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WP Engine Review

WP Engine Review: When starting with creating websites, most people turn to WordPress as their content management system. WordPress is an open-source content management system or CMS written in PHP.

WordPress was initially used for blog posting and was doing great that way, but then it progressed, and currently provides plenty of services. However, while you use WordPress for creating your websites, you need to have the perfect hosting solution to host them, one of the best hosting solutions that we can think of is WP Engine.

WP Engine is a hosting platform made especially for WordPress. You can use it for creating and managing WordPress websites efficiently. It provides first-class development tools, security, and performance. It can also be a great platform to host a robust, feature-rich, and functional business website so that it can scale and bring business success.

The fact shall be clearer with this WP Engine Review, where we have detailed everything that we found out about WP Engine’s speed, tools, functionalities, and performance to check if they keep up with their word.

So, go on, have a read of this WP Engine Review and check if this is the hosting solution that you’re looking for on your WordPress website or not.

About WP Engine 

WP Engine is a web hosting service that enables you to host servers with ease and reliability. WP Engine is secured, and fast, and will ask for your last involvement in managing your content.

About WP Engine 

Specially made for WordPress and owned by WordPress, it helps manage all the work you want to get done on WordPress quickly. Hosting a website will seem like the most straightforward task with WP Engine by your side.

WP Engine has numerous plans for you to choose from; these plans differ in pricing, and management preferences, and contain many other options. WP Engine features range from theme to including backup, primary website building, and other valuable features that attracted us and will draw you towards it.

What Makes WP Engine Different from Other Hosting Solutions?

Any hosting provider you choose can meet your basic needs and requirements. However, it’s the extra things you get that make the difference. So, here are some things that we found that make WP Engine different from other hosting solutions.

First of all, it was founded by WordPress, today is the most trusted blogging site and website maker. It has outstanding design and developer tools with various premium themes and a lot more for you to choose from. It has WordPress CMS with open-source management flexibility, and phenomenal speed, and it suits every business, be it big or small.

What Makes WP Engine Different from Other Hosting Solutions?

Moreover, WP Engine is trusted by the most prominent companies around the globe. Companies like Google Cloud, New Relic, and AWS partner with WP Engine.

All these aspects make WP Engine a much different, unique, and phenomenal hosting solution on which you can rely to host your website well.

With that said, let us look into some more aspects of the WP Engine Review.

Speed Test Analysis for WP Engine

For any hosting service, the speed it offers determines a big part of its success. Waiting for a website to load can bore the user and might result in you losing business and a large number of clients. While testing and analyzing WP Engine, we considered speed a crucial aspect of WP Engine review and tested the speed on multiple parameters.

Hereinbelow are all our findings of different analyses.

Support Analysis

WP Engine claims that its solutions support small businesses, freelancers, large agencies, and enterprise brands. All you need to do is pick your match. WP Engine has multiple plans for your business, and each of them provides different levels of benefits.

The plans for your businesses are on four levels.

  • Foundation: Managed WordPress hosting for small and medium businesses. This level will help you develop your websites and is also SEO-friendly.
  • Premier: This one is the most trusted enterprise WordPress platform. This level is excellent to enhance security, accelerate speed, migration support, and dedicated servers.
  • Flywheel: For client management and billing for agencies and freelancers. This level helps you with all the billing and payments so that your payments are not delayed.
  • Atlas: A complete headless WordPress platform for enterprise brands. This level provides you with a headless solution; multiple tools in one. You do not have to go through the hassle of talking and debating with several vendors as your call is to do all your work in one place.

Page Speed Tests

The page speed, basically the page loading speed, is an element that determines your website’s success to a great extent. Did you know 40% of users tend to leave a site for a delay of 3 seconds, and even with just 1 second of delay, the users start losing interest?

WP Engine promises that shifting to their platform can increase up to 40% of your site speed which will help you with SEO as well as your site visitors. WP Engine has introduced multiple elements to help your site speed. Integrated CDN, Performance dashboard, and quality caching work together to provide the best speed possible for your website. Apart from this, WP Engine has a speed test tool too.

To check if WP Engine’s promises on their site’s speed capacity, we used GTMetrix. The results we got through GTMetrix were phenomenal and hence, proved the claims made by WP Engine.

Customer Support Analysis

While using any hosting service, you can get confused and feel stuck. A particular hosting service can help you in such situations, and WP Engine does precisely the same.

WP Engine promises customer support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. There are multiple articles provided for you to read if you find the one you need help with.

Customer Support Analysis

And if the articles do not satisfy your queries, you can type out your queries on the search bar on WP customer support. If any of these options do not work for you, you can always contact an expert by clicking on ‘contact us.’

Working with WP engine, you do not have to be worried about having unanswered queries as WP Engine customer support is always at your service.

Uptime Test

Having almost 100% uptime is necessary for your business to grow. Even a second for which your website is not available, you might lose numerous potential clients or even your current clients.

WP Engine claims to have a 99% uptime, and we had to test it. With the help of our website hosted by WP Engine, we tested the uptime of WP Engine at different hours of the day.

The results are where our expectations met our reality. The website had a constant uptime and was almost near to reaching 100%.

Security Analysis

Now, something very crucial for your business to grow and not experience any loss is security. Losing any of your data can result in hazardous losses; you might lose essential data, and clients and due to these, you might also lose your hard-earned money.

WP Engine is equipped with an excellent security team and technology which detects and protects your website from any damage. Every single day, WP Engine detects 72M attacks and blocks them. WP Engine does so with the help of proactive threat detection and automatically running plugin, core, and PHP updates.

As we have always said and heard, ‘prevention is better than cure’ WP Engine detects any attacks and helps you have security before any damage or slip of information may happen. So you can trust that your content is safe in WP Engine’s hands.

WP Engine Data Centres Location

WP Engine had a great hold on the network globe due to the strategic placements of its data centres. WP Engine has numerous data centres around the world, but the three primary data centres from which they provide their services are located in–

  • Tokyo
  • Texas, and
  • London.

WP Engine suggests that you choose the data centre located nearest to most of your clients. This will help you provide better services. To enable this, WP Engine offers the option to choose your data centre location on their website. However, for more Data Center locations, you can check out HostArmada, Kamatera, Chemicloud, ScalaHosting and CloudWays.

WP Engine Support

WP Engine provides extensive support to its clients. WP Engine support is available 24/7 and 365 days a week to 120,000+ clients across 150+ countries.

WP Engine Support

WP Engine provides expert support on any of your queries. It detects and blocks over 26B+ cyber attacks every year, offers an accessible migration facility, and offers proven recommendations for optimization.

Key Features of Using WP Engine Hosting

The reason why WP Engine performs so well in its field lies in its key features. The key features of WP Engine are simple but very beneficial.

Quick Migrations

WP Engine provides the facility to migrate your websites within a few clicks. This saves you from the hassle of contacting vendors or experts from outside of  WP Engine for your website or domain to get your website on another hosting migrated to WP Engine.

SSL Certification

WP Engine has an SSL certificate that ensures your users that the connection they are using is safe and secure. They won’t fear using your website for security reasons.

Staging Environment

Staging your website can get confusing, but it doesn’t have to be the same with WP Engine. WP Engine has a distinct feature for staging your website included with all your WP Engine plans.

WP Engine Refund Policy

WP Engine is confident enough with its products that it offers a 60 days refund on all new Startup, Professional, Growth, Scale, and eCommerce dedicated custom plans as a part of your cancellation notice.

WP Engine Refund Policy

Only, this refund policy does not apply to premium and custom plans.

WP Engine Pros & Cons

Despite all the benefits and options, WP Engine provides you it also has its pros and cons.


  • Easy migration facility.
  • Expert advice is available 24 hours a day.
  • The process of managing your website is simplified.


  • It can get a little heavy on your pockets.
  • Only provides managed hosting on shared and dedicated servers.

WP Engine and Staging Environments

Staging your website is beneficial when you wish to test all the tools used and how they would look on the internet to others.

WP Engine provides you with an option to stage your website for free. You can go right to the User Portal and select the staging environment as per your liking. WP Engine enables you to set up all copies of your website and then merge them back with your live installation.

WP Engine Review

So you do not own a WP Engine hosting plan? No problem, you can still use the WP Engine staging environment. All you need to do is make a clone of your website with WordPress using ‘WP-staging’ and then, as you would do with your WP Engine host, do the same process for staging.

Why You Should Choose WP Engine for your Website

Technology in the future is all about making tasks more accessible, and that’s precisely what WP Engine does. It makes sure your time management in a website hosted by WP Engine is as easy and convenient as possible.

You might want to change your hosting service to save your time and energy when hosting your website, and you feel frustrated talking and debating to different vendors asking them to do the same. Here, WP Engine provides an accessible migration facility that will help you save a lot of time and energy from unnecessary activities.

WP Engine is one of the most trusted hosting services for massive or small businesses. A partnership with world-class companies is a normal thing for WP Engine to have. They are confident enough with their products to give you access to a 60-day refund on most of their plans.

Additionally, you get phenomenal speed and uptime so that your visitors always have the most excellent and exceptional experiences. Also, the security is top-notch and you never have to worry about any security threats or online attacks on your website.

All these are enough reasons, in our opinion, to choose WP Engine as your hosting services provider.

How do we check the speed of WP Engine Hosting?

You will automatically experience WP Engine’s speed as you use it and remain amazed.

How do we check the speed of WP Engine Hosting?

In the case of this WP Engine Review, we used GTmetrix and Google Page Speed to test the speed of WP Engine, which did satisfy our expectations.

Do we Recommend WP Engine Web Hosting?

After all the testing and analysis we did on WP Engine, we were obliged to say that we recommend WP Engine for its excellent service, uptime, speed, migrations, and the simplified process steps it provides.

FAQs: WP Engine

What is WP Engine used for?

WP Engine is mainly used for hosting WordPress websites.

Is WP Engine any good?

Yes, WP Engine simplifies your website hosting experience to a great extent.

Is WP Engine Worth It?

Yes, WP Engine simplifies your website hosting experience to a great extent.

What makes WP Engine different?

WP Engine provides exclusive design and developer tools, simplified hosting, and a migration process. Moreover, it’s a hosting solution for WordPress, founded by WordPress itself. All these things definitely make it different.

Why is WP Engine so Expensive?

The expensiveness of WP Engine is due to the access it gives to various management tools, it recovers any damage you face, provides core patching services, and high performance.

Does WP Engine hosting plans include a CDN?

Yes, WP Engine includes CDN on Startup / Growth / Scale / Business and hosting plans. Premium and enterprise-level plans include the first 1000 GB/Mo of CDN bandwidth.

What is a Staging environment?

A staging environment is a clone of your website where you can experiment and test the changes you want to make to your website without affecting the live website unless you’re sure of the changes.

How many Data Centers Does WP Engine have?

WP Engine has multiple data centres around the world, but its primary data centres are located in Tokyo, London, and Texas.

Can I Cancel My WP Engine Hosting Plans?

Yes, you can cancel your WP Engine Hosting plans and might also receive a refund on them if your plan comes under the refund category.

Conclusion: WP Engine Review

In this WP Engine Review, we told the whereabouts of WP Engine in detail. WP Engine is a hosting service specially made for WordPress by WordPress. Though the hosting provides services to websites powered by other than WordPress, it works best with WordPress websites.

WP Engine has an almost perfect uptime and speed with the most simplified steps for your website management. Website migration, website staging, and security are some of the tools it provides depending on your plan purchases. And there’s a lot more that you can leverage to get the best scalability and performance of your website.

With all that said, we can only conclude that while it’s a little costly, it’s worth every penny you spend on its plans, as tested by us and we hope that this Hosting Review made you overlook it and understand the same!

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