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UltaHost Review

To make your business website available on the internet, you must host it. But where can you find reliable, supportive hosting that works many functions and is also affordable? It isn’t easy to find such a hosting, but we have made your search easier. 

We hosted our site and curated this detailed ​​UltaHost Review guide to help you choose the best one.UltaHost has one of the best interfaces and an incredible set of features regarding hosting providers we have come across. 

Not only do general people like us use this platform to host our small businesses or websites, but multiple large-scale organizations still continue to host their websites here.

With its massive set of features to talk about, let us dig in with everything we need to know in this UltaHost Review.

UltaHost Overview

If you want to get an exact understanding of the quality of its service without reading the entire review, we have summarised everything about UltaHost in the table attached above for your convenience.

UltaHost Review

UltaHost is one of the best hosting services in the market that provides its services through its four data centers in different locations worldwide. It offers fast hosting solutions, and speed and security are its main objectives for your websites and application hosting. 

It partners with some of the most trusted companies such as Cloudflare, Google Cloud, WordPress, etc. It stays environmentally friendly while moving further with technology to provide you with the best service.

⏰ Uptime100% uptime in the past 365 days, which is excellent
👩🏻‍💻 SupportPhone, Live Chat, Tickets, and Email
💳 Payment MethodVISA, Master card, American Express, PayPal, JCB, Bitcoin, Discover
♻️ Refund Policy30-days full refund
💰PricingStarting from $3.29/m
🌎 Data CenterBulgaria, Holland, Hong Kong, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore

WordPress-optimized hosting, eCommerce hosting, Social network hosting, CRM hosting, Mac VPS Hosting, domain-related tasks, and more are available on UltaHost, so let’s explore more of them. 

Speed Test Analysis for UltaHost

Before you buy a product, you must always look into its details, and it will perform in particular situations. 

In the case of UltaHost, we did all the testing you required before you planned to buy their services. So let us look at the test results in this UltaHost review. 

Uptime Test 

Uptimes refer to the duration when your website is available on the internet and is reachable to your customers. A low uptime can cause significant damage or no growth in your online business because if your website is unavailable most of the time, why would someone want to give it a try? 

To ensure that your website does not go through this situation, we have tested UltaHost’s uptime over a long time. UltaHost claims to provide a perfect uptime of 100% on specific plans and 99.9% in general, which is great but difficult to attain. 

So as per our results of this hosting platform’s uptime tests, it offers over 99.9% uptime which is pretty close to 100%. Also, we have tested UltaHost hosting with FrankFurt Datacenter, for several months to analyse its Uptime, below is the following report for UltaHost uptime for the last 10 months.

August 202399.99%
July 2023 100%
June 2023100%
May 2023 100%
April 202399.99%
March 202399.99%
February 2023100%
January 202299.98%
December 202299.99%
November 2022100%
October 2022100%
September 2022100%
August 202299.99%

The uptime provided by UltaHost is efficient, and the average also changes due to any occasion of low uptime, but the overall uptime is appreciable

Speed Test 

Speed is something your visitors will favour while using your website. Long waiting times can cause a loss of interest and, in turn, can cost you your customers. As we saw, one of the significant priorities of UltaHost is providing you with super fast speed, but what measures does it take to offer you this?

  • Speed Test by Pingdom
  • Speed Test by GTMetrix

It uses SSD storage for your content which you know is a great way to increase speed as SSD storage works on flash memory and can search for information in milliseconds. 

Upon testing, UltaHost showed a pretty fast speed for uploading and downloading. Even with significant size content, it loaded within seconds. 

So yes, the rate is quite fast on this platform, and your website will not take more than a second or two to load. 

Security Analysis 

With speed, you must also take care of the security of your content. Sometimes while you prioritize speed, you might leak information hazardous to your online growth. So keeping your content safe must be a priority. 

UltaHost offers several layers of protection to your content. It provides you with paid and free SSL certificates to provide encryption to your website connections. It gives backups to keep you at bay from losing any of your data. 

Security Analysis 

UltaHost provides its users with a variety of Security features that you find in your Hosting Plans, Below we have mentioned the following Security features provided by Ultahost- 

  • SSL Certificate
  • PatchStack Security 
  • Cloudflare DNS Firewall 
  • Bitninja Security 
  • Malware Scanner 
  • KernelCare 
  • Reputation Management 
  • Proactive Defense 
  • Notification on Mail 
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Single Sing-on

All DDoS attacks are also prevented by UltaHost’s DDoS protection software, etc. So you can trust this platform as a safe space for your content. 

Customer Support Analysis 

A customer support system is crucial when you have queries and issues because if this is not provided, you might have to look for that one specific thing on the internet or ask people, which could take up a lot of time and might mislead you.

UltaHost Review

With our recent chat with a Customer Support executive being a customer, the experience was highly satisfactory. Unlike other hosting service providers, the conversation was highly professional and provided just the right assistance that we needed. 

Moreover, the response time hardly took seconds and we were able to resolve the issue within minutes of our conversation.

UltaHost Review

UltaHost customer support is available throughout the day. It is not only for customers but also for others who are looking to enquire about the plans, services, and much more. You can email or raise a ticket from their official site.

UltaHost Datacenter Location 

UltaHost offers its secure and super fast services through its 4 data centres spread around the globe.

UltaHost Datacenter Location 
  • FrankFurt
  • Dallas
  • Montreal
  • Amsterdam

📌If you want more data centre locations, I recommend you to go with Shinjiru, BlueHost, and Hostinger.

Key Features of Using UltaHost Hosting 

Let us now take a quick look at UltaHost’s key features. 

Free Daily Backups

As a measure of security, you must always keep a backup of your content; this helps you recover from any damage to data. Most hostings ask you to pay for this essential service, but UltaHost does not.

This platform offers free daily backups, and you can get your data restored whenever you want. This applies to specific plans, so look into it before buying one. 

Free SSL Certificates

Another security measure is SSL certificates, which are required to keep your data safe and your website data connections encrypted. Doing so ensures that there is no data leakage and that your data is kept secure.

ultahost SSL Certificates service

UltaHost, unlike other hostings, offers this service for free on their plans. You can also get paid versions of SSL certificates, but the basic ones come for free with this platform to ensure the basic safety of your website. 

Powered by cPanel

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, an easy-to-use interface and control panel do not harm and instead ease carrying things out in your hosting journey. 

With UltaHost, you get the availability of one of the most used and reliable control panels, cPanel. It provides a user-friendly interface that will help you save money on hiring a professional to get your job done. 

Free Website Migration

With UltaHost hosting, you will not have to go through the hassle of getting your website transferred and paying for it. You can sometimes lose your data during migration but not with the platform’s support.

UltaHost offers you a free migration service that too fully managed. It migrates your websites, databases, files, etc. risk-free and per your needs. 

Free Website Migration

UltaHost Refund Policy 

Before you try a new product, always try to look for a refund policy as it ensures that you are at no risk of losing your money on this product, even if it does not suit you. Since the refund policy on the product will save you your money and regret. 

UltaHost understands this, it provides a 30-days refund policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with their plans, you can quickly apply for a refund within 30 days of purchase. But do read through their refund policy terms before you use one. 

📌The offer is only valid for the first purchase within a period of 30 days.

UltaHost Pros & Cons 

The pros and cons of buying an UltaHost plan are as follows:


  • Guaranteed Dedicated Resources
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Several free services
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL Security
  • Bullet-Proof Security


  • Limited Disk Space
  • Limited Traffic Volume with each plan

Types of Hosting and Services offered by UltaHost

UltaHost provides a wide variety of services. The hosting services include:

Shared Starter: $3.29/moVPS Basic: $5.50/moVPS Basic: $5.50/moULTA100 XEON: $129.90/mo
1 Domain1 CPU Core4 CPU CoresCPU – Intel® Xeon® E-2276G Hexa-Core
10,000 Visits Monthly1 GB RAM8 GB RAM2x 960GB SSD
Unlimited BandwidthManaged ServerManaged ServerIP Addresses – 1 IPv4
Free Daily Backups1 IPv4 Dedicated IPManaged Server
Free 30-Days Money-Back
Explore Plans!Explore Plans!Explore Plans!Explore Plans!

🔔 Ultahost is currently offering up to 40% off on yearly plans! if you use the coupon code “GoogieHost“, you can get an extra 5% discount on both yearly and triannual plans.

Besides hosting, UltaHost provides several other services such as:

  • Domain name registration
  • WHOIS Checker
  • SSL Certificates
  • Virtual Dedicated (VDS)
  • Dedicated Servers


A domain name that sits well with the service or product you sell on your website is crucial since users look for domains that are clear to understand. You can get your domain registered at Ultahost with the most assistance you want.

Ultahost Domain name

This platform also offers other domain-related services, such as a WHOIS check to know if the domain name of your choice is available or not. 

What Makes UltaHost Different from Other Hosting?

The best thing about UltaHost that makes it different from other hostings is its transparency. It does not hide anything from you and provides authentic information. Its main objectives lie in speed and security, the two things your website requires the most. 

  • Free Migration
  • NVMe SSD
  • Increase Traffic and Sales
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Guarantee Dedicated Resources
  • Perfect Uptime

To offer you that, it takes measures on several levels such as SSD storage, backups, DDoS protection, etc. 

FAQs: UltaHost Review 

Does Ultahost offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, UltaHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its plans. Once you purchase a plan, the 30 days period starts, and if you do not like the product, you can return it and get a refund instead. But this policy does have terms and conditions, so do take a look at it first.

Does Ultahost offer an uptime guarantee?

The uptime provided by UltaHost is 100% on some plans, and in general, it guarantees 99.9% uptime which we also verify with uptime tests over extended periods. This will ensure the availability of your website all day long.

What features are included in the Ultahost Starter Plan?

The basic shared hosting starters plan costs about $3.29 a month. It provides you with one domain, about 10,000 monthly visits, 30 GB NVMe SSD, unlimited bandwidth, free daily backups, free SSL certificates, and a refund policy. 

Does Ultahost offer any free trial?

It offers a refund policy, so you must pay when you buy a plan but stay at bay from the risk of losing money for 30 days. So you could call this a trial period, but you do have to pay the money, and you can get it back if you do not like the services. 

How does Ultahost Stand on Hosting Competition?

Standing against the competition is not easy, but UltaHost does so through strategic planning and services. It keeps the speed and security of your data the top priority and offers free services, which helps it stand in the hosting competition. 

If I'm Beginner, Which Plan is best for me?

Since you are a beginner, your website is growing, which will take some time. Start with the shared hosting starter plans instead of paying extra on plans that provide you services that you do not require. 

Do we Recommend Ultahost Web Hosting?

Yes, we recommend UltaHost for your website for many reasons that we came across while forming this UltaHost review. It helps you speed up your website while keeping it secure with no data leakage or threat to your business. 

It offers many of its services for free to ensure that your pockets stay safe, and it provides services other than hosting, such as domains and servers. 

Conclusion: Ultahost Review 

As we conclude this UltaHost review, let us go through its gist. This platform is not so old to the hosting industry but has still formed a firm grip on it around the world. Its services are pretty fast and secure across the globe that is served through four data centres located in Frankfurt, Dallas, Amsterdam, and Montreal.

The plans are pretty affordable, and the starter plans are well equipped to run a website efficiently, so you do not have to pay extra on premium plans initially. Domain-related services are also included in their plans. So make sure you check

The plans are pretty affordable, and the starter plans are well equipped to run a website efficiently, so you do not have to pay extra on premium plans initially. Domain-related services are also included in their plans. So make sure you check out UltaHost!

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UltaHost Review

  1. Complete Scam - Dishonest and Incompetent

    In my many years of online business UltaHost is by far the worst web host I have ever dealt with. To start the live “support” rep will blatantly lie to get you to sign up. After they migrated my websites literally nothing worked…database, email and ssl. Based on the quick live chat I expected a quick fix but instead the support tickets were just ignored. Chasing it only got me templated responses and attitude. After my websites being down the whole day and nobody being willing to help I switched to a different web host. At least they offered a 30-day money back guarantee…or so they advertised across their site. Turns out they have various clauses to deny refunds to 99% of clients. You’d think their 99.99% uptime guarantee would cover me instead….nope another meaningless fraudulent “guarantee”. Now I am pursuing a chargeback with my credit card company. The following day they apparently got the hosting working acknowledging their mistakes in setting it up. Also despite multiple requests to cancel my account it is still active which I assume is another part of their scam. Stay far away from this web host. Complete incompetence and complete lack of ethics.

  2. Ultahost

    Please if you dont know about hosting it is better you dont , get this ultahost account . they connect every problem to ticket and you will be jumping from one problem to another

  3. Terrible Support

    I have been trying to get their tech-support to install very well known software , still no luck – no It’s my responsibility to find solutions for them? I am not technical – how can they really expect me to find solutions for their department.

  4. Very bad experience with ULTAHOST

    I used the ULTAHOST services for exactly one year and the result is that the site did not give me any visible results.
    I WAS THINKING about changing hosting because only 354 pages were visible to me on GOOGLE. In the hope that the site I’ve been working on for a year will make some profit, I decided to move it to another hosting.

    Without my knowledge, ultahost workers paid for the hosting service 48 hours before the payment renewal date. Regardless of the fact that I told them that there is no server billing anywhere in the world if you have not started using the services in the next month, they simply charged for the service.

    A very bad experience that made me realize that professionalism and humanity are at a very low level. I will repeat that I had no problems with support, but this inhuman attitude towards a client who used Hosting services for a year shows that I made the right decision to leave and look for a healthier atmosphere for my own business.

    I have been in the web business myself for more than 15 years and I used GoDaddy™ hosting and they never charged me for the service in advance, they even allowed me to be late with the hosting payment.
    I moved to your place where I used your hosting services and I was not satisfied with it, and that’s why I decided to change hosting.
    You sent me notifications about the upcoming payment date, but you unknowingly charged for a service that hasn’t even come into effect yet, because my hosting is paid for until April 25, 2023.
    This tells me that you did it on purpose, even though we had contact that I would change the server because I informed you on 4/22/2023.
    I will certainly not fail financially, but your reputation and your professionalism are at a low level. It is a small amount of money that destroys the appearance of your company and your knowledge that I want to change hosting did not outline a real fair business deal with you, it just showed your true face in the business world.

  5. Ulta Host deserves more applauds.

    Ulta Host deserves more applauds. It does stands out in terms of its high quality services and great speed. It is really cool and works perfectly for websites.

  6. My personal experience.

    I really enjoyed working on Ulta host. I joined it with doubts in my mind but it cleared everyone of them with its good features and affordable price.

  7. Ulta Host is best for beginners

    Ulta Host is best for beginners. It is due to the easy work flow which it provides and smooth running features. I love its services that comes with low price and high performance.

  8. Ulta Host has the best features

    Ulta Host has best features. It has provided best services including security, customers support, bandwidth and ease of use. It stands out and has all the services which is written in the blog. I recommend it to everyone who is into web hosting.

  9. Ulta Host saved me many times.

    Ulta Host is proved out to be a gem for me. It has specific and better benefits than other hostings and it is highly reliable and fast as compared to others and it’s customer support is the best one.

  10. Ulta Host deserves more applauds

    Ulta Host is in its own league. I have read your blog and some other things about Ulta host and decided to join this straightaway. After joining and using it for some months, I am pretty satisfied with its great speed, bandwidth, flexibility and customer support. It is the best of you are new to web hosting..thumbs up for this

  11. Their service is amazing

    Someone has recommended me Ulta Hot few time ago and i have joined it but there were many doubts in my mind. But, Ulta Hot has proven me wrong big time and provided me with all the things that i have expected from it. It is the bet hosting provided in such an affordable price.

  12. The best hosting Service

    I have decided to buy Ulta Host after reading your blog somewhere. I have never imagined that it would really come off that good. I was new to hosting and it provided me with so many reasons to like it and continue to use it for long time.
    Anyone who is new to web hosting should need to go with Ulta Host.

  13. Very easy to Know and control

    Ulta Host is really a blast in field of web hosting. It provides so many good services in such cheap amount which might looks unreal sometimes. Ulta Host provides bullet proof security, high quality speed, bandwidth and ease of installation and handle.

  14. Best Hosting Site

    UltaHost is very useful. I have never known anything about web hosting before joining it, but it has provided me with good ease. I highly recommend to anyone working in the websites

  15. Ulta Host is so cool to use

    Ulta Host is turned out to be a beast for me for my websites and stuff. Although, I have used hostinger and other products but, I have found out this the best among them. Based on the services which it provides, Ulta Host is an amazing tool to tackle your website functions.

  16. Very easy to handle

    Ulta Host is very easy to handle. The ease of use is for me its best quality. I have never known anything about web hosting before joining it but it has provided me with good ease. o, if you are beginner, I suggest that Ulta Host is your thing to go with.

  17. Ulta Host is a Gem

    Ulta Host is a gem because it provides so much good services in such a low price. From great bandwidth to flexibility, high speed and security there are so much things to like about Ulta Host. I have used it for sometime and enjoyed using it a lot. Because of its ease of use and their customer support which is 24/7 available for assistance.

  18. There support is really Good

    I just saw your blog on Quora and decided to buy, Its just amazing no words the price is really cheap never thought that we can have such price in 2022 same plan in GoDaddy is for 11$ but i bought it for 5$ from ultahost

    Thanks for your nice blog it made my day

  19. They are best

    I was on namecheap and someone suggested me from India. I cam to UltaHost and they have changed my life. I am worried less. and they take care of my site. If you are a master or less knowledgeable choose UltaHost.

    • Dear Iqbal,

      We would like to congrats you on your awesome feedback with Ulthost.


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UltaHost Review

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