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How to Get Adsense payout Faster – EFT India

Adsense payout Faster: Google Adsense is the primary source of income for millions of bloggers and websites around the world.

Since it is the primary source of income, every single publisher awaits for their monthly paychecks from Google.

In many cases, we see publishers posting questions on various platforms like Facebook groups, Quora, and other places regarding late paychecks.

In most cases, the problem never resolves, which results in confusion and unclear answers.

You should look at the Google Adsense team perceptive and their policies; then you will understand their actions.

Adsense payout Faster | Sign up with Correct Details

Google Adsense team has the policy to recognise you by your details. Every detail you provide should match, and every point in Google Adsense form is used to process something.

Adsense payout Faster
Adsense Payout faster

If you provide invalid information, then it can result in some sort problem later on. So, you have to make sure that every information you provide is valid and you should also double-check if there are any errors in the form.

We know that you are going to check the “Payment Section” and make necessary changes, but you should also look at your profile information.

Google uses every information you provide to authenticate you.

If you don’t know where to start, then allow us to give you few points to check.

#1 – Payee Name

Go to payment settings and type exact name which is printed on your Bank Account Passbook. You can also use your Credit card and Debit card for the name.

Did you know that once my Paypal payment got rejected because of the one misspelt alphabet?

So, the lesson we are trying to teach you that even one character is misspelt, then your payment will be rejected.

#2 – Verify your Postal Address

The next thing you have to double check is the address. You have to get everything right because many people assume that incomplete address is enough for the payment.

You have to provide the address you have printed on your bank account passbook, which will help verify your authenticity. Google is a major company that follows the rules, which is why you cannot play around with the address.

Always provide address printed on your Aadhaar card, PAN Card, and Bank Passbook. Also, include pin code or zip code of your area in the address section.

#3 – Request for EFT Payout

In the past, every Indian had to go through a lot of pain and required patience. Indians had to wait for one month to receive a cheque to the address

and it takes one to two weeks for the bank to process the cheque and add the amount to your accounts.

EFT stands for Electronic Fund Transfer is a method, which you can use to transfer the funds to your account directly.

It takes only a few days for the Google to send the funds to your account within a matter of days and the funds will reflect in your account.

It is important that you have an account with the most efficient bank in your respective country. If your bank is dull and slow, then you will have to suffer delays and process time.

But, we have used the State Bank of India and State Bank of Hyderabad accounts, and the experience was excellent.

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#4 – Recommended Bank

We had to list this in our recommendations because your BANK does matter when it comes to EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).

We are going to list some banks, which we have used in the past and recommend by the Indian bloggers, who have experienced it.

Axis Bank: The first private bank we recommend is Axis Bank because they have a very good system.

SBI (State Bank of India): We also recommend the Government functioned State Bank of India, which has done a fabulous job in EFT services.

There is no doubt that government is no less when you compare it to the private bank.

ICICI Bank: The ICICI Bank has the fabulous infrastructure, technology, and trained employees that makes the whole process easy and secure.

State BankSubsidiary: We have used State Bank of Hyderabad, and the technology was good. If you cannot afford to have an account in a private bank,

then you can go for State Bank Subsidiary banks.

HDFC Bank: HDFC bank is also a reputable bank, but it lacks a couple of options,

but when it comes to completing the transactions like Google Adsense payments, then they are pretty good.

Standard Chartered Bank & IDBI Bank: We recommend both banks, but remember,

they have certain requirements like minimum balance and charges, so if you afford it, then go for it.

We have removed Punjab national bank from the list because the top employees were involved in FRAUDULENT cases. We are not sure if your money is safe with the Punjab National Bank.

#5 – BONUS:

Recently, few banks have updated their IFSC CODE and SWIFT BIC, so call the customer care of your bank find out about it.

Go to contact details of Adsense account and make sure to update your name printed on your Bank Passbook.

And also add a valid mobile number.


In the worst-case scenario, you can contact Google for more information. Let us know what point we have missed and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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