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Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting In 2022-(Tested & Compared)

Being a user of WordPress and getting our website hosted with WordPress Hosting, we can say that if you’re finding something easy as well as within budget, this can be the best solution for it!

While going through the enn number of companies providing WordPress Hosting in the market, we found some of them to be pretty amazing and uniquely driven and keeping all that to ourselves didn’t seem worth it.

Hence, here we are with the list of the best Dedicated WordPress Hosting providers in the industry that will help you grow your business and make it a success with ease in no time. 

So, don’t wait up anymore and make sure you have the power to create a website that is loved by the web and the users!

 7 Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting

There are many companies which provide WordPress hosting, but when you filter them to choose the best one, you may get confused. 

That is why we have researched and figured out the 7 best dedicated wordpress hosting only for you. 

So without any further delay let’s get started. 

Web HostingMain FeaturesScore
BadgeWPX Hosting

WPX Hosting

  • 1-Click WordPress Installs
  • Various Datacenter Locations
  • Automatic Backups
Get Started
Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta Hosting

  • Free SSL
  • Two-factor authentication
  • SFTP / SSH protocols
Get Started
WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine Hosting

  • Automated Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • DDoS Protection
Get Started
A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

  • Mass Updates
  • IP Blocker
  • Free SSL Certificate
Get Started
Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost Hosting

  • Free Domain for a year
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Secures Configuration for Login Credentials
Get Started
YouStable Hosting

YouStable Hosting

  • Auto WordPress Updates
  • Automated Daily Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate
Get Started
Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways Hosting

  • Best-in-Class Support 
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • Global Availability
Get Started


WPXHosting was established in December 2013 to provide fast website load time and the best customer support. WPXHosting has expertise in providing dedicated WordPress Hosting. 

 About WPXHosting

WPX Hosting is especially known for its customer service. They provide excellent customer service 24*7.

WPXHosting provides many features like 99.99% uptime, Free CDN and many more, and we will briefly discuss it in the features section. 

WPXHosting provides a very fast page load speed because they use the LiteSpeed servers, which are located in the United States, UK and Australia.

Best Features of WPX Hosting

Free CDN

For those who are not aware of CDN (content delivery network), CDN and It is basically a group of servers that helps in the fast loading of a website.

CDN is like a mini server near you, so when you open a website it does not load from the origin server instead it can be loaded from your nearby server.  WPXHosting has its custom-built CDN for performance.

Free migration

WPX Hosting provides a free website migration service. For example, if you have taken services from a hosting service and do not like it, then you can migrate your website to WPX hosting for free.

Free daily backups

WPX Hosting provides daily backups so that in any case, if the server crashes or any misfortune happens, WPX Hosting stores your daily data backup. 

Free malware scanning feature:

Some Hosting services provide this feature in their paid plans, but WPX Hosting provides malware protection for free. 

Free SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure socket layer; it is a security protocol that provides an encrypted link between the web server and web browser. WPX provide a free SSL certificate.

DDoS protection

This feature protects your website from hacking or any malicious attack. 

Pricing and Plans

It has three plans, in which you can host up to 35 websites with infinite GB of bandwidth. And in its cheapest hosting plan, it offers to host up to 5 websites with 100GB of bandwidth. 

WPX Hosting also provides Domain which is listed down. It provides various domain which including .com .net etc.

WPX Pricing and Plans

Their domain plan are mentioned below.

WPX Pricing and Plans

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Kinsta was established in 2013 in the USA, It provides premium wordpress hosting plans  powered by the Google cloud platform. From the day of its establishment, Kinsta is providing its  services to small startups and big companies. 

About Kinsta

They serve all across the globe with their clients from around 128 countries. The best part about kinsta is its user-friendly interface. Kinsta’s dashboard is very easy to use.

Kinsta focuses on providing reliability, speed and excellent customer service.

Kinsta provides 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best Features Of Kinsta Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Kinsta provides many features backed by the premium infrastructure and they are as follows.

Free CDN

As I have explained about the CDN and how it works. They have partnered with KeyCDN and IPv6-enabled content delivery network. With CDN website can load faster than the origin server from anywhere. 

Free SSL certificate 

Kinsta provides a free SSL certificate. Kinsta has integrated with Let’s Encrypt, which provides free encrypt SSL with the certificate to all your websites. 

24*7 expert customer support

kinsta has the best customer support. They provide services 24*7. 

Daily backup

Kinsta stores its customer’s site data daily so that it can be recovered in any bad situation. They provide you with three options to create a backup of your data.

Daily: Basically, they create automatic backups every day. And store it for around 14 days.

Manual: Kinsta also provides options to create a manual backup which will also be stored for 14 days. 

System generated: Kinsta has a system that generates the backup at specific events and stores it for 14 days. 

 Pricing and Plans

Kinsta offers you two plans in which SSL, CDN, and Free Migration are included. The basic difference in both plans is just storage, visitors and WordPress installation.

Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting In [current_date format=Y]-(Tested & Compared)

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


WPEngine was established in 2010, and since then, they have been providing best-in-class services to its customers. WP Engine claims they provide the best wordpress hosting in the market.

About WPEngine

WP Engine offers high-quality managed hosting with excellent uptime and daily backups. 

WP Engine has expanded its services. Now they also provide custom plans to accommodate any high-traffic website. For example, the scale plan provides 30 wordpress sites to host, 50GB storage and 500GB of monthly data transfer with 400,000 visits per month. 

 Best Features Of WPEngine

WP Engine features have a deep focus on improving its customers’ web strategies. They offer some tracking options to check the analytics of your visitor. 

Apart from tracking, they offer many unique features, which are mentioned below. 

Free website migration

WP engine provides a free website migration feature from your old hosting.  

Free SSL certificate

WP Engine also provides a free SSL certificate which is very important for security. 

Initial support for setting up your website

WP Engine provides initial customer support for easily and successfully hosting your website.  

Tracking option

WP Engine offers you a tracking option to check your conversion rate and all the analytics. The goal behind providing the tracking option is-

  • You can develop successful web strategies.
  •  You can adequately track the success rate of your website. 

 Pricing and Plans 

The best part of their plans is they offer the facility to customize your tools. They suggest you the necessary tool. 

WP Engine Price And Plans

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


A2 hosting was started in 2001 in Michigan, United States. A2 hosting claims to be the fastest hosting service provider in the market. 

About A2Hosting

It aims to help people to succeed in their online business. It wants to make hosting more easy and fast for its customers. 

It provides 24*7 customer support, and they offer support to every customer whether they have never hosted any website before or they are running their business.

It claims to be the fastest web hosting company. A2 Hosting Turbo plans are 20 times faster than their non-turbo plans. 

Best Features Of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting A2 hosting provides excellent features, which makes it different from its competitor. Their feature are as follows. 

Automatic hardening

A2 hosting offers automatic hardening, which helps you to keep your website safe from vulnerabilities. With just 1-Click hardening, you can scan potentially vulnerable settings, and by just using the setting option, you can harden the security of your website. 

SSH security

so for those who are not aware of SSH security, SSH stands for secure shell or secure socket shell is a security protocol that gives system administration a secure way to access the computer over an unsecured network. 

Hotline protection

This feature allows you to prevent your website images from being stolen by someone else. 


this feature helps you to scan your outdated WordPress applications, malware, and vulnerabilities for better security. 

 Pricing and Plans

Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting In [current_date format=Y]-(Tested & Compared)

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Bluehost was started in 1996 and is owned by Endurance International Group. Bluehost sells many services, from shared hosting to VPS hosting. It also serves wordpress hosting to its customers.

Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting In [current_date format=Y]-(Tested & Compared)

In 2019 Bluehost introduced a new feature of CPU throttling, which reduces user’s  CPU usage, this feature was very new to the market, and customers loved it. 

Bluehost always has been such a successful company that in 2010 Endurance international Grouped acquired it. And since then, Bluehost has been one of the largest sources of revenue for EIG

Best Features Of Bluehost

Bluehost offers you many features that other companies on the list don’t, and those features are as follows: 

Free domain and specific email address

With the integration of Microsoft 365, Bluehost offers you a specific email address that can strengthen your business growth. 

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime

Bluehost guarantees 99.99% uptime through which you can serve at least 99.99% of traffic at the time, which is above the industry standards.

Free Cloudflare integration 

With this feature, your website will be automatically configured to the Cloudflare system. This feature helps in the fast loading of your website.

For example, when any visitor opens your website, the large files of your website will be accessed from the nearest server so that it can load much faster.

Advanced security options

Bluehost provides standard hosting security features for better security. For Example-

  • It provides an IP address blocking feature. 
  • Password-protected directories.
  • Manage private key and digital certificates.

Pricing and Plans 

It has three plans for individual, business and elite. All are mentioned in detail down below.

WordPress hosting 

BlueHost Price and Plans

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

WP Pro 

Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting In [current_date format=Y]-(Tested & Compared)

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


BlueHost Price and Plans

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Youstable is an India-based startup established in 2015. Youstable provides the most affordable services on the list. Youstable aims to provide affordable hosting to content beginners to advance users. 

About YouStable

YouStable uses world-class technology to provide you with the best services. For example, they use triple-layered firewall protection powered by BitNinja.

Youstable has worked with more than 75,000 customers and provided the best-in-class services. It has 4.6-star reviews from its customers. 

Youstable is the best example of companies that balances great quality and affordability.

Best Features of YouStable 

They provide various services with different features but some are listed down below.

  • FTP access:  FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which you use to download or upload the file from the website files to your hosting account.
  • Free SSL certificate: Youstable provides you free SSL certificate, which increases the security of your website.  
  • Litespeed servers: Litespeed is basically an optimized server for better speed, and it helps fast load your website over the internet. And Youstable has the LiteSpeed server 
  • Free domain: Youstable provides free domain in almost every plan, which is the best part about the youstable. 
  • Priority support: Customer support is one of the USPs of Youstable. They provide excellent customer service to every customer, from individual to business.

Youstable has the most affordable plan. It offers you many amazing features like 50 GB NVMe storage, a free SSL certificate 99.99% uptime for just $25/year.  

Youstable provides the best processing speed with NVMe SSD. They have the latest AMD servers, which provide 20 times better performance.

YouStable Features

It is the Best dedicated wordpress hosting service provider becuase it provides speed and security at a very affordable price. 

They protect DDoS, BFA and hackers so that your data become more secure.

YouStable Features

 Pricing and Plans

YouStable provides the most affordable plans in the market. In their DAStart, they provide 50GB NVMe SSD, 1GB RAM and 500 GB bandwidth for just $1.20/month.

Youstable dedicated Price and Plans

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.


Cloudways was established in 2012. Cloudways provides you a platform from where you can choose to host your website on a cloud server from Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr etc. 

About Cloudways 

They provide Cloud-based managed wordpress hosting.  

The Cloud-based hosting service is a little different from traditional hosting services. Cloud hosting means your site will be hosting multiple websites so that if anything goes wrong with one server, then your website can be accessed from the other servers. 

Best Features Of CloudWays

They offer totally different features from all the other companies on the list. And they are as follows: 

  • Cloudways thunderstruck: Cloud ways provide the latest server resources which can work better with CMS.
  • Ironclad security: Cloudways has partnered with Let’s Encrypt, which helps to integrate any CMS with SSL security.
  • Server monitoring: Cloudways offers you a dashboard to manage applications and server monitoring. 
Cloudways  Dedicated Features

Pricing and Plans 

Cloudwys may sound a little expensive, but they provide very impressive features. They provide 1TB Bandwidth, 25 GB storage and 1 core processor.

Best Dedicated WordPress Hosting In [current_date format=Y]-(Tested & Compared)

Important Note: Web Hosting prices are updated frequently. So, I request you to verify the pricing by visiting the respective websites.

How The Dedicated WordPress Hosting Were Tested

When you are running an online business, you create strategies to achieve more growth and success. But creating strategies is not possible without knowing the performance of your website.

Fasting hosting really matters a lot. If your website is loading slow, it will get lower search engine ranking, high bouncing rates, lower conversion rates and lower profits. 

If you know these data, you can change your hosting service provider or strategies for better performance. 

But how to test the website hosting. There are many tools through which hosting can be tested. 

They are mentioned briefly down below. 

GT Metrix

GT Matrix is developed by a company,, And it is a very powerful tool to test the performance of a website. GT Matrix provides detailed information on the speed of your website and what is causing issues in the loading speed of your website.

GT Matrix is a completely free tool to use.

GT Metrix

It gives detailed information about your website speed in this format,

GT Metrix Result


Pingdom is also used to measure to performance of your website, but unlike GT Matrix, Pingdom is not free. 

Pingdom was established in 2005 in Sweden. It provides many features to measure performance.  

 Pingdom offers you to measure uptime, Page Speed and transactional monitoring. They offer two plan to use. 

  • Synthetic Monitoring: In this, they offer you to test whether you are slow or broken.  They help you to check the following detail:
  • Availability of your website from all over the world 
  • Examine and optimise the load performance.
  • Provide alerts if anything goes wrong. 
Synthetic Monitoring
  • Real User monitoring: In this plan, they offer you to check how your customers experience your site, they include the following features-
  • They provide visual graphics related to your users.
  • Summary of Key performance. 
  • Insights into the behaviour of your users.
Real User monitoring

K6 Loading 

Load testing is an effective way to check how your application behaves on the internet.  And K6 is generally used for load testing. It was established in 2000 to aid the organisation in load testing.

K6 provides a simple test builder to check the load speed of your website. It is an open-source load testing tool.  

K6 provides features like

  • Load testing: they provide very high-speed load testing. 
  • Performance and synthetic monitoring: K6 runs small and continuous testing to check the performance and availability of your website. 
  • Chaos and reliability testing: K6 offers you to simulate the traffic to experiment with the chaos testing


If you are creating a wordpress website, then you should definitely consider wordpress hosting. To list all the wordpress hosting, we did thorough research and analysis and then suggested the 7 best WordPress hosting service providers. 

Every service provider has almost the same feature, that is why you should look up to the most affordable one. 

If you are considering buying a hosting plan, then we will recommend you to buy one of the above-listed companies because, according to our research, these are the best hosting service providers in the market. 

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