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EyHost Review

Setting up a website isn’t enough nowadays! In today’s world, a website is a one-stop solution where a potential audience lands. Therefore, it is necessary to keep it updated and vigorous to put a notable experience to them.

Knowing users’ needs, web hosting is a fruitful solution for all marketers and new aging businesses. Therefore, we came across EyHost, which is a complete solution package for your web hosting problems.

Going further is our today’s guide, where we will be exploring everything about the EyHost web hosting solution. Let’s get started with the EyHost Review!

About EyHost

EyHost is a professional web hosting, and cloud solution company holding since 2011 in the industry. The services provided by the company are well defined and structured based on the needs of today’s market.

EyHost review

For past successful years, the company has been delivering top-notch services with cost-effective prices and forefront tech for the past successful years. In 2018, the company got a breakthrough after getting registered as a private company.

Talking about the team, it is a group of young-minded people throwing brainstorming ideas and methodologies to enhance your user experience like a pro!  Moreover, the giant servers of the company are located in various high connectivity areas, which include the USA, Asia, and Europe.

Key Features of EyHost

EyHost offers affordable plans and provides 24/7 customer support. However, that is not all of it. There is something more to discover. Therefore, the following are some standard features of the company.

Uptime Guarantee

EyHost had always been rigid towards technical terms. Therefore, they set up the top benchmarks to offer the best performance and customer satisfaction. 

Given that, the hosting solution ensures that you get up to 99.99% of uptime at all times, so that your website always remains accessible to visitors and customers.

Regular backups

You don’t have to worry about data life. With EyHost’s automatic backups, you can keep your data safe and secure. Additionally, this is purely an automated process that is conducted single-handedly.

Domain Support

When it comes to taking a domain for your website, the process is challenging. You need to find the right domain, check into the costs, and finally register and purchase it. At EyHost you get all your problems solved. The company offers vast domain support considering all required equipment.

Security is a Priority

Web hosting is incomplete without security. This is why EyHost offers instantly active SSL certificates to secure your domains with the highest level of security. These certificates safeguard your entire website with end-to-end encryption to all your exchanging data.

24/7/365 Team Support

EyHost always remains active at your services. They consist of a specially designed customer support team, backed up by highly experienced engineers, to offer you ideal solutions without costing much time.

Prices and Plans

EyHost offers various plans based on the services provided by the company. These plans are not only affordable but excellent for bloggers, developers, and startups to have a resourceful kickstart. Following is a brief about each plan:

Cheap Hosting

The plans under cheap hosting are as follows. The price begins from $1.15 per month.

Cheap Hosting

Business Hosting

The basic plan starts from a minimal budget costing $12.50 per month. Moreover, the following is a complete overview of this hosting plan.

Business Hosting

Shared Hosting

Lastly is Shared Hosting, starting with the basic cost of $ 0.92 per month. Following is a detailed overview of this plan.

Prices and Plans

Additionally, the company also offers discounts and offers on their plans. These discounts are recurring. Hence, you can easily grab your favorite plan at the lowest prices.

Types of Hosting and Services Offered by Eyhost

From web hosting to the reseller and setting up a WordPress interface, EyHost offers complete support to you. In short, you can find a complete web hosting setup. Moving ahead while knowing further, the following are some more intuitive services offered by EyHost.

Hosting Services include-

  • Web hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cheap Hosting
  • Business hosting

Other services include-

Why Choose Eyhost?

EyHost is one of the robust hosting solutions offering a comprehensive approach with the latest technology and tools to all its users. The company is highly equipped with top-notch features, to deliver you with the highest standard of security and 24/7/365 team support.

Nevertheless, there can be downtimes and breakdowns in the services. But, EyHost holds the quality of standing up again and fighting against the situations. Moreover, if you are someone to find a one-stop place for all your hosting queries, then EyHost is the right choice to go! 

Conclusion – EyHost Review

This was everything about EyHost with their record of quality services and standard features. Having reliable web hosting is essential for every business. Whether you are a newbie or a growing blogger, EyHost offers services that suit everyone’s online needs.

From web hosting to resellers, or when it comes to setting up a domain for you, EyHost acquires top-notch expertise to give you the best and most satisfactory outcomes. Hence, EyHost can be a fruitful purchase for you!

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