How to start a beauty blog and make money with A2hosting 2024?

Do you have a passion for writing and for fashion expertise?


Then why don’t you start a beauty blog!

But, from where should you start?

There are tons of website hosting companies through which you can host your beauty blog. In my research, I found that A2 Hosting is best for starting a beauty blog.

In this article, I will pinpoint a step-by-step method through which you can easily start a beauty blog along with multiple tips for beauty blogging.

What steps will I cover for you?

  • My Internet research about online beauty blog
  • Start a beauty blog with 5 easy steps
  • How do beauty bloggers make money?
  • My Final Words and recommendation

Internet Research About Online Beauty Blog

A future beauty blogger like you has a ton of knowledge about makeup, hair, fashion, and skincare. Using the blog, you want to share this knowledge with the world.

Beauty does have a lot of content, right? A LOT, but you can make your posts stunning on a blog. A beauty blogger creates content on different hairstyles, makeup, hairstyles, skincare products, outfits, brands, accessories, and many others.

They also help other people by resolving their queries on an online forum and sharing tips and tricks on beauty. Sharing photographs and videos on blogs are common.

Also, beauty blogging is the art of connecting using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and many others. This includes connecting with different communities and building beauty gurus.

Some beauty bloggers also start a school through which they impart how to do knowledge.

Let me now list the 5 steps to starting a beauty blog.

Start a Beauty Blog With 5 Easy Steps in 2024

Alright, you now have to carefully follow these five easy steps to start a successful blog using A2 Hosting.

#1. Choose a micro-niche (Look, Hairstyle, Makeup, Lips care, etc.)

To start a blog for free, the first step is to find a micro-niche. Micro niche means finding the expertise of your area and sticking to that. It does not mean that you cannot post articles on other niches, but sticking to a niche will make your dream come true – Start a blog and get paid.

There are different segments for finding your niche.

For example

  • Are you an expert in hairstyling or face makeup?
  • Or do you have a detailed focus for eyebrows or Lips?
  • Or do you enjoy exploring different apparel and outfits?

I agree that you might have some other options, and clinging to that part will make you successful in your startup.

Remember, you have to be original and creative for your micro-niche.

Once, you do that, you will soon have a nice fan base.

#2. Choose a perfect domain name for your beauty blog

The second step is choosing a domain name from A2 Hosting, which relates to your micro-niche.

Question – What do you mean by a domain name?

Simply, it is an address to your website on the internet. The more attractive and related it is to your niche, the more are chances of your traffic and success.

For example

  • If you’re an expert in necklaces, then prefer
  • Or if are a hairstylist, then prefer

There are tons of options for choosing your domain, and if you want to start a beauty blog, then prefer selecting a better domain name. Also, domain names influence traffic status or SEO.

How to select a good domain name?

Here are 7 Tips for selecting the best domain name.

#3. Buy Best hosting for your successful online beauty blog

The third step is crucial, i.e., selecting a proper web hosting provider for an online beauty blog.

In my opinion, I prefer A2 Hosting.

Launched in 2001, A2 Hosting provides affordable plans for kick-starting your beauty blog.

Steps To Buy Hosting From A2Hosting

I am listing below simple steps for buying the hosting from A2 Hosting:

 A2Hosting Plans
  • Visit from your web browser.
  • Now scroll the page, and below Shared Hosting press GET STARTED.
  • Now a page will pop up containing this form.
Choose Domain
  • This where you choose your unique domain name.
  • Type in your domain name for registering it, and check once for any duplication errors.
  • You can also select the type of top level domain (TLD) like .com, .in, .us, .net, .org, located next to the Check Button.
  • After checking and successfully identifying, this part will appear:
How to start a beauty blog and make money with A2hosting 2024?
  • Now click on the Continue button.
  • This page will appear now.
How to start a beauty blog and make money with A2hosting 2024?
  • Select the billing cycle as per your preferences – 1, 12, 24, 36 months are available.
  • You have the option to upgrade your hosting. But, for starters, I won’t prefer this.
  • In customizing your hosting, you can choose the server’s location, SSL option, Dedicated IP, Backup, Firewall, Website Builder, and Cloudflare plan.
  • In additional options, keep the default settings to ‘WordPress Optimised’. Also, note the admin user id and password, or else you will have to reset it using cPanel.
  • Now, click on the Continue button.
  • This page will appear.
Domain configration
  • On this domain’s configuration page, uncheck the ‘ID Protection. For starters, I will not recommend this. After this click on the continue button. This screen will appear.
A2hosting checkout
  • Now review everything, and click on the Checkout button.
  • This screen will appear showcasing to fill your information for registration purposes.
A2hosting checkout  form
  • Fill this out carefully and proceed by clicking the ‘Completing Order’ button.
  • Now, you have selected your web hosting.

#4. Setup a perfect beauty blog on WordPress is driving one-third of the websites on the Internet today.


Because its easy, free, and open-source.

Also, you can create a professional website using WordPress.

It is my recommendation that you should one-click install WordPress on your hosting.

Note: You can call A2 support and request them to install WordPress for you.

Why I am recommending WordPress?

  • For starters, it’s no less than heaven. It is incredibly easy to use.
  • It has a support community worldwide; thus, you can clear doubts easily.
  • It’s speedy! WordPress websites hardly go down.
  • You can optimize WordPress to drive more traffic.

Some pointers for starting up WordPress:

A2 Hosting Login Screen
  • This page will appear:
A2 hosting login
  • Now sign in using your ID and Password.
  • This screen will appear:
a2hosting cPanel Dashboard
  • Now click on WordPress A2 Optimised.
  • After clicking this, you will see this page. Click on the Install button to configure WordPress with your site.
A2hosting wordpress Dashboard
  • After clicking install, your hosting will show you this screen.
A2hosting WordPress installation
  • Now, choose your domain (your default name will be there)
  • Name your Blog
  • Enter the user Admin name and unique password (See the password indicator)
  • Select your language
  • After all this, press Install
  • Congrats! You have installed WordPress on your website.

You can also increase traffic on WordPress by optimizing images.

Start a beauty blog and make money? Below are the pointers.


How do beauty bloggers make money in 2024?

Having a passion for writing and to start a beauty blog? I admit that to complete this passion, you need to have funds in your pocket.

In my opinion, after you start a blog on WordPress, keep these pointers in mind for making money out of your blog.

Online E-Store

Nothing is more fascinating than opening an online beauty store alongside a beauty blog.

This way you can comfortably earn money while blogging. Make sure that you take advantage of a wide variety of templates available for e-store on WordPress.

Suggested Reading: Meaning of an eCommerce Website and methods to built it

Brand Collaboration

You can reach several renowned beauty brands, celebrities, or technicians and showcase them on your blog.

This will increase traffic on the blog, substantially increasing the chances of other people to collaborate with you write for you or click the ads on your website.

Products review

Most beauty bloggers prefer to start with the common method of earning funds alongside blogging.

With this digital era, everyone wants a review of beauty products like eyelashes, or hairdryers before buying them. Thus, reviewing a product will also increase the chances of getting a traffic spike.

Affiliate Marketing

Simply, ‘Affiliate marketing’ is the art of earning money by redirecting your blog viewers to purchase the product of another company.

Is affiliate marketing that simple?

In reality, newbies often commit mistakes in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not something new, and it is commonly called referral money.

After collaborating with brands, or celebrities, you can refer their links to your blog. If your viewer purchases any order using such link, the affiliate company (in this sense) will award you. Hence, you get a reward for every purchase.

Suggested Reading: Earn Online Through Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing

Google Ads

You can display Google Ads on your website by signing up for Google AdSense. In my opinion, you should apply for AdSense after reaching 500 views per day of your blog.

Note: This is a recommended value. you can apply before reaching this number. However, Google hardly approves low traffic blogs for AdSense verification.

Google has made the process of applying Adsense easy and thus applying for it won’t be a burden for you. Do you know that you can earn $1000 per month using AdSense?

Final Words

I know that to start a beauty blog, you are having a LOT of difficulties in deciding a proper hosting. Pouring your natural and unique ideas using a good host and tools like WordPress will only make you successful in this field.

There are always ways to deal with people who copy your blog. As an expert in web hosting companies, I am recommending you to adopt A2 Hosting. They have optimized their hosting for WordPress.

Like you wanna beautify your blog, A2 Hosting also beautifies the complexities into clarity. To know about A2’s plans and pricing, all features, pros and cons, you can read A2 Hosting Review here.

Also, you can get additional discounts using Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2024. If you liked this post, you can submit the feedback in both star rating form and text in the comment box.

Note: You can post queries, to which our team will happily submit the feedback)

For a simple understanding of other Web Hosting Reviews, click here. If you want to read other posts on GoogieHost, click here.


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