10 Best CDN Providers in 2023 That Speed Up Your Website

Improving the website speed and user experience is a power factor for increasing user interaction.

Hence, you are looking actively for the best CDN providers that can provide you with this fantastic speed.

In the below article, I have researched and noted down the top best CDN providers.

Let me compare them one by one with prices, features, and pros and cons.

What is a CDN?

CDN or Content Delivery Network is an online networking service for boosting the performance of a website.

What is a CDN?

Using geographically distributed servers worldwide, it routes a website visitor to its nearest server location. This results in the maximum performance of the website.

Why Does One Need a CDN for his Websites?

One needs a CDN for urging reasons like-

  • You are boosting the performance of your site in speed and security.
  • You are improving the feedback of your site visitors.
  • It is enhancing SEO and gets recognized by people online.

How We Test and Find the Best CDN Providers

We at GoogieHost tested multiple hosting Providers and CDN companies every day to identify the best CDN.

Below are the key factors using which we have selected our top best CDN providers-

  • DNS Response time
  • Traceroutes
  • Throughput
  • Cache hit or miss ratio
  • Connect time
  • Wait time
  • Purging Speed

10 Top Best CDN Providers

Our top CDN pick comprises- Cloudflare | BunnyCDN | Fastly | KeyCDN | BlazingCDN | Google Cloud | CDNSun | Beluga CDN | MediaNova, and Stackpath.

Below are their key features-

1. Cloudflare

My overall top choice in this list, Cloudflare, is one of the most successful CDN companies in the world.

About cloudflare

It combines CDN and reverses proxy networks and has added multiple optimizations and security tools for the users.


It features power-packed features even for a free user. Cloudflare provides various features.

Some of its core features are-

  • Free for everyone subject to some limitations
  • Web Console is easy to understand and use
  • Run performance tests to analyze what improvement can be made with Cloudflare.
  • Caching mode control works relatively better for a free user.
  • Offers core features for administrative users.

Network Size/Distribution

  • It has expanded its worldwide reach to all operative continents.
  • Its network has not proved to be good in Europe and North America, but it is surprisingly best in Asia and Africa.
  • Cloudflare claims to have a network that spans over 100 countries and 200 cities.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of Cloudflare’s best and lows-


  • Has the best DNS Manager
  • Customer Support and even the community reply fast
  • SSL can be implemented quickly.
  • Reduces downtime by proper cache management.


  • It does not have the facility to add users at the website level.
  • Core features are challenging to understand for a beginner.


Cloudflare has been around for years, claiming the title of best CDN provider.

As far as we know, its customer support response is extremely fast, like 10-30 seconds.

The support system of  Cloudflare comprises a calling number for sales (+1 (888) 993 5273) which is available for their clients globally.

The Cloudflare community is also there to make it easier for beginners to use. Cloudflare community is easy to join and many experts are available to help.

cloudflare cdn services

One can easily share their experience and problems with the whole community to get a better solution.

If still the solution is not found then one can easily opt for the help center to get the solution. The help center is user-friendly.


For beginners, Cloudflare is free, but for people wanting to implement more secure features, it offers three different plans- Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Here is its detailed pricing and set of features-

CloudFlare CDN

2. BunnyCDN

Launched in 2015, BunnyCDN is a Slovenia-based CDN company that provides a highly affordable, blazing-fast CDN with enterprise-level security. 

Bunny CDN

Since then, the company has dominated the CDN market with its disrupting pricing and outstanding features. Especially for India, this is the most affordable CDN ever.


Bunny CDN has many features in both standard and cloud CDN. Few of them are pen down below  –

  • Image optimization for better ranking of the page.
  • Query string ordering for more cache hits on resources for better engagement of the viewer.
  • CNAME hostname for better security and performance benefits for the viewer.
  • Best CDN for video delivery. The Video delivery quality of this CDN is impressive.

Network Size/Distribution

The network and distribution of the CDN provider establish the provider in the market. Here are the network area that the BunnyCDN covers-

  • Has 54 global data centers all over the world.
  • It covers six continents, including  Asia and North America.
  • Smartedge routing for faster connection.
  • 99.9% uptime speed for faster uploading and better ranking.
  • Give features of enabling and disabling any region.

Pros and Cons

BunnyCDN is known for its highly affordable plans and speed at the same time. bunnyCDN rarely has any unsatisfying approach at this rate. 

The various other plus and minus points are mentioned below-


  • Serving average speed Average response timeGive affordable plansUser-friendly dashboard


  • The support system can be improved.


Bunny CDN gives a private slack channel for better privacy when working on an important project. Through the private slack channel, one can get the direct attention of the core team of BunnyCDN.

The email support of BunnyCDN is way faster. The community on average responds to the client within hours with precise solutions. They promise to be available 24*7.

FAQs are available for a quicker solution and answers to many common solutions are easily available. 

Tutorials are available for better handling but tutorials can be more precise for beginners.

Support numbers and email are easily available for anyone to call irrespective of whether he is a member or not.


Bunny CDN proposes an affordable range of prices with their plan.  They offer two types of content. According to your region and based on heavy, demand.

The other details are mentioned below-

Bunny CDN Plans and Price

3. Fastly 

Fastly is known for its fast performance which it serves to their clients. They are always open to new technologies and eager to improve every day. 

Fastly CDN

They are not only making sure the content is delivered fast but they also focus on security. 


Fastly is providing excellent speed with their starting packs. They have significant experience and establishment in the CDN market. Other than these, there are various features of fastly few of them mentioned below.

  • High-level POPs help to deliver content with the up-to-data quality.
  • WebAssembly to power and secure by Lucet computer and runtime.
  • Next-gen WAF for better security of websites.
  • Power of edge computing.

Network Size/Distribution

The network and distribution of the CDN provider establish the provider in the market. The speed of the CDN is possible only with better networking. To  Know the range of Fastly, read below.

  • Covering six continents like Europe and Australia.
  • Has excellent grip in North America with more than 20 cities.
  • The capacity of 130TBps of global connectivity.

Pros and Cons

Fastly is a speed specialist. Handy interface and fast-speed delivery are a few of them. But there is also some need for improvement too.

Below mentioned pros and cons would help better analysis-


  • You can modify the response returned by stripping cookies.You can deliver images.Simple manipulation of the images.


  • Difficult set-up.Unspecified operating systems.


The support system is what builds the relationship with the client. The support system of the fastly is responsible towards their clients.

Easily understandable tutorials are there for anyone to know everything they can do.

Advance FAQ section to clear most of the queries and their support system is attentive towards the mails irrespective to that they are from a subscriber or for inquiry.  Fastly instant answer is also there for faster solutions.

Fastly Support

But sometimes their response times lack that needs to be improved.


The pricing of the fastly is done with a tremendous systematic. Fastly is providing networks in various regions. The pricing is done based on bandwidth and the region.

cdn Provider pricing

4. KeyCDN

The leading European one of the best CDN providers provides advanced levels of content delivery. It is one of the best CDN providers all over the world.


Focuses on the core business. Globally famous CDN has headquarters in Switzerland.


The leading European CDN is known for its speed and connectivity in Europe. The feature of the KeyCDNvarious based is mentioned below-

  • Provides HTTP/2.
  • Gives the feature of image processing.
  • An IPv6 support system to give you better performance.
  • Blocks bad bots to secure your website.
  • User-friendly dashboard.

Network Size/Distribution

The network area of the critical CDN is mentioned below-

  • Covering 6 continents.
  • 40+ data centers
  • Distributed power and cooling insurance with dense connectivity.

 Pros and Cons

keyCDN provides dense network coverage all over the world. serves a satisfying performance for any type of blog and website. heavy loads can be handled. some might

find that the rates are not appropriate with this more points are mentioned below-


  • Dense connectivity.
  • POPs are established everywhere.
  • Satisfying performance.


  • High rates.
  • No connectivity between pull zone and push zone.  


The support system of the key CDN helps its customers in every possible manner. The detailed information related to the support system of the KeyCDN is given below[-

The tutorials are easy to understand and easy descriptions are mentioned for new bees in the CDN.

If still, one finds it hard to choose between the plans or doesn’t know how to work with them they can easily opt for guidance through the knowledge base.


Email system for support is there for the existing customers and an inquiry section for the new ones. KeyCDN is known for its fast response to emails.


KeyCDN provides a variety of prices according to the region. The price will also change as you use it to reach higher bandwidth.

More detailed plans proposed by KeyCDN are given below.

5. BlazingCDN

For 20 years, The blazingCDN is known for its affordable and quality content. BlazingCDN is one of the best CDN providers in the world.

BlazingCDN best CDN Providers

Blazing CDN provides the content with their worldwide network.


The blazing CDN is known for its affordable prices and extremely comfortable environment. The other features of blazing CDN services are mentioned below-

  • Video streaming.
  • Image optimization
  • Turbo fast content delivery
  • Unlimited customization.
  • SSL/HTTP support.

Network Size/Distribution

  • Covering 4 continents.
  • Reaching 25+ countries.

Pros and Cons


  • Turbo fast speed.
  • Excellent support system.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and thread


  • Spammed IPs.
  • Payment difficulties.
  • Turbo fast speed.Excellent support system.Unlimited bandwidth and thread


Without a support system, the trust of the prover lacks with its client. The blazing CDN provides with fastest speed and an amazing support system-

Knowledge base for guidance to know everything before starting with them.

Expert advice is available to answer client’s problems and FAQs for resolving queries.

Email enquiring is available. Various emails are easily available at their site ([email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]) to only mail the concerted authority.


Special help center for precise solutions old members and experts to chat and resolve solutions in a friendly manner. All these help them to gain customer trust.


The rates of the blazing company are mentioned below-

Bunnycdn for free

6. Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN is an initiative by Google to provide CDN to websites globally. Provides detailed latency. It is integrated with cloud monitoring and cloud logging.

Google cloud CDN

Google cloud is having impressive network coverage all over the world. One of the famous CDN provides services all over the world.


Being famous, it has developed its services on a global level.

A few of them are mentioned below-

  • Start using them for free.
  • Global distribution.
  • Support both hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.
  • Signed cookies and URLs
  • HTTPS(SSL) build in

Network Size/Distribution

 Google is known for its comprehensive coverage of networks all over the world.

  • Has one of the strongest global infrastructures.
  • Covering more than 200 countries and territories.
  • 144 network edge location.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Google cloud is mentioned below-


  • Various integrations.
  • Strong network all over the world.
  • Fast delivery.


  • the cost might not be affordable for all


The support system of google cloud CDN has always shown sincerity toward their clients’ issues. Because being world-famous they also have many eyes looking at them. This makes them take their support system issues seriously.

Gives an excellent support system with 24*7* 365day availability.

They have sorted out contact procedures with “What are you looking for?” for a better solution in a precise manner.

Easy to contact and support option is given on the site. The various options available help the client to get a faster solution ( https://cloud.google.com/support-hub )


Google Cloud CDN makes sure that one can easily find out the price they will be charged for. A special pricing calculator is given for viewers to help with prices in their region. more details are given below-

Google Cloud CDN

7. CDNSun

CDNSun has its head office in PRAGUE, providing the CDN based in the Czech Republic. This provider ensures the lowest possible latency.  If they are sure about the speed then they are double sure of the security. 

10 Best CDN Providers in [current_date format='Y'] That Speed Up Your Website

CDNSun makes sure that the website can get a better ranking at Google with its speed and better SEO. They are the best CDN provider for traffic.


The features of the CDN help us to choose the right choice from the various packs. The top features of the CDNSun are mentioned below-

  • Password protection gives security in hand to the client.
  • has an IP access policy 
  • SLA-based 100% uptime guarantee gives excellent speed for data transfer. 
  • Country access policy.

Network Size/Distribution

The network area coverage of the provider gives the idea of the speed of the network. the network coverage area includes-

  • Over 50+ presence all over the world 
  • Covers overseas locations

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons are mentioned below:


  • 100% uptime 
  • 30-dayThe support trial pack
  • Comprehensive solutions


  • No live chat support


The support system helps the client to be assured of the content. The support system of the CDNSun is mentioned below

pay-as-you-go helps the client with a low budget. Pay-as-you-go helps the client to invest its money in the website and then as it gets money can pay for more services.

A 30-day free trial pack is also there to build trust with the client. This also gives security to a new client before switching.

Free backup and great email response are there for a better experience for the client.

  • The support system is available 24* 7 for their clients.
  • Easy to learn index is given on the site. ( https://cdnsun.com/knowledgebase ) to provide basic knowledge of CDN.

Various contact numbers are mentioned on the main site of CDNSun with a messaging box available for inquiry.


CDNSUN best CDN Providers

8. BelugaCDN 

Beluga CDN is an Established CDN provider. Serving various plans and affordable prices for local market people. Gives international quality services at a cheaper rate.

belugacdn best cdn providers


BelugaCDN is known for its quality of services. The features of the beluga CDN are mentioned below-

  • Fast content delivery with real-time traffic statistics.
  •  Plans are unexpectedly cheap.
  • The quality of services is maintained.
  • Plans access is for short term

Network Size/Distribution

The distribution of the network of beluga CDN is mentioned below.

Pros and Cons         

The pros and the cons of the belugaCDN are mentioned below:


  • Fast set-up.
  • Affordable prices.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Fast uptime.


  • The support system needs improvement.


The support system of beluga CDN is mentioned below.

Give access to mail them whenever you have anything to ask but their support hours are limited to a few hours only a day.

The mailbox is also given for direct access to inquiries.

The collection of FAQs is on average has solutions to most of the problems by experts.

Supporting hours are limited which might make it harder for clients to get faster solutions but other than one can easily go for them.


The plans and prices offered by Beluga CDN are of four types.  One can easily choose from them. Plans are sorted out according to the need of the client.

Pro plan at $5 is a pick of low traffic website and other details are mentioned below-


9. MediaNova

Media nova is known for its faster digital world with its platforms and services.


They are known for improving their website load times. Media nova is a CDN Provider in India as well.


There are many features of the media nova CDN few of them are mentioned below-

  • Dockerized CDN platform
  • HTTP/2
  • Image optimization.
  • Video streaming
  • Software-defined storage.
  • Works in various industries like OTT, enterprises, gaming, and E-commerce.

Network Size/Distribution

The network distribution of these CDN providers:

  •  Has 47 data centers all over the world.
  • Covering 22 countries.
  • Fastest CDNs HTTP in Europe and the middle east

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons are mentioned below.


  • Fast delivery
  • Gives services to blog, website, and portal.
  • Comfortable experiences


  • The support system needs improvement


The support system of media nova CDN is responsible for its clients and the main support features are mentioned below- 


  • Gives a 24*7 support system
  • Email response is excellent
  • The solutions are precise.


medianova cdn

10. StackPath

The company Stackpath is known for its easy-to-manage services. providing more advanced and dynamic deliveries to the client.

Stackpath cdn

They have an in-built capacity to resolve clients’ issues.


There are standards of services provided by stack path. Other than the build-in capacity of the provider the stack path is know known for the following features-

  • Large file delivery around the world.
  • One can easily customize the content.
  • Exceptional fast speed 
  • Prioritizing your security.
  • Increase traffic.

Network Size/Distribution

The network size of the stack path is its backbone to survive in the international market. Here is the network distribution of the stack path.

  • 35+market
  • 50+ location

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent support system
  • Speed is excellent.
  • Additional domain
  • 100% free SSL


  • Auto image optimization.
  • Frequent downtime.


The support system of the stack path is mentioned below-

stackpath cdn servuces

An email support system is available and the average mail response is of only a few hours. They don’t let you get stuck with their support system and make sure the solution is more precise.

The calling facilities are easy to use and you will get handled by expecting your solution. 


The prices of stack path start at a low cost of $10/mon which comprises 1TB bandwidth, unlimited sites, unlimited requests, and an origin shield with global POPs. The other plans are mentioned below.

10 Best CDN Providers in [current_date format='Y'] That Speed Up Your Website

Web Hosting Companies that are Providing Free CDN with their Hosting Plan?

Yes, there are many providers how to attach CDN serves along with web hosting plans. Hosting providers serve the free CDN with their hosting plans.

 The companies like YouStable and A2hosting provide the best CDN services for WordPress with their cheapest plans. Others might add extra charges for adding CDN services with hosting services.

best web hosting services that provide CDN

 CDN and web hosting both are the two most important pillars for better availability of the website. None of them can be overlooked. So usually the hosting companies propose their CDN  serves together with hosting packs.

Mention of the quality of the CDN is also important. They are providers who focus more on their hosting facilities and blur the CDN. If mention of the CDN facilities along with the hosting plan is not there then One can easily drop a mail or ask the provider through live chat about it.

Who is the Best CDN Provider for Best Awesome Site Speed?

Site speed is the basic benefit of better CDN services. With site speed, the content of the site is supplied to the viewer with lighting speed.

When it comes to speed many providers are serving different proposals for better speed but only a few are there standing up to their words.

best cdn services

Cloudflare is one of the best awesome site speed providers in the world. It has a reach of more than 200 cities and more than 100 countries.

Having more than 180 data centers. Gives an impressive uptime. Cloudflare networks are AIP- first and they  Provide great control over the content by proving a free dashboard for management.

Other than Cloudflare,  there are various providers that can give awesome site speed. KeyCDN and google cloud CDN are the options for the best site speed. 


What is the best CDN service?

Cloudflare is the best CDN provider. Other than this, many providers like YouStable, A2hosting, and many others serve CDN free with their hosting plans.

What is the fastest CDN?

The providers like Cloudflare, stack path, KeyCDN and google cloud CDN are serving fast CDN all over the world.

What is the largest CDN in the world?

There are endless numbers of best CDN providers, still, Akamai is the largest CDN in the world. Akamai is also one of the oldest CDN providers in the market since 1995. 

Are CDNs worth it?

CDN has unparalleled space for any website to have a global presence. according to the services the cost of CDN may vary and to some extent, they are worth it.

There are many CDN providers all over the world tossing a variety of plans to woohoo their clients.

There are providers like you stable and A2hosting companies also provide CDN free with their web hosting plans.

Googiehost Expert Advice

CDN or the connect delivery network has great importance for any website to have a global presence. The better the CDN, the better will be the reach of the content all over the world.

With the help of proxy networks and data centers at their best location, faster service can be provided.

Speed is the key to getting established in the business of CDN. There are many CDN providers all over the world like Cloudflare, fastly, and Google cloud CDN and one can even get it free with web hosting plans.

The cost of CDN is having a great impact on the purchasers one has all over the world. All though on one should compromise with the feature they provide. 

The CDN providers like Cloudflare and KeyCDN are well established with adequate experience in the field.

They have an impressive spread all over the world and deliver quality content with impressive speed. One can also choose cheaper options like Blazing CDN and fastly as they serve satisfyingly at this range.

Other than speed and cost one should also look for the security of their content and privacy. A better support system of providers helps to build better relationships with their clients.

This article will help you to know everything related to the Best CDN providers all over the world. The features with their price range are available. The pros and cons help to easily analyze the service provided.


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