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How top boost Adsense CPC with your Hosting Service

How top boost Adsense CPC with your Hosting Service

You may think it will not work but let me tell you that this method is 100% tested and working fine with any ad network including Google Adsense. Basically there is no magic its a combination of SEO strategy to attract bidders to increase your CPC rates on your website.

You all knows that if you get clicks from premium countries like United Stats, Canada, Moscow etc then normally you get $1-$10 on each click. Here is some tweak which you have to do with your blog or website to increase your CPC rates without doing hard work on other Search Engine Optimization factors.

How does it works ?

Everyone is freaking out to get US traffic to get high cpc rates and make more revenue from ads but if you are not from US then google will not prefer your website or blog to show users in United Stats. And if your website is hosted on targeted geo location’s data center then you will get more traffic from those countries.

Is your blog hosted on US Server but Still getting low CPC rate??

I understand, it just because of you are using shared hosting with IP address which is shared by many other website and may be most of them has bad content. In this case your website will get penalize without any reason.

Even if you are using CloudFlare free services then I’ll recommend you to stop using it right away and save your website from unusual activity.

Get Dedicated IP Free for your website: Most you using HostGator and Godaddy start up package but these packages comes with same shared IP address and if you buy additional IP then they will cost you much ex: $35-$50 for a year.

Signup with HostGator ‘s Business Plan which comes with Dedicated IP Address and Dedicated SSL to secure your website more effectively and it will also give you some SEO advantages as well.

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