6 Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans Jul,2024– (Grab Upto 85% Off)

Hosting your site is an easy yet expensive task, but nowadays, there are plenty of Hosting Solutions available on the Internet.

Here In this article, we will babble about the Best Unlimited Web Hosting Plans from the Most Amazing Web Hosting Providers, which will solve your problem of limited resources and lack of services on your Web Hosting Plans.

It took us so long to gather the information about Unlimited Web Hosting plans. Still, finally, we made it and handpicked some of the Best Web Hosting Providers with Unlimited Hosting Plans.

In this article, you will take a look at each and every aspect so that you can find the best Web Hosting Providers for you. You will see the Introduction, Features, Unlimited Hosting Plans, and the essential Verdict. 

So, let’s start with some basics.

  • Best Overall


    • GoogieHost ❤ Offer 100% Unlimited Free Web Hosting with cPanel, Php 8, MySQL, FTP, No Ads, Unlimited NVMe SSD, Bandwidth, and Free Sub Domain.
  • Best For Beginners
    LiquidWeb coupon logo


    • Liquid Web is a provider of web hosting and managed cloud services. A Managed WP platform from experts with built in security, scalability, speed & service.
  • Most features
    interserver logo coupon


    • Apply coupon “GRABPENNY” and get most popular hosting package at Just 1 for 3 month. Valid for a limited period.

Do You Know What Unlimited Web Hosting Is? 

Without creating any mirage, we will tell you about Unlimited Web Hosting. Well, there’s nothing special in Unlimited Web Hosting.

Also, this is not a type of Web Hosting; Companies simply give their clients Unlimited Disk Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited SubDomains, Unlimited Email Accounts, and an Unlimited number of WebSites you can Host.

unlimited Web Hosting Plans

The companies renamed their Cheap Shared Hosting Plans with Unlimited Web Hosting due to the resources they offer, and obviously, they will charge you a bit more for Unlimited Resources for your site.  

Most WideSpread Unlimited Hosting Providers In Jul,2024

So, now let’s invoke Best Unlimited Hosting Providers In Jul,2024, you will get to know about the 8 supreme leaders in this Hosting Industry. 

Let’s Break Them Down,

⏰ TL;DR:

1. GoogieHostUnlimited Free Web Hosting Provider
2. LiquidwebFully Managed Unlimited Web Hosting
3. InterServer Overall “Cheapest” Unlimited Hosting Solutions
4. YouStable Overall “Cheap” Unlimited Web Hosting
5. A2Hosting Affordable Unlimited Web Hosting Provider
6. DreamHostBudget-Friendly Unlimited Web Hosting Provider
7. HostGator Best Secure & Managed Web Hosting

1. GoogieHost – Unlimited Free Web Hosting Provider

Have you ever heard of Free Hosting + Free Domain? If not, then here is GoogieHost, which offers a basic web hosting package with a minimum 1000MB NVMe SSD Storage, 100 GB BandWidth, 99.90% committed uptime, and a lot more service for absolutely Zero Charge.

Desiring to know more about GoogieHost? Check out GoogieHost Reviews to get an idea about SLAs and quality services.

Googiehost About : Best Free Web Hosting


The specifications of the Free Web Hosting services offered by GoogieHost are provided as under:

🔶 Free LetsEncrypt SSL Certificates + Host Upto 1 Website for Free

🔶 Latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology for Faster Website Loading Speed.

🔶 Get Softaculous Auto Installer with 380+ web apps like WP, Jumla, etc.

🔶 LiteSpeed Web Server for faster website speed.

🔶 CloudFlare Protection.

🔶 Free Website Builder.

🔶 Offers all versions of PHP from 5.3 to 8.0.12 and greater Scalability.

🔶 Get 2 Online File Manager to manage the web files effectively.

Plans and Pricing

The basic web hosting plan, a perfect match for new Bloggers and Students, is available for Free. Nevertheless, the Premium plans (Upgraded web Hosting Plans) are paid starting from just $0.01 per month. 

Below, mentions an incredible LifeTime Web Hosting plan Exclusively for users to Pay once and enjoy web hosting forever.

GoogieHost Plans and Pricing

Our Verdict

GoogieHost is 100% Reliable, especially among the newbies, as they offer TopNotch CloudFlare Protection, 1 Click Installer, and a User-Friendly Control Panel (DirectAdmin), all for Free. 

Premium Plans with Highly upgraded features for just $0.01 make it more incredible.

2. Liquidweb – Fully Managed Unlimited Web Hosting

Get Fully Managed Web Hosting services with LiquidWeb + 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime (5 minutes DownTime in one year) and Committed Support services via phone, chat, and HelpDesk as well.

SMBs, Bloggers, and students can take immense advantage of the Secure and Hassle-Free Web hosting plans of LiquidWeb.


Eager to know about LiquidWeb? Go through LiquidWeb Reviews to learn in detail about the Customer support and deliverance of web hosting services as well.

Plans and Pricing

The specifications of the Managed Web Hosting services offered by LiquidWeb are provided as under:

🔶 24/7 customer support services via LiveChat, Ticket Support, and HelpDesk.

🔶 99.999% of Committed Uptime.

🔶 Fully Managed Web Hosting services.

🔶 Advanced DDoS Protection + Solid Security Pro.

🔶 LoadBalancers and CloudFlare CDN for smooth Content Delivery.

🔶 Free Staging Environment.

🔶 Daily Backups.

🔶 Unlimited Emails.


The various Unlimited Web hosting Plans and their related Prices offered by LiquidWeb are shown below:

Liquidweb plans

Our Verdict

LiquidWeb is the best option for you if you’re searching for Secure, Reliable, and Hassle-Free web hosting with unlimited bandwidth is your top priority. Therefore, carefully review their plans, and if you decide that they are the best hosting provider for you, you need to sign up for the service.

3. Interserver – Overall “Cheapest” Unlimited Hosting Solutions

One of the best yet underrated Hosting providers has been in the market since 1999 and that makes them one of the Oldest Web Hosting providers in the market.

Interserver offers the Hosting service at just $2.50 per month.

You can read and check here in-depth Interserver hosting review

Take a look at their Features.

Interserver About


🔶 Web Application Firewall

🔶 Outboard Email Protection

🔶  DDoS Protection

🔶 Cloudflare CDN

🔶 Weekly backups

Plans and Pricing

But, if you want to know more about Interserver Click Here.

As you can see the company offers Unlimited SSD Hosting, Unlimited Email Accounts, and SitePad website builder so that you can make your dream site.

Our Verdict

For Unlimited Web Hosting, you have to pay a minimal amount of $2.50 per month and you can rely on this company because you will get Intershield Protection with a 30-day Money back guarantee.

You can opt for them because they give a bunch of features with their Unlimited Hosting Plans. 

4. YouStable – Overall “Cheap” Unlimited Web Hosting

YouStable is the Best Hosting Solution for you if you are sick of poor customer support and fake promises.

YouStable is a fast yet reliable web hosting provider with Best Unlimited Hosting Plans for you. The company uses Bit Ninja protection and also gives Free CDN, it doesn’t end here the company also offers Free Site Migration.

YouStable About


🔶 Free Content Delivery Network From Cloudflare

🔶 Free SSl Certificate

🔶 Best Customer Support 24*7*365

🔶 NVMe SSD Drives

🔶 Tier II Data Centers

Plans and Pricing

YouStable uses the latest hardware and software in its servers and this makes them the most optimized Web Hosting Provider in this price segment.

The company is offering a pretty good bunch of features with a minimal pricing tag. 

YouStable Plans

Want to know more? Click Here.             

Our Verdict

As you already know I’m reviewing it Honestly and it’s very obvious that no one is perfect but as per the pricing I found YouStable as the most prominent Unlimited Hosting Provider.

The company is doing pretty well in every aspect but they don’t have any Knowledge base and the Customer service is only active during Working Hours(call) 10:00 AM-7:00 PM IST.

5. A2Hosting – Affordable Unlimited Web Hosting Provider

A2 is also known as the old monk of the Hosting industry and this company has been giving Hosting services for the last 18 years this is literally huge although they didn’t just spend time in this industry they even gathered a huge customer base.

They are one of the best Unlimited WebHosting Providers available in the market. 

A2 Hosting About


🔶 Free Content Delivery Network

🔶 NVMe SSD Drives

🔶 Turbo Fast LiteSpeed WebServers

🔶 24/7 customer support from guru crew

🔶 Tools for developers.

🔶 Uptime of 99.95 Percent

Plans and Pricing

A2 Offers 4 plans for Unlimited WebHosting the lowest starting plan will cost you $1.99 and the most expensive one will cost you $12.99. 

Each and every plan got something different and the company tried to keep each and every plan different from the others. So, go through them thoroughly and keep an eye on your favourite plan.

A2 hosting plans

If you are eager to know more about A2 Hosting then Click Here.

Our Verdict

A2 Hosting is a famous and fast Unlimited WebHosting Provider and it always stands on the Top Web Hosting Provider list.

The Company offers 4 amazing plans, and you can find the ideal one as per your pocket and requirement. The Company is not offering Cheap Unlimited Hosting but yeah services are good. 

6. DreamHost – Budget-Friendly Unlimited Web Hosting Provider

With DreamHost, Get Fast, Secure, and Always Up (100% Guaranteed Uptime) Hosting service +97 Days MoneyBack Guarantee, DreamPress (WordPress) with a single click AutoInstaller with 200+ Themes all starting from $2.59 per month.

Get a Free Domain (for 3 months) + Cheap Web Hosting services creating a Risk Free environment for the newbies. 
Want to know more about DreamHost? Go through the DreamHost Reviews to get a basic idea about the quality services offered.

Dreamhost About


The specifications of the 100% Up, Fast, and Secure web hosting plans offered by DreamHost are provided as under:

🔶 97 Days MoneyBack Guarantee

🔶 100% Uptime (Zero second Downtime in the entire year)

🔶 1 click Instant WordPress Installer

🔶 Free LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate

🔶 Free Domain (Only for the first 3 months)

🔶 Get an Unlimited Email option with the Premium Plans

🔶 Latest SSd NVMe Storage Technology

🔶 24/7 Customer Support Services.

Plans and Pricing 

The various Unlimited Web hosting Plans and their related Prices offered by DreamHost are shown below:

DremaHost Plans

Our Verdict

With DreamHost, a well-known and trustworthy web host, your website will load quickly and function flawlessly with 24/7 availability online due to 100% Guaranteed Uptime. DreamHost server response rate is quite impressive; the hosting company isn’t cheap, but they are definitely quick.

7. Hostgator – Best Secure & Managed Web Hosting

This Hosting Provider has been in the market since 2002 and has built a heavy customer base, by giving one of the Best Unlimited Hosting services.

The company offers a cPanel control panel and also supports the latest angular and PHP versions, let’s take a look at their features.

Hostgator About


🔶 Unmetered Bandwidth

🔶 WordPress Optimised

🔶 Premium cPanel Control Panel.

🔶 Free SSL Certificate

🔶 Guarantee Server Uptime of 99.91%  

Plans and Pricing 

As you can see there are some special offers going on, you can get a Huge Discount of Up To 65% and on the image, you can also see the recommended Unlimited Web Hosting plan.

Hostgator plans

For an in-depth review Click Here.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for an old and prominent web hosting provider and your primary choice is Unlimited Bandwidth then Hostgator is the right choice for you.

So, thoroughly observe their plans and if you find them as the Right Hosting Provider for You then you must get the service.

Take a Look at the Benefits of Unlimited Web Hosting plans?

Well, there are plenty of Benefits with unlimited Web Hosting Plans and we will talk about them all. Firstly unlimited Hosting means unlimited resources, Such as:

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SubDomains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited number of WebSites

All these things are included in the Unlimited Web Hosting Plans and these resources are the key to getting the Hassle-Free Unlimited web hosting for your Site.

What Factors to Consider for Unlimited Hosting

Before Selecting Unlimited Web Hosting you must take a look at these concrete points to get the Ideal Unlimited Web Hosting Provider.

  • Numbers Of WebSites

When getting Unlimited Web Hosting be aware of the number of websites you can host, if they are charging a lot then try to change the Unlimited Web Hosting Provider.

  • Prices

Keep in mind that the companies must not charge extra for Unlimited Web Hosting and they all must be affordable for everyone who is looking for a Host.

  • Server Uptime

Server Uptime is one of the most crucial points before selecting the Hosting provider, for example, YouStable gives Legit server uptime and server monitoring, so you must check the Hosting Providers’ server Up Time.

  • Customer Service

Customer service is also a crucial point, let’s suppose you have a WooCommerce Site then every time your site goes down, you will lose customers in terms of customer service, YouStable, and FastComet are the right choices.

  • Bandwidth

Let, ‘s suppose you have a Forum Website then you’ll have a lot of traffic and if you run out of your limited monthly bandwidth, the company will charge you extra for it, and in my opinion, it’s quite frustrating. So, it’s better to stick high or unlimited bandwidth on Unlimited Web Hosting Plans. 

FAQs-  Unlimited Web Hosting Plans Jul,2024

What is unlimited web hosting?

A type of Hosting service in which the resources are unlimited or near to unlimited so that the users can run their site without any interruption.

How to get Unlimited website Hosting?

Simply select an Unlimited Web Hosting Plan from an Unlimited Web Hosting Provider which offers you ‘N’ number of Website Hosting. 

What does the Bluehost Unlimited website mean?

BlueHost Unlimited Website means you can Host Unlimited Websites from the plan which is named PLUS and CHOICE PLUS, and the plan will cost you a minimal amount of $3.72.

Can I buy hosting for one month?

Yes, obviously you can buy Hosting For 1 Month but it’s not a good idea because it will cost you more, the Hosting Companies offer Higher Discounts on Higher validity plans.

Why Do You Need Unlimited Hosting?

Exclusively for users, wanting to keep their website online 24/7 and desiring highly Scalable Web hosting Plans can Blindly go for Unlimited Hosting services.  

Googiehost Expert Advice

We are extremely happy that we have successfully been able to offer an in-depth understanding of the top Unlimited web hosting plans.

Above mentioned Web Hosting Plans not only offer top-notch security technology and seamless SSD NVMe storage infrastructure but also offer premium plugins + a user-friendly interface, and a quick money-back guarantee, giving newbies a very swift hosting atmosphere for the website.

CompanyMoneyBack GuaranteeCommitted UptimeBasic Plans per monthVisit
GoogieHost30 Days Money Back for Premium Plans99.90% Uptime100% FreeVisit Here
Liquidweb30 Days Money back Guarantee99.999% Uptime$10 per monthVisit Here
InterServer30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee99.90% Uptime$8 per monthVisit Here
YouStable30 Days Money Back Guarantee99.99% Uptime$0.6 per monthVisit Here
A2hosting30 Days Money Back Guarantee99.90% Uptime $2.99 per monthVisit Here
DreamHost97 Days Money Back Guarantee100% Uptime$2.59 per monthVisit Here
HostGator30 Days Money Back Guarantee99.90% Uptime$3.75 per monthVisit Here

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