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Guest Posting is a great marketing tool under the Search Engine Optimization category. Millions of experts around the world make good use of the guest post, and we are no exception. Our community is growing, and the knowledge pool is not enough to maintain a balance between new developments and improvements. You can offer analytical information that no one has discovered it yet. Googiehost requires content that no one has read or found anywhere on the internet.

Googiehost is an Indian web hosting company offering free services to the masses without charging a single penny. We also serve the community by publishing worthy learning content in the blog.

How Can You Become a Googiehost Contributor?

We have a few sets of rules that every contributor must follow. Every contributor has a responsibility to follow the rules and ensure to make the community a better place.

So what are the rules?

Article Quality: No one loves half-cooked food, and it applies to the content as well. Our professional team considers the quality, so do not take it lightly. We accept an original piece of content written in DOCX file and maintain at least a minimum of 1000 words. Remember, you have to explain the topic in detail.

Attachments: Every piece of content based on a relevant topic requires media to explain it and if you want to add an image or a video to convey the message, then go for it. However, it isn’t necessary to add images, when you don’t need them in the first place. Add images and videos, if necessary to convey the message.

Credits: We witness our professional writing team spending a lot of time crafting content for our projects. We understand the efforts every writer is putting in the original piece of content. Yes, we don’t take away the credits from the author. Create a WordPress account with Googiehost, and start taking full leverage of the credits.

Originality: There is a million piece of content published all over the World Wide Web every single day. Anyone can tell that it isn’t easy to find a new title and description for the topic. However, we believe in originality and uniqueness, so it can generate good traffic + educate millions of people.

Comments: Authors are responsible for publishing content, and they have to answer the comments as well. Engaging with a community that leaves a comment behind must be answered by the author.

Suggested Topics to Cover

Googiehost is known as a free web hosting company provided by an Indian based company. Our blog has information related to several topics, but we do not cover irrelevant subjects. To avoid rejection, write on the topic mentioned below. 

  • Web Hosting
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Optimization Tips
  • WordPress
  • Content Marketing

A quick look at the blog history will give you an idea on the Title, Description, Images, and Content niche. Spend a few minutes on the blog to understand the topics we have covered so far, and avoid getting rejected.

What We Won’t Accept?

Rejection is a common attribute in every organization, company, firm, and field. There is no shame in getting rejected by the receiver, but not learning is shameful. I will list down the number of things that Googiehost team dislikes about a piece of content.

Copied Content & Media: Search Engines, Visitors, Loyal community, and Googihost team dislikes copied content. The word “copied” applies to Title, Description, Images, Sentences, and Entire article. We are looking for a unique, original piece, and Copy Scape approved content.

Grammar: Grammar errors, Sentence formation errors, Spelling mistakes, and more. Yes, authors have to work on writing a grammar error free content.

Replying Comments: We do not encourage authors that don’t reply to the comments. Every author is responsible for answering the queries, and if you have not answered it, then we do not accept the guest post anymore.

Spam/Invalid Information/False Identity: Nobody wants to read content that promotes invalid news or information. Also, we do not accept guest posts from anonymous people as well. Kindly, come out from the shadow to take maximum benefit of the author profile.