8 Best Free Cloudflare Alternative Jun,2024– (Top Picked)

Cloudflare is one of the prominent CDN, and other services providers have taken its place in the minds and hearts of various people around the globe. But what if we say that Cloudflare is not only the provider that offers the best quality services? 

Because we have brought a fantastic list of Cloudflare’s alternatives for you to work with! Whose sources are not limited and absolutely free! The listed alternatives are some prominent and underrated secure content delivery networks that offer the best quality services.

After thorough research to find the best free Cloudflare alternatives, we came across some of the best companies that offer services at a cheaper rate and better than Cloudflare. 

Move ahead with this interesting article to know some facts and figures that make these alternatives better than Cloudflare! You need not be dependent on a single provider for the best security and speed for your website! 

So, while reading this, didn’t you feel that it is something that can work to your benefit?

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8 Best Free Cloudflare Alternatives Jun,2024

Cloudflare offers limited services in its free plans with some limitations in its premium ones too. So, to cut the barrier and work with something that makes working more beneficial and helpful with no limitations, looking up alternatives of the same is better! 

Hence, we’ve got you covered! Here, we have discussed the 8 best alternatives of Cloudflare for better working with premium services and at lower prices!

Let’s start exploring these amazing alternatives:

1. Akamai

An intelligent edge platform, Akamai ensures a secure website experience for its customers. 

Akamai about

They save not only your website but also the people your website is serving. Hence it empowers and protects thousands of people who work online to build a business or work on it from all unknown and known threats with over 20 years of experience in the field! 

Key Features 

Let’s look into the main features offered by Akamai in its plans:

  • The best-in-business edge platform

The user can rely on Akamai’s unrivalled capacity and scale to power and safeguard digital experiences.

  • 24*7 intelligence and visibility that is unrivalled

You may rest certain that Akamai monitors more internet circumstances, deftly avoiding congestion and defending at the edge.

  • Long-term strategic partners

You can count on the tens of thousands of frontline security and delivery experts working around the clock and 330+ threat researchers evaluating data.

  • Unrivalled Services

You can extend cloud infrastructure capabilities while streamlining operations and bringing users closer.


The plans are customisable, and the pricing is in accordance with them.

As a rough estimation told by their sales executive, the pricing ranges from $2000/ month, which depends on your website’s traffic.

But they lack information to provide to their visitors, making customers not gain their trust and interest. 

Customers can also try their free trial to know the workings and usage of Akamai services for their website and interpret if they are satisfied and whether they opted for the right thing or not!

2. StackPath

StackPath is an edge platform that allows its users to deploy, secure as well as accelerate workloads right at the internet’s edge. 

They offer the developers a chance to drive their own inventions and go into the competition. 

StackPath about

StackPath accelerates customers’ websites by more than 68 per cent, increasing sales and attracting people from all over the world. 

The website will be accessed at exceptionally high speeds worldwide using StackPath’s high-performance Content Delivery Network. It’s also a competitor of Cloudflare’s direct DDoS.

Key Features

  • Engine for Creating Custom Rules

You can create EdgeRules with their simple CDN rules engine to specify regulations and automate unique content and delivery behaviours.

  • Serverless Scripting 

Customers can extend CDN’s capabilities by developing stateless applications on our global edge computing platform. Create custom workflows that are always 

  • Available, 
  • Cost-effective, and 
  • Secure 

Without having to deploy or manage your own infrastructure.

  • Built-in Asset Optimization 

CDN contains vital and unique optimization techniques to simplify keeping material all ready to deploy at any point in time. Those techniques are:

  • GZIP compression
  • Huge file segmentation
  • Canonical header insertion
  • Shield of the Origin

For even more origin protection and delivery optimization, customers can add Origin Shield. Origin Shield collects, deduplicates, and consolidates requests from a number of different edge locations.

Customer can use their own private SSL certificate, which may be uploaded to the StackPath Control Portal or StackPath’s free private SSL certificate.

  • Real-time Analytics 

They provide CDN reports on critical CDN, content, and origin performance metrics in real-time, like:

  • Bandwidth Usage (bps)
  • Delivery by Network
  • Requests
  • Cache Hit Ratio
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Request Hit Ratio
  • Direct Connect

Connect your network to their edge platform directly. Direct Connect provides a high-speed, high-security express path for ingress and egress traffic for workloads with high traffic volumes and high-frequency origin calls.


The pricings of StackPath also depend on the traffic your website has or is receiving. There is no fixed pricing, but all of it depends on the same thing mentioned.

3. KeyCDN 

With a 14 day free trial, without credit card requirement, KeyCDN has headquartered in Switzerland with a registered trademark. It has become one of the leading CDN providers in Europe. 

KeyCDN about

Their CDN not only gets the website up and running in a few clicks, but it also gives a lot of customising possibilities. They have a managed cutting-edge infrastructure for the customers, allowing them to concentrate on their primary business. 

KeyCDN makes content delivery more innovative, intelligent and cost-effective.

Key Features 

  • Fast Speed 

With their main focus being speed. They are always looking to enhance their performance one millisecond at a time.

  • Scalability

Whether your website is for a small blog to being a top ten website, their network can manage any amount of traffic.

  • Reliability

With StackPath ensure high dependability with its resilient infrastructure and 24/7 customer assistance.

  • Flexibility

Availability of a diverse set of options ensures that content is provided in a precise manner, as per the requirements.

  • Accuracy

They provide detailed reports accompanied by a comprehensive picture of how the material is delivered.

  • Programmatic API

It comes with bilingualism. Any application in any language can control the website’s account with its usage.


We found KeyCDN’s plans and prices easily and were astonished to look at such reasonable CDN plans! 

You can choose the nearest region, select the plan accordingly and start working over KeyCDN.

If your website has very heavy traffic and you require over 100TB per month for such high performance, KeyCDN also offers discounts on the same and above. 

We’ve attached this screenshot to give you a clear look at KeyCDN’s plans and pricing:

KeyCDN Pricing

4. Sucuri

Sucuri was built for custom sites and all other platforms! 

Sucuri’s team of experts has been relentlessly innovating new ideas since 2009 with an aim to make websites faster and safer in accordance with the threats they can come across. 

Sucuri about

To develop the most successful and cost-effective cloud-based security and performance technology and services, as well as the most concise instructional website security resources, Sucuri can be one of your best choices! 

Key Features

Here are some key features offered by Sucuri:

  • Guaranteed Malware Removal

They do not let your website face any kind of risk and guarantee any malware removal from your website.

  • Protection Against Future Hacks

With protection against unknown and known attacks, Sucuri secures your website at its level best! 

  • 24/7 Customer Security Team

With their robust team available to answer and solve all customer queries, Sucuri qualifies in their particular point.

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Do not worry if you do not like their services by any chance. Sucuri offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users. 

  • Website Speed Optimization

Sucuri can improve your website’s speed by 70% on average with their worldwide CDN (content delivery network) and caching options.

  • Multiple Caching Options

Availability of multiple caching options for any type of website combined with speed and protection by Sucuri. 

  • High Availability

High availability and redundancy make sure that your website never faces network interruptions. The CDN runs on a globally distributed Anycast network.


There’s no need for us to explain the prices in detail because Sucuri has well defined their plans on their website, unlike some other CDN providers.

And for your reference, we have attached a screenshot below! 

Sucuri Pricing

5. Amazon Cloudfront CDN 

Amazon CloudFront is a CDN (content delivery network) service which worked its best to build high performance, developers’ convenience and the best security of the website.

With automated network mapping and intelligent routing, reduce latency by distributing data over 310+ geographically scattered Points of Presence (PoPs).

Amazon Cloudfront CDN 

Amazon Cloudfront has been improving security with traffic encryption and access controls. They fight against DDoS assaults for free with AWS Shield Standard.

To balance cost, performance, and security, customise the code you run at the AWS content delivery network edge using serverless computing technologies to offer even more quality services than Cloudflare. 

Key Features

What makes Amazon Cloudfront the best? Here’s why:

  • Security

They protect the network and application-layer attacks, SSL/TSL encryptions also HTTPS, offering access control over the website. 

  • Availability 

With the origin shields to contend with spikes while there is traffic during the peak activity hours. It also enables redundancy for origin. 

  • Edge Computing

Through CloudFront Functions and AWS Lambda@Edge, Amazon CloudFront provides programmable and secure edge CDN computing capabilities.

  • Real-time logging and metrics

Amazon CloudFront is connected with Amazon CloudWatch, which automatically publishes six operational metrics per distribution in the CloudFront dashboard, displayed in a series of graphs.  Standard and real-time logs are two options for logging requests delivered from your distributions on CloudFront.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

For every level of usage, there are cost-effective pricing choices.

There are no upfront expenses with pay-as-you-go pricing. If you’re searching for a deal, check out the CloudFront Security Savings Bundle, which will save up to 30% on your CloudFront subscription in exchange for a one-year monthly spend commitment.


With the pay-as-you-go and customizable plan (Amazon Cloudfront calculator)options, Amazon Cloudfront also offer regional wise prices on demand.

And we attached the screenshot for the same below:

Amazon Cloudfront CDN  Pricing

6. Fastly

The developers can gain the tools to build the most breakthrough apps with Fastly’s, a strong edge cloud platform. It is built for speed, security, and scale so that organisations can efficiently compete in today’s marketplaces. 

Fastly About

Fastly is working towards developing the web’s future together with the professional teams and services they provide.

Key Features

Here are some unique features offered by Fastly CDN:

  • Lightning-fast network

Their network is more secure and scalable as compared to others. They deploy strategically distributed high-performance POPs. Their network is designed to handle the most demanding streaming requirements.

  • Configurable/ Customize as per your liking.

All Deliver@Edge products are API-first and integrate effortlessly with your technological stack. The user can control how their material is cached down to the last detail. 

  • Best security

Their DDoS, TLS and next-generation WAF solutions give businesses security and control without losing performance or speed. 

  • Control and visibility in real-time

With real-time logs and complete control over the setup, the user can quickly identify problems and make configuration and security rule adjustments in seconds.

  • Efficient cost-saving plans

The user can customize their plans and work according to their requirements, which initiates cost-effectiveness for the users. 


Fastly’s cloud pricing overlook:

Fastly Pricing

The user can customize their plans through a calculator and other options available on the platform. This is just an overview of how plans look for easy customer navigation. 

Here’s an overlook of the pricing ranges of Fastly@Edge:

Fastly Pricing and plans

7. Azure CDN

With Azure CDN, ensure the delivery of secure, dependable information to a global audience.

Azure CDN

The Azure Content Delivery Network uses the servers nearest to each user to deliver audio, video, images, apps and other items to your clients faster and more reliably. Acceleration Data Transfer accelerates non-cacheable, dynamic content generated by the web applications on a dynamic site.

Key Features

Azure CDN tops in giving the best quality features, even better than Cloudflare! Don’t you believe that? 

To prove this, we have listed their features for you to overlook:

  • Improvement in performance and user experience

Wherever they are, users want a fast, dependable, and personalised web experience. By dispersing user requests and serving material directly from edge servers, the Content Delivery Network helps minimise latency and enhance performance for high-bandwidth content.

  • Massive scalability and global coverage

With a platform that adjusts to traffic variations, one can scale on the fly with minimal downtime. The Content Delivery Network can accommodate abrupt traffic spikes and large loads and deliver quick content while protecting the origin from overburdening with a distributed, global presence.

  • Protection at Edge

Enhance security with features such as custom domain HTTPS and DDoS protection. Enable the Content Delivery Network to put edge servers in front of the queue for serving and protect the origin server from harmful attacks. 

  • DevOps allows automated procedures and workflows.

The performance, stability, and security provided by Azure APIs and developer tools enable one to quickly design and automate worldwide applications.


Azure CDN has listed some basic plans in demand. You can request a pricing quote per the services you need and get your customised plan. 

But for now, look at the basic CDN plans by Microsoft Azure:

Azure CDN

8. Google CDN

Providing data security and privacy, Google CDN is a reliable and fast web as well as video content delivery network with s global reach.

Google CDN

It works with load balancing; for the best practices over CDN, one can blindly opt for Google CDN because we don’t think they need much appreciation, and they’ve already built a brand name!

Key Features

  • Support for both the origin and the backend 

You can pull material from any HTTP-capable origin, including Google Cloud backends such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and Google Kubernetes Engine, as well as origins outside of Google Cloud, such as storage buckets in other clouds.

  • Caching 

You may fine-tune cache keys and other caching features based on the content type served by configuring caching behaviour by origin.

  • Origin selection and route matching

Cloud CDN leverages Cloud Load Balancing at each edge site to give complete routing and configuration features.

  • Protocols

Protocols like TLS 1.3, QUIC, and Global Anycast improve the user experience by delivering render-blocking web content faster and lowering playback start time and rebuffering when streaming video.

  • Metrics and logging 

With Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring, you can see how traffic is served via Cloud CDN.

  • Authentication of content

Even though queries must be approved, signed requests allow users to serve responses from Google Cloud’s globally dispersed caches.


You can get your quote pricing by Google CDN. The new customers are offered $300 in free credits to test, run, and deploy workloads. 

The customers can use 20+ products for free, up to usage limits established on a monthly basis!

You can visit this page of their site to get your plan pricing!

Google CDN Pricing

What service does Cloudflare offer?

Cloudflare offers:

Cloudflare’s users can secure and expedite their own websites. They offer free secure internet connection, self-hosted and SaaS apps for 50 users. 

But their plans are a little limited and not soo friendly to the users, to the point where they lack. 

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Why Do You Need a Cloudflare Alternative?

Cloudflare jams at the point where it offers high-cost premium plans and the limitations it has imposed on the services. 

They have restricted features in their plans, and all these reasons make some other free alternatives more beneficial to get into use! 

FAQs: Free Cloudflare Alternatives Jun,2024

Which is the best free Cloudflare alternative?

– As per our analyses and depth research, we can say that Google is available everywhere and anywhere, and so will Google CDN. It will always stand to all your demands with excellent services and results. 

Is Cloudflare free?

– Cloudflare is a freemium service. It depends on the consumer’s needs and requirements because that determines the pack and quotation that the user should bring into use. 


Hey! You’ve reached the end of this article full of researched and best quality CDN providers that have started topping the charts and overpowering even Cloudflare! 

After our deep searching amongst innumerable CDN providers out there in the market, we came up with these particular companies that we can assure will best suit the consumer needs nowadays.

We hope this article was of some help to you, and now you can choose an unbiased CDN provider who actually provides the best services and is not only working by its brand name and reputation. 


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