9 Best DMCA ignored Hosting Server in September, 2023– [REVIEWED]

Have you ever downloaded movies for free from any website? If yes, then you may not be aware that it is illegal. 

The creators of those movies or this kind of content on the Intellectual property rights of their product, and they don’t allow you to resell their products unless you get a license from them.

They get this power from Digital Millenium Copyright Act or DMCA. Keep this term in your mind because you will see this term many times in this article. 

But you may argue that you have Downloaded these movies for free without any trouble, and if reselling this content even for free is illegal, then who hosts those websites?

That is what we will answer in this article, and we will explain everything about DMCA hosting and the Best DMCA Ignored hosting service providers.  

What Is DMCA Ignored Hosting?

Before moving further, we first need to understand What DMCA ignored hosting means? DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act which empowers states to criminalize any act of producing any content that violates intellectual property rights. 

In simple words, you can not post that does not belong to you. This law was introduced in 1998 by President Bill Clinton and backed by treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

To protect Intellectual property rights and make you capable of selling your product without any fear of stealing.

9 Best DMCA ignored Hosting Server in [current_date format='F, Y']- [REVIEWED]

DMCA ignored hosting provides the facility to protect your website from arbitrary action taken upon Copyright or Intellectual property rights violation. This article will cover everything about DMCA ignored hosting servers.

Too busy for the full read? Here’s the BEST DMCA Ignored Hosting for 2023.

QloudHost: QloudHostis by far, and I mean miles ahead of the competition. They are famous for allowing explicit content like adult content. However, they offer great service and incredible support. Trust me; if you’re searching for hosting, VPS, or private servers, they are best for Adult Hosting.

UltaHost: Ultahost guarantees excellent speeds, constant uptime, and ample resources for your projects. Freedom of Expression, Privacy, and Complete Data Protection are all guaranteed by Ultahost, even when compared to countries with more repressive governments. Apply Coupon code “GoogieHost” and get an Extra 5% Off on your DMCA and other Plans.

Shinjiru: With a mission to provide secured web hosting to every kind of business, Shinjiru ensures complete anonymity. Even when it comes to payment, it allows you to pay with cryptocurrencies to protect your identity.

Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Providers

Searching for the Best DMCA Ignored hosting service provider is not as simple as it sounds; that’s why in this section, we have covered some of the best DMCA Offshore providers along with their key features.

Our team is dedicated to providing the Best in class services around the globe. Over the course of several months, we conducted hundreds of tests to determine which DMCA Hosting offers the best speeds, security, and reliability.

We browsed, downloaded, streamed, and Hosted Adult and Copyrighted content for weeks on end to gather data for each DMCA Ignored Hosting Server and bring you these results.

1. QloudHost — Specialized Servers and Strong Privacy Protection

When it comes to the Cheap & Best DMCA Ignored hosting providers, QloudHost cannot exclude from our considerations.

Qloudhost is one of the Fastest Growing and Best DMCA Ignored hosting providers that offers you its services backed by robust server infrastructure to ensure that you can enjoy the optimum performance for your website Get the latest Intel, AMD Ryzen EPYC series processors and much more. 

In addition, QloudHost customer support services are also significant, always attracting us towards its services.

QloudHost Hosting

So if you are looking for fantastic service providers that come with both quality and friendly support, then QloudHost will be the best pick for you!! 

You can go through some of its key features to better understand their service’s quality so that you can make a wise decision!! 

🔸100% DMCA ignored servers: QloudHost has built its servers in the Netherlands, which allows you to bypass almost all the partial country-specific restrictions. 

🔸Top-notch security: One more exciting aspect of QloudHost is that they have equipped their servers with high-quality security features such as a strong firewall, full DDoS protections and much more to ensure full privacy for your website. 

🔸Full Content flexibility: Since they have built their servers in the Netherlands, they can confidently provide you complete content flexibility so that you can post all your desired content on your website without any restrictions. 

🔸Free website migration: If you are stuck with a low-quality hosting provider, no worries!! QloudHost provides your free website migration to shift your website to its quality servers at no additional cost. 

Best DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server Plans and Pricing

We have attached an image below that will help you to understand the complete picture and whether it will suit your website or not. 

QloudHost Dmca ignored Dedicated hosting plans

🔔 QloudHost Offer September, 2023For Limited Time Offer you can get an Additional 10% OFF on DMCA Ignored or Offshore Hosting servers using Coupon SAVE10! Don’t Miss Out

2. UltaHost- Best DMCA Offshore Hosting provider

UltaHost is an online hosting company established in 2004 by Doughouz Group Ltd. that offers Reseller, Shared, and VPS hosting. It is located in Delaware, Middletown, USA.

WordPress Hosting hosted hosting sharing, E-commerce, and Virtual dedicated servers is just a few of their services for medium and small-sized companies and large companies.

UltaHost has its own and operates its private Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers. Furthermore, they exclusively use NVMe SSDs with high performance. They ensure 99.99 percent uptime for servers with high-quality redundant and fault-tolerant servers that are secure, safe, and secure global servers.

ultahost ABout

Key features

UltaHost provides many features that will be very helpful if you are planning to buy an Offshore DMCA Ignored hosting service.

🔸Affordable Hosting Feature: Ultahost might appear costly due to the premium quality of its hosting services and features. However, the good news is that they’re a cheap hosting service, particularly for new customers.

🔸Reliable performance: And, of course, when your website goes down and you are unable to access your website, you could lose out on vital business opportunities. In terms of the performance of your website and its uptime, it plays an important game. However, they guarantee 99.9% uptime.

🔸Great Customer Support: UltaHost Offers a live chat channel available 24 hours a day. You can also contact them through a support ticket, phone, email, or Skype.

Plans and Pricing

UltaHost provides you with Two plans based on your needs and configurations; their plans are as follows:

Best DMCA Ignored VPS Hosting is as follows-

UltaHost DMCA Ignored hosting Plans

Choose The Best DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server Plan

UltaHost Dmca Ignored Dedicated hosting plans

🔔 UltaHost Offer September, 2023: You can get an Offshore DMCA Server for up to 30% Off for a limited time! Don’t miss out! Get an Extra 5% OFF the happy Coupon code “GOOGIEHOST”.

3. Shinjiru — Best Overall DMCA Hosting for Speed, Security, and Reliability

Established in 2000, Shinjiru is one the most experienced offshore web hosting service provider with 8 Offshore Locations Worldwide

It provides you with offshore web hosting through which you can host your website with any kind of content. The data centres of offshore hosting are far from your origin to save your website from DMCA and other legal laws.

Shinjiru has more than 21 years of experience in providing offshore services, and they have satisfied every customer with excellent customer support and services.

shinjiru About

 Key features

Shinjiru provides many features that will be very helpful if you are planning to buy a DMCA Ignored hosting service.

🔸Strongbolt feature: This allows you to host your website anonymously so you can run any website without being blocked.

🔸Identity protection: Anonymity is one of the top priorities for Shinjiru; it ensures your identity protection by minimizing your visibility in public.

🔸Anonymous payment: Shinjiru allows you to make payments even with cryptocurrency, to hide payment details, and you use their service without losing your anonymity.

🔸Impenetrable security: They assure to protect your website from DDoS attacks, script injection attacks, malware, or any kind of malicious attacks by providing you services that are not vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Plans and Pricing

Shinjiru provides you with Four plans based on your needs and configurations; their plans are as follows:

shinjiru shared hosting plans

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  • Strongbolt Offshore Shared Hosting:
Shinjiru Bulgaria Strongbolt One
  • Offshore VPS Server
Shinjiru VPS Hosting Plans

They offer 9 different plans based on the configurations you choose.

In their dedicated plan, they offer many plans which are based upon the CPU processor.

Shinjiru dedicated server plans

4. AbeloHost — Fully Customizable Security and Privacy Settings

Abelohost was established in 2012 with the aim of providing high-quality offshore hosting services.

Since its establishment, AbeloHost has been aspiring to provide maximum power, security, speed, and better performance than its competitors. 

They understand the value of your time. That’s why they provide managed services so that you can focus more on your business.  

abelohost about

 Key features

AbeloHost provides more upgraded and unique features than their customers, and they are as follows:

🔸Full Root Access: Their dedicated server plans provide you full access to install any application or make changes.

🔸99.9% uptime guarantee: Uptime means the time for which your website will be live, and AbeloHost guarantees you 99.9% uptime for your website.

🔸Unmetered bandwidth: Unmetered bandwidth means that there will be a set of resources allotted to you, which you can use as much as you want. AbeloHost provides you with 100mbps of bandwidth which will be Unmetered.

🔸Quick setup: AbeloHost provides your configured server within 24 hours with all the chosen resources.

 Plans and Pricing

AbeloHost provides many different plans based on the configuration, But we have mentioned below their cheapest configurations.

AbeloHost plans

🔔 AbeloHost Offer September, 2023AbeloHost doesn’t usually have deals or discounts (it’s already so affordable), but right now, you can get a 30 Day Free trial!

 5. ViceTemple — Decent Security Features with Adult Hosting Support

Coming to the most unique service provider, ViceTemple, established in 2016 ViceTemple, aims to make the adult industry safer and more accessible. 

ViceTemple has served more than 14,000+, and the number is increasing at a remarkable rate; people choose ViceTemple because they have been providing trustable services for the last 6 years. 

Unlike the service providers which say that they provide the Best DMCA ignored Hosting Server. But if you read their terms and conditions, you will get to know that they will suspend your website if they get DMCA notice against you.  But ViceTemple provides you with genuine services, and your website will be completely safe.

Vicetemple About

Key Features

ViceTemple provides many features that you will need while hosting your website, so read this section carefully

🔸 DDoS protection: DDoS protection secures your website from the rushed attacks of fake users. ViceTemple provides DDoS protection in all of its plans. 

🔸 Full Root Access: This feature allows you to change settings on the server and install applications on the server. 

🔸 Free SSL: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is the standard technology through which your data is secured. 

🔸 Unmetered traffic: They provide unmetered traffic, which you can use without restrictions or limitations.

Plans and Pricing 

ViceTemple provides you with many plans that depend upon the configurations.

To provide a rough idea, we have mentioned their cheapest plan.

  • Basic server plan.
ViceTemple plans

🔔 ViceTemple Offer September, 2023It’s hard to find active ViceTemple offers, so I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get Up to 77% off your ViceTemple Hosting! Discount automatically applied (no code required).

 6. WebCare360 – DMCA Ignore Streaming Servers Provider

Webcare360 comes with one of the most privacy-driven web hosting companies with the latest and blazing-fast hardware technology. 

Founded by St. Kitts and Nevis in 2009, WebCare360 aims to provide safe and secure anonymous web hosting services and create a web hosting company that cares for privacy and anonymity. 

It has been providing excellent service with 24*7 customer support since its establishment. As a result, it has become the market’s most reliable web hosting service provider. 


Key features  

Let’s look at the reason behind its service’s popularity in the section and its features. We have covered everything that will help you to understand its features. 

🔸High performance: WebCare360 uses the latest hardware technology, such as NVMe SSDs and much more, allowing it to provide blazing-fast performance. 

🔸Unmatched services: It provides one of the best services in the market, all thanks to its latest and most powerful hardware infrastructure and 24*7 customer. 

🔸Assured privacy: With privacy at the top, it has built offshore infrastructure to provide you with safe, secure and anonymous web hosting services.

🔸Full root access: Powerful and customizable dedicated servers are built by them primarily to provide you with unlimited resources that you can access with full control.

Plans and Pricing 

WebCare360 offers you many plans based on the configuration you choose. For your better understanding, we have mentioned their affordable offshore hosting. 

Webcare360 dmca ignored hosting Plans

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7. BlueAngelHost- Offshore Hosting, Fast, Secure, and Always Up

BlueAngelHost is one of the most popular and the Best DMCA Ignored hosting providers that offers you its services backed by robust server infrastructure to ensure that you can enjoy the optimum performance for your website. 

More interestingly, you will also get enterprise-level hosting services.

BlueAngelHost about

Hence, no matter whether you are running a blogging website or a business, you can easily enjoy their servers to their full potential. 

Key features  

Here in this section, we have listed some key features that separate it from its competition. 

🔸Managed servers: If you are a beginner, then this BlueAngelHost will be the best pick for you because it provides you with wholly managed servers so that you can exercise your complete focus on your growth instead of server management. 

🔸High uptime guarantee: The best part about BlueAngelHost is that they have optimised their server to handle as high uptime as possible. And amazingly, they confidently assure you of 99.99% uptime for your website. 

🔸Free DDoS protection: BlueAngelHost provides you servers equipped with full DDoS protection to ensure an impenetrable security for your website against any DDoS attacks. 

Plans and Price 

We have attached an image below that will help you to understand their service’s worth!!

BlueAngelHost plans

🔔 BlueAngelHost Offer September, 2023BlueAngelHost doesn’t usually have deals or discounts! So I was shocked to find this one! Click here to get Up to 30% off your BlueAngelHost! Discount automatically applied (no code required)

8. Bitcoinwebhosting- Buy DMCA Offshore Hosting with Bitcoin

As the name suggests, BitCoinWebhosting provides highly secured services, making it one of the best DMCA Ignored hosting providers in the market.

Another exciting aspect of its benefits is that you can easily install over 400 applications or scripts without any restrictions. 

But overall, when it comes to its performance

9 Best DMCA ignored Hosting Server in [current_date format='F, Y']- [REVIEWED]

Bitcoinwebhosting’s high-quality features ensure blazing fast and high uptime, in simple words, optimum performance for your website.

Key Features

Here in this section, we will discuss some of its key features that will help you to understand the complete picture of the performance of its services. 

🔸One-click app installer: Bitcoinwebhosting provides you softaculous app installer, which you can use to download all your favorite applications without causing any errors or technical issues. 

🔸LightSpeed webserver: For those unaware of the LightSpeed web server, it is one of the fastest available web servers. And Bitcoinwebhosting provides your best technology-backed services. 

🔸24*7 customer support: One more significant aspect of Bitcoinwebhosting is that they have formed a dedicated team of certified technical experts that works 24*7 to provide you instant solutions to your problems. 

🔸Free website migration: If you have hosted your website with a low-quality service provider and are not satisfied with its service’s quality then you can easily migrate your website to Bitcoinwebhosting’s quality servers at no cost!! 

Plans and Price 

You can check out the image attached below to understand their service’s worth!! 

Bitcoinwebhosting hosting plans

🔔 Bitcoinwebhost Offer September, 2023Bitcoinwebhost doesn’t usually have deals or discounts! So I was shocked to find this one! Click here to get Up to 25% off your Bitcoinwebhost! Discount automatically applied (no code required)

9. Impreza- Solid DMCA Server With a Multiple Data Centers

Impreza was established in 2015 to provide secure, reliable, and fast DMCA Offshore Hosting services, Impreza. Since its establishment, Impreza has served more than 3,000 customers and has been satisfied with its excellent services. 

Impreza offers many services like offshore dedicated servers, VPS servers, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, and much more, and they claim to be the king of offshore dedicated servers. 

The Best part about Impreza is that they provide decentralized web hosting in the market. Decentralised web hosting means that the vendor cannot intentionally take down your website.

Impreza About

Key features

Impreza provides excellent services backed by amazing features; in this section, we will explain to you the key feature they provide in their services.

🔸Free DDoS protection: DDoS attack is intended to crash your website by exploiting all your resources with a rushing attack of bots. Impreza provides free DDoS protection in all of its plans.

🔸Crypto Payment option: Impreza allows you to complete the payment with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. 

🔸SSL security: Impreza provides you with SSL certificates for better security. SSL protects your customer’s data from any vulnerable attacks. 

🔸24*7 customer support: Impreza, one of the best feature is their customer support. They have built a team of experts to solve your problems completely.

Plans and Pricing 

Impreza offers you many different plans, which are divided based on services and configuration. For example, we chose their offshore VPS plan and, with the affordable configuration Hosting server, got a server location in Russia. And they also offer many server locations like Ukraine, Iceland, and many more at the same price. 

Impreza DMCA Ignored server plans

🔔 Impreza Offer September, 2023: Impreza doesn’t usually have deals or discounts! So I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get Up to 35% off your Impreza Hosting! Discount automatically applied (no code required)

How to Choose DMCA Ignored Server?

The first thing you should keep in mind before choosing the Best DMCA Ignored hosting is that you must read their terms and conditions carefully. 

Below is a checklist you should keep in mind before buying the Best DMCA ignored Hosting plan. 

Server Locations

Before buying the plan, you must check that their servers are located in a DMCA Ignored country.  

Because if certain content is banned in your country, then there are possibilities that it may be banned in other countries too, and if you host your website in that location, then you can get in serious trouble. 

Resources and performance

It is a well-researched fact that websites with adult content get more traffic than normal websites. So if someone is planning to buy Offshore/DMCA ignored hosting must check the server’s specifications to ensure service quality

Payment Methods

For Best DMCA ignored hosting, cryptocurrencies are the best payment method because by this method, your identity will not be stored, and your identity will be secret in case any trouble happens. 

Security features

DMCA ignored websites are one of the most attacked websites, so to keep your website safe, you must ensure you are getting DDoS and other malware protection features. 

Privacy Policy

As I already told you to read their terms and conditions, you will also learn about their privacy policy. 

If they provide you with complete privacy, then it is good. Otherwise don’t choose their services or you can get in serious trouble.

Customer Support

Before choosing the plans, check whether they provide you with customer support because DMCA-ignored websites face many issues. That’s why these kinds of service providers must have good customer support.

DMCA Ignored Hosting Server Countries 

Most countries take DMCA very seriously and don’t allow you to provide services that violate DMCA laws. 

But still, there are some countries in the world that ignore DMCA laws, and they are mentioned below-

🔸Hong kong

Who Needs DMCA Ignored Hosting Services

A hosting service where your privacy and anonymity are the most serious priorities is generally used by businesses that resell licensed products like music, movies, games, etc. 

Best DMCA ignored hosting makes serving adult content on the internet easy and secure. You can say that these kinds of servers are especially used by businesses that produce illicit or copyright-prone content.

  • In case your services are under threat to arbitrary actions.
  • When Privacy and anonymity are concerned.
  • When you sell dependent content.
  • It is the best option for adult websites.
  • Used when the website serves content without any official license.
Who Needs DMCA Ignored Hosting Services

In short, if you want to host your website, which may get subjected to arbitrary takedowns under any copyright act, then DMCA-ignored hosting is the best option because it can protect the website against any copyright action. 


What’s the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting?

Our extensive testing shows that Shinjiru is the best all-around DMCA and Offshore Server for Hosting copyrighted content, movies, adult content, and more. It offers the fastest connection speeds, the most reliable security and privacy measures, and the best overall user experience of any DMCA Hosting in the Market on the market.

Which DMCA Ignored Hosting is the fastest and relible?

Shinjiru and Qloudhost consistently come out on top in our speed tests. It has the fastest upload and download speeds and the lowest lag and ping rates. This means that you can use it to Host your DMCA content.

How much does a VPN cost?

Prices vary between providers, but all of the DMCA Ignored Hosting Servers recommended here are extremely affordable. Some of them even cost less than $50 per month! In general, annual and tri-annual tend to be cheaper overall than short-term plans; the longer your commitment, the lower your monthly price.


If you are looking for web hosting that does not violate your privacy, then DMCA Ignored Hosting Server becomes the best option. It allows you to post content that is prone to copyright actions and serve your content without any arbitrary interruption by maintaining your anonymity

In this article, we covered everything about Best DMCA ignored hosting and mentioned some of the best service providers in the market.

So if you are planning to buy the Best DMCA ignored hosting, we will recommend you go with Shinjiru because it is one of the safest options among the mentioned service providers. 

To summarize, these are the Best DMCA Ignored Hosting Server providers in September, 2023

RankAwardsProviderStarting Price Visit 
1Specialized Servers and Strong Privacy Protection  QloudHost$18.99/mFind More 
2Best Overall Host UltaHost$15.5/mFind More 
3Best Overall DMCA Hosting Shinjiru$3.95/mFind More 
4Fully Customizable Security and Privacy SettingsAbeloHost$5.99/mFind More 
5Decent Security Features with Adult Hosting SupportViceTemple$5/mFind More 
6Anonymous, Secure DMCA HostingWebCare360$3.49/mFind More 
7Enterprise Grade Hardware to Ensure your Website is always up, and fastBlueAngelHost$9.99/mFind More
8Buy DMCA Offshore Hosting with BitcoinBitcoinWebHost$4.98/mFind More
9Solid DMCA Server With a Multiple Data CenterImpreza$7.50Find More 

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