Best Cheap Web Hosting In 2024– Top #7 [Reviewed]

Using online platforms to boost your website is inevitable because the world is rapidly taking a digital turn and that means more and more people are turning to run their businesses online for better reach and broad-spectrum accessibility. 

It requires better web hosts that provide services at more economical prices because for new businesses to explore the online marketing world, they will look to invest in relatively cheaper options so that they have the chance to switch in case it does not serve their purpose.

Cheap Web Hosting can be described as the most budget-friendly option out of all the web hosting service providers and can also be termed as shared web hosting. 

In this, the same server hosts a number of different users and it helps individuals in starting small with their desired type of resources but the catch here is, one should not have to compromise on resources or features just because the service is cheap. 

It should be cost-effective in the sense that it should provide the desired services at the price they provide.

Now if we look into the available web host service providers, there are a number of options available but most are not as cheap. 

Amongst the cheaper options, a lot are not very efficient and do not provide very good services so it is important for business owners to look into all the available options very carefully and weigh all the pros and cons carefully before picking one out for their website. 

In this review article, we present some of the cheaper options for web host service providers and the features that they come with and hopefully, this will help you narrow down your options and make the right choice.

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7 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services in 2024

Let us now look into some of the cheap web hosting services that are available in the market these days.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. YouStable – Overall “Fast” Hosting Solutions
2. Hostinger – Overall “Fast and Reliable” Web Hosting
3. A2Hosting – 20X Faster Web hosting
4. InterServer – Get Started with At $1 For 3 Month
5. BlueHost – Recommended By WordPress
6. TMDHosting – Overall “Best” Fully Managed Web Hosting
7. Hostgator – Overall “Cheap” Web Hosting Providers

1. YouStable – Overall “Fast” Hosting Solutions

YouStable is an Indian web host service provider that has been in the business for over 7 years now as they started off in 2015. 

They have served around 75000 customers till now so it is safe to say that they do have ample experience in the field.

They offer cheap web hosting plans and their plans are all backed by NVMe SSD drives and optimized with LiteSpeed Web Servers

YouStable About

Their aim is to provide cost-effective web hosting solutions to their users. You can look at their website for excellent features offered by their plans.


Let us now look into the various features provided by YouStable:

🔶 NVMe SSD Powered Servers: They guarantee 100% pure NVMe SSD Drives with web hosting plans which are actually 600 times faster than all the traditional options like HDD, SATA Drives etc. It helps in boosting and managing traffic better.

🔶 Security: They use a solid firewall BitNinja which prevents servers from malware, DDoS Attacks, and BFA (Brute Force Attacks) and provides full-stack server protection. This prevents your website from faltering because of attacks from malicious sources. 

🔶 Easy-to-use Control Panel: They have a very user-friendly and intuitive control panel that helps beginners a lot.

🔶 Free Site Migration: All your files, up to 5GB, will be migrated for free by their team.

🔶 Daily Backups: They provide options for daily backups and you can reach out to their customer care for retrieving data lost in the past 7 days.

🔶 Excellent uptime speed: They guarantee an excellent uptime speed of 99.95% along with a server monitoring tool.

Price and Plans

They provide three different types of plans namely DAStart DAProfessional and DAElite which, as you can assume by their names, provide different services at different prices.

YouStable Pricing and Plans

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They provide 24×7 services for 365 days and they have very active customer care so you can always reach out to them for any sort of help.

2. Hostinger – Overall “Fast and Reliable” Web Hosting

Hostinger is another nice option for a cheap web host service provider. It had started off in 2007 as a free web host service provider and has developed into one of the best shared and cloud hosting providers in the market.

It is convenient for beginners and for users looking to advance their businesses through expansion.  

hostinger about


Let us now have a look at all the different services provided by Hostinger:

🔶 Fast Load time: Hostinger provides a really superior load time of around 470 milliseconds which is better than most other brands in the same category. It also has servers in the U.S.A, U.K and Asia so that keeps the net load time low as well.

🔶 Money-back guarantee: Hostinger guarantees money back within 30 days of you using it for the first time. If you decide to opt out of it within 30 days, they will return all your money.

🔶 Simple to get started: it is a very easy-to-use option that comes with an easy user interface, guided setup, and a nice dashboard. It is beginner-friendly that way.

Price and Plans

It provides three elaborate plans – Single Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting and Business Shared Hosting that start as low as $1.99 per month for a single site and differ according to the user’s demands.

Hostinger Pricing and Plans

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They provide 24×7 live support and are very prompt in their replies. 

3. A2Hosting – 20X Faster Web hosting

A2Hosting services have been in the scene from around 2003 in Michigan and they provide cost-effective services that have helped them become immensely popular in the industry. 

They are mostly known for their speed which is a very important feature considering any online service needs to be able to keep up with the traffic.  

A2 Hosting About


Let us now look into the various features provided by A2Hosting:

🔶 Page Loading Speed: They have shown improved results throughout the year and they now provide super fast page loading speed of 288 ms which is extremely important for the website to run smoothly and to retain customers. 

🔶 Incredible uptime: They provide an incredible uptime of 99.985 which is lightning fast. You will need this level of speed for your website to do well because it will help the website in keeping up with the traffic and also help your website rank better on search engines.

🔶 Server Monitoring: They provide provisions for 24×7 server monitoring that helps them in preventing issues before they break out. They perform at the highest level in spite of having additional features for uptight security.  Their servers are protected by HackScan, which is a 24×7 monitoring service that scans for malware. They also boast of scalable data centers that make your website protected from DDoS. 

🔶 Free Site Migration: If you are going with the reseller, dedicated or managed VPS hosting, then they provide you an option for 25 free site migrations but if you opt for multiple websites then they cost you $10 per site extra. 

🔶 Any time money-back guarantee: They provide a very unconventional any time money-back guarantee so you get your whole sum back if you decide to cancel within the first 30 days. If you do it later, the refund will only be carried out through PayPal and some aspects like domain name and migration are non-refundable but you can keep the domain name or whatever is non-refundable. 

🔶 Green Web Hosting: A2Hosting has gone green with its service and takes care of using environment-friendly resources. 

Price and Plans 

It provides different plans at different prices like Shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Dedicated server hosting. You can pick the type of plan you need based on the size of your business which should be pretty convenient considering they can accommodate all types of businesses. 

A2hosting Pricing and Plans

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They provide 24×7 services and they also come with a strong knowledge base that has all sorts of information that will answer all your queries. 

4. InterServer – Get Started with At $1 For 3 Month

Interserver has been in business since 1999 for the last 23 years and they run on their core principles of quality, service and support which they have kept up with over the years. 

They operate out of New Jersey and have gradually improved their product offerings over the years and you should definitely check out some of the very interesting features that they provide.

Interserver About


Let’s now look into the various features provided by Interserver:

🔶 Privately owned data center: Interserver includes privately-owned data servers. Servers are built, deployed and supported by the company headquarters. The data centers do not run at full capacity thus giving you and your business the chance to grow.

🔶 Uptime: Interserver guarantees 100% uptime along with full automatic redundancy that contributes to the speed of course.

🔶 Free migrations: they provide free migrations which means customers can transfer their websites to their new account with minimum downtime. Interserver helps in transferring your domain registration along with free migration.

🔶 It includes unlimited storage and bandwidth: Interserver comes with unlimited storage, bandwidth, websites, email, and databases which are included along with free SSL certificates which help in boosting the security and hence the credibility of their platform.

🔶 Strong customer care: Interserver comes with really good customer care that ensures round-the-clock monitoring by staff through live chats, email tickets, and phone calls. It also includes regular backups that will prevent you from losing data.

🔶 Easy-to-use: InterServer comes with a comprehensive tool that can be used to adjust hosting services. It comes with an easy-to-use interface that is clean and minimalistic.

Price and Plans 

It provides two types of hosting broadly – Standard Web Hosting and ASP.NET Web Hosting

Interesting thing about InterServer is that it comes with a price-lock guarantee which means users do not have to feel pressured about any year-long subscriptions. They give their users a detailed idea of long-term costs.

InterServer Pricing and Plans

🔔 InterServer Offer April,2024 – InterServer is currently offering $1 for 3 Months use Coupon GRABPENNY. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your InterServer subscription.


You will always find one co-founder answering the query tickets and the other managing the data center that is essentially a sign of well-functioning customer care. 

5. BlueHost – Recommended By WordPress

BlueHost is one of the oldest web hosts that started way back in 1996 and grew to become the largest brand name there is. 

They power over 2 million websites all over the world now. They provide a wide array of services and they show high credibility and reliability that can be verified based on the number of people they have catered to. 

They have been recommended by WordPress since 2004 and they provide services at relatively easy prices.

Bluehost Hosting


Let us look into some of the features provided by BlueHost:

🔶 Reliability: they provide the best downtime and power a large number of websites which is indicative of their reliability.

🔶 Free domain name: you get a free domain name when you sign up which is amazing especially for a new business because usually, other brands do charge additional costs for the domain name. 

🔶 Money-Back Guarantee: They offer a standard 30-days money-back guarantee on each plan which is amazing, especially for new businesses who might want to have the option to switch available readily.

🔶 Good security: Bluehost has one of the best security measures on the market and all of the security features provided by Bluehost are efficient and will help you cut back hours of tweaking your website. You also get an option to implement CodeGuard which can help with daily backups and monitoring while notifying them of changes. 

🔶 Good Customer care: they come with great customer care and their Live Chat is very convenient and they reply within minutes of them texting. They also come with a good stock of articles and other resources on various questions regarding technical terms etc.

Price and Plans 

They provide a wide variety of plans at affordable prices. Their plans can be categorized into- shared hosting, online stores, managed WordPress, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller Hosting

Bluehost Pricing and plans

🔔 BlueHost Offer April, 2024 – For Limited Time Offer Save 50% OFF on Bluehost Hosting PlansTake advantage of this offer now and save more on your BlueHost Server subscription.

It is important for any individual looking to invest in it, to check out all the plans very carefully.


They provide good customer care through their live chat and also through their extensive knowledge base.

6. TMDHosting – Overall “Best” Fully Managed Web Hosting

TMDHosting is a feature-rich web hosting that provides web hosting services to build functional websites for you. They have been in business for 10 years and have obviously had exposure to a wide variety of clients. 

They also boast of scalable features and are hence good for both new businesses and enterprises. They have data centres in several locations that include the US (Chicago and Phoenix), London, UK, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney, Australia.

Here, we look into some of the features that stand out to us and that can help you make your choice easier. 

TMD Hosting About


Let us now look into some of the features put forward by TMDHosting:

🔶 Hosting speed: TMDHosting provides really good timing for hosting speed. It helps in scaling and accommodating more traffic and improves the overall condition of the website. 

🔶 Customer service: they have really responsive customer service that includes a very active Live Chat, phone support and knowledge base that answer all your queries.

🔶 Free domain and unlimited emails: they provide for free domain for the first year and hence prevent some additional costs on the part of the user. They also provide free email accounts and that is unlimited completely.

🔶 SSL Security: TMDHosting ensures that all communications happening between the owners and the customers are safely encrypted by providing them with SSL certificates that increase their safety tremendously and hence contribute to more credibility.

🔶 Free Site transfer: for people who are looking to transfer their website here instead of starting something new, instead of opening a new one, this option is perfect. They offer free site transfer and hence save additional expenses. 

🔶 Ease of use: the user interface provided by TMDHosting is actually pretty simple and easy to use. You can easily manage your domains, email accounts and all the other aspects of your websites using this. 

🔶 Money-back Guarantee: they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee which is a better offer than its counterparts.

Price and Plans 

They come with well-detailed plans at different prices that can cater to all your needs. The prices are pretty affordable and you can go for whichever plan suits your purpose best.

TMDHosting Pricing and Plans


They have pretty robust customer care with a highly functional live chat and phone service along with a good knowledge base. They also provide SSL certificates that improve the security of the websites and keep data safe.

7. Hostgator – Overall “Cheap” Web Hosting Providers

HostGator is one such web host service provider that hosts over 10 million domains and they provide different plans at affordable prices. HostGator offer exciting features like free SSL certificates, free domain names and a 45-day money-back guarantee. Let us look into some of their features.

Hostgator About


🔶 Reliable hosting: HostGator guarantees an uptime of 99.99% and they promise to give you one month’s credit back on your account if the uptime falters at any point.

🔶 Generous money-back guarantee: HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee which is more than the 30-day money-back guarantee that most companies provide.

🔶 Flexible billing periods: you can choose between monthly and yearly billing periods according to your needs. 

🔶 Free migration: HostGator offers a free migration service with all its new accounts during the first 30 days of signing up. 

Price and Plans 

They offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting plans at different prices.

HostGator Pricing and Plans


They have an active customer care that gets in touch with you regarding any concerns raised.

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FAQs – Cheap Web Hosting

What is Cheap Web hosting, and why is it so inexpensive?

Cheap Web Hosting can be described as the most budget-friendly option out of all the web hosting service providers and can also be termed as shared web hosting. 

Does cheap web hosting mean low quality?

Not at all. If you get low-quality service at the provided price, you should totally switch to a new platform.

Can I host my website for free?

Yes, you can host a website for free and there are many platforms that will allow that but it limits scope for optimum customization.

Which is the best and cheapest web hosting?

There are many options available in the market and we would suggest you to go through their features to decide which services you would want for your website because “best” will have different definitions for different websites.

Where can I host a website for cheap?

YouStable or A2 Hosting are good options for you to look into. They provide a number of exciting features at really good prices.

Does Domain Free with Cheap Web Hosting?

Not with every web hosting, no. You can check out the options presented in this review itself.

Why Choose Your Cheap Web Hosting If You’re Beginners?

It is the right option for beginners so they have the chance to opt out of it any time they feel that their purpose is not being served or in case they want to switch from one platform to another.

How to Choose The Best Cheap Web Hosting?

One should always look into and compare all the features provided by the various platforms and then make a choice.

Conclusion – Cheap Web Hosting

Cheap Web Hosting is the best solution for new investors and new businesses as it gives them the chance to thoroughly go through all their available options and explore the world of the online market at a relatively easier rate. 

If you are looking to start a new business, you should definitely look into these options.

To summarize, these are the Best Cheap Web Hosting services…

S NoProvider  Award UptimeStarting Price Visit 
1YouStableFastest & Managed Web Hosting100%$1.79/moTry Now
2HostingerCheap Web Hosting Soluction100%$2.99/moTry Now
3A2Hosting20X Faster Web hosting99.98%$2.99/moTry Now
4InterServerGet Started with At $1 For 3 Month100%$4/moTry Now
5BluehostRecommended By WordPress99.99%$2.95/moTry Now
6TMDHostingFully Managed & Free Migration99.95%$2.95/moTry Now
7HostGator Overall Cheap Web Hosting Providers98% $2.75/moTry Now

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