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Contabo Review

The whole prospect of digitalization of all kinds of services has brought us to a point wherein any person who wants to do well in their business needs to establish a well-functioning website that provides them with a scope to reach out to a wider audience. 

Web host service providers who help in shaping such websites are available aplenty so it is important for the users to skim through the various services that these platforms provide and select the one that they think will fit their requirements the best. 

Contabo is one such well-acclaimed web host service provider. It provides a platform for complete customization and helps the website to work at its optimal best. 

It focuses on advanced Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), and server hosting. It is ideal for advanced hosting options and hence should be the ideal pick for already established businesses operating on a larger scale. 

For users who are looking for Budget-friendly options, Contabo is a decent choice as compared to some of its more expensive counterparts. 

Given all these factors, we have put together this detailed Contabo Review to help you know whether it will be a good fit for your business or not.

About Contabo 

Contabo is the name that Giga-International adopted back in 2013 when they started branching out into countries outside of Europe. 

Giga-International, as it was previously known, sprang up in the city of Munich in 2003 and was primarily focused on the German market. 

They began by focusing only on the German market and then eventually branched out to a number of other locations across the world that provided the user access to smoother services. 

Contabo brings with it, twenty years of experience accompanied by a spike in the number of employees from 2 to more than 100 which is a testament to their growth and reach as a web host service provider.

Contabo Review

The experience also brings along with it more economic and efficient solutions to problems flagged by their users as has been mentioned in a number of reviews.

They are a picture-perfect option for enterprise-grade businesses that have a team that possesses technical and technological know-how.

They can utilize the services provided by Contabo to their optimum level thus boosting the performance of their own website. 

Contabo is also relatively cheaper than its competitors in the market and the team attributes this to a number of reasons that include choosing the right type of hardware that focuses not only on

the purchase price vs performance offered an argument but also on the energy efficiency and durability of the hardware.

Contabo has fully unified hardware platforms in different data centres that also help them narrow down their prices. 

They also attribute the price structure to their German pedigree that bars them from making extravagant expenses on personal fronts as a result of which they can put all their money into their business and help generate more profit. 

What Makes Contabo Different from Other Hosting?

There are various features that make it different from other hostings which include-

  • It gives you complete control over the dashboard and user interface which allows you to customize it to its optimal level.
  • It comes with excellent speed including good user-response time which is extremely important for the functioning of any website
  • It comes with SSL certificates and SSH access which ensures security and total autonomy respectively. 
  • It uses Cloudflare content delivery that makes it easily accessible for people operating from remote parts of the world as well.
  • It emphasizes the security of data as a topmost priority.
  • It uses a periodic backup option that prevents users from losing their files. 

Speed Test Analysis for Contabo

For any website to retain customers, speed is of utmost importance. In order to convert potential customers into actual purchasers, a website needs minimal upload and download time because if a particular website takes too long to load, the user will just cancel the purchase and leave.

Contabo is known to provide really good speed and we tried to verify that while writing this review.

User Interface and Ease of use 

Now to describe Contabo as being beginner-friendly will certainly be a reach because utilizing their services requires knowledge of technical jargon so it is ideal for enterprise-level businesses.

Their services are preferred by server managers and developers. They basically cater to a niche audience who already have steered through the online market and want to change or switch things up a notch.

Their user interface is very straightforward but not simple in the sense that again, beginners would have to constantly research terms in order to update their technical vocabulary to construct their own website. 

One cannot describe their primary dashboard as modern however, it gets the job done perfectly well.

Once the control panel is set, one can also switch to a Webmin control panel that can be installed for free. 

Thus it provides the user complete control over designing their panel which is great news for established users but maybe not-so-great for new users. Basically, it is perfect for tech-savvy people. 

Page Speed Tests 

Contabo provides really good page speed as is claimed on their website. They have been awarded in CHIP Hotline Test 2018, 2019, and 2020 for having the least wait time which basically means that they do not make their users wait for long which is one of the biggest contributors to their success. 

A significant increase in the investment in their infrastructure is reflected in their page speed.

Customer Support Analysis 

Not only do Contabo boast of good customer service on their website, they actually have a very knowledgeable team of 64 highly specialized individuals who come up with prompt responses whenever the need arises.

Customer Support Analysis 

They are friendly and well-informed and will guide you through the whole process smoothly. However, there might be some issues regarding their availability only during work hours.

They have an exhaustive FAQ section that answers a lot of the questions and apart from that, they also have descriptive articles that provide detailed information about various topics related to hosting. 

Uptime Test 

Uptime is an essential element for every website. Even the least downtime costs a website a lot. So, it’s essential to test a hosting for its uptime guarantee.

We did the same for Contabo and were impressed with the results. Contabo does decently on Uptime tests which prompt the service providers as fairly reliable. 

Security Analysis 

Security is one of the primary concerns for any such web host service provider because individuals upload so much confidential information on their websites that a breach of security can be detrimental and put people at risk of severe losses.

Security Analysis 

Contabo provides excellent data centre security along with two-factor authentication and DDoS protection. 

The DDoS protection is activated automatically and is included in all packages. 

Contabo Data Center Location 

Contabo started off by catering to only German-specific crowds and then expanded over the years and now they are available in- 

Contabo Data Center Location 
  • New York City
  • Seattle
  • St. Louis
  • Germany
  • Singapore

New York and Seattle are the newest additions to the expanding list of the provider’s data centres.


Contabo has a pretty simple domain that allows you to customize it as much as possible and that includes assigning a Domain name which one can either transfer or choose a new one and incorporating add-ons for customization. 


Once you start using it, you can handle your domain name using Cpanel.

Key Features of Using Contabo Hosting

Here are some key features of using contabo Hosting are:  

Multi Level Hosting 

Contabo’s multi-level hosting is impressive for customers who are looking for instant services and competitive prices. 

Excellent Server Performance

You get to customize all the configurations on your server based on your budget so that it can fit your purpose. 

The servers are based on all SSD budgets which is responsible for their excellent speed and outstanding reliability. They work with brands like Samsung and Kingston which also add to their reliability.

Webpage Speed Test

Contabo provides excellent speed and it is actually better than most of its mainstream counterparts. It shows a low server response time which works well for the users.

Resource Protection

They really go all out with security measures and that includes the two-step authentication process, proper security measures at the data centres, and DDoS protection. 

They emphasize on security of confidential information provided by their users as a top-most priority and they sure do live up to the name.

Domain Name Registration and Transfers

Contabo offers domain name registration for free and facilitates the transfer of domain names as well. 

Cloudflare Content Delivery Network

Contabo uses a Cloudflare content delivery network that makes it easier for distant users who are connected to the website, to enjoy the speed of the website.

Hotlink Protection

This prevents other websites from mooching off of your network bandwidth thus maintaining its speed and safeguarding resources on the website.

SSL Certificate 

Contabo does not charge you extra for the SSL certificate, it comes along with the plan that you purchase for your website.

SSH Access

Contabo allows you to access your server from any remote place in the world through SSH access. It provides a very secure connection and gives you full autonomy over your server while also maintaining zero interference from others. 

Backups and Restore 

Contabo allows periodic backups and restores that make the whole process even more secure considering users will be able to gain back their lost data, should they happen to land in such a situation.

Contabo Refund Policy

A refund or money-back guarantee is always favourable when purchasing a hosting solution. Unfortunately, Contabo doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee or refund on any of their plans.

However, given that it’s such a wonderful solution, there’s hardly any need to worry about the same since you’ll not feel the need to get a refund after all.

📌Some other hosting providers provide 30 days or above money-back Guarantee HostArmada, Chemicloud and ScalaHosting.

Contabo Pros & Cons 

Like every other platform, Contabo has its own pros and cons. 


  • Several plugin and web hosting options are available.
  • Good Customer Support
  • Free DDoS and virus protection.
  • Free domain for a year.
  • Highly competitive VPS hosting.
  • One-step installation process.
  • Scope for the addition of unlimited plugins.


  • No money-back guarantee.
  • They do not have unlimited disk options.
  • Their customer service does not operate on a 24-hour basis.

Why You Should Choose Contabo for your Website in 2023?

Contabo provides really dynamic services on the front that ensures security and puts forth features that prevent the loss of data. It also provides plans which are cheaper than its counterparts in the market. 

It also provides access to free domain names and allows for the incorporation of a number of plugins and extensions that allow for customizations. 

Do we Recommend Contabo Web Hosting?

Contabo is perfect for enterprise-level hostings and it provides an outstanding price-to-performance ratio. They provide scalable hosting environments and amazing security features that facilitate smooth transitions as the business grows. 

They also take special precautions to use proper hardware in order to make the whole process as error-free as possible. 

Given all these factors, we recommend Contabo without reservations.

FAQs: Contabo Review

Is Contabo hosting legit?

Yes, it is very legit and they are a globally acclaimed brand at that.

Why is Contabo so cheap?

They seem to use particular types of hardware and they also have proprietary optimization to manage loads on their servers they also attribute the low price to their German roots which help them tighten their fists regarding money.

Is Windows hosting available with Contabo?

Contabo offers its users the choice between Linux and Windows at every level.

Is Contabo the Perfect Host for Your Website?

There is no direct answer to this but if you are a tech-savvy enterprise looking to expand and customize, you should definitely opt for it. This probably will not be a good option for beginners as it includes a lot of technical jargon.  

How do I migrate a website to Contabo?

You can migrate your website through detailed video tutorials available on the internet and you can also contact their customer service to guide you through the whole process. 

Is Contabo easy to use?

It is not exactly very easy to use and it requires knowledge of technical know-how. It is, although very convenient for tech-savvy people. 

Is there a way to get free webmail with Contabo?

Free webmail is included in the service. 

Conclusion: Contabo Review

So, that’s all about Contabo. With all the tests that we have run for it, the platform seems like a very reliable hosting provider. While it’s not very user-friendly for newbies, tech-savvy people will love this hosting owing to its multiplicity of features and functionalities. Moreover, it’s a secure platform that fulfils all hosting needs and requirements.

With that said, it really is an amazing choice of hosting, especially for already established enterprise-level businesses. 

Prahlad is a genius in all-around Web Hosting and Specialises in Organic Growth Traffic(SEO) from India. Living a digital life since 2019 and helping people grow their websites by Organic method, he is quick to learn new technologies and techniques and often emphasizes learning small factors to become a big person.

Unleash your website's potential with Prahlad's insightful blog posts on web hosting and SEO. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin for valuable insights to boost your online presence and enhance performance. Rise above the competition!

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