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Free SSL Certificate for life with Free Cloud Hosting

Free SSL Certificate and Hosting

As we committed for best free web hosting service on the internet, here we are with free SSL Certificate for life which comes with every free web hosting accounts whether its on sub-domains or your custom domain name. We would like to thank you Let’s Encrypt project which allows us to provide you such a great service. Its really big achievement for us being free web host because we are the free hosting provider with Free SSL certificate.

Why you need SSL ?

We already talked about benefits of having SSL certificate for your website in our previous article for but still if you don’t much aware of it let me give you a brief… SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and we use it for security purpose duration users make payments or browse our website. It protect our visitors from hackers and from 2014 google starts giving priority in search results, its not enough there are lots of other benefits as well.

How to activate free SSL?

Before you activate SSL certificate make sure name servers of your domain name is already parking to GoogieHost hosting server otherwise free SSL wouldn’t activate until you domain name is not properly propagated with your hosting account, if you are using our free sub-domain then you perform these simple steps to activate https protocol for your website…

  1. Login to your cPanel account
  2. Find “Lets Encrypt” option under security tab
  3. Confirm your domain name
  4. Click on “Issue” link under “Action” bar
  5. Check box for “www” and for your webmail and other sub-domains
  6. Click on “ISSUE” button
  7. It will take few seconds to install and restart Apache

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Rajesh Chauhan

GoogieHost is one of the leading free web hosting provider on the internet over 300000 satisfied clients across the globe. We also offer Affordable SEO Web Hosting and Digital Marketing service to give give wings to your online business. Unlimited FREE HOSTING.

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  • Wow i was wondering if there is any hosting providers on earth that can provide such services you are providing. i just sign up with your free hosting but my other site was down.
    but i will try to upgrade to your premium hosting too and would like to write about your affiliate services. hosting soon…

  • It’s gonna be froud long time ago…. don’t be fool guyzzz googie host all free hosting auto redirect googie host home page…. fuck off

    • We don’t redirect any traffic to our site at all, this issue was fixed in November 2015 and after that we have thousands of new satisfied clients to our free website hosting service which is rated 4.9/5 by over 1000 customers on various directories

  • the best web hosting provider till now, thumbs up to rajesh and the googiehost.com team, i am hosting my shopping portal majulibazaar.com securely with you. 100% satisfied, really awesome service.

  • I was looking for a simple free web hosting service, but then after stumbling upon googiehost I am very curious and happy. I am going to begin merging my sites, but I probably and going to slowly due that due to downtime. I was previously using x10hosting & cloudflare, but this is far superior. You guys seem to be very dedicated to your service and with very great reviews. I really appreciate the effort your team has put into this.

  • This is world’s best free web hosting service, which provide free SSL too. Amazing it is. Kudos to GoogieHost. I’ll surely upgrade to premium hosting after sometime 🙂

  • woooooooooow ithing is www is now protected on googiehost… word first time on this giveway … thank you thank you thank you thank you soooooo much

  • i never find free hosting like this, it’s awesome. it’s amazing. thanks thanks and thanks.
    but when i visit my website there is no https on the address bar, how long this ssl will be installed ?

  • I am grateful to you for this wonderful service. I use a lot of hosting up to now but you do not look like a free hosting service. You offer premium services. Both free SSL certificate as well. Thank you for providing such a service.

  • NANAJI [email protected] says:

    Wonderfull service ….Giving freely .Great…!!keep it up Admin

  • Once i came here on this company i was like “ok one more free web hosting” but this is insane!
    The quality of the support we receive and the quality of the free hosting is just great.
    Thank you very much for all these things you provide for us!
    Best regards.

  • I damn appreciate your effort to provide free hosting to all. And free ssl certificate.Thank you guys You made my day today.Thank you very much once again.

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