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Wix Free Website Builder Review & Domain 2020

Wix Free Website Builder review: Flexible Website Builder excellent drag-and-drop site builder to create small websites. Best Free Website Builder anyone can build his own website from scratch.

When it comes to creating websites, people with no coding background always feel uncomfortable. They start finding solutions like drag and drop website builder so that it can be easy for them to design their website.

Wix Free Website Builder Review & Domain 2020
Wix Free Website builder Review 2020 gives a great solution to people who want to create a website without getting into much trouble.

And the great thing about WIX is that you don’t have to spend money to have a website, well they have premium plans that we will discuss after.

Is Wix Really A Best Free Website Builder?

When you use Wix, it looks not like you are on a web host. The interface is more like that of Google’s blogging platform, Blogger. But unlike Blogger, Wix gives you the option to create any kind of website.

It is true that you will not have the same power that you will get when you choose hosts like FreeHostingEU or GoogieHost. But if you want to create a website with not much trouble then you will have to compromise on something.


Wix promises 100s of HTML5 based templates to choose from. The collection includes all major categories including business, services, music, blog, technology, travel, online store, and photography in Wix Free Website Builder Review.

All templates are responsive and look great on mobile devices also. After choosing a template users can change the template according to their own needs with the drag & drop builder.

Wix Free Website Builder Review & Domain 2020
Wix Free Website builder Review Templates 2020

If you cannot find a theme that suits your need you can directly go to the drag & drop builder and create one from scratch.

Earlier Wix templates were only based on flash but now it has shifted to HTML5.

Drag & Drop Builder

Wix Free Website Builder Review has many features a very powerful and easy to use drag & drop builder. You can do almost everything with this builder without using a single line of code.

You can add change delete text, pages, images, and everything that you can think of. You can even add a sidebar or division and insert the elements that you want in it.

Editing images is also an easy task with Wix drag & drop builder, you will not need any special software to edit your images.

Image cropping, rotation, enhancement, effects are just a few of the many features that come packed with the builder.

Wix Free Website Builder Review & Domain 2020
Wix Free Website builder Review Drag and Drop Page Builder 2020

Blogging is also an easy task with this builder, you just have to set up a blog and you are ready to go. Adding, editing, deleting posts is just a matter of a few clicks.

But there is a limit; only one editor of your website will be able to contribute posts. Moreover, you don’t have fancy features that come packed with WordPress.

After you have done all your editing it is for sure that you will want to see how your newly created or edited website will look like. The preview option gives you the power to do that,

you can test your website for the desktop environment as well as for the mobile environment. And when you are satisfied with your editing you can click on the publish button and your changes will go live.

App Market for Wix Free Website Builder Review

There might come a time when the elements and features that you get preloaded in the builder will not be just enough for you. At that time App Market will make sure that you get what you need.

The App Market contains all major required apps that you might need, the list includes comment system, form builder, subscribe form builder, calendar, shopping cart, and many more.

So If Everything Is Good, Should I Go With It

Till now you might have made your mind go with Wix Free Website Builder Review but before you move on with your decision I would like to mention some limitations.

First, if you are thinking to create a blogging website with Wix then you should reconsider your decision.

Although Wix gives a nice blogging option, a blogging focused website will need more power. The biggest drawback is that only one editor will be able to contribute posts.

There are other drawbacks like you will not be able to create a blog focused design and lack of core power that a blogger needs.

Ok, so it is not good for blogs but what if I don’t want to create a blog, I just want to create a non-blogging website. You might think that but let me tell you,

even if you are not going to create a blogging website you will still have many limitations. What seems free might not be just free,

if you are to create a powerful website or an online store then you will be forced to buy their premium plans. And believe me, their premium plans are not cheap; they will certainly cost you more.

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