Best Live Chat Software for WordPress in April, 2024 – Top #9 [Reviewed]

Are you looking for the Best live chat software for websites in 2024? Live chat plugins for wordpress are the fastest and easiest manner to get in touch with your customers. It allows you to efficiently support your customers easily at any time of the day.

Live online chat support enhances engagement with potential customers who might leave the website if there is no chat facility available.

Adding live chat software for websites is the best way to communicate with your website visitors, while they are on your website and provide them with instant assistance.

We will provide you with a review of some of the best live chat software so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

To give you the best idea about live chat software, here are the points I’ll cover today in detail –

Seems this is a lot to cover. So without any delay, Let’s get started. 

What is Live Chat Software?

If you want to make your website more interesting then adding personal touches like Live chat software to your website can give you great rewards. This personal approach helps bloggers receive great benefits.

Live chat software helps you provide exceptional customer service by empowering you to resolve customer problems instantly.

You can resolve sales queries in real-time and provide a human presence till the customers are ready to buy.

Live chat software offers immediate customer support and information and works like an instant messenger where customers can communicate with you easily and instantly.

What is Live Chat Support

Using the best live chat software for eCommerce, you can promptly answer customer queries that help boost your website conversion rates.

But before we get to the juicy details, here’s a quick look at the Top Best Live Chat Software in April, 2024:

Live Chat SoftwareStaring PriceFree TrialFree planChat HistoryLink
Jivochat$19/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodYesYesLink Here
LiveChat$20/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodNoYesLink Here
Zendesk$55/monFree TrialNoYesLink Here
LiveAgent$9/monFree 30-Day Trial PeriodNoYesLink Here
Trengo$19/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodNoYesLink Here
Olark$29/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodNoYesLink Here
Chaport$19/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodYesYesLink Here
Podium$249/monNoNOYesLink Here
HubSpot$18/moNoYesYesLink Here

Best Live Chat Software for WordPress in April, 2024

After a lot of research, I have figured out a few best live chat solutions available in the market. I have shortlisted these live chat software based on their price and features.

⏰  TL;DR:

1. Jivochat – Free Live Chat for Websites
2. LiveChat – Live Chat & Help Desk Solution
3. Zendesk – Multi-Channel Customer Support
4. LiveAgentSimple Customer Support Software for Teams 
5. TrengoBest Customer Service Software
6. OlarkLive Chat Software for Sales and Customer Support
7. Chaport #1 Customer Messaging Software
8. Podium Web Chat Software for Businesses
9. HubSpot Streamline Your Entire Business with a Free CRM

1. Jivochat – Free Live Chat for Websites

Jivochat is one of the best live chat software in the market. It aims to boost your team’s efficiency and communication opportunities. 

Best Live Chat Software for WordPress

Key Features

  • Tested for all major mobile browsers.
  • All text in the chat can be translated into 20 languages.
  • Visitor information including location and pageview history can be accessed in real-time.
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • API included
  • Works on any Device

Plans and Pricing

Jivochat has two types of plans for a live chat solution, one is totally free which is the basic version.

Jio chat

The other one is the professional version priced at $19. 

2. LiveChat – Live Chat & Help Desk Solution

Live is a premium live chat software that allows customer service agents to contact the customer directly. It has a chatbot to generate more leads and sales.


The chatbot can greet customers and route the chat quickly with the help of AI.

Key Features

  • Chat with Unlimited customers at the same time.
  • You can see your visitor’s page & geolocation.
  • Spell check in real-time using suggestions.
  • Monitor users’ visit history.
  • Balance AI automation 

Plans and Pricing

LiveChat offers 4 different types of live chat solution plans for different kinds of customers’ needs. The starter pack is priced at $20/month but it can be cheaper if you take their service for one year at $16/month.

LiveChat Plans and Pricing

The best part is it has a free trial of 14 days on every plan.

3. Zendesk – Multi-Channel Customer Support

Zendesk is a San Francisco-based company that offers service products related to customer support, sales, and other customer communications.


If you are running a small business or startup user, then Zendesk is ideal as it has flexible price plans. 

Key Features

  • Support across multiple channels (SMS, Social media).
  • AI automation to route tickets.
  • Tracking & live analytics of visitors.
  • Canned message.
  • Chatdesk scalability.

Plans and Pricing

Zendesk Pricing has various types of plans for Foundational Support, Sales, and the Zendesk suite which is their flagship plan.


Zendesk suite is priced at $55/month whereas the other two plans have almost the same price $89/month & $115/month. And like every other chat solution till now, it has 14 days free trial.

4. LiveAgent – Simple Customer Support Software for Teams 

LiveAgent is a fully-featured help desk software providing the best-rated chat system in the world.

LiveAgent  Live Chat Software for WordPress

A live agent is available in 45+ languages and comes with 180+ features making it one of the fastest live chat software in the market.

Key features

  • Productive chat invitations.
  • Website monitoring.
  • Real-time typing-view.
  • Multilingual chat widget.
  • Easy upgrade of plans, cancel anytime.

Plans and Pricing

Live chat has three paid plans named Ticket, Ticket+chat & All-inclusive which is the most popular plan for live chat solutions.


The best part is Live chat also has a free plan with some limitations. 

5. Trengo – Best Customer Service Software

Trengo is one of the most powerful Live chat solutions with omnichannel communication across multiple channels such as WhatsApp, emails, social media platforms, and voice calls.


It promises to give your website visitors a next-level experience. It supports 6 languages, German, English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish

Key Features

  • Live chat from multiple websites in one place.
  • Save quick replies to have a faster conversation.
  • All the information about the users.
  • Assist the website visitors with screen sharing.

Plans and Pricing

Trengo has mainly 3 types of plans starting at $19 which has 180 days chat archive, 5 communication channels, and unlimited chats.


The other two plans are priced at $31 & $44 per month. You get a free trial with every plan for 14 days.

6. Olark – Live Chat Software for Sales and Customer Support

Olark live chat is one of the most popular live chat software. More than 40000 organizations including small businesses, large businesses, and non-profit government entities are powered by Olark.


Adding Olark WordPress live chat plugin to your website will be helpful to your customers and generate more sales for your business.

Key Features

  • Save time with automation.
  • Live chat analytics.
  • Custom chatbox forums.
  • Easily distribute chats and monitor your team’s performance.
  • Integrate with other software for better sales.
  • Powerups option to upgrade your plans.

Plans and Pricing

Olark offers you a full-featured live solution for $29/month. You’ll get a discount if you take their plan for a longer period of 1 or 2 years. 2 weeks of free trial is also available.


7. Chaport – #1 Customer Messaging Software

Chaport is one of the best live chat software with a wide range of plans from free to Enterprise level.


They provide you with everything for efficient customer service on your website.

Key Features

  • Send automated chat invitations.
  • See customer messages before they send them.
  • Saved replies.
  • Detailed customer info and website activity.
  • Multilingual chat widget.
  • Widget customization.
  • Send files (Images, audio, or any files)

Plans and Pricing

Chaports offers three plans for your live chat solution.

Chaport Plans and Pricing

It starts with their free plan which has 30 days chat history and unlimited chats and ends with their Enterprise plan whose price depends on your customization.

8. Podium – Web Chat Software for Businesses

Trusted by 100000 businesses and 50 million happy customers, Podium webchat is one of the leading live chat solutions.

Podium Webchat

Key Features

  • Text like a human.
  • Track your performance.
  • Multi-location transfer.
  • Auto-smart responder.

Plans and Pricing

Podium doesn’t offer you fixed-priced plans, the pricing depends on how you customize your plans. But they don’t charge too much as they have mentioned in their pricing section.

Podium Webchat Plans and Pricing

9. HubSpot – Streamline Your Entire Business with a Free CRM

HubSpot is a platform that offers a live chatbot that is just right for your business. It is a freemium live chat solution that does not require a CRM. there are outstanding benefits like targeted welcome messages, scheduling meetings, and custom branding.


HubSpot live chat software looks professional when visitors interact with your website. Businesses can chat with customers and visitors in real time and automatically redirect the messages to the right team.


  • HubSpot Live chat widget is well-designed to work on both mobile and desktop browsers.
  • Users can leave their email addresses in the chat’s inline field. 
  • There is an instant reply bot that allows you to send an instant response when users start a chat.
  • You can show knowledge-based articles or help them create a support ticket.
  • Chats can be triggered by creating Chatflows.
  • You can create a shared team email address for every Inbox.
  • You will get mobile apps for iOS and Android and can carry out live chat conversions anytime.
  • It has an extensive API that allows you to build a functional application for integration.

Pricing and Plan

HubSpot offers a free forever CRM plan that includes live chat. If you want to access all of HubSpot’s features then you need to upgrade your plan.


The second plan is the Professional plan for which you will get 50,000 contacts and 10 users. The third plan is the Enterprise plan, which gives you access to 100K contacts and 10 users.

Pros and Cons of using Live Chat Software 

Nothing is perfect in this world, so how can live chat software be considered perfect? So here in this section, you will get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of live chat software.


  • Immediate access for support to the customer.
  • Fast and easy way to communicate.
  • Affordable for business.
  • Real-time text preview for the agents.
  • The customer doesn’t need to wait.
  • The on-site widget user doesn’t have to go anywhere else.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Automated message to ease service.


  • Not an easy option for older demographics.
  • The first response can take time.
  • Not so great on mobile phones.

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Why Choose Live Chat Software?

In this fast internet environment, People look for convenience and quicker responses. One of the major things people want while visiting a website is to get their queries to be answered precisely and hastily by customer care support. 

So to accomplish a better place than your competitors, you need to provide the best service to your customer. Most of the research shows that people always love timely & convenient customer support. 

Now see phone calls are not appropriate for customers from different time zones. Emails take loads of time to respond to. What’s the alternative? Live chat apps. Because it’s easy to use and offers real-time communication.

Best Live Chat Software for WordPress in [current_date format='F, Y'] - Top #9 [Reviewed]

Now if we come to the statistics, around 73% of people find Live chat as the most satisfactory platform for communication which is the highest if compared to Email(61%) and Phone(44%). It also increases the conversion rates by 3.84% and costs 15-33% less to the companies

If we come to the eCommerce websites then, More than 50% of the customers abandon their shopping cart unless they get quick answers. Live chat is one of the major things that customers love while purchasing a product or service.

Time for an example: “Suppose you run an eCommerce website, now a customer is checking out with your product and having issues with payment. If there is no support chat system they will not waste their time and in most cases, they will leave the website without telling you a reason. 

Now let me tell you a live chat software will allow you to –

  • Get connected to your customers in a few seconds.
  • Provide real-time support.
  • Manage multiple customers at a time.
  • Convert your leads into sales …and many more.

How does it Work?

To make this work you need to install Live chat software from 3rd parties. Every live chat software has two sides to get the work done, the user view and the agent view.

Now after you purchase a live chat software, you have to follow the step-by-step process to install it and you also have to decide where to place the chat widget where your users can find it easily.

  • Once your live chat is installed on your website, your user will be able to see the chat widget where you had placed it. At the same time, your customer service agent will see an inbox called dashboard.
How does it Work?
  • When your user asks something on the chatbox, it will appear on the agent’s dashboard and view the conversations based on priority. Now it will work just like the normal chat you have on your smartphone but with loads of speed and in real time. 
  • Now the best part of live chat support is you can deploy a chatbot through programming, which can send automated messages to hold the users till an agent sees the query and responds. One more advantage of a chatbot is, that it is used to extract query-related information and redirect the message to the right expert.

Let, me give you an example. If a user comes to your chatbox, then the chatbot can ask them what issues they are facing. Or maybe what they want to know? Now suppose your user says that he/she has a payment-related query, the message can be transferred to a payment-related expert’s dashboard. 

What are the Benefits of Live Chat Software?

There are many benefits you can reap from the best live chat apps which can provide a positive impact on your organization

  • You will get better sales and conversions: Using live chat on your website helps increase sales and conversions. When the customers browse your website they have any queries about the product and services you offer, and with live chat support, you can answer the queries immediately. Live chat support is very powerful, and it helps buyers overcome problems and reach buying decisions. Your website will have better sales as live chat is like a sales assistant 24/7.
  • Support costs are reduced: Providing customer support can be expensive as the customer service team handles both phone and email requests. However, with live chat support, the service team can be engaged in multiple chats at one time, while phone calls can be only one at one time. You will require a smaller team and can cut support costs.
  • There will be better trust with your buyers: In retail stores there are salesmen to help buyers with the sales process, but during online shopping live chat can help you have a direct conversation with potential customers and help them make an online purchase easily.
  • You will get a competitive advantage: when you offer live chat support to customers, then you will get a competitive edge over your competitors. You will be different from your rivals if you will use live chat support as you can respond instantly to buyer requests and queries.
  • Get the better value of sales: With live chat support, not only your sales will increase, but the value of sales will increase too. When you chat with your buyer and understand their requirements, you can recommend other products and cross-sell them to increase the average order value.
  • Keep your customers satisfied: With live chat, you can improve customer support and provide memorable customer support. Customers also prefer using live chat support as they feel more satisfied.
  • Instant contact with the visitors: Although websites get many visitors every day, not everyone is a buyer, but using live chat, you can collect information about the visitors and turn them into leads. Whenever a live chat session begins, it starts with the contact information, so use this as an advantage for your email marketing strategy.

How to Pick the Right Live Chat Software for your Website?

There are some factors, you need to consider when thinking of live chat support software. All the live chat platforms are created using particular objectives that differentiate them.

It is important that your topmost priorities and needs are met. If you are having trouble choosing the right live chat software then we have provided a review by listing their qualities, so, choose live chat service providers as per your personal needs:

  • Features: Product features are one of the most important factors for a potential customer. We have listed the features of different live chat solutions so that you can choose easily. Features comparison is important to identify the best software that is suitable for you.
  • Customer support: This is an important criterion for decision-making as several times businesses require customized solutions or have technical problems. When selecting the best live chat tool businesses are ready to pay more price for products if the website owner offers better customer support.
  • Pricing: Pricing is also an important factor when choosing live chat software. There are many free solutions as well as affordable paid plans available. If you are a small business then choose the right tool that is valuable for your website.
  • Security: When choosing the live chat tool, there is a need for security policies and in case the security measures are low, then the product may not be ideal.

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Get Started with the Best Live Chat Software

With the above-stated best live chat software for website reviews, you might have got an idea about which live tool is right for your business.

The best live chat solutions that are listed above offer great features. Paid plans are affordable and some free plans have decent features too.

You will get intuitive live chat tools with almost all the live chat software.

Best Live Chat Software Tools (Quick Recap)

Live Chat SoftwareStaring PriceFree TrialFree planChat HistoryLink
Jivochat$19/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodYesYesLink Here
LiveChat$20/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodNoYesLink Here
Zendesk$55/monFree TrialNoYesLink Here
LiveAgent$9/monFree 30-Day Trial PeriodNoYesLink Here
Trengo$19/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodNoYesLink Here
Olark$29/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodNoYesLink Here
Chaport$19/monFree 14-Day Trial PeriodYesYesLink Here
Podium$249/monNoNOYesLink Here
HubSpot$18/moNoYesYesLink Here

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