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Are you looking for the Best Remote Desktop Hosting? No Worries As you have come to the right place. I will be providing you with some key points without wasting your precious time.

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Remote Desktop came into the business in 2006, through this users can remote their servers through different computers over a network Connection but it will feel like working on your own machine.

Remote Desktop Hosting means that you can store your files, database, and application on a data center server without storing them on your personal laptops and hardware with this you can go on the cloud and can easily access them.

In Easy words, Remote Desktop Hosting gives you the right to host a computer remotely over the internet. After this, you get control of the system and can profit from the resources and data stored on that system.

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What is RDP?

RDP is known as Remote Control Protocol and it is popular for remote access to Windows servers. It allows users to add a graphical interface to the desktop of another computer.

What is RDP?

In the Remote Desktop Hosting client, users use a Windows VPS server and everything runs under a secured shell & you will get RAM, Processor as per your needs as it allows with Multiple Operating Systems.

RDP allows their clients to access, control data and resources on a remote host as if you are doing it locally, Also get How Converting JSON To XML And XML To JSON.

Most Popular Cheap RDP Hosting

“Access your desktop from anywhere with Free Remote Desktop Hosting. Enjoy seamless connectivity, secure data transfer, and efficient collaboration with colleagues, all without the hassle of physical presence.”

1. – Overall Best Free RDP Hosting

This is one of the best companies for you to get Remote Desktop Hosting because they are providing you with a 100% free RDP hosting service for a lifetime and you can get an RDP Server Without a Credit Card.

They provide you with live backup, good security, USA RDP and 24/7 customer security.


  • Full Root Access.
  • Brilliant high performance.
  • Quick installation.
  • Provides 10GB SSD Disk space.
  • Has Full admin server.

Pricing & Plans

They provide their clients with some excellent plans which are pocket-friendly so you can go through their three plans as shown below-:

RDPHosting plans

2. Kamatera – Best Free RDP Hosting Providers

Kamatera, one of the best Remote Desktop Hosting providers, offers Cloud Virtual Desktops to SMBs and Enterprises using a secure infrastructure from any data centre spread throughout the globe. 


Kamatera’s Cloud desktop can be self-provisioned and self-managed using a simple management portal as required.


  • Secure Infrastructure from malicious cyberattacks.
  • 30 Days Free Cloud Desktop trials
  • Highly Scalable Plans included
  • Round the clock Support Services via LiveChat 
  • Fully managed Cloud Desktop services.


Kamatera offers an amazing Price Calculator to let you Pick only those Cloud Desktop resources that are specifically required.

Kamatera Plans

3. YouStable – Best Free RDP Solutions for Seamless Virtual Desktop Acces

If you ever hear of Free RDP servers with Full Admin Access, this would mean you heard about YouStable.


With 1 Dedicated IPv4, Instant SetUp, a minimum of 1 Gbps network speed and 99.90% guaranteed Uptime YouStable provides the best user experience with the latest version of Windows Server.

Get the latest SSS NVMe Storage technology and other industry-leading Technologies for ensuring smooth desktop services.


  • 90 Days Free RDP server Trial
  • Full Root Access to the Servers
  • Expert Support Services via LiveChat and Ticket Support.
  • 99.99% Uptime ensuring 24/7 accessibility.
  • Minimum 2vCore CPU processor and 1TB Bandwidth


YouStable’s RDP servers come with a Free 90-day trial letting the users experience the Remote desktop services before actually paying for it.

YouStable RDP plans

4. VPSServer – Affordable RDP Hosting Provider

This company is also a good option for RDP Hosting without Credit Card as they provide you with live windows backup, flexible billings, and provides you with fast and easy firewall setup.


Customer service is 24/7 on and no downtime is guaranteed and can be accessed from all over the world.


  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Provide you with DDOs protection.
  • Full root SSH access.
  • Help you with native IPV6 Support.
  • O.S with LINUX & Windows.

Pricing & Plans

The company is providing you with decent pricing for both individual & enterprise companies as they provide you with SSD & SSH access.

They provide you with a 7-days trial look at the plans shown below-:

VPSServer Pricing and Plans

5. Ixremote – Best and Affordable RDP Hosting

This company offers you 15 plus pre-installed servers and helps you with full admin access.


Ixremote is providing you with Remote Desktop Hosting for free, free RDP Servers and it is SSL Certified, Also Read Best Forum Hosting Providers


  • Provides you with 80GB SSD storage.
  • Provide you with 1GBPS speed.
  • Has unlimited Bandwidth.
  • The site is an online store.
  • Money-back is guaranteed.
  • 1 Dedicated/Private IP.

Pricing & Plans

The company is providing their clients with two plans so you can pick a plan as per your needs -:

Ixremote Pricing and Plans

6. HostingPANEL – Full-Fledged Dedicated RDP Hosting

Get full-fledged Dedicated RDP Hosting from HostingPANEL with complete Root Acess and this time RDP Won’t be time-consuming. 


The company offers the fastest Remote Desktop Hosting. Feel the speed of Full-Duplex 1Gbps and you can also make your own clients with this RDP Hosting.


  • Full Root Access
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Windows 19, 12 OS options
  • Server Location is DMCA Ignored
  • 32 RAM for flawless RDP Hosting

Pricing & Plans

As you can see the company offers 2 plans which are best for you if you are a hardcore user and is sick Of Poor RDP HOSTING.

HostingPANEL Pricing and Plans

Both of them are the Best RDP Hosting Plans.

Why Should one Use RDP Over VPS?

One Should Use Remote Desktop Hosting Over VPS because it allows their clients with very easy control all you need to do is enter the IP address of the system you are connecting to after that it is like you are using your own machine.

Remote Desktop Hosting is very simple as you don’t have to carry any technical experience, all the things will be set up by the provider. The service provider will take care of all your maintenance and security updates, RDP also removes the need to have Constant management of the server.

One of the best advantages is its pricing as if you want to buy an RDP server for 6 months instead of a VPS, You could use the saved money to purchase a domain for a year.

It provides you with a separate channel for data transmission and also gives you an extensible base to build many more capabilities. One of the best benefits of RDP is if your device fails, is stolen, or is lost you will not lose your data.

What are the Main benefits of RDP Server?

The main benefits of RDP Server are:

Easy to use-:

Remote Desktop Protocol was structured with easy-to-use in mind. You just have to open the RDP application on the computer you are connecting from & enter the IP Address you are provided with after that it feels like you are using your own machine.

Technical Experienced is not required-:

Once you purchase an RDP server all the things will be set up by the provider. All the functions will be available as soon as you log in. Everything you should do as per your plans and everything will be taken care of by service providers.


The best advantage is pricing that will attract the most users. It is offering some great benefits so you will get excellent features at very affordable pricing.


When you go for hosting the main key point is Security, If you want to succeed with your plans you need better security. When you use an RDP server you get a team of professionals to maintain your server.

What is the Difference Between RDP and Shared Hosting?

The difference between RDP and Shared Hosting is that RDP hosting provides their clients with separate channels for data transmission whereas Shared Hosting doesn’t provide you with private channels.

RDP hosting is more secure as compared to Shared hosting traffic is also limited to shared hosting whereas RDP provides the best traffic for their users.

In shared hosting, you are provided with a separate space but you are part of a big communal space, and RDP provides you private space.

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How to get Remote Desktop Hosting? 

You can easily get Remote Desktop Hosting all you need to do is-

  • Click Start, click run type MMC and then click enter.
  • On the File menu, click on add/remove snap-in.
  • Click Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration, and then click Add..
  • In the Select Computer dialog box, select whether you want to connect to the local computer or to another computer.
  • Click OK.

How To Connect TO RDP On Windows?

You can connect to RDP on windows with the method companies use on RDP hosting site where you will get the full version of how to use RDP windows.

So, Basically, it’s very simple for everyone who wants to use RDP on windows.

Who Is the Best Remote Desktop Hosting Provider? is the Best Remote Desktop Hosting as they are providing their client users with 100% free and has live chat, good security 24/7 available customer support.

RDP hosting is the best in the market look at their features.

  •  Provides Instant Setup.
  • 10GB SSD Disk space.
  • 100GB Bandwidth.
  • Has Windows 2016.

FAQs: Remote Desktop Hosting

What is RDP hosting?

RDP Hosting stands for Remote Control Protocol. It is shared with many users and you will get the full root of access & it runs on a windows server and your work is 100% secured on RDP servers.

RDP provides their clients with functions that are used to transmit a monitor from the remote server to the client’s screen.

What is RDP hosting?

RDP Hosting stands for Remote Control Protocol. It is shared with many users and you will get the full root of access & it runs on a windows server and your work is 100% secured on RDP servers.

RDP provides their clients with functions that are used to transmit a monitor from the remote server to the client’s screen.

How do I get an RDP server?

You can easily get an RDP server. All you need is good internet connectivity and you will be provided with an IP Address from the company. All you need to focus on is if you want to extend your work you should inform the company before time so you don’t get an issue with your servers.

Is RDP server free?

Yes, RDP servers are free and are great providing you with some excellent features but to get the full version which is just unbelievable in which you can get 24/7 customer support,

chat support all thing in RDP is under the secured shell and your all data is safe.

How can I get free RDP?

You can easily get free RDP hosting. All you need to do is follow some of its steps.

If I will mention those steps here, the article will become quite long so I’m mentioning the Best RDP Server company which is you can go there and can easily get a free RDP.  

Conclusion: Remote Desktop Hosting

Thank you to everyone who is reading this article so before ending this article I would like to tell you that RDP is best for streaming, uploading movies on websites and hosting web applications.

There are some key points that everyone should know while choosing the Best Free RDP Server Online so let me mention some of the points -:

  • Provides you with secured networks.
  • Freedom of work from anywhere.
  • Pocket-friendly plans.
  • Multiple Operating Systems.
  • You should have a good connection.

GoogieHost has always been the best source for the information regarding Hosting and other blogging solutions.

I hope you all found this article Quite helpfull, if NO! then you can also ask me any question regarding Best RDP Server Online.

Happy Hosting😊!


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