How Do I Create Database on Direct Admin?

An easy simple guide to Create Database on Direct Admin control panel: MySQL database is used by Website and Web Applications hosted in the Server.

Databases are created by managed by End User.

Steps to create and manage MySQL databases.

Create Database on Direct Admin Step by Steps

  • Login to Direct Admin Control panel as End User.
  • Navigate to Account Manager > MySQL Management
Create Database on Direct Admin
  • Click Create New Database Button
How to create the MySQL database in DirectAdmin
  • Type a name for Database.
  • Type a username for the database. The username can be the same as the DB name or a different one.
  • Type a Password for Database User.
  • Click Create Database Button to complete database creation.
Create new database and database user

The database is successfully created and assigned the user to the database

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MySQL Management in Direct Admin
YouTube video

Database Management in DirectAdmin Panel

Carefully note down Database Username and Password.

Click phpMyAdmin to manage the database, create tables etc..

Database Management in DirectAdmin Panel

Enter the Database Username and Password

direct admin setup database

Now tables can be created in the database and used as per the application

create database on direct admin
restore database directadmin

Login back to Direct Admin Control Panel as End-User

Navigate to Account Manager > MySQL Management

Check the database in the list

How to install WordPress in DirectAdmin?

Four options will appear to manage the database

  1. Repair – Repairs corrupted tables in a database
  2. Check – Check the status of the database for any errors
  3. Optimize – Index the tables and optimize the database for better performance
  4. Delete – Delete the database permanently
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