the WPX hosting review.

Findings for the above image:

To cross verify our figures and give our readers a bit clearer picture, we also checked the uptime of WPX Hosting’s official website itself.

In this, we recorded a 100 percent uptime in the last 30 days. The average response time was 269 ms. 

This is yet again one of the best figures we have witnessed as compared to other top hosting companies (However, YouStable gives a good run for money to WPX when it comes to Uptime). 

Now that we have covered the 4S analysis of the WPX Hosting review, let’s look at the types of hosting WPX Hosting has to offer.

We will later in the WPX hosting review look at the FAQs

Type of Hosting provided by WPX Hosting

Unlike other web-hosting providers, who offer web hosting services like VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared hosting, etc.,

WPX Hosting provides only managed WordPress Hosting.

Since 35% of websites are made on WordPress, all you have to do with WPX Hosting is simply log in to your admin panel and get your website up and running with few easy steps.

For the WPX hosting review, we also found that WPX hosting gives you the liberty to download any themes or plugin you wish to.

Most common features WPX Hosting provide are:

#1 click WordPress Installations

WPX hosting has simplified the installation process of WordPress via their hosting panel. All you need to do is Log in to your WPX Hosting account.

From there, you can install and deploy WordPress easily within a few minutes.

For step by step, image supported guide, you can visit WPX Hosting Knowledgebase.

#2 WooCommerce

Woo Commerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress

Woo-commerce is a simple and straightforward plugin used to turn your WordPress website into a fully functional e-commerce store.

With WPX Hosting’s managed WordPress Hosting, the Woo Commerce plugin comes pre-installed, which makes it easier for the user.

We have covered almost all the important services provided by the hosting company in this WPX Hosting review. All that left is a few additional features.

WPX Hosting Review: FAQ

👍 Is WPX Hosting set up for SEO Hosting?

Unfortunately WPX Hosting lacks here and provides only WordPress Hosting solutions,

But if you want 5 times cheaper SEO Hosting solution, then we highly recommend YouStable’s SEO Hosting.

👍 Is WPX Hosting good for beginners?

WPX Hosting falls under a little expensive side in the hosting industry,

But if you are able to cover the cost, beginner or not, WPX Hosting is definitely for you.

👍 How can I join the WPX Hosting Affiliate Program?

Both customers and non-customers are eligible for WPX Hosting Affiliate Program and they can easily join the same by filling out this form.

👍 What are the alternatives of WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting is one of the best WordPress Hosting providers out there but you can find equally good yet cheaper alternatives like YouStable and Interserver. If you are a beginner, without a second thought, go for YouStable. Read the full review here.

Get Started With WPX Hosting

In this WPX Hosting review, we tried to include almost everything you would like to know in detail. 

We did our 4S analysis after genuinely trying their services. 

We recommend WPX Hosting to those users who just want to buy Managed WordPress Hosting. 

In all, WPX Hosting is indeed an excellent hosting company, not the fastest but one of the fastest hosting providers. 

The security services they provide are unmatched and best in the market. 

As we mentioned earlier in the WPX Hosting review, if you want the best support, don’t think twice and just go for the WPX Hosting.

But they are a bit more expensive than other web hosting companies, but then again, you get what you pay for, and that too for much less.

Other than our own WPX Hosting review, the reviews our team found on Trust Pilot and G2 Crowd, states how well WPX Hosting services are.

Now we will leave it to you to make a decision, please share the content if it helped you, our team has put together a lot of effort to provide you with this quality content!

Any queries? Leave a comment below, and we will get back to you ASAP! 🥰


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