7 Best DNS Servers For Gaming in 2023 – [Reviewed & Tested]

If you are a game lover and looking for the best DNS server to enhance your gaming experience, then you are in the best place possible!! Because here in this article, we have brought to you a list of the 7 best DNS servers for gaming. 

We have tested all the service providers to ensure that you can get genuine information. Hence, we will recommend you to read this article carefully till the very end, so that you can easily understand everything in detail even though you are a beginner!! 

What is DNS Server For Gaming?

But before moving ahead, let’s first understand DNS servers and their importance for gaming in brief!! Basically, DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is a kind of directory that helps web browsers to reach the right domain via an Internet Protocol (IP) address. 

But why is it necessary for gaming? See!! If you are a gamer, you must be aware of how irritating it becomes when you constantly face buffering while playing your favourite games. That’s why a special DNS has been developed so that you don’t need to rely on traditional technologies and get optimum performance. 

Best DNS Servers For Gaming

7 Best DNS Servers For Gaming

So without wasting any more time!! Introducing to you the 7 Best DNS server providers that you can choose to change your DNS setting in order to enhance your gaming experience. 

1. Google Public DNS – Best Free Public DNS Servers

Starting with the market-leading service provider Google Public DNS, which has millions of trusted customers. And we have listed it on the top because it comes with the trust of Google, which is also a major reason for its popularity, but apart from that, it also comes with amazing features such as high security, high-speed performance and high accuracy!!

Google Public DNS

One more interesting aspect of Google Public DNS is that they have created a huge network of data centres to minimise the load on DNS servers of your Internet service provider or ISP, resulting in high-speed page results and smoother performance.  

Google Public IPGoogle Public Address 

2. Cloudflare –  High-Speed and Secure DNS Service

If you are looking for high-speed, secure and enterprise-grade DNS service, then Cloudflare will be the best pick for you!! All thanks to its high-quality server network built all across the world. Moreover, it is very popular for its advanced security features like Anti-DDoS and DNSSEC to ensure a highly secured authentication system, resulting in impenetrable security. 


But the aspect of Cloudflare is that they provide you service with 24*7 customer support to ensure that you can enjoy a smooth journey without facing any errors or technical issues!! 

Cloudflare Public IPCloudflare Public Address 

3. OpenDNS – Reliable and Faster DNS Provider

Founded in 2006, OpenDNS is working on a mission to provide safer, faster and more accurate DNS services in the market, all thanks to their powerful network of servers in all parts of the world. I also help in minimising the latency and resulting in blazing-fast performance!! But still, what separates it from the market? Well, we will need to dive in-depth into some of its key features. So let’s go!! 

OpenDNS About

High uptime is one of those features that helps OpenDNS meet the quality industry standards of DNS servers. Astonishingly!! OpenDNS has been consistently providing 100% uptime since its establishment. 

OpenDNS Public IPOpenDNS Public Address 

4. Comodo Secure DNS – Overall Best DNS Server For Gaming

Looking for a highly secured Internet gateway? Comodo secure DNS will be the best pick for you!! Thanks to smart security features built with cloud-based web security to stop any kind of malicious requests as the first layer. Moreover, Comodo Secure DNS provides you with off-network protection to monitor, control and protect your traffic over the internet. 

Comodo Secure DNS

But the best aspect of Comodo secure DNS is that they provide both free and premium plans that you can choose based upon your requirements. 

But what if you encounter technical errors in your gaming journey? No problem! You can instantly contact their team of certified technical experts via email to get your queries solved in no time!!

Comodo Public IPComodo Public Address 

5. Yandex DNS – High-Performance DNS Servers

Yandex DNS is one of the most popular DNS service providers that offer high-quality networking services and much more!! For example, Yandex is very much popular for its search engine, networking service etc. based on powerful servers infrastructure equipped with high-quality hardwares. But talking about its DNS, Yandex provides blazing fast network connectivity, thanks to their 100+ DNS spread all across the world!! 

Yandex DNS

One more interesting aspect of it is that Yandex’s DNS services are completely dynamic and DDoS protected to ensure you safety against layer 3 or even layer 4 SYN floods, UDP floods, ICMP attacks or any other malicious attacks. 

Yandex DNS Public IPYandex DNS Public Address 
IPv6 2a02:6b8::feed:0ff 

6. Cisco Umbrella – Flexible, Fast and High-Quality DNS

A service provider with the expertise of more than decades is Cisco Umbrella, and even though its DNS service may not be as popular as its other services, still Cisco Umbrella provides really impressive and high-quality DNS services in the market. 

cisco umbrella

The aim of creating Cisco was just to provide highly secured and faster internet gateways by using DNS-layer security to protect all your ports plus restrict any kind of malware attacks from infecting your machine. 

Cisco Umbrella Public IPCisco Umbrella Public Address 

7. Quad9 – Overall Best DNS Server Provider

If you have a low budget and are looking for a free service provider, then Quad9 will be the best pick for you!! But its free service doesn’t mean that you will receive compromised quality, it still provides high-quality security features such as malware protection and much more. 


And the most interesting aspect of its service is that Quad9 blocks any malicious hostnames when you perform any internet activity so that you and your traffic can be protected against malicious attacks. 

Quad9 Public IPQuad9 Public Address 
IPv6 2620:fe::fe

3 Editors Choice Best Gaming Servers 

So you can choose any of the above-mentioned DNS service providers!! But still, you will need an amazing game server provider so that you can enjoy a smooth and bufferless gaming experience. No worries because here in this section we have listed 3 editors’ choice best gamer server provider that you choose!! 

1. ApexMinecraftHosting

ApexMinecraftHosting is one of the most popular gaming server providers in the market that uses world-class hardware infrastructure to ensure you can enjoy the optimum performance while playing your game. 

Moreover, the best part about ApexMinecraftHosting is that it provides really affordable service in the market. 

So what are you waiting for? Click on the button below and grab their services now!!

2. ScalaCube

If you love to play all the games then Scalacube is the right pick for you! Because it provides you servers with a game switch that you can use to shift to all your favourite games without changing your plans all the time. 

One more interesting aspect of its services is that Scalacube provides you with high-quality features that are required to provide optimum performance. 

Click on the button below to avail of their services at a discounted price!!

3. ScalaHosting

Want to enjoy Minecraft but at a low budget? If yes then you can go with ScalaHosting Minecraft hosting plans in which you can get everything you require to enjoy a smooth and bufferless experience. 

For example, ScalaHosting provides unmetered bandwidth so that you face any interruption in between your gaming. 

So without wasting any time just click on the button and grab their services now!! 

Why Do Online Gamers Need a DNS for Gaming?

See!! DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is not directly associated with the internet speed, but since it translates the domain name into an IP address, it can affect the loading speed of your data!!

That’s why high-speed DNS servers are recommended so that you can enjoy an enhanced  experience while you are playing your gaming!! Overall it does not directly affect the bandwidth but changing your DNS settings will definitely help you to enjoy better performance. 

What are the best DNS servers to use?

To ensure that you get genuine information, we have conducted deep research and analysis while curating the list of the best DNS servers for gaming. Hence, we can confidently say that you can choose any of the above-listed service providers. 

But still, if you are looking for a specific recommendation, then we will suggest you go with either Google Public DNS or Cloudflare because these are one of the best service providers available in the market that have the expertise of more than decades. 

Moreover, one more interesting aspect is that they both provide high-security features with their service so that you can be protected against any kind of malicious attacks. 

How to Change DNS Server on Windows 11?

Here in this section, we have mentioned a precise guide which you can follow to change the DNS setting of Windows 11. We will recommend you read this section carefully because it can cause some serious trouble if performed with the wrong steps. 

  • Open setting into your computer or press ( Windows+I )  
Change DNS Server on Windows 11
  • Click on the Network and Internet button listed in left section
Change DNS Server on Windows 11
  • Click on the Hardware properties button. 
Change DNS Server on Windows 11
  • Now click on the edit button on the DNS server assignments label. 
Change DNS Server on Windows 11
  • Select IP edit to be on Manual and choose the IP versions you have purchased. 

Now to just enter the Alternate, Preferred DNS and click on the save button!! Your DNS servers will be successfully updated to a different high-quality DNS.

FAQ’s – Best DNS Server For Gaming

What is DNS and how does it affect gaming?

DNS stands for Domain Name System translates domain name into Internet Protocol address to help browsers understand the exact location users want to reach. And if we talk about its effects on gaming then it does not possess any direct impact downloading but certainly it affects the downloading process, resulting in an increase or decrease of loading speed. 

Does DNS matter for online gaming?

As we told you above!! That DNS affects the loading process so if you are connected with a much faster, more secure and more stable DNS server, you can expect a far better gaming experience than your existing one!! 

Which DNS Server is the fastest?

To provide you with the above-mentioned list we have performed a deep research. Hence, if you can choose any of the above service providers but if you want a specific recommendation then we will suggest you to go with either Google Public DNS or Cloudflare because they both use the best technologies for faster performance. 

Which DNS server is best for playing Fortnite?

See!! There is no specific DNS server that will work better for a particular game or application but still we recommend you to go with Cloudflare because it has built a network of servers also called CDNs to provide as fast performance as possible

Is DNS Server different from a VPS for gaming?

Yeah!! Of course DNS servers are used to store and operate IP addresses whereas VPS servers are used to operate the website, game, application or any other kind of files you want. 

Why Paid DNS is Better Than Free?

No, quality doesn’t depend on price, you can easily get high-quality DNS services for free!! For example, Google Public DNS is one of the best DNS service providers in the market with blazing-fast performance and high security at no cost. 

Can DNS affect Ping?

Yes, DNS definitely affects ping!! The ping will be as fast as the DNS servers will be. That’s why experts recommend choosing the Best DNS Server For Gaming. 

Conclusion – Best DNS Server For Gaming

So hopefully you have understood everything about the DNS servers and its impact on gaming!! And if you also want to enjoy enhanced gaming experience then it is highly recommended that you should have a better DNS service provider. 

You can choose any of the above listed service providers to change your DNS settings but if you want a specific recommendation then we will suggest you go with either Google Public DNS or Cloudflare because their high quality infrastructure that are specially designed to provide you better gaming experience. 

Signing off!! You can ask all your queries in the comment section below. We will try to respond to you as soon as possible. 


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