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DataWagon Review

Are your hostings simple, and do you require servers for your business websites? Are you yet paying extra for services you do not want? You will not have to do so with a hosting suggestion that we have brought. 

DataWagon is one such hosting service provider that provides simple server plans. This hosting platform tells you all about its services and acts as a helping hand in your server and hosting tasks. With this platform, you will not be wasting any time setting up your account and knowing how further.

Let us now dive into this DataWagon review. 

Overview of DataWagon

Founded in 2014, DataWagon is currently one of the most trusted dedicated server providers. This hosting platform has two data centers built with world-class quality hardware and provides 24/7 customer support and security.

DataWagon Review

This platform offers a small yet efficient range of servers and DDoS protection to support your online business in the best possible way. The servers are built state-of-art and operate over 10,000 physical servers. 

DataWagon Data Center Location

The two data centres of DataWagon are located in:

  • New York
  • Chicago

Security Analysis 

You don’t have to stress about your servers with DataWagon.

How? This hosting platform takes safety measures that are server-level by introducing CCTVs and biometric scans so that no third party can interfere with your machine. For your data, this platform offers DDoS protection. 

Customer Support Analysis

If you are not that experienced or good at servers and hosting, you do not have to get frustrated and give up.

Through all your server and hosting tasks, you can expect complete and quick support from the technical support team. If you have any issues or queries, you can live chat or raise a ticket. 

DataWagon Key Features 

Let us list out the key features of DataWagon.

DataWagon Key Features 

Automatic Setup

As we assured you earlier in this DataWagon review that with this hosting platform, you will not be wasting any of your precious time; now, we are here to prove it. DataWagon starts working on setting up your servers as soon as you make the required payments. Your websites are set up and ready to be used within 15 minutes. 

DDoS Protection

Securing your data is one of the biggest and prioritized responsibilities of DataWagon. This hosting platform keeps your data safe at the server level, as we discussed earlier, and also provides DDoS protection to avoid any damage caused by DDoS attacks on your data. 

IPMI Access

If you like things as you wish and want to make changes per your needs which we understand, and so does DataWagon. Therefore this hosting platform offers you IPMI Access to reinstall instantly, monitor bandwidth, reboot, etc., with the powerful control panel provided by DataWagon. 

Types of Hosting Plans Does DataWagon Offers 

DataWagon mainly focuses on server hostings, and here are its services:

  • Dedicated Servers: The eleven plans under this category cost about $39 to $125 a month. 
  • Virtual Servers: The four plans under this category cost about $6 to $48 a month.

DataWagon Pros & Cons 

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of DataWagon. 


  • Provides DDoS protection
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Instant set up


  • Limited data centres available

Do we recommend DataWagon for your website?

Yes, we recommend DataWagon for your websites. This platform offers a small yet equipped range of servers.

With the benefit of secure server locations, you get the facility of DDoS protection, and an instant set saves up your time. 

FAQs- DataWagon Review

What type of hosting is offered by DataWagon?

DataWagon is most popularly known for its servers since it mainly focuses on them. This platform offers two types of servers dedicated and virtual. These servers are bound with the best security, customer support, etc. 

Does Datawagon provide trustworthy hosting?

Yes, DataWagon has been working in the hosting industry for a while now and has become one of the most trusted service providers. This platform is best suited for small businesses and tells all about its services without hiding anything.

Does DataWagon offer VPS hosting?

DataWagon primarily offers servers. The two servers it provides are dedicated and virtual. You can make use of virtual servers for your websites. 

Does DataWagon Provide Dedicated Server?

Yes, this hosting platform is primarily known for providing servers, and dedicated servers are one of its best products; you get various options that cost about $60 to $220 a month


Let us now discuss the perks of this hosting platform as we are currently concluding this DataWagon review. This hosting platform offers a small range of hostings that might sound a little bothersome, but their impressive features make it worth hosting your website on it.

This hosting platform has paid extra attention to security and offers DDoS protection as one of its services. The availability of only two data centers concentrated in one area bothers us a little. But overall you can expect exceptional speed and service to give your customers the best experience when they visit your website.

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