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Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress in May, 2024 – Top #9 [Reviewed]

Seeing the shift towards more sophisticated technology, as website owners, we need to move to better hosting options.

Since Cloud Computing Technology has entered the hosting domain, people are moving towards newer, better solutions.

Through this article, we’ll be discussing Cloud Hosting for WordPress, the Benefits of choosing Cloud Hosting, the best providers out there that you can choose from, and how to choose them. 

Let’s first begin with discussing what exactly cloud hosting is for WordPress. 

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What is Cloud Hosting for WordPress?

Many people have heard about the new hosting solution but a lot of them are not aware of what Cloud Hosting means and if one should host a WordPress site on Cloud. 

Cloud Hosting for WordPress means that instead of hosting your website on a single physical server like in the case of Shared, VPS, or dedicated server, you’ll be hosting the site on a cluster of servers distributed all across the globe virtually. 

By now, I must have lost you, so let me explain. 

When you decide to host a website, you look for a provider that will offer you their servers at a certain cost to deploy your application or website so that it can be accessed by your audience through the internet. 

Until now, you could host your websites on a Shared, VPS, or dedicated server in a single location, depending upon the requirements of your website. 

cloud hosting for wordpress

With Cloud Hosting for WordPress, you can host your website on servers in different locations connected virtually over a network/internet. I’m sure you are getting my point now.

So let me just tell you beforehand that it is very advantageous for you if you have a growing business and your WordPress site experiences a sudden influx of traffic depending on user demand. 

Cloud Hosting allows you to tap into the bandwidth of a different server when your site experiences an increase in live traffic.

This ensures that your site does not experience downtime and you do not exhaust all your resources in one go. 

We’ll discuss all the advantages later in the article but for now, I am excited to share with you the gems that offer the Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress. 

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9 Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress in May, 2024

Let’s just say that there are more than a hundred Hosting Providers that promise to offer quality hosting services for your website

And if you’ve ever searched for a hosting provider, you would see many new companies that try to participate in the competition.

Some come out successful and some just vanish into the thin air. 

And so, to help you with this frustrating task of deciding on the best Cloud Hosting providers for WordPress sites, we are listing the 9 companies that have time and again proved to be the best among the best. 

⏰ TL;DR:

1. Kamatera Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial
2. ScalaHosting WordPress Hosting Protected by Shield
3. CloudwaysManaged Cloud Hosting Platform
4. DigitalOcean – Fast, Powerful & Affordable Managed Cloud Hosting
5. HostingerFast and Secure Cloud Managed WordPress Hosting
6. Elementor – Overall Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress
7. InterServerGet Started with At $1 For 3 Month
8. ChemiCloudSafe and Secure Cloud Hosting
9. WPX Hosting Overall Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Kamatera – Get Started with 30 Day Free Trial

Kamatera is a well-known name in the hosting industry. Best known for its VPS hosting, Kamatera also offers great Cloud servers to deploy your website and applications. 

They acknowledge that a CMS and other web services need dedicated resources as they eat up resources in order to display the best output to the customers. 

And so, Kamatera offers free Cloud Hosting for WordPress that is controlled by you and has one of the best security protocols out there. 

Kamatera About

Key Features

Let’s discuss some important features that make Kamatera one of the best Cloud Hosting WordPress solutions:

🔶 Dedicated resources to host your WordPress site and offer maximum output to users. 
🔶 Full root access allows you to manage your Cloud Servers. 
🔶 The flexible scaling model allows you to upgrade or downgrade as per your requirement. 
🔶 The pay-as-you-go feature allows you to only pay for resources used.
🔶 A 30-day free trial ensures that you have a test run of the services. 
🔶 Multiple server locations to choose from ensure maximum performance. 
🔶 Allows you to add a database of your choice

📌 We will recommend you read Kamatera reviews to understand everything about its services in detail. 

Plans and Pricing  

There are many features that I might have skipped out on. However, every plan has a different set of features. Kamatera allows you to build your own server and the cheapest plan will cost you $4/month here are the configurations for that plan.

Kamatera Plans

🔔 Kamatera Offer May, 2024 – Hurry! Just Start your 30 Days Kamatera Free Trail Now. ! No Hidden Fees. 24-Hour Support. Don’t miss out!

2. ScalaHosting- WordPress Hosting Protected by Shield

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting by Scalahosting, one of the top rated Cloud & Website hosting providers, offers you a seamless hosting environment to grow your wordpress site.

From creating unlimited MySQL Databases to Free Daily backups, ScalaHosting provides every element that assists users for easy growth of the WordPress website. 

Moreover, with just one click, users can effortlessly launch a new wordPress website. OpenLiteSpeed technology even elevates the speed of your website as well.


Key Features

Want to know more features about cloud Hosting for WordPress by Scalahosting? Below, we have listed the following:

🔶 Free, Instant & Effortless Website transfer from other hosting providers to Scalahosting. 
🔶 Guaranteed Zero Downtime keeping your WordPress website online on the internet at all times.
🔶 OpenLiteSpeed + LiteSpeed Cache Plugin Technology ensures that your wordpress website run lightening fast 24/7
🔶 LOCK feature available on the Managed WordPress Cloud Platform adds mutliLayer to your website making it ultra-secure and unhackable.
🔶 The WPFixIt team resolves issues related to the content management system within 30 minutes helping you with customization making your website faster. 
🔶 Get Free Domain + Real time Malware Protection from the malicious online threats in Premium plans only.
🔶 Free One Click WordPress Installer + automatic Updates making your wordPress experience easy.

📌 But we will recommend you read the ScalaHosting review to understand whether it will be a wise decision for your website or not. 

Plans and Pricing  

The various Cloud WordPress Hosting Plans and its related prices are as follows:

ScalaHosting WordPress

🔔 ScalaHosting Offer May, 2024 – For Limited Time Offer ScalaHosting is currently offering up to 36% OFF. Get an Extra 10% OFF with happy Coupon code “GOOGIEHOST“.

3. Cloudways – Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

CloudWays offers managed WordPress cloud hosting for WordPress and other CMS alike with a simple interface that allows for a great and tension-free hosting experience. 

As they believe in innovation, they strive to offer the same kind of stage for their customers. Their cloud hosting solution offers the space to deploy innovative ideas on their servers and make them accessible to users. 

cloudways about

Key Features

Here are the features that make Cloudways one of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress: 

🔶 Enterprise CDN to ensure that your website can be accessed by users quickly by creating a virtual network of servers over the internet. 
🔶 SSD drives are 3 times faster than HDDs and allow for quick website loading speed. 
🔶 Quick response time of website due to server optimization with Nginx, Redis, Varnish, and Memcached. 
🔶 Built on PHP 7, you can remain sure that you get faster websites
🔶 Free WordPress Cache plugin, Breeze comes pre-installed to offer better performance for WP sites.
🔶 Best-in-class customer support to offer quick resolutions to all hosting-related issues. 
🔶 Dedicated firewalls, IP whitelisting, 2 FA, Bot protection, Security patching, DDoS protection, and SSL protection add to multiple layers of server security to protect your WordPress site on Cloud. 
🔶 WP migration plugin allows you to migrate your WordPress site to CloudWays servers for free. 
🔶 Backup and Restore to ensure that any changes to your website can be reversed easily. 

📌 We have analysed their services in detail here in this CloudWays review!

Plans and Pricing  

Check out the plans and pricing of CloudWays Cloud Hosting solutions:

Cloudways Cloud Hosting Plans and Price

🔔 Cloudways Offer May, 2024 – For Limited Time Offer Cloudways Offer *3-day trial without credit card. Using Coupon Code “SPECIAL20”,get $30 OFF their first month.

4. DigitalOcean – Fast, Powerful & Affordable Managed Cloud Hosting

DigitalOcean, popular for convenient, fast, powerful & affordable managed cloud hosting combined with Cloudways, offers hosting solutions for WordPress websites.

Not only high performing websites and easy launching of websites in just one click but also DigitalOcean provides Advanced DDoS Protection ensuring data security from malicious attack as well.

Furthermore, 24/7 customer care support via live chat & ticketing and Free Cloud FireWalls takes the performance of your website to another level. 

DigitalOcean About


The features of DigitalOcean that Cloud users would want to know to host the wordpress website are listed as under:

🔶 NGINX, Apache, Memcached & application-level caching to achieve greater performance of the wordpress website + Free WordPress Cache Plugin as well.
🔶 Migrate your WordPress website to CloudWays to get expert guidance for users having no knowledge to handle websites.
🔶 Get pre-installed plugins in just one click to assist with your Database, email-Add Ons and performance optimization.
🔶 24/7 customer support services to get your configuration related issues resolved via LiveChat & Ticketing + Private Slack channels for premium users.
🔶 Free Let’sEncrypt SSLs for all your domains, Advanced DDoS protection and Proactive Monitoring ensures regular server surveillance to keep away online threats.
🔶 Latest SSD storage technology offers a lightning fast page loading for your dynamic websites.
🔶 Free website transfer from your old wordpress hosting provider to DigitalOcean + 1 click Backup plan ensures quick restoration of data.

Plans And Price 

These amazing features of DigitalOcean come for a very affordable price. The various DigitalOcean plans and Prices are as follows:

DigitalOcean Cloud Plans

5. Hostinger – Fast and Secure Cloud Managed WordPress Hosting

Want to get your WordPress website hosted in CloudBased WebServers for powerful and seamless website performance? Then Hostinger is the Right choice for cloud hosting for WordPress.

With free domain + Free website Migration and 24/7 customer support, Hostinger also provides Free CDN for faster website speed, Free Domain + Free SSLs and minimum 2 Core CPU series.

Moreover, Hostinger provides Fast and Secure Cloud Managed WordPress hosting for users having no technical knowledge to handle a website. 

hostinger about


Want to dive deeper to know more specifics about the Cloud WordPress hosting offered by Hostinger? Below, we have listed the features as follows:

🔶 Minimum 200 GB with NVMe SSD storage technology offers a seamlessly quicker page loading time thereby increasing the performance of the website.
🔶 Basic plan @ $8.99 + 2 Months Free, 20+ Payment methods, 30 Days money back policy helps the newbies having budget constraints to host WordPress Website.
🔶 Free Domain + Free SSLs for all your Domains + Minimum 300 website & 300 SubDomains are offered by hostinger in the Cloud WordPress hosting.
🔶 Get Free Dedicated IP to your hosting service alone for seamless website performance and no fear of sharing the web resources as well.
🔶 CloudFlare Protected nameservers + Web Application FireWall + Enhanced DDoS protection offers a secure hosting environment to the users.
🔶 Get Drag and Drop Website Builder + 150+Pre designed Templates and Single easy to use Dashboard with an excellent hPanel(Hostinger’s cPanel).
🔶 24/7 Customer support services via liveChat, Ticketing and Phone support helps the users to resolve cloud wordpress hosting related issues.

Plans And Price 

The Cloud Hosting WordPress Plans and Prices offered by Hostinger are as under:

Hostinger Plans

6. Elementor – Overall Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress

If you have used WordPress before, then I’m sure you are well aware of Elementor. A famous website builder and a well-known name in the industry, Elementor has the trust of many users, and for the right reasons. 

But did you know that Elementor also offers Cloud Hosting for WordPress? Now that’s an amazing surprise. 

Elementor is already well aware of the workings of WordPress considering it has been offering services customized to WordPress for a long time.

Elementor  About

This makes the company well-equipped to offer the best cloud hosting services for WordPress. 

Key Features

Elementor basically offers Cloud Website with a built-in hosting solution. What this means is that they are based on the Google Cloud platform. 

So you are not only getting the expertise of Elementor which is well versed with WordPress but also Google Cloud which has been offering great services since they launched their first product in the market. 

Check out the features that you’ll get if you decide to build your Website with Elementor’s cloud hosting solutions. 

🔶 CDN by Cloudflare allows your customer to access your website from the nearest server location. 
🔶 You can connect your custom domain with Elementor and control it with ease. 
🔶 A dashboard with an easy interface that allows you to manage your website and control the environment. 
🔶 100 GB bandwidth that allows 100k monthly visitors and gives your business the space to grow. 
🔶 20 GB space to save your database and other assets like media files and content. 
🔶 Site-Lock keeps your website private until you are ready for regular visitors. 
🔶 SSL certificate to keep your database in an encrypted format and prevent any damage. 
🔶 Your site will be automatically backed up every 24 hours but if you wish, you can also run a manual backup to keep the peace of your mind. 
🔶 Pre-Installed WordPress saves you time and extra work. 
🔶 All this along with all Elementor Pro features to help you customize your website as per your requirement. 

Plans and Pricing  

So if you are interested in Elementor’s Cloud Hosting for WordPress, then you would be glad to know that it offers a Cloud Hosting WordPress solution for $99/year.

Elementor cloud hosting for wordpress

7. InterServer – Get Started with At $1 For 3 Month

Offering hosting services for the past 19 years, InterServer has stood steady and has proven itself to be one of the best web hosting providers on the internet. 

It offers Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and collocation servers along with reseller hosting to its customers at very affordable rates. 

Their Cloud hosting plans are a little similar to VPS hosting plans and listed together under Cloud VPS. 

Interserver About

You get two OS options with interserver’s Cloud VPS solution- Linux and Windows and it allows you to choose the resource configuration as per your website’s requirement. 

Key Features

InterServer Cloud Hosting services come packed with features that will ensure that your website never experiences problems and continues to offer its services to your customers.
Here are some features of InterServer Cloud VPS Hosting that are worth mentioning: 

🔶 Full Root Access allows you to install the OS and control panel of your choice
🔶 One-Click Install allows you to get started with designing and selling your services on your WordPress site. 
🔶 Affordable Cloud Hosting allows you to manage your budget easily. 
🔶 24/7 customer support to help you out if you ever need someone to walk you through your hosting plan and other technical aspects. 
🔶 Lightning-fast website loading speed to ensure that your customer does not experience any delay in accessing your services. 
🔶 Self Healing Hardware as they claim redirects your site to a different node if any glitch is detected on server hardware. This maintains high uptime percentage of your website. 
🔶 Multiple OS options mean that you can work on any platform that you are comfortable with. 
🔶 They offer various virtualization platforms like KVM, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, and OpenVZ that ensure that your database is safe within the server.

📌 We will recommend you read InterServer reviews to understand everything about its services in detail. 

Plans and Pricing  

One other quality InterServer is famous for besides its splendid Cloud VPS services is its prices and flexible hosting plans. As the screenshot suggests, these plans can be easily customized as per your need. 

interserver cloud hosting plans and price

🔔 InterServer Offer May,2024 – InterServer is currently offering $1 for 3 Months using Coupon GRABPENNY. Take advantage of this offer now and save more on your InterServer subscription.

8. ChemiCloud – Safe and Secure Cloud Hosting

ChemiCloud, known for Free CloudFlare CDN for faster page loading & Fastest LiteSpeed Cache engine for handling traffic hikes, offers Fast, secure and Easy WordPress Hosting for your blogging or student profile website.

Basic Plan just at $2.99 per month & 45 Days Money back Guarantee + Free Domain Registration & Transfer, make ChemiCloud famous among the users, new to the WordPress hosting world.

With 24/7 Support services offered by the tech support team via live chat & Ticket system provides a very effortless hosting environment to the new users.

chemicloud about

So if you have the budget to spare, you can always try them out. But before you do so, check out their website to see what you’ll get. To help you out, I have listed the most important features the company is offering. 

Key Features

ChemiCloud offers various Add-ons that you might be interested in if you are considering the hosting provider. I’ve mentioned the various add-ons and other important features that they offer with Cloud VPS hosting solutions. 

🔶 Minimum 20 GB high performance Solid State Drives (SSD) for greater performance of your wordpress website
🔶 Advanced FireWall Protection + Malware Scan and removal along with Proactive Server Monitoring helps to keep your website safe from online threats. 
🔶 Easy WordPRess SetUp with just One Click WordPress Installer in which you’ll also get 5000+ WordPress Themes & 58000+ WordPRess Plugins.
🔶 Users, already having a Website with another hosting provider, Get Free Website Transfer to Chemicloud.
🔶 Free Domain Registration & Free Daily Backups for upto 30 Days+ Free LetsEncrypt SSLs for all your Domains.
🔶 NGINX and Apache WebServers offer a cutting edge caching technology enhancing the performance of the wordpress website.
🔶 Free CloudFlare CDN + Faster Cache Engine ensures faster page loading and lightning fast speed of your website. 

📌 You can go through the Chemicloud review for a better understanding of their service quality.  

Plans and Pricing  

The WordPress Hosting Packages offered by ChemiCloud and its related price are given as under:

Chemicloud wordpress

🔔 Chemicloud Offer ‘May, – Need a Chemicloud coupon code? We can help you with that. Here’s the 100% Verified & Active Chemicloud- 70% Off for New Users Only Coupon code “GoogieHost”. Don’t miss out!

9. WPX Hosting- Overall Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

The best thing about WPX Hosting is that it offers centralized services and is focused only on WordPress Hosting. This gives them an edge over other hosting providers

However, that’s not the only great thing. I might be a little prejudiced here, but a company that provides a no-cage sanctuary to animals is worth trying at least once. 

WPX Hosting offers quick response customer support along with free CDN, site optimization, multiple data centre locations, 1 click WordPress installs, and a lot more. Let’s check out the features in brief. 

wpx Hosting About

Key Features

Here are the features that will help you understand what WPX offers to its users:

🔶 30-second average response time allows quick resolution to various issues. 
🔶 Superfast SSD storage allows for fast website loading time. 
🔶 Unlimited website migrations for free
🔶 Get automatic 28 days backup. This allows you to experiment on your website and reverse the changes if they don’t work out for you. 
🔶 Numerous websites need an equal number of SSL certificates. WPX offers unlimited SSL certificates to keep your website data encrypted and safe from harm’s way. 
🔶 WPX offers DDoS protection, which is a must as that is how people who don’t want to see you grow first to attack your website. 
🔶 Unlimited Email boxes for your unlimited websites
🔶 LiteSpeed caching offers fast load speed. 
🔶 Two-factor Authentication keeps your site safe from people trying to get in and cause damage. 

📌 We have tested its server’s quality with results in the WPXHosting review. Consider reading it carefully to understand whether it will suit your website or not. 

Plans and Pricing  

Interested in getting WordPress hosting from WPX? Check out the pricing table and get your WordPress hosted today. 

WPX cloud wordpress hosting

🔔 WPX Hosting Offer May, 2024 – Try WPX Superior Page Loading Speed And They Will Guide You Via 24/7/365 Live Chat Support. Get 2 Months Free on All Annual Plans.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress?

There are many amazing CMS on the internet that people use for setting up various kinds of websites. However, it’s safe to say that WordPress is the most preferred CMS of them all. 

And so it’s important that someone takes the time to figure out if using Cloud Hosting for WordPress is beneficial or not. 

As established before, this article was written after going through every document out there about Cloud Hosting, its usage, and its advantages. 

So here are a few of the benefits you should consider before choosing from the best Cloud Hosting Providers for WordPress. 

🔶 Affordable: As compared to other hosting solutions, Cloud Hosting for WordPress is more affordable. With cloud hostings, you pay for the resources you use and the plans are highly customizable. 

🔶 Reliable: Even if one server location experiences issues, your website remains accessible to users. This is due to the fact that servers are connected virtually over the network and store one copy on each of your websites. 

🔶 Scalability: depending on the traffic on your website, the plans can be scaled accordingly. If your website experiences an influx of traffic suddenly, the server can utilize the bandwidth of other server locations to handle the traffic all the while keeping your website up for the users. 

🔶 Effective: The advantages stated above convey the effectiveness of Cloud Hosting. You don’t have to worry about the management of the servers, the updates, and the fixing of any and all hardware issues. 

How to Choose Cloud Hosting Providers For WordPress?

As promised, I am going to tell you some important criteria that you can use to choose the best Cloud Hosting for WordPress. 

Multiple Server Locations

Since the cloud works on virtual connection of servers even if one data center experiences issues problems, the user can still access your website. So it’s better to choose a provider that has servers in different locations. 

Data Backup

Check whether they offer regular data backup of your website so that your data can be restored if your site suffers any kind of glitch. 

Customer Support

Check whether the host is offering 24/7 customer support and whether they are well versed with WordPress and cloud computing technologies.

Service Level Agreement

Read the host’s terms of conditions, privacy policies, and SLA to determine what you are getting from the host and whether your data is safe or not. 

Service Level Agreement

Read the host’s terms of conditions, privacy policies, and SLA to determine what you are getting from the host and whether your data is safe or not. 


Infrastructure means the hardware and resources used by the data servers. So check whether they are offering best-in-class resources or not. 


Make sure that the host you are choosing is not unnecessarily charging for resources or add-ons that you don’t even need. Select a web host that is within your budget and where you only need to pay for what you use. 

FAQs – Cloud Hosting For WordPress

Can WordPress be hosted on cloud?

Yes, WordPress can be hosted on Cloud. Various companies like Kamatera, InterServer, Elementor, and others mentioned above offer the Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress.

Make sure that you choose a company that fulfills all your site’s requirements and don’t forget to read the SLA before you sign up for a particular host. 

Which is Better cloud managed WordPress or Unmanaged?

Unless you are well versed with Cloud computing and other technical aspects important for managing a server, you should go with Cloud Managed WordPress Hosting solutions. 

However, if you have the technical expertise and do not mind spending time on server management, then go for Unmanaged Cloud Hosting for WordPress. 

Which is the Cheapest WordPress Cloud hosting?

Well, all the companies mentioned above are great hosting solutions for WordPress, but Kamatera and InterServer are the cheapest of these and let you customize your plans as per your requirements.

So you don’t need to pay for anything extra. 

Why host WordPress on a specialized Cloud WordPress Hosting platform?

As explained above, specialized WordPress hosting Cloud will keep your website up 24/7/365 and your users will always be able to access your services. This will ensure that you never lose out on a client and suffer any loss.

How to host a WordPress website on Google Cloud for free?

Hosting a WordPress website on Google Cloud for free is not directly possible. While Google Cloud does offer a free tier that provides limited usage for certain services, hosting a WordPress website typically incurs costs beyond the free tier limits.

You can follow these general steps to set up a WordPress website on Google Cloud:

  • Create a Google Cloud account
  • Set up a project
  • Enable the necessary services
  • Create a virtual machine
  • Install and configure WordPress
  • Set up a database
  • Configure DNS and domain
  • Secure your website

Is cloud hosting best for WordPress?

Yes, cloud hosting is generally considered a good option for hosting WordPress websites. Cloud hosting offers several advantages for WordPress, including – Scalability, Reliability, Performance, Security, etc.

Also Read: Best Cloud Storage Providers

Conclusion – Cloud Hosting For WordPress

With the help of this article, I hope that you were able to choose the Best and Cheap Cloud Hosting for a WordPress site. Here are some key takeaways from the article:

  • Through Cloud Hosting, the data servers are connected virtually over a network and each server has a copy of the website. 
  • Cloud Hosting keeps your website up even if one data center faces some technical issues. 
  • Best Cloud Hosting WordPress solutions let you pay for the resources you use and do not charge you for random add-ons that you don’t need. 
  • Elementor not only offers a website builder but Managed Cloud Hosting WordPress.

I hope this article was helpful to you. However, if you have any queries, drop a comment in the section below and I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible. 

Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress (Quick Recap)

Sr. No.WebsitePrice  Free Domain Visit
1Kamatera$4.00/moFind Here
2ScalaHosting $29.95 /moFind Here
3Cloudways$12.00/moFind Here
4DigitalOcean$14.00 /moFind Here
5Hostiinger$8.99/moFind Here
6ChemiCloud$24.98/moFind Here
7Elementor$99.00/moFind Here
8InterServer$2.95/moFind Here
9WPX Hosting$20.00/moFind Here

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