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Verpex Review

Are you having a website or an application and are Worried about running it online on the internet with its full potential? 

Then here, We wanna propose VerPex, one of the best web hosting platforms where your website gets all the required web resources like RAM/ CPU/ Storage/ Bandwidth and many more that we gonna discuss further to help run online smoothly without suffering any lagging experience.

In today’s digital age and more specifically after the COVID pandemic, having a website or an e-store and running it nonstop online is a must for your business growth and passive income.

So, here, in this article, we’ll conduct a step-wise VerPex Review, we’ll run some tests using various tools on its Server Speed, Uptime, Load Handling and Security and even analyse it to help you understand the Overall Performance of the VerPex services and How it can prove useful if you use it to Host your website.  

Ready to discover what makes VerPex outstanding? Let’s dive in deeper and find out!

About VerPex

Speaking about VerPex, founded by CEO Seb de Lemos in 2018, is a web hosting provider, that offers all kinds of website hosting services like shared hosting to beginners for Blogging or Store sites, VPS and Dedicated to corporate level websites for uninterrupted hosting services plus Domain Registrations for newcomers as well.

VerPex Review About

Seb de Lemos happens to be a tech-savvy individual who has been working exclusively along with his dedicated team of 11 to provide web hosting services since 2003. Besides VerPex, Seb de Lemos founded:

  • Enhance.com: This company provides a client-friendly and Powerful Control Panel with immense in-built security technology and flexibility.
  • StablePoint.com: It offers fully managed cloud hosting solutions with friendly and responsive customer support with a Free 1-year Domain and Instant Server setup. 
  • Upmind.com: Offers all the business tools for billing, sales and automation specifically for firms that offer services to its clients.
  • WorldHost.group: This is a web hosting platform where firms get a chance to scale their business online and get Domain registered plus endless security.

VerPex shares a wonderful working culture under the leadership of Seb de Lemos. The Staff is well trained and is free from any Sales pressure which lets them offer tension-free services when it comes to sorting out Client’s technical issues. 

Now let’s see How Verpex functions, Analyse their services and check their security features as well.

Tests and Analysis

Exclusively, to run tests on Verpex servers and check uptime plus Load Handling on a regular basis, we bought UnManaged Linux VPS servers with no cPanel license and AlmaLinux OS for $180/mo (India location) to help you get honest and unbiased Verpex reviews.

User Interface

Even if you are a newbie and have no idea about dashboard navigation, then also you’ll find the client portal’s user interface offered by Verpex easy to understand. All tabs and options for setting and opening Tech support tickets are readily available.

Verpex User Interface

As you can easily see with the help of the screenshot provided above, the details about your order, ticket history, and other functionalities are all handy.

Server Response Time

Talking about the Server Response Time, as you already know we have bought a Verpex Indian Server and after running tests we got to know the results which is awesome to share.

This table shows server response times from various locations around the world. Here, we have summarized the entire thing for your suitability.

Verpex Server Response Time

Best Performing servers respond the fastest from Mumbai (3 ms), Singapore (56 ms), and Japan (128 ms). Good Performance server locations such as London (169 ms), Germany (185 ms), and Sydney (192 ms) showed good response times, all under 200 ms. 

Moderate Performing server response time is around 200ms from US East (203 ms), US West (247 ms), and Canada (206 ms). And the lowest Performance was recorded from Sao Paulo having the slowest response time at 346 ms, which might cause latency issues for users in that area.

As you can clearly see, the SRT in India is 3ms which means the servers on average are incredibly fast in the Asian region. So, overall the Server response Time is quite impressive. 

Speed Test via Page Speed Insight

Moving on, to measure the Speed test of the website (hosted by Verpex), we performed the test via Page Speed Insight tool. This tool specifically shows the result of website speed if accessed via Mobile or Desktop. So, here are the results!

Test for Mobile:

The website is readily available with 99 out of 100 score on Performance. The result overall is excellent which means that the website speed is quick enough to run your business online.

Test for Mobile

Test for Desktop

We almost got the same result when we conducted the same website speed test experiment for the Desktop. VerPex Indian (Asian) Servers host websites and ensure good speed for quicker accessibility.

Test for Desktop

With this, we can say that if you host your website with Verpex, they’ll ensure 100% availability of your website be it from mobile or your Desktop. 

Speed Test via GTMetrix

If you are having a hard time believing the results of Website speed, then Here, we have run the same website speed test using another amazing tool GTMetrix. The result was outstanding using this tool as well. Here, it’s all in front of you! 

Verpex Speed Test via GTMetrix

We can see well, that the performance is truly unmatched with 88% Performance giving you an excellent hosting ground for your website speed.

Uptime Test via UptimeRobot

Now let’s check the website’s Uptime (the period the server’s services can be used uninterruptedly). As far as Verpex’s Guaranteed Uptime is concerned, they offer 99.90% continuous server Uptime. Let’s see how far they stand by it!

Verpex Uptime Test via UptimeRobot

Exclusively for our readers, we have drafted a detailed analysis of the different sections of the dashboard.

As considered from the screenshot, The website is currently up and the website has been up for 1 month, 4 days, and 21 hours continuously without any downtime. (Date of Testing: 5th June 2024)

The website is being checked at every 5 minutes, and as per the scrutiny, the website has had a 100% uptime in the last 24 hours. 

To our surprise, there have been 0 incidents, and the website has not been down at all. If we discuss the previous Uptime records, the website had 100% uptime, with no incidents or downtime. 

Talking about the response time graph, it shows fluctuations over the last 24 hours. There was an acute hike reaching up to 2753 ms, but it quickly returned to normal levels. So, there wasn’t anything to worry about!

If we talk about the overall statistics, the Average Response Time was around 863 ms. Minimum and Maximum Response Time was 722 ms to 2753ms.

In very simple language, Verpex offers something more than what they commit us to! As per the screenshot provided above, we can see a record for the Last 30 days the Uptime is 100%. The response time is generally stable, with an average of 863 ms, though there was a significant spike reaching 2753 ms at one point in the last 24 hours. Overall, the site’s performance metrics are very positive, indicating robust stability and reliability.

Load Handling with K6.io

Now, to check the Load Handling capacity of the website, we directed around 50 Virtual Users to click on the website which made a total of 34.2K requests. And surprisingly the results are impressive.

Load Handling with K6.io

A comprehensive load test was conducted for Verpex Hosting to evaluate its performance under heavy traffic conditions. The test, which ran for 30 minutes and 12 seconds, provided valuable information about the hosting service’s ability to handle virtual users and requests.

Altogether 25 to 50 Virtual Users (VUs) were directed to the website for testing purposes and the load test was generated from the Ashburn zone (Indian network Location).

Coming to the performance Metrics a total of  34,211 Requests were made. We saw 16 HTTP Failures, Peak Requests Per Second (RPS) of 30.17; an Average Request Rate of 19 requests/second and a 95th Percentile Response Time (P95) was around 705 ms.

The Graph that you see, displays the relationship between the number of virtual users, request rate, and response time throughout the test. We can notice that the number of VUs increased steadily and then maintained a constant level, indicating no effect due to increasing load.

Moreover, the request rate showed a rise as more VUs were introduced, peaking at 30.17 requests per second. This indicates that the server was able to handle a significant number of requests properly until the peak.

Now let’s have a look at the response time that remained relatively stable even as the request rate increased, with the 95th response time recorded at 705 ms. This shows that the Verpex server was able to maintain a reasonable response time under load.

The load test results for Verpex Hosting demonstrate Top performance and maximum Reliability. With a peak RPS of 30.17 and a 95th response time of 705 ms, Verpex Hosting has shown it can handle high traffic with minimal failures. For businesses and developers looking for a dependable hosting solution, Verpex Hosting’s performance in this load test is favourable.

Security Analysis

As we all know, security happens to be the grassroot service of all the website hosting providers. To shield your website from malicious online cyber-attacks, Verpex offers top-notch security technology to ensure that the data of your website is untouched by illegitimate sources.

Here is the list of all the security technology that is built with all the hosting packages Verpex offers:

  • Imunify360 built servers
  • Free LetsEncrypt AutoSSL certificates
  • LDAP authentication when accessing your server
  • Secure Notifications
  • Advanced Firewall
  • reCAPTCHA code
  • KernelCare 
  • Malware Scanning
  • Reputation Management
  • Proactive Defense

After seeing the list that long, we can say that in terms of security, Verpex offers the best-in-class server protection to secure the sensitive data of your websites.

Customer Support

It is true that all users cannot handle server-related configuration or do not possess technical knowledge. In that case, Verpex offers multiple support channels that users can use to connect with the Expert staff of various departments namely Sales, Technical, Billing and Support. The various support channels are provided in list form as follows: 


Here, Users who are new to Verpex and want to inquire about product-related information, and other services can contact the Expert Verpex team of different departments 24/7. The LiveChat Window even contains Popular articles for users having similar kinds of queries.

Verpex Live Chat

To see how responsive and friendly support Verpex offers, we tried contacting the staff and the result is in front of you.

Verpex Live Chat

On asking a technical query about the Verpex nameserver, it answered instantly and that too the reply was highly informative. 

Verpex Live Chats

Moreover, we again tried contacting Verpex support at different hour of the day and to our surprise we got the same result. This time it was another support expert, however, the reply was formal and instant.

Ticket Support

Verpex also offers an amazing support channel, Ticket Support, exclusively for Active users 24/7. Users who buy Verpex hosting services are provided with an intuitive dashboard in which they are offered ticket support services that are meant to ask when technical issues pop up. 

Especially for our readers, we have tried contacting the support team via the Ticket support system to know how responsive and friendly the channel is. And to our surprise the results were awesome. 

Verpex Ticket Support

The reply was instant within 10 minutes and formal. For active users, they can approach the support team via LiveChat and Ticket support also.

Email Support

As far as email support is concerned, Users can also connect with the support team via mail at [email protected] and can get technical issues sorted out. 

However, the degree of responsiveness of email support as compared to other support channels is slightly low. The reply takes around an entire working day to receive.

Phone Support

Verpex even provides a calling number for users to connect via Phone for instant online support. The calling option is not helpful at times may be due to roaming issues. 

Verpex Phone Support

So, it is highly advisable that users (new & active) should connect with the support staff of Verpex via LiveChat as it is fast and easygoing.

Data Center Locations

Coming straight to the point, Verpex has in total 8+ Data centres located globally on 4 continents. Users can choose the server location near the target audience in order to get SEO advantages and other key benefits as well. The Data centre locations are provided as under:

Verpex Data Center
  • Central Europe
  • London
  • US – Central
  • US – East
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • India

These data centres in Prime locations give your website a boost and ensure your business reaches heights. 

VerPex Features

Users buying hosting services from Verpex may be keenly interested in knowing the Verpex web hosting features that they offer. Below, we jotted down the points that can help you understand Verpex in a better way:

Round-the-clock support services

Users can contact the support staff of Verpex 24/7 via LiveChat, Ticket support, email and phone support to sort out Technical/ Sales or Billing-related issues. Along with the multiple support channels, users can even access tutorials or blogs for further information.

Free Migration & Free SSL certificates

If users have hosting services and domains registered with other hosting providers and want to transfer their domain ensuring Zero downtime, then Verpex offers Free of cost Migration services and even provides Free SSL certificates for all the domains ensuring a secure connection.

WHM/ cPanel Control Panel

Get a Powerful control panel WHM/ cPanel for easy website management and configuration as per your requirement. Users can effortlessly manage their website using the user-friendly control panel that lets them easily install necessary plugins for website settings.

Turbo server Speed

Verpex’s Servers are backed by Turbo-Speed technology ensuring quicker website loading speed and instant availability. Ultra-fast NVMe Storage, AMD EPYC processor and other Hosting technologies involved are known for high speed. 

Spam Free Mail servers

Verpex moves all the outbound emails are routed through MailChannels or SpamExperts keeping your mailing reputation attack-free. This feature ensures protection against unavoidable security breaches in mail servers and lets the user focus on the website’s growth.

Daily Backups & Incredible Security

Daily backup is really important when it comes to data restoration in case of an emergency. Verpex offers backup and even provides excellent server security with Imunify360, Advanced Firewall, malware scanning and many more features to ensure Zero security breach.

Softaculous App Installer

Users wanting to install CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Drupal and others, can easily use the Softaculous App installer. With just one click, users can instantly install the applications to configure the website as required.

VerPex Services

Now let’s see what web hosting services Verpex offers to Bloggers, SMBs, Professionals, Students and corporate organizations.

Shared Hosting

New bloggers, Students and Professionals wanting to build their portfolio or project-related website can go with a Shared hosting plan that is not only low-priced but also easy to manage.

WordPress Hosting

Having a WordPress website? Then Verpex offers incredible WordPress hosting services that enable the user to host their WordPress website with an adequate amount of web resources. 

Cloud Web Hosting

Verpex offers Cloud servers that never let your website down at any cost. Multiple cloud servers located at prime locations worldwide, ensure that your website is available at all times.

VPS Hosting

Verpex uses virtualization technology and creates virtual servers over an entire physical server. Users having greater website usage to handle high traffic can use Windows/ Linux VPS services available at low cost.

Reseller Hosting

If you are planning to provide your clients with web hosting services, then Verpex offers you an opportunity to do so. Use Verpex Reseller Hosting and use WhiteLabeling to create your brand name.

Domain Registration & Free Transfer

New users can register a new Domain name from among 400+ domain extensions and even get Free Full Whois Privacy protection to ensure that users’ information is secure.

VerPex Refund Policy

What if you buy Verpex hosting and end up not liking the service quality? Users can cancel the services right away and receive money back within 45 days. Verpex refunds the amount via the same payment medium (Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Amex)

VerPex Pros & Cons 

Most of the users may want to know the Advantages and Disadvantages of choosing Verpex for their Web hosting services. Below are the Pros & Cons listed exclusively for our fellow readers:


  • UserFriendly Interface
  • Intuitive easy to manage Control Panel
  • Multiple Payment options
  • 99.90% committed Uptime
  • 45Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Support services via email lags.
  • Limited Data Center Locations

Why Choose VerPex?

In a nutshell, users buying web hosting services from Verpex can enjoy incredible security services, TurboFast website speed, Free SSL certificate ensuring encrypted connection, Free Whois Privacy protection of your domain and a 45-day Money Back Guarantee on the occasion of service cancellation.

Moreover, you have already experienced the Uptime/ website load and server response time and even conducted a series of steps. Considering the test results, we believe that Verpex offers outstanding server speed ensuring Overall best website performance.


What Language does Verpex support to the users?

Verpex Support staff uses English medium to offer technical assistance to its users. However, for users speaking different languages, Verpex support uses Translating tools to seamlessly convert the ticket to English and replies it properly.  

How much Does Verpex Hosting cost?

Get Verpex Hosting services @ just $0.60/month basis and create your business online. Verpex also offers VPS and Cloud server hosting services, the cost of which varies as per the web resources it provides. 

What OS does Verpex VPS support?

Verpex offers Windows VPS and Linux VPS server hosting services for users who are comfortable working with other OS platforms.

Does Verpex offer any Free Trial?

Yes, Verpex offers 7-Days Risk-Free Trials for users having doubts related to the functionalities of Verpex Hosting services. 

Can I Cancel the Verpex Hosting Service? 

Yes, absolutely! You can cancel Verpex Hosting services anytime unconditionally. Verpex even offers a 45-day Money-back guarantee after the cancellation of the hosting product.


Explore Verpex, where you’ll experience excellent speeds, unbeatable uptime, and reliable customer support, all with a modern user interface & top-notch security, at affordable rates. With Verpex, you’re not just getting a hosting service; you’re gaining a platform that allows you to create unlimited websites, constantly evolving with new features to meet your website needs.

For a more unbiased approach, we have personally hosted our website on Verpex. And as far as the Test results and deeper analysis are concerned, Verpex cloud servers and other hosting services are outstanding and Uptime is amazing.

We sincerely hope that you’ll get a wider detail after going through this Verpex Review and make your decision wisely.

Meet Mamta Goswami, a trialblazing web-hosting expert who has been making her mark in the industry since 2021. With a unique perspective and unwavering passion, she has been empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in the digital world.

With her blog posts, Mamta aims to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry and inspire more women to pursue careers in web hosting. Through her relatable and informative content, she simplifies complex concepts, making web hosting accessible to everyone. Let’s connect with Mamta on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter

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    They closed on of my client’s website without any prior notice. 24 hours passed and they don’t answer the support tickets. live chat says wait for your ticket to be answered. How someone can then trust a hosting company like that? Our client lost around 20.000k euro (daily figures) till now and yet we are waiting an answer for that embarassing support!! Don’t recommend this hosting at all especially if you have reseller and planning to host client websites


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